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  1. Real World Background (open)
    Its the year 2061, 60 years have passed since the September 11th bombings, which is said to be the downfall of the Golden Age. MMORPGs, which were once popular in the early 2000s, died out in popularity to the point where people aren't even aware of its existence anymore. US have switched its ideals to imperialism and began conquering countries with its massive resources. Other states retaliated to the threat by merging with other coutries or forming alliances.That period of time is called the Dark Ages.

    There are only 3 countries in the present, Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia; which were merged from conquest throughout the dark ages of 2020s. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" , something like that, is mere common sense of the earthlings. At that year, a VRMMORPG called Aincrad is released, a game which is said to send you to the gaming world itself. Alpha testers exist, but unlike beta testers, they are top secret files, and are treated far more brutally, to the point where most of them went insane.

    Development of Aincrad is started by a small company called Argus, but then it caught the attention of all of the 3 superstates, which started to back them up with resources for the sake of their favor, bias and control. It is slightly rumored that they wanted to create a new world for them to control, since even nuclear weapons are rendered obsolete from the anti-missile & anti-nuclear technology and supersoldiers.

    Alpha Testers (open)

    Alpha Testers are players whom have been through both alpha & beta testing. Those people are chosen randomly from citizens or prisoners. They are dragged from their homes to be tested on pain, death and time dilation continuously. They're ill-treated like lab rats and have been through a virtual hundred or even thousands of years through the testing. Unlike the players, they enter the world through a portal that sends them into the world of Aincrad itself instead of simulating it.

    Beta Testers (open)

    Beta testers are a group of people who tests the game map and the gameplay. They've no significant advantage as compared to the players except for knowledge they have.

    General Setting:
    Its the year 2061, a VRMMORPG called AINCRAD was released by ARGUS dev. The game is played using a NerveGear head device which simulates the 5 senses into the gaming world. The game map is a tower, consisting of 100 floors, each with an environment, geography, as well as a "civilization" of NPCs. Conquering the floor dungeon will send one to an upper floor.

    You're amongst the 10,000 players of the 1st batch, . The 1st floor starts at the Town of Beginnings. The players will be trapped in that world like the anime soon in the RP, where they will die in real life. There are 3 main roles, Warrior, Magician and ranger. There's an auto-learning program of English that allows people to learn the language instantly once somebody gets into the game, including animals.

    Character Sheets
    Appearance: (Put a picture of your char, if not just make a description of it)
    Species: (Human? Dog? Cat? Bird?)
    Age: (If Alpha tester, state your birth age and "technical age")
    Status: (Alpha tester? Beta tester? Or just normal player? Or any real life status like citizenship of which superstate, etc O.o )
    History: (Basically some background)
    Role/ Weapon Type: (Warrior? Magician? Ranger? And basically your weapon and how you use it~)
    Others: (Leave blank if none~)

    Notes & Rules:
    Just have fun, there isn't much enforced & strict rule in the RP. You're allowed to write freely like hunting which mobs or maps, etc. But no godmodding like killing the 100th boss in floor 1 which is basically impossible O.o . Basically its a SAO RP in a dystopian world :L

    Animals are allowed >:3 . They will speak english too :P ~ Hope there's somebody interested and I will make the IC thread in a day or two after making my own character ^_^ . And feel free to ask any questions here :) ~

    Plot so far (open)

    The game started, the 1st floor has a map with an evening sun that never rise or set. The log out button's missing, which is explained by Kayaba, who teleported everybody into a "lecture hall". Also, kayaba's killable. His shield around players got weakened due to a bit of circumstances, and a pissed off player threw a sword at him, which shattered into pieces. Repairing it, he threw it back, but was blocked by the 1st floor ruler, which is the sun of the 1F, which nearly killed the ruler. In its near death state, it split itself into moon & stars, and Night fell on 1F. The forest emits its own light & warmth, and most mobs migrated to the forest.

    There's a second village near the forest, which is the resting stop~
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  2. Just for clarification, would you like our character's in-game name, real life name or both?
  3. If the in-game name's different from the birth name, they should be written both. If its the same, there's no need to be written both ~
  4. [​IMG]
    In-Game: Emiko || IRL: Akari Hoshikawa
    Species: Human
    Birth Age: 17 || Technical Age: 2,700
    Gender: Female

    Prior to being an Alpha Tester,Akari was a really cheerful and sweet girl.Everyone would see her smiling wherever she went.Everyone knew her and got along with her;at school,the neighborhood,everywhere.There was nothing to hate about her,really.But after the unfaithful day came,it swept Akari's happy vibe away and turned her upside down.Her warm heart solidified and closed.The once happy Akari was replaced by the current cold Emiko.

    Emiko is much more serious and competitive.She appears to be rather aloof,distant from everyone.Although you can have conversations with her,it would feel like she's not really completely there.She is serious and brave,determined to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.She is also very secretive now.She doesn't tell much about her past nor what she has been through.

    If one takes the time to get close to her,one will see that the old Emiko is still somewhere there.She actually cares for everyone and is very protective to the point that she would sacrifice her own self for other people.She acts independent and tries to be alone,yes,but that's only to secure other people's safety,and knowing the hell that other people can possibly go through as well,which is something she doesn't want to happen.

    Alpha Tester || Eastasia || Single || In Despair || Living(well,lived) alone

    Emiko is one of the youngest and longest Alpha Testers of AINCRAD.Before she even became Emiko,she was the simple high school student Akari,who lived in an apartment by herself after her father died and her mother flew elsewhere to work for the both of them.She was probably one of the most liked students of her school because of her lovable personality.She had always been a huge gamer,and was one of the few people who knew about MMORPGs,or at least she heard stories about them.One day when she was walking home,she got pulled into a dark alley,and the next thing she knew she was now being forced in and out AINCRAD,feeling different levels of pain almost everyday.She was rather surprised that she maintained sane and alive today.

    Role: Warrior
    Weapon Type:
    A black-handled Rapier she calls Hikari.Although Rapiers aren't the ideal weapons for battling,she managed to get it as strong and as effective as the other swords in the game if not a bit stronger during the thousands of years her un-aging persona spent in game.

    Others: Although it does not seem like it,she has a hard time dealing with blood and killing​
  5. One more question - what sort of magic can you initially start with as a magician?
  6. [​IMG]

    In-Game: Alanna
    IRL: Miko Hanashira

    In-Game: Elf
    IRL: Human

    17 years old


    Miko is a sweet girl. She's quite quiet and reserved. Even around her close friends, she doesn't become loud and energetic. Her demeanor is calm, tranquil. If you just wanted to have a simple chat with someone, Miko was your person. She never got upset and, if she did, she didn't explode or anything like that. She was the person who became deadly silent when they were upset, only communicating by looks. Everything about Miko is quiet.

    As Alanna, she's quite the opposite. She used computer games as her opportunity to be different from her actual self. As Alanna, she's confident, quirky, and loud as loud can be. She's always moving, never sitting down. She has a lot of faith in herself and it shows. When she's upset, she doesn't hide it. No, she shouts about it, screams about it. She'll start a fight about it if it comes to that. She's a lot more reckless and energetic. At times, she is calm, but that's when she's alone and observing the world., which is rare.

    Normal Player || Oceania || Senior at Asteroida High School || Works in a bakery

    Miko lived a normal life. She would go to school and made sure that she was getting good grades, making the right kind of friends, heading towards a bright future. Everyone knew her and everyone took a liking to her in some way, shape, or form. In her free time, she would play computer games, becoming obsessed with them. When she learned that a game called AINCRAD was going to be released, she marked the date of it's release, counting down the days.

    Miko was one of the first in line when it released, doing something crazy like sleeping outside of the door so she could be one of the first. Once she bought it, she had bolted home, eager to try it out. Luckily, she was on a break from her school and had enough time to become immersed in it, which is exactly what she did.


    Weapon Type:
    A bow and arrow that she uses for long distance. Up close, she's very skilled in hand-to-hand combat/martial arts.

    In real life, she has a pet cat named Emi.
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  7. @Haruka: Accepted! ^_^
    @Seraph: You can start with basic magical attack and basic heal or debuff, or basically anything that isn't OP :P~
    @Kitsune: Okay :)
  8. Hey look it's Haruka. Long time no see, Haruka! Character coming soon, once I figure out what kind of character I want to make.
  9. I'd like to join. But, a question: I don't actually have to know anything about the Sword Art Online anime, do I? The RP's just based off the basic plot?
  10. @Kaz: The RP is based off the basic plot, just like you had said :3 . The NerveGear head device simulates the 5 senses which transfers a consciousness to an MMORPG world, so the person who is using it will be on a sleeping state O.o . Alpha testers, on the other hand, enter the world through a portal which sends the whole body and consciousness into the world itself.
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  11. (Hope my char isn't bad, in both senses >.< )

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Ryo Rikolai

    Species: Human

    Birth Age: 19 || Technical Age: 167

    Gender: Male

    Personaility: Ryo had a jaded attitute of the world, being completely neutral on outside affairs that is beyond his control (eg: government) . He's blunt and sarcastic, which may end up pissing off others. He enjoys getting hated by others, finding it as "funny" and "interesting". He's honest but would lie if necessary. He's the kind who would do whatever he wants and thus has an independent mindset. He enjoys slacking around at old vacant spots which he feels warm & soothing~

    Status: Alpha Tester ; Eurasia

    History: Ryo was a mixed blood of somebody of Eurasia and Eastasia descent. His entire family were arrested, executed as well as getting unperson-ed (erasure of somebody from historical records and all kinds of documents) due to political treason & dissent. Due to his young age of 4, He was given a more lenient choice by the secret police KGB on whether to die like his family or to live under a "constant hell" for a while. He chose the latter and ended up being an Alpha Tester for a game that seemed to last forever.

    Role: Warrior
    Weapon Type: Two handed sword which he uses to cut down mobs~

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  12. Finished, yay!
  13. Character Sheets
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Alexandria Drake
    Species: In game- Draconian (Has Wings but appears Elven. Changed by the Ruler in game. Same as picture but with Draconian wings.)
    Rl- Human
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very caring for others close to her. Due to returning from the Alpha testing she appears at times distant and not all together. Suffers from severe spouts of depression and is open to being insulted. Quick to react when threatened but not always with violence.
    Status:Alpha Tester (Due to Voluntary she returned back but with unknown side effects.)

    History: Alexandria has been known as a all around athletic person. She grew up in a wealthy family but kept mostly to herself growing up. The only times she was out with people her own age was in the times she played sports with the others. She was a vivid Lacrosse and soccer player which led her high school team to three championships. But after every game she was retreat away from the public and fall into the world of Virtual Reality. One day a man approached her with an offer of testing a new virtual reality game. She accepted the offer and found out that the offer had more into it than she originally thought. Although not treated like the other Alpha testers she was entered into the game but at her will she could leave it. Once the Alpha testing was finished she felt disconnected when outside of the game and even more disconnected from the life around her. She couldn't stand it anymore and rejoined the Beta testing. Instead of entering the game completely she use the gear provided and linked up with the avatar of her when she entered the game. The effects of the testing left the avatar changed. Though beautiful beyond word the avatar had the wings of a Dragon and had the blood of one as well. Within the Beta testing she gained the title of 'Dragon Priestess" due to her innate spell casting.

    Role/ Weapon Type: Magical Knight (Working Towards Paladin)- Uses magic to heal or curse others. Through out Rp she can gain more spells.
    Others: She has the ability to fly and her Draconian blood is innately magical.
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  14. Name: Alice Hanson

    In game Name: Zoey Alice
    sao made up.jpg

    has wings but are mostly hidden they are big and feathery.
    Species: human
    Age: Real life age:17 Technical age: 18
    Status: Beta tester

    Quick thinker
    strong willed
    always happy
    willing to protect anyone she is close too.

    Short bio/history: alice was a loner. she sat in her room playing mmo's and it was always a constant thing. she only came out for dinner.
    her parents never listened to her. they always made her depressed. so when she got sucked into this new sao game she was very pleased and was a very cheerful happy person. she was in a world she could play in and no one but the game master told her what to do.

    Role/ Weapon Type:Warrior and she duel wields

    Winged Night Shinken-5.jpg
    Red Fury:
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  15. Kitsune: Looks fine but take note that the in game appearance and real life appearance are the same. Anyways the 2 appearances are identical XD . So ima just assume that the 1st floor Ruler changed the species of your char from human to elf :3 (More info will be revealed in IC thread about Rulers) . Soooo Accepted :)

    Zoey: Accepted :)

    Crimson: The game avatar and the real life appearance are identical, if not near-identical at most. You can say that your char got red eyes from an IRL experiment or that the alpha tester experiment transformed her into a real draconian, or a mutant in harsher terms. Or just like Kitsune, you can just say that the species was changed by the Ruler, though if that happens the eye color wouldn't change. Other than that, it looks okay, so its up to you for a few minor tweaks o.o~

    Also. Ima start the IC thread by tomorrow~
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  16. yeah thank you! i cant wait to start!
  17. I'm trying to put together a profile, but it's taking me forever to decide on an appearance. :I;
  18. [​IMG]

    Name: 'Sairen' || Katsubo Hoshi

    Species: Human
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Personality: After years of maintaining appearances and social expectations, Hoshi craves liberation through her online world - a universe where she can command and assume positions of influenec, rather than serving as a cog in someone else's machine. Around other gamers, Hoshi maintains a persona of regality and composure, styling herself as someone above lesser frustrations and entirely in control of her surroundings. Although willing to sully herself through combat at the utmost need (usually while progressing towards a greater goal), Hoshi's true calling lies away from the front lines, through both orchestrating an ongoing battle and ensnaring others in a web of debuffs. With a forceful disposition and a strong competitive streak, she feels most comfortable at the head of a crowd, seeking any opportunity to avoid isolation or bowing down before anyone she views as a rival. She detests randomness and factors beyond her control - while systems of cause-and-effects can be exploited and offer the sense of security that comes with foreknowledge, unpredictable occurrences reduces her ability to rig the system in her favour (which she will accomplish though any means necessary).

    Status: Beta tester || Eastonia

    History: Born into a wealthy Eastanian family, Hoshi's early childhood was dictated by the political manoeuvring of her parents and the choreographed lifestyle which they expected her to maintain around fellow socialites. After being smothered by social convention throughout her life and being expected to flawlessly uphold her 'family image,' Hoshi soon began craving an outlet - a release from the imprisonment in her day-to-day life. Exploring the world of online gaming behind closed doors, she found a freedom beyond anything which she'd experienced from the real world and the means by which to establish herself as an individual. With an ingrained disposition towards planning and a furious commitment to her new-found kingdom, Hoshi blossomed into a figure of authority within the strategy gaming community. While being respected for her own merits was profoundly liberating, something still felt missing from her life - she could savour the experience of conquering others, but her control only extended as far as her own actions. Leadership meant nothing when it was just words on a screen.

    With the unveiling of Aincrad and a 'new' genre of gaming, Hoshi discovered a virtual home-from-home - not only an opportunity to compete, but to establish 'guilds' and form a community in which she could establish control. After earning her way into a prestigious beta guild and experiencing the intoxicating rush of authority, her persona on Aincrad soon became her primary form of self-expression - an online world which she returned to after carrying out all of the appropriate motions during her IRL life. Hoshi is loathe to surrender the feeling of empowerment that Aincrad offers her and has already begun plotting how to exploit the influx of new players to build herself a power base.

    Role/Weapon Type:


    Magician || Blade's Caress (polearm)

    Hoshi's main spell during the early floors of Aincrad is Grasp of Thanatos, summoning a mass of tendrils from the ground that will envelop her target's lower body and temporarily root them, preventing movement and restricting their ability to avoid attacks. As her in-game proficiency with magic increases, Grasp of Thanatos can affect multiple targets within a small AoE and reduce their defensive stats while they remain ensnared, leaving them vulnerable to a coordinated attack.

    Others: During the beta testing, Hoshi leant heavily on magic based around debilitation and entrapment, allowing her to control her party's engagements like a composer while others cleaned up after her work. Although 1v1 was something that she rarely practised (preferring the empowering feeling of leadership to direct conflict), the feeling of ensnaring other players and leaving them at her mercy was a strangely enjoyable feeling - something which she had insufficient time to explore before the end of the beta testing.
  19. Appearance:

    Name: Tiam Voah

    Species: Human

    Age: 11

    Gender: Male

    Tiam has always been a distant child. Having always put all of his interest into games and shows, other people were just too boring for him to bother with. He's a very quick tempered child, often getting worked up into a rage over small arguments, though he's also very easily embarrassed. When successfully caught off guard with some embarrassing comment, he immediately forgets his rage, and instead tries desperately to change the topic.

    Status: Normal Player / Eurasia

    Tiam has just wanted to be the first to try out his brother's new game, setting it up while the older sibling was away at work. Though he panicked for a while at first when he realized he couldn't leave the game, he eventually adjusted and adapted to a new life in the VRMMO. Though he missed his brother, the game's world was a lot more fun than his old boring life had been.

    Role/ Weapon Type: Ranger ; Dual wields guns

    As a child that was basically raised on video games, Tiam has extremely quick reflexes, and is extremely difficult to catch off guard with a surprise attack.


    Is this alright?
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