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  1. In order to create a form and begin roleplaying, you must first read carefully through the following to make sure you agree and understand the rules I have set down. Of course you could just skip ahead I suppose. But then I will have to ban you when you end up disobeying the rules because you haven't read them. Good luck!!


    ▪ First off, be respectful to everyone in the group. This means allowing others to join in public roleplay, no discrimination, no bullying or saying anything that could be offensive or harmful. This also follows Quotev guidelines. No sexual harassment, pictures, revealing personal info. I think you get the idea. Any violation to these rules will result in an instant and permanent ban, no matter the excuse.
    ▪ Characters now. There is a limit to three characters per person, though personally I wouldn't exceed two. Too many characters can be complicated to handle. This makes it easier for me, yourself and fellow role players. -Also, every character starts out the same. Basic. You cannot kill off other role players either. More guidance to characters will be in the how to play.
    ▪ When it comes to canon characters, interaction is allowed. However, your character cannot have any comparison or relation to those in the anime. Though you may meet and talk, with you or anyone you ask to acting them out through roleplay. But the fate of these canon characters cannot be changed. No making them love you instead of someone else, or killing them off, or even reviving the dead characters. These limits are to allow everyone to interact with canons fairly. Personally, I wouldn't interact with canon characters at all as your own story can be more fun.
    ▪ As stated before, this is a group roleplay. I would highly appreciate it if you followed this rule fairly. -By allowing others to join the fun, and not leaving anyone out. People can take part in your story, have battles with you and be friends or in a guild together. 1 x 1 is also fine, and you can create your own topic to do so. Though I'd appreciate it if you let me know of this topic, and be sure to put [ 1x1 ] in the title.
    ▪ Mature situations are perfectly fine, but again I'd like this in a topic titled with [ Private ] or [ 1x1 ] and something along the lines of 'mature' in the title. After you have finished with this topic, it'd be good if you could delete it. -If you could, also let me know that you're making a mature topic.
    ▪ Swearing is absolutely fine, though obliging the wishes of anyone who says they don't appreciate your cursing in the roleplay would be kind. If anyone is upset by the language used, please let me know.
    ▪ Finally, please use correct grammar and spelling. I cannot stress enough as to how important this is. Not everyone has spell-check, and there will be mistakes. But no shorthand please. Also, be descriptive, so no asterisks used in text- * << these things, the stars, are asterisk. Also, at least attempt to give 3+ lines of RP. This is about 5 on a mobile, okay? It helps the people roleplaying with you to have enough in order to work on their response.

    How to Play

    ● Character creation!
    Each character must be completely original! This means nothing stolen from fellow roleplayers and the anime characters alike. Furthermore, everyone is basic. Start at level 1, with 0 XP and no advanced weapons. All you have is your name and outfit, the basics. Maybe a bit of armour, definitely a weak low-levelled weapon. I'd say less than 10% power when you start out. Nothing too fancy. Don't worry though- excelling in the group can allow you more weapons and power. As a reference to power allowed at levels, head to the store topic. Honestly, I see no difference in being a beta or not, it doesn't make any difference to your character's power. Furthermore, remember that killing another player makes your player colour red. Committing a crime makes it orange, and being innocent makes you a green player. Keep that in mind- Lastly, if you die in the RP you cannot be revived. However you can start anew with another character, but from Level 1.
    ● XP and levelling up!
    First of all, 200 XP is required to level up to the next level.
    In any general topic, each line you write on desktop counts as 1 amount of XP. Two lines is 2 XP, three is 3 XP, and so on. The amount on mobiles is different, so the best theory I have is to divide the amount of lines you have on mobile by three, then plus five to that. -That is as accurate as I can get for you. Of course, you could press the button at the bottom on mobile which says 'desktop.' This gives you a desktop view so you could count, then revert back to mobile afterwards.
    On an odd last line where it isn't a full line, any less than a quarter of a line of RP is rounded down whereas higher than a quarter can be rounded up and classed as another like of RP, therefore another amount of 1 XP. In a quest topic, as in a topic made for when you are taking a quest, the same idea applies -however the number of XP you have is doubled.-Simply because you are taking a quest. Isn't that neat? Remember though, this all applies to desktop. For mobile, remember to take the amount of lines you have, divide it by three, then plus 5 to that. In mathematical terms, if desktop XP is X and mobile XP is Y, you have x = y/3 + 5
    I hate maths.
    ● Quests!
    The XP, as previously mentioned, is doubled for every player taking a quest. A quest form must be filled out before you begin- these can be found in the Quest topic. Any monsters defeated in the RP give no XP, however in quests they do. A common monster can give 5 XP, an uncommon 20 XP, and a boss can give up to 100 XP depending on the size. A boss can also have rare drops, a rare item given to the player or Guild who defeated it by striking the final blow. Of course, monsters fight back so you will lose XP. Cor [ the currency used in SAO ] is also obtained through quests, depending on how much effort you give and what you do. E.g- killing a boss. Average Cor given or spent on everyday items inn the game can be found in the store topic. Good luck on your quests.
    ● Guilds!
    To create a guild, head to the Guild topic. Though in order to create one, you need three or more members- this includes a leader and co-leader. Names for Guilds must be original and if you wish, you can create a logo. A Guild allows you to take quests officially when you're in a group of three or more. An unrecognised guild is unable to take missions. All XP rewarded from quests is divided equally between the members, any extra given to the Guild Fund. A Guild Fund allows the members of a Guild to save up for items, weapons or even a Guild hall. Prices can be found in the store topic.


    I believe that is it, for now. Character sheets will be formed and created in a group that I will create once enough people have interest in this.
    Do you agree to this system?
    Also, are there any questions?

    All rights go to
  2. Bizarre... but I will bite. I do await others.

    So, a strictly SAO environment with no magic or arrows huh?
  3. Yes, an SAO environment. ^^
  4. Hmm...

    I'll think about it.
  5. Interesting, I would like to see things fleshed out a bit more, so keep me in the loop!
  6. Sounds fun would we be doing a dice or regular?
  7. We can have a vote on what members would like to do best. ^^
  8. I'm voting on die, but the other way is alright.
  9. Sounds pretty awesome to me.
  10. I'd like to join this. Sounds very interesting. Especially the aspect of earning XP through how many lines of text you write. Very intriguing.
  11. Maybe we can use the die as an EXP multiplier.

    Also, with each consequetive level, EXP gains could increase like in a real game.

    Aside from that, regular.
  12. Great! I love all ideas, and can't wait to get started. I'll be making the group now, and setting everything up
  13. I think the idea of rolling dice for EXP is a bit better, as if we did it by lines of text, I feel like people would just create extra-long posts in order to get more EXP. It's also more random, and that way we can have more diversity in the levels of players.
  14. Wait a sec...

    ... we can't dieroll in groups.
  15. What why not?
    Silverdawn threw 20-faced die for: Total: 10 $dice
  16. That's how Iwaku is made. We can diceroll in regular threads, but not groups.
  17. Then we can Die roll here. ^^
  18. I'll join this. I won't be able to contribute to the RP for a time though, just because I hate doing anything more than a couple lines on mobile, and my computer is broken.
  19. I would love to join this! Is there still room for another? (Except, I've never done a dice RP before... so that would take some getting used to on my part lol.)
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