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  1. Hello out there everyone I know that this type of group thread has been done to death, but I would still like to try it. Mostly because I have never done one before. I would love to get a group together and discuss this further.
  2. I might be interested.
  3. Maybe make it more unique than other cases, such as allowing the tale to initiate in ALO.

    Maybe it's just me being a magic person.
  4. Hmm I dunno. I found the SAO game more interesting than ALO, though that's also personal taste talking. I've often thought of an AU SAO where we actually have to make it to the last level to keep our lives
  5. Well, I think it's best if we kept the hundred floor system, if that is the primary part of what makes it more interesting.
  6. I agree ^^
  7. Alright. So we will start off in the ALO universe once we get this off the ground. I know this may make things complicated but how about using the dice feature in the roleplay for when we want to attack to see if it's a hit or miss and how much damage it does?
  8. If you're thinking of a Roleplay Group, Dices won't work
    Regular Roleplay in a forum, it will work.
  9. Oh yeah. I can see advantages and disadvantages to both. I think we could probably do this in a forum thread and I can provide a link here to post OOC and a different link for character sheets.
  10. Roleplay Groups allow us to organise posts based on seperate rooms, towns, etc.

    If you believe it'll be big, go for Roleplay Groups.
  11. Yeah that's what I was thinking as soon as I posted that. I'll hope people don't god mod and realize that they're attacks may miss. Besides I'll take control of the bosses. When they die I'll have a rare item drop along with regular items and people will have to decide what they get. I guess we would also need to decide what skills are in this one.
  12. If we're going with ALO, I might have to drop out from this. I'm not to big on elves and wings to be honest. Best of luck though.
  13. ok fair enough. How about a compromise. We drop the elf and wings, but we keep the magic abilities involved for those who wish to have them and we allow players to come from different territories. That way we have a little of both worlds involved.
  14. Glorious-sounding to me. At the end we're climbing the same tower anyways.
  15. Thanks. Now we need to settle on the skills and leveling system. I've been working some skills, but I would love to hear some input
  16. Since we can't have the Fairy Races, why not include their racial benefits(underwater breath, enhanced treasure discovery, etc) on the tree?
  17. i'm interested. is there a skill mastery system like in SAO where you can level up certain skills to the point where you mastered it?
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