Sword Art Online: The Second Coming

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  1. 8 years since the death game, SAO. Kirito, a surviver of the game, remade the game and now the day has come, SAO is now out.
    Most people didn't want the game to come back, afraid it will happen again. Kirito promise to the pubilc that it won't happen again. He was wrong....

    8000 players log in that day. The log out botton is missing. A player has hacked the game and took it over. This isn't a game, if you die in the game, you die in real life!
  2. Saito was training when the game was hacked and the log out botton dissapeared. When Saito heard the news, he only smiled. He wasn't happy, so why did he smile? He still don't know to this very day. Saito was sitting down on a bench, listening to a player making a plan about raiding a boss.
    Saito has short back hair and a hoodie, blue jeans and black battle boots. he has a dark red sword.
    his skills are not that good but his speed skill is pretty high. his level is unknown.
  3. Name ryuuto yumikaze
    Username yumikaze
    Age 18
    Bio ryuuto was a member of the surviving members from the first game. Kirito had asked him to give the game another shot. He decided to thinking it wasn't going to happen a second time, but as fate would have it. The game became another life or death game.
  4. Yumikaze had just slain a pack of wolves looking for the supplies to make a black cloak. He was about lvl30. he looked at his broadsword's durability. "Dammit I'm low on money and I need my sword repaired." He began walking back to town. "I also dont have Elizabeth this time to repair my weapons as part of the front line."
  5. Name: Yura Himura
    Apperance: Will post soon
    Username: Mirua
    Bio: Yura was one of the few players to escape from the death game the first time. Being one of the suriviors, she thought Kirito had found a way to make the game better. She joined the game thinking it was safe.
  6. Arekusu noticed the log out disappear and she was overly thrilled, she always wanted to live in one of her video games. She was sick of homework, sick of chores! Now she is free!!

    Arekusu decided to go through town and make her way to Horunka when she notices that most players are upset about the log off vanishing, she rolls her eyes as her long cat tail flicks amused "Geez everyone is so upset....just be happy it isn't one of those FPS games seriously!" She hissed folding her arms.
  7. Saito was bored, listening to a guy making a plan to invade the boss. Saito hated the plan, hell he hated being in the front lines, but if he doesn't people start thinking that i'm the one who hacked the game. Everybody blameing each other, if some one doesn't seem right, that makes him the hacker. Saito got blame 3 times now because he wasn't following orders. Saito got up and walked into the bar to have a few drinks.
  8. Yumikaze had made his way back to the town. He heard all the complaints but most of them weren't there for the last game. He wasn't paying attention and bumped into a girl. "I'm sorry ma'am." He held out a hand. "I'm yumikaze."
  9. Arekusu turned and smiled at the young man "Its cool!" She said taking his hand shaking it "Its nice to meet you by the way the names Arekusu!" The Cait Sith said grinning.
    (@wolfs rain)
  10. Saito walked out of the bar and head back the meeting to see if that guy done planning, i notice something and stopped. I stare at a girl, she shook hands with a guy. The girl was kinda cute, Saito shook his head and walked a little closer to use his hearing still, to listen in what the girl and guy saying.
  11. Yumikaze looked at arekusu. "Do you know where I can find a master blacksmith to repair weapons for cheap." He had his broadsword strapped to his back.
  12. Arekusu nods "Yeah, there's a place called Horunka, with a weapon shop, they could fix up your weapon for ya." She said smiling her cat ears perked up happily. She was glad that there were still others enjoying themselves despite what was happening.

    She also sensed that she and her new friend were being 'spied' on but she couldn't exactly tell where the newcomer was hiding...maybe the bar?
  13. In the midst of the commotion, everyone started to rise into a panic. Mirua was a little taken aback since Kirito said it would be nothing like last time. She decided to go into town and stock up on items. Glancing around her, she admired how some things didn't change. All the shops, markets and hotels seemed to have same feel. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Mirua entered a shopkeeper's store. Admiring one of the items she would take the basic nesscessities. Next, she would go to a bar and order some food with money she had earned. Sitting at the bar, sbe ordered a drink too.
  14. "Thank you." He looked at the girls gear. "I'm guessing your part of the front line as well."
  15. Saito got bored again so went to the bar to drink in until he feels free.... Saito feel trapped being in this game by force and that he can die for real now. Saito got into the bar and order a drink.
  16. Arekusu nods "Yup! And I'm super excited! But seeing as this shall be different that before I'm kinda scared to see what's in store for us." She says her tail and ears lowering.
  17. "Trust me. This is going to be harder than last time. From what i heard, kiritos locked out of the game as are most of the survivors." He opened the menu and sent a request to arekasu. "Would like to be in a party
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