Sword Art Online AU RP? Would you want too?

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  1. I been thinking I need to do some sort of group RP on here, I am in a few 1x1s but I think I should expand from that. So I been wanting to start up maybe a SAO RP, held in an AU. If you don't know what AU means, its Alternate universe, meaning no canons, no Kirito, no Asuna, no Agil or Klien. Not even the same game master.

    Would anyone be interested in that? Here, I'll get into a little more detail.
    SAO was a super great base for an anime but I feel they failed to bring a plotline epic enough for the epic scope of the world they created. I want to start a SAO RP that has an actual plotline, determined by the players, and actual reason behind whats going on.
    I'd include unique skills gained by certain players, even a loose leveling system, make it feel like the game its supposed to be, while being fun to toy with the grand scale of the world. We will assume the original storyline of what happened is gone, and re-write what happens, starting at a point and continuing with periodic time skips/floor gains along with what happens in RP.

    If I get enough feedback and think some people will join, I think I will make one. It'd be my first group RP here.

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  2. Isn't a good start, 3 and a half hours and only 2 views besides myself, and zero replies....
  3. I would actually be happy to be a part of an SAO rp! And I'm sure I have a friend who would love to join!
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  4. Well guess what, I already went ahead and created a group for the roleplay, and it just officially opened like 10 minutes ago. Click the link in my signature--and send it to your buddy. : D
  5. Oh my gosh, Kokie! I'm glad you found this! Jacobi, I'd totally be open to this idea!
  6. Click the link in the signature if you already haven't haha. Get signed up. With the both of you, totally just doubled our members...haha now lets keep doubling the members and get this going.
  7. OmgOmgOmg,I have been waiting for someone to start a SAO RP.I was actually just about to post an interest check and start one of my own because I couldn't wait any longer but then I saw this.It's like a hole in heaven opened up and shone down on me,calling me over to join in.Just...kyaa~

    I will lurv you forever if you start this~~~ />//3//<)/
  8. I already did! Check out the link in my signature, "Battle of Aincrad" its an actual group. Just officially opened earlier. : D
  9. oAo) . . .

    YAY~~~~ *insta-joins* whee~
    ...it'll take me a while to make a form tho since I've never joined a group before and I'm still not sure of stuff like that and...ah,I'll figure it out xD
  10. A SAO Rp? I'M IN!
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  11. I'll give this a try, though will it just be random or an actual plot? Cuz I am always in if there is a plot!..

    Edit: Although I am positive that I would join this. Just want to get some more details.
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  12. I REALLY wish people would STOP posting here. This is old. This is before the RP is made.

    @Akashi Its already made, as I've had to repeat myself about 5 times now on this thread.
    Click here

    Alllll the info you will ever need it there : D
  13. Maybe not 5 times but I did say its already done and opened hahaha.
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