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  1. The year is 2026. With the world seed out to the public many big game and small indie developers have been able to create their own VRMMO's. Not just MMORPG's however. Developers have been making MMO's in other genres like action, Racing, Shooters, etc. Things in these virtual worlds seem to be going good. Although evil seems to rear it's ugly head again. A cyber terrorist group known for their devious hacking called The Legion begin hacking into the servers of the other MMO's to which then they beginning merging the game world thank to their own massive server. What's even worse is that they've also managed to break free former director of the RECTO Progress Research Institute Sugou Nobuyuki to which he joins them to seek his revenge on the MMO world and a certain someone. To make matters even more worse, Legion have also managed to lock every single character into their games once again. That's right. You die in the game, you die in real life. The only way to win is to defeat The Legion and there's also a time limit of one year before they kill every single player off.


    1. No Godmodding.

    2. Canon and OC's are allowed. I actually need someone to play Asuna.

    3. No you can't be a beater.

    4. You can have as many characters as you want. Just be sure you can handle them all.

    5. Have fun.
    Character Sheet

    Avatar Name:
    Weapons & Armor:
    Abilities: (This also includes magic if your character uses it.)
    Appearance: (Pic or description is fine.)

    Name: Evan Drake

    Avatar Name: Ralis

    Age: 17

    Game: ALfheim Online

    Class/Race: Sylph

    Weapons & Armor: Crystal Sword, Travelers Jacket.

    Abilities: Can use elemental magic.

    Personality: Evan is mostly a very friendly person and is well to get along with others. His usually expresses his emotions except for when he sad or upset.

    Bio: Evan started playing ALfheim Online about six months prior to the Legion event. He wasn't much of an RPG guy but this game sort of got him hooked onto it. Now stuck as his ALO avatar, he's determined to clear the game by defeating The Legion.....with some help of course.

    Appearance: Here

    Name: Jet Ikari

    Avatar Name: Jet

    Age: 18

    Game: Demon Hunters Online

    Class: Gunslinger

    Weapons & Armor: A Steel sword named Slayer and two pistols named Lady & Trish.

    Abilities: Can use Slayer to pull things towards him or to grapple. Can also perform a small air dash.

    Personality: Jet pretty much comes off as a complete asshole. He's rude, cocky, a smartass and pretty much a loner. Deep down however he does have a good heart an tries to do the right thing.

    Bio: Jet's character is from a game called Demon Hunters Online. It's not a MMORPG but more of a MMO Action game. One day shit goes crazy and he ends up in a completely different game aka ALO. Now he's trying to find the Legion assholes, kick the crap out of them, and hopefully get back in his game before he loses his S rank in the leader charts.

    Appearance: Here

    Name: Kirigaya Kazuto

    Avatar Name: Kirito

    Age: 18

    Game: ALfhiem Online

    Class/Race: Spriggan

    Weapons & Armor: Long Sword, Broad Sword, Holy Sword Excaliber, BlackWyrm Coat.

    Abilities: He can duel wield, fly of course, can use Spell Blast which intercepts a spell using a sword skill and Skill Connect allows him to chain his sword skills.

    Personality: When not in battle he usually is pretty calm and collective rarely showing signs of distress. In battle however he becomes very aggressive and fierce, even to a point when he doesn't notice what he's doing.

    Bio: After the whole ALfhiem incident Kirito was finally able to live a normal life once again....well almost. He definitely got a small fanbase in the MMO community. He's in a relationship with Asuna, of course and in about a year or so he'll be graduating. Eveything seem to be going well. Upon hearing about the Legion and Sugou's escape he's determined to find the people responsible and put and end to their sick game even if it cost him his life.

    Appearance: Here
  2. Name: Arora Kasian
    Avatar Name: Ariana
    Age: 17
    Game: Atlantis - Uncovered
    Class/Race: Priestess (Undine in ALfheim)
    Weapons & Armor: Water and a longsword that is half her size in length.
    Abilities: Anything that concerns Water and Healing.
    Personality: A very timid and shy girl when first encountered but can quickly become open, positive and free spirited once one gets to know her. Aside from that, she is very curious about things she sees in these Games and just as easily perplexed by them.
    Bio: She joined the game Atlantis - Uncovered, the second in its three part series only a year ago out of eagerness to be one of the few fastest players to complete the entire trilogy. One day, however, when she logged on she was forced into a different server and sent into ALfheim after her abilities and stats were converted into that of an Undine. Now she only searches for a way to escape while simultaneously helping others in combat to keep from dying, viewing it as her responsibility.


    (( Will make a boy later once I get a chance. ))
  3. Name: Joshua Hikens
    Avatar Name: Vladimir
    Age: 19
    Game: ALfheim
    Class/Race: Puca
    Weapons & Armor: Simple Dagger/ Set of Throwing Knives and a pair of gloves that were given to him by his ex-girlfriend who was a maxed out leveled blacksmith.
    Abilities: Has an affinity for music and very light on his feet, making him extremely agile and fluid in battle.
    Personality: He is abnormally carefree and irresponsible, especially when it comes to how he uses his Items, often spending his money on gin and selling his old weapons for money, keeping only the newest that he aquires from battles. When battling, he enjoys making jokes and yelling insults at him comrades for fun, continuing to view the life threatening game as 'Still just a game afterall. Have fun with it!'
    Bio: Vlad's home life was bad and being trapped inside, for him, gave him a new sense of freedom. His parents were constantly yelling at one another, throwing objects and calling the cops against the other, not even caring about how it might effect their younger children. He bought the game and hardware with his money after saving up for some years, gleefully admitting each time he was asked that it was the greatest thing he had ever done in his life. He acts in the game as how he would in the real world.

  4. Name: Yuki Asuna
    Avatar Name: Asuna
    Age: 19
    Game: ALfheim
    Class/Race: Berserk Healer
    Weapons & Armor: A one handed sword. Light and intended to be used for speed and power.
    Abilities: Generally uses healing magic and is extremely talented when it comes to cooking.
    Personality: She is very stubborn once her mind has been made, making it hard for another to change without using force. Being a skilled fighter makes her determined and often proud, but not so much that she wouldn't admit her mistakes. She has a good natured and caring personality though, often helping those around her and taking on stronger creatures for others if they are too weak or are in general need of assistance.
    Bio: She grew up with her mother, father and brother and had not used the NerveGear until the opening day of Sword Art Online, when she had been told, along with thousands of others, that they were to be trapped in the game unless all Floors were cleared. Her in-game husband and real life boyfriend, Kirito, managed to defeat the final boss, setting them free. Except, when most others awoke, she turned out to be one of the three hundred plus who were in a form of a coma, while their minds were actually being trapped inside yet another game, the original ALfheim. Once again, after many various trials, Kirito came to her rescue and up until now have been living reasonably peaceful lives. That is... until she was caught up again in the VRMMORPGs by her sadistic ex-fiance.

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  6. Can i be someone from gun gale online?
  7. if so i would like to be:

    Name: Asada Shino
    Avatar Name: Sinon
    Age: 18
    Game: Gun Gale online
    Class/Race: Gunslinger
    Weapons & Armor: PMG Ultima Ratio Hecate II, a .50 caliber anti-materiel and rare sniper rifle.
    Abilities: a skilled VRMMO player, shoots accurately.
    Personality: In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head that actually makes other female players admire her. However, Sinon has a violent temper once angered. She may seem hard to approach but, is generally a friendly person and doesn't mind helping others.
    Bio: When Shino was less than two years old, she was involved in a car accident. By the time anyone would notice the accident, it would have been 6 hours. During the 6 hours, Shino's father slowly died from internal bleeding while her mother watched. Her mother was traumatized by the event and became very frail and was hurt easily. This resulted Shino to became overprotective of her mother. Shino was traumatized after she attempted to protect her mother during a robbery at a postal office, and ended up killing the robber with his own gun. As a result, she developed an intense fear of guns and slight fear of men. She also was bullied up until high school for this reason. After being introduced into GGO she fell into a trap on one of her hunting sprees and faced an extremely powerful boss, through sniping it for countless hours from outside its attack range she received the Hecate sniper rifle. Her only reason for joining GGO is trying to relieve herself from her trauma with guns.

  8. Yeah you can play as her. I'll have to look that character up since I know she's from the light novels. Well when you're ready you can post in the IC thread.