Sword Art Online RP anybody?

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  1. I'm thinking of a SAO RP in a darker setting, darker world. Aincrad is a VRMMO with 100 floors and bla bla bla, that most things you know in SAO. (Real world setting's inspired by 1984)

    Maybe Magic's allowed? O_O

    Setting: Its the year 2061, 60 years have passed since the September 11th bombings, which is said to be the downfall of the Golden Age. MMORPGs, which were once popular in the early 2000s, died out in popularity to the point where people aren't even aware of its existence anymore. US have switched its ideals to imperialism and began conquering countries with its massive resources. Other states retaliated to the threat by merging with other coutries or forming alliances.That period of time is called the Dark Ages.

    There are only 3 countries in the present, Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia; which were merged from conquest throughout the dark ages of 2020s. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" , something like that, is mere common sense of the earthlings. At that year, a VRMMORPG called Aincrad is released, a game which is said to send you to the gaming world itself. Alpha testers exist, but unlike beta testers, they are top secret files, and are treated far more brutally, to the point where most of them went insane.
  2. I'm definitely up for this - what sort of people were involved in the alpha testing? Did they select random members of society (perhaps chosen based on psychological profiling), or were all the alpha testers people involved in various levels of government and military? Was there any sort of psychological experiments or social conditioning involved in the early alpha stages? What sort of goals are behind Aincrad's development?
  3. @Seraph: The Alpha testers are people who got chosen randomly from citizens or prisoners, some even from military. The experiments are described as "Imagine there's a god, now imagine the worsts way that God can treat you". They're tested on pain, deaths, time dilation, countless times over. Some have been through a virtual hundreds or even thousands of years from the testing. Alpha testers also get into the Aincrad world differently, instead of Nervegear, they enter the VRMMORPG with a higher technologically advanced portal/door that sends a being's body and soul into the Aincrad itself.

    Development of Aincrad is started by a small company called Argus, but then it caught the attention of all of the 3 superstates, which started to back them up with resources for the sake of their favor, bias and control. It is slightly rumored that they wanted to create a new world for them to control, since even nuclear weapons are rendered obsolete from the anti-missile & anti-nuclear technology and supersoldiers.
  4. That sounds pretty awesome - how does the early alpha testing reflect what's going on during beta testing? Has the focus of the beta testing changed during the project, or have they mainly refined their methods of accomplishing the same goal? Is the 'final product' intended for the average civilian or more exclusive groups?

    Also, I'd enjoy magic being used lightly to augment a character's primary skillset - weaker spells like shadowy tendrils to ensnare an enemy's legs for ranged combatants or magically poisoned weapons that prevent health regeneration and inflict other similar debuffs for assassination-based characters. You could easily link that sort of magic into the psychological experimentation going on in the game, with players having the capacity to inflict all manner of debilitating spells on each other, while fighting bosses and powerful NPCs able to use the same sort of magic in a far more powerful form. Casting from a player's health bar would be an interesting way of selling a darker style of spellcasting - it could even be something that players unlock by hunting down enemies with those powers and permanently sacrificing some of their maximum HP by 'drinking the blood' of NPCs and acquiring a small fragment of their power.
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  5. Alpha testing is the test for the game engine and system, on whether the server can stabilize or not, and to close off any possible exploits of the server.
    Beta testing is the test for the game itself, the developed map where they fight monsters and climb floors without much brutality and that they respawns. On further bugs and loopholes in the map designs. Also, Alpha testers are in the beta testing too~
    'The final product', AKA The 1st release, consists of around 10,000 players. Its sold at regular markets intended for average civillian, but some exclusive individuals like pro gamers, who are recognized or hired the governments, are in the "priority customer" list. Both alpha testers & Beta testers are amongst the 1st release. For the release, the players will be trapped, which real life info, and history of the players will be altered and changed by the governments, to the point where it doesn't seem they exist. (Government can rewrite history at their own whim)

    :O That sounds awesome, that can be in the system of the game :)
  6. I could really get behind this sort of story! ^_^

    What sort of role would you be planning to take in-game - would you have your own PC-equivalent character or mainly be playing as 'NPC' players and monsters in Aincrad? What sort of player factions do you have in mind as the setting develops?
  7. I'm planning to play a PC who is an Alpha Tester. For factions, I'm thinking of some guild alliance compromised of most guilds, but then their rule aren't that stable due to the guilds' wavering idealogy, just made to ensure stability and progress. Any of the top 10 players have a significant say on how things are done. Another faction I'm thinking of is Ichani , the small guild who does underworld and shady business. The leader is #1 in ranking of the entire game, thus messing with them isn't really a good idea. Maybe there will be a rebel faction that goes against the 3 superstates influences? o.o

    Top 10 players are the ones with control, and some of them are amongst the contracted gamers of the superstates
  8. Did you say dystopian VRMMO? That sounds awesome, and count me triple interested. Though, I'll just point out one thing: If America were to declare war on the entirety of the rest of the world, America would outnumber their opponents 3 to 1 in terms of fire power. Really, the way the other alliances would fight back would be by just throwing swarms of 3rd world citizens armed with weak weapons at them and overwhelming by numbers.
  9. If nobody else shows an initial interest in the next few days, should we start the RP off with us three? :smile: I wouldn't be surprised if more people express an interest later, but even if they don't, we've got enough people and awesome ideas to have an excellent time.
  10. SAO? did you just say SAO? Count me in..... This seems so cool!!!!
  11. I'm for it, I'll need time for my character.
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