Sword Art Online - Between Two Worlds

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  1. It's November 6th, 2022 and Sword Art Online has finally been released to the masses. A fantastical virtual reality MMORPG set in the universe of Aincrad, a floating steel castle high up in the heavens. All of the players are swordsmen and swordswomen with one shared goal: Fight and ascend to the 100th floor of the castle and defeat the boss waiting for them. Players can join each other in guilds or, for those who take their relationships more personally, in in-game marriages as they grow together and grow towards victory.

    For the two of us, classmates in the same school who both have wanted to try VRMMORPGs for the first time, join in on the hype and buy a copy, complete with the NerveGear headsets. Little do we know of the future ahead of us that Sword Art Online's creator has for us. How far will we go together? Will we survive until the end of the game? Do we die with a sword to the heart?


    For this RP, we begin from around the time of the beginning of the "SAO Incident." Let's also present some original characters that will meet either in the starting city or just outside after Kayaba's announcement. Maybe someone will be interested? I dunno. We can get straight to the smut or build up some tension, that's on an individual basis. Feel free to drop me a PM or reply in this thread if you're into this!
  2. I'm Interested in doing this
  3. I'm interested
  4. Very interested.
  5. This could be fun, im interested