Sword Art Online Role Play?

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Hello! I am searching for a Sword Art Online Role Play partner. I'm all caught up on both seasons.

Now before i explain my rules this is what i want from the role play and how i role play.

-Oc x Cannon Only! You role play your oc and my crush and I role play my oc and your crush, simple yes? That's it plain and simple. No doubles. you can have an extra oc but i won't rp any crushes for them. Also do not ask me can you do cannon x cannon or you don't know who your suppose to play. I just explain how and who your suppose to play. (sorry don't mean to sound like a bitch but iv already dealt with someone who said they read my rules but i could tell they didn't)

-Crushes are mandatory , i don't rp unless we both have a crush, so please do not send me a message asking can you rp without a crush , the answer will be no.

-Yes I'm aware their aren't a lot of male characters , my crush is Klein and that will not change. So if you don't want Kirito or you don't like any of the other male characters GxG is fine with me.


Anyways my rules.

- Descriptive only! So at least one paragraph and no i'm on my phone excuse!

- Oc's , If were rping an anime or a video game you can not use real pictures! They must be anime pics , sorry that's just something that bothers me. Also don't make your oc super depressing and they can't be perfect , they have to make since for what were rping , like if were rping Naruto , your oc can't be a vampire.

- I can't believe i have to make this a rule but. You will rp your oc and my oc crush and i will rp my oc and your oc crush. Its common since i'm sorry , so don't message me to rp something i clearly wrote out in my rules that i don't do.

-Please be polite okay! i can not tell you how many times iv snapped at people because they were being rude or were harassing me. Also i ask you do not criticize my oc's or my writing style . Now you can point things out and make suggestions but don't be an ass hole about it basically.

-Sorry no BxB I'm not the best at writing it , i'm Bi so i have no problem with it , besides those 2 fandom i'm just really bad at writing it i'm sorry!

- I'm not very comfortable writing Smut! I'll try but don't demand i write it!

My Limits!
No Rape , No Abusive Relationship Of Any Kind , No Cutting Or Self Harm , No Suicide , No Kinks , No Furry , No Pedophilia

Anyways please just send me a email if your interested , i check my email more.
[email protected]
- I'm not very comfortable writing Smut! I'll try but don't demand i write it!

Just a friendly bit of information for you on smut or rps with sex scenes. Make sure to keep in mind that sex scenes with detail written in any section outside of the libertine sections should be spoiler tagged and given a content warning, as mentioned here. And any roleplays you intend to write smut in should be started in the libertine section.

Good luck finding the roleplay you're looking for! :D
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