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  1. The orange sun shone upon the small white houses of the City of Beginnings. The buildings are made of white bricks which reflecting an oozing state of yellow under the evening shade. The floors along with the city borders are also of a white color. Along the streets, a few marble statues can be noticed, with the shape of mythical creatures like Dragon, Phoenixes, or bizarre creatures that doesn't seem to originate from any fairy tales. The roof of the houses area mostly made of wood, which dulls down the luxury of the place. Some houses are empty, while some others are item & weapon shops occupied by NPCs. The center of the place have the tallest structure, a clocktower which shows the time in Roman Numerals, and rings when it hits 12 noon. Around it is a fountain with water of a clear crisp, as well as a few Koi fishes frockling in the water. The clouds blows a cooling, spring breeze as players spawns beside the clocktower.

    The city is surrounded by a field, which has mobs. Further ahead leads to a forest and then the tower's walls. The cave lies somewhere, which is the dungeon to the 2nd floor.

    The gates to the world of Aincrad was open wide, right in front of Ryo. He was almost tired of the strong smell of the lab. The freedom he gained from contributing to the Alpha Testing, he earned it after a virtual hundreds of years of rigorious experiments that he've gone through. The day of release was finally here, where his burden of the crimes of his family commited was finally acquitted. Walking on his few final steps to freedom, he disappeared into the gate as he reappeared in his new world of Aincrad.

    Strolling to the item shop, he bought a sword as well as a pack of cigarettes, getting back to clocktower, sitting beside the fountain, and lighting up his cigarette. The clocktower rang as Ryo looked at the evening sun which never set or rise, but only stayed still on one place. "So... this is how the golden age is like huh?" He let out a puff of smoke at the less crowded area, thinking of what he should do to celebrate his everlasting freedom.
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  2. Tiam, royalblue

    Tiam had been staring anxiously at the large box for a few hours, now. His older brother had per-ordered the ground-breaking VRMMO long ago, but on the day of the release it had arrived in the mail while the man was away at work. Tiam knew it would be rude to open his brother's new game, let alone play it, but it was so tempting. It was sitting right there. Both of the brothers had been talking about it for what seemed like ages...

    Soon enough, the temptation was just too much to resist. Grinning to himself as he threw his morals out the window, he hurried over the the box, eagerly unpacking the gear as quickly as he could. Following a small book of directions to get it all set up, Tiam was soon connecting himself to the world of AINCRAD. He only had until his brother got home to play, after all. Then he'd probably never get another chance!

    As he seemed to awaken after entering the game, Tiam blinked a few times in a daze. As he realized he seemed to be standing in the middle of a city, he looked around in excitement, simply taking it all in. It all seemed so real... Looking down at himself, he realized he looked the same as he did in the real world, aside from the different outfit. It threw him off for a few seconds.. He thought there'd be premade avatars or something. So much for being able to pretend he wasn't just a kid. His disappointment only lasted a few seconds, before he was happily exploring the City of Beginnings, talking to various NPCs, and venturing into any building he could. Exploring was one of the best parts of any game.

    Coming across the item shop, he took his time strolling around and looking at all of the wares. He'd noticed that he already had a small amount of cash... Perhaps for starter weapons and whatnot. He only thing in the shop to really catch his attention, however, was a set of guns. Beginner weapons, of course. He didn't have to think much about it before buying them. It used up all of the starter cash, but he wasn't complaining. He'd just have to start killing some mobs to get some more!

    Bristling with excitement, the boy left the shop, only pausing to look around and get his directions straight. He knew the fields with the beginner mobs were just outside the city boundaries. Decidedly done with exploring and ready for action, he dashed for the nearest exit to the fields.

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  3. Zoey-Alice had begged her parets to buy her AINCRAD she had asked for it years ahead of time. when it came when she beta tested it then she had it. She hooked up the nerve gear and was pulled in she had her two swords from beta testing their names were: Winged Night and Red Fury. She knew where the field was so she took off running in that direction. She wanted to meet new people since it was the release day but she also needed money to buy a new outfit. so she went to the field just outside the city of beginnings. she saw the boy in the field and ran over and tapped his shoulder saying hello as she did so.
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  4. Akari felt reality dissolve around her as she stepped into the portal one last time.The slight pain of entering it didn't bother her much anymore since it seemed like it had been a natural feeling she was suppose to feel in a daily basis.But that didn't matter now.Nothing mattered anymore.She's free from the torture she had been through the thousands of years she spent in the game during creation.This time it's the actual thing.She was now free to do whatever she wants.

    Slowly she heard a lot of chattering around her.Opening her eyes, she found herself standing in the middle of a crowd in the City of Beginnings, the starting point of the game.She looked around, observing the expressions of the players that surround her.Everyone had clear excitement on their faces.Some looked overwhelmed, unsure which store they want to go to.Some were already trying to be a social butterfly, talking to every person they ran into like they've known them before.Then she looked down at herself.She was dressed in her attire from Alpha Testing, and she still had the weapon she worked hard on to get it to level up.She was now the stronger her.She was now Emiko.

    On her perspective, she actually had an advantage to all the players here om different levels; attacks, knowledge, awareness.But she had no plans on exposing it by any means unless completely necessary, which she can't imagine to be likely at all.

    Emiko walked around the town without a specific place to head to.She just observed.She felt lime she was also outstanding from the crowd, despite her wearing black clothing.No, that is what's making her pop out of the crowd.She was the only one not wearing the default clothing in the city, or at least in the part where she was.She was also the only one who didnt show any excitement at all.What was there to be excited about? She pretty much knew almost every part and corner of the cities in the game.To add to that, as much as she tried to care less about it, the experience from Alpha Testing was still undeniably traumatizing.
  5. Alexandria sat within the room and stared out of one of the large windows. In her hands sat one of the Virtual reality sets that was given to her during the beta testing. It was finally live and she had her old character and she knew how to progress. She looked down at the people from the top of her family manor. "Well... this is the only way I am happy now.." She said as she felt distant from all people. Even her participation in sports have recently went down. She took a deep breath and laid down on her back before putting the helmet on. "Here it goes.... On my own... here I go..." She said and activated the Virtual reality aspect of the helmet. She gasped on slightly as he head reeled from the link. Her eyes closed and when she opened them she stood in the center of the town of beginnings.

    Her character was already made... Changed by the ruler as a thanks from the Alpha and Beta testing. She was different from the others.... she had wings and she stood out. She had a few pieces of armor already. "The Dragon Priestess has arrived..." She said and began to laugh. She felt far better now than she did just moment ago. She stood among many others and laughed again at seeing them look at her. She carried a sword but no staff for spell casting. Her Draconian wings fluttered for a moment and she began to run towards the Bazaar to buy a pair of gloves. Inside her pouches was a great deal of money from her past testing. She knew the game well and reached the higher floors near on her own. Even though she was classified as a priest she knew how to deal with things on her own. She stood out as she ran among the others and when she saw a group blocking her path she jumped over them and waved as she landed and continued on her way.
  7. Tiam, royalblue

    Tiam blinked, turning towards the woman that had tapped his shoulder, and looking up at her. He hadn't had a chance to attack any of the monsters in the field, yet. He was still working on figuring out certain aspects of the game. "Um, hello.." He muttered in reply, his brows furrowed in confusion. The person didn't look like another player, with those wings... For a few seconds he was wondering whether she was some sort of NPC or mob. He soon realized that was just silly, shaking his head at himself. She was definitely another player. "Where'd you get those wings?" He asked, curiously, tilting his head. This girl already had fancy weapons too.. She was probably a beta tester. "Did you have to buy them?"

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  8. i say my name is Zoey-Alice im a beta tester and i earned these swords and had the game master switch my character so i could have my wings. what is your name and are you a beta or alpha tester? she wanted to meet this boy since he was the first to wander out into the open.she watched other players pass them and hoped none of the were player klillers.
  9. Alexandria stopped at the gates of the town after buying her pair of gloves. She put a hand on her sword and laughed "Personal defense... I don't like using this often..." She said and her wings unfolded slightly. She ran out into the field to see many people slowly moving out into the fields. She giggled and sprinted past all of them. She drew her sword and in one move flipped over a wild boar and let magic course through the blade. The blade flashed and tore straight through the boar. She landed on the ground and turned to see her handiwork. The boar still stood but took a step before collapsing and disappearing. She looked around before locating another group of boars. She sheathed her blade and clapped her hands together. She extended her arms and began to concentrate. Light formed around her before it shot up and into the group of Boars.

    The four boars ran at her but it was obvious to on lookers that the boars were taking damage constantly. She leapt side ways and her wings helped move her out of the way of the charging creatures. The boars charged past her and fell to the ground. She spun and sliced one of the quickly with her blade as she drew it. She took a deep breath and rose from a crouched stance "I feel so much more alive in here.... This game has a part of me..." She said out loud before sheathing her blade and beginning to follow down the path towards another one of the villages.
  10. Tiam, royalblue

    "I'm Tiam... I'm not a tester, I just started. Technically it's my brother's game, I just wanted to try it out." Tiam replied, shrugging. "So, I don't have that much time to play." He added, turning away to get back to what he was doing. It was rude, sure, but he wasn't a people person. He didn't have time to sit around and chat, he wanted to enjoy the game!

  11. Zoey-Alice watched Alexandria in aww she had to either be a beta or alpha tester. she sent the boy in front of her a request of joining her party for now. but then saw him turn so she deleted the request. she then flew into the air and landed in front of alexandria and said hello? @CrimsonHorizons
  12. Alexandria didn't stop but simply did a reverse flip over her and landed behind her facing her. Alexandria drew her sword and in a split second had it hanging infront of the girls face. "Hello..." She said and sheathed her sword. Alexandria looked at the girl and saw the wings behind her. She didn't comment on them but tilted her head to the side. "I am going farther out.... It wont be long until the areas near here are swarmed." She said and looked as if she was turning to continue on her way. "By the looks of it.. you should know what I mean." she said and began to walk along the path once more.
  13. Zoey-Alice sheathed her swords and sent a party request to alexandria and walked next to her. i say what is ur name and were you an alpha or beta tester? i only know you were a tester by your wings otherwise i wouldnt have asked. Her pinkish red hair was blowing in the virtual wind. and her wings kept her supported but this wind was getting kinda strong for flying so she had to land soon. @CrimsonHorizons
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  14. Miko (Alanna), Green
    It was here. After waiting for so long, it was finally here. Miko's eyes glowed with joy as she began to place the familiar helmet on. She made her way to her bed, laying on it on her back. Her body was relaxed, limp. She didn't have to wait long for the game to start up. In an eager voice, she thought, Let the fun begin!

    Turqouise eyes blinked open. They looked around in curiosity and awe. There were so many people walking around. Everyone was chatting and exploring, buying items and immediately setting off. It all overwhelmed the girl, making her glow and beam. She was just oozing happiness and excitement.

    "Hey, look an Elf!"

    "Woah. I wonder how she was able to do that."

    At the statements directed towards her appearance, Alanna, her game name, dashed towards a shop, hoping they'd have a mirror. When she reached one, she burst inside, searching for a mirror. Surprisingly, she was able to stumble upon one and made sure to look in it. Slowly, she ran a hand over her abnormally pointy ears, the telltale sign of one being an Elf. The young girl stood there for a moment, trying to register her appearance. Maybe it's by accident. Or, for a good reason, she thought, finally stepping away from the mirror.

    Fortunately, Alanna had bursted into a weapons shop. She went up to the counter and bought herself a simple bow and a quiver of arrows. Just something to get her buy. She could upgrade later on. Smiling, the Elf left the shop and stepped back into the massive crowd of players. Inhaling deeply, she began to set off at a leisure pace.
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  15. Ryo stood up from the fountain and walked off. The place's getting more and more crowded as new players appeared around him one by one. Some of them have their epic entrance getting suffocated by his cigarette smoke, and started hearing slight murmurs of complains from other players for smoking at such area. Annoyed, Ryo left the clocktower, headed to a quieter place for him to slack and relax . The place's was nearly the same as the map of the beta testing, but he swear that it had gotten a bit bigger as compared to before.

    He stopped at a less noisy area, the one street where he usually hang out at back in beta testing, not many go there due to the remoteness from the center and the nearest gate, as well as being the street of vacant houses. He's satisfied for his previous cigarette, and doesn't have the mood to smoke anymore. "Man... this is boring..." He laid down on the ground, looking at the shape of the clouds like some lowlife.

    "Time to leave this stupid place... Phone, Visible Mode~" A floating glowing green cube-shaped device with a computer-like interface appeared beside him, as he muttered out,"logout" . "INPUT INVALID, Please try again at the top"

    "Eh?" Ryo got up from his snorlax position in surprise, spinning the sides of the cube to look for the logout command, to no avail. "Strange... it works in the Beta Testing... Shit item!" He slammed his phone against the wall at full force, no cracks or dents were seen from neither the wall or the cubical Phone, which annoys him further. Just then, he noticed Emiko walking by. "Excuse me Miss, you know how to log out? 'cause I can't log out via Phone~" He approached a lady in black clothing -- Emiko, and asked.
  16. Emiko's walking had finally brought her to a less crowded area in the city just when she thought the city didn't have one.She thought about checking stores out, but with all the newcomers continuously coming in all the stores are packed, and she wasn't in the mood to get stuck in a crowd let alone interacting with heaps of people.

    She kept on walking when she heard someone call from behind.At first Emiko thought the voice wasn't addressing her, but after quickly glancing around she was the only 'miss' nearby.Stopping, she turned around and faced the black haired lad."Huh?Impossible.The phone is the only way to Log Out.." she said, raising an eyebrow."Phone, visible mode" The green cube appeared in front of her right after she said so.Then she started spinning the cube with a finger, tapping it occasionally that opened up one window then another.Emiko's eyes widened a bit when she reached the window where the Log Out option was supposed to be.It wasn't there.

    "How..." she muttered, still looking down at the window.Worry started to grow in her, but she didn't let it show on her face.She closed the phone and held it on her right hand, then brought her gaze back to the lad."Maybe the game is going through some maintainance" she said, her expression maintaining unreadable.Despite what she said, she felt like there was more than just that.Something felt off.Oh no...are they planning on doing something bad..and to add to that, are they gonna include all these players..? She didn't want to think of it, but somehow images of the tests kept popping up.She clenched her fee hand's fist,digging her nails on her skinas a little wake up call for her.
  17. Tiam, royalblue

    Tiam had intended to enjoy his time in the game, that's exactly what he did. Even as the fields began to grow crowded, he spent every seconds happily running around and attacking the weakest mobs. A few people tried to talk to him, but he didn't have time for people, so he just ignored them. He was in it to play a game, not to be social! It was only after he felt a few hours must've passed that he decided to log off and put the gear away for his brother. Only, he couldn't figure out how... He thought he'd read about how to get to the menu and shut off the game, but he couldn't find the right button anywhere...

    Growing desperate and confused, the boy ran up to another player in the field, a pitiful frown adorning his features. "Um... Do you know how to log off..? I can't find it.." He muttered awkwardly.

  18. Alexandria shook her head "Sorry... Right now I have to run alone." was all she said before she continued on her way. Half an hour later she stood in the middle of the next village and looked back to make sure she wasn't be followed. She raised her hand to bring up the menu and saw that the log out feature was missing. She smirked slightly "So.... I guess it begins" was all she could say about it. She wasn't sure what was going on but she felt oddly uncaring about it all. She wanted to stay in the game and felt better being inside of it. The next village was small and not a single person was inside of it. She enjoyed the silent serenity of being alone and she immediately went out into the mob filled fields surrounding the village. "So many mobs... Leveling up here will be quick for me.." She said out loud as she began to cast several spells. The mobs around her began to fall as she used the magic to bolster her sword fighting defensive skill. She blocked a charging boar and slid to the left of another. She sliced the air and sent a wave of black energy at one of the boars killing it instantly. She did the same with the other before continuing along her way.
  19. Zoey-Alice needed a break a went to log out and found that when she opened the menu the log out but was nowhere to be found. she checked over and over again then decided to keep running. she lept into the air and attacked the monsters up hi and then flew to the next town to buy some supplies. she wanted to buy a room for the night since she was getting cold and needed some shelter. she spent the night in a small motel in the village and was preparing for bed. she had her swords next to her bed for she was always a light sleeper while in the game. She was glad her parents had signed her up to be a beta tester that meant she knew where everything was alittle better than most others in this game. she hated the feeling of being lonely so she knew she would eventually need to form a party with someone.
  20. "Is your job really more important than your family?!"

    "You come home late every fucking night, drunk to all hell!"

    "I don't ever want to see you back here again. NOW GET OUT!!"

    Tonight was like any other. His parents were at it again, arguing over god knows what. These arguments were starting to get real annoying. Ryuga slammed his bedroom door, in attempt to drown out their voices. He plopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. For a few moments he laid there thinking of a way to just escape all of his problems. That's when it hit him. There was that new MMO that just came out. Ryuga got his hands on the game earlier that month. It was worth a shot. He reached over to his night stand where he placed the helmet, grabbing it and slipping it onto his head. Within moments the game started up, bringing him right in the center of some town. A huge tower stood at the far end. Ryuga observed his player appearance for a bit. "Damn. Not too bad. I could get used to this game." He ran off, leaving the town and began fighting random low lv mobs.
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