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  1. So this is basically what I have.

    The year is 2026. With the world seed out to the public many big game and small indie developers have been able to create their own VRMMO's. Not just MMORPG's however. Developers have been making MMO's in other genres like action, Racing, Shooters, etc. Things in these virtual worlds seem to be going good. Although evil seems to rear it's ugly head again. A cyber terrorist group known for their devious hacking called The Legion begin hacking into the servers of the other MMO's to which then they beginning merging the game world thank to their own massive server. What's even worse is that they've also managed to break free former director of the RECTO Progress Research Institute Sugou Nobuyuki to which he joins them to seek his revenge on the MMO world and a certain someone. To make matters even more worse, Legion have also managed to lock every single character into their games once again. That's right. You die in the game, you die in real life. The only way to win is to defeat The Legion and there's also a time limit of one year before they kill every single player off.
  2. (( There's no Magic in the game, right??? Because It's based in "SAO"
    Also....Are there races, or?? XD I'm willing to roleplay :3 Even if i'm new, I'll try my best U_u)m)
  3. Well it all depends on your character. Since this roleplay will span from many different games that's up for you to decide if you want your character to have magic. This roleplay will take place about a year after the anime. So it will actually be in the ALfhiem Online world with of course the 100 floor tower from SAO as well as other game worlds that you create.
  4. I'm willing to give it a try ^^
    I just finished watching the anime a few days ago and totally loved it.
  5. Alright cool. Well since I've got some interest I'll make the OOC thread.