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In the year 2022, virtual reality has progressed by leaps and bounds, and a massive online roleplaying game named Sword Art Online (SA0) is launched. With the aid of "NerveGear" technology, players can control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts. Our characters are among the lucky few enthusiasts who get their hands on the first shipment of the game. They log in to find themselves, with ten-thousand others, in the scenic and elaborate world of Aincrad, one full of fantastic medieval weapons and gruesome monsters. However, in a cruel turn of events, the players soon realize they cannot log out; the game's creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

To make matter's worse if a player dies inside the game, they die in real life. The two teens must learn to adapt to their new realities, fight for their survival, and hopefully break free from their virtual hell.

Hello! Female switch here seeking a longterm male partner for an advanced literate Sword Art Online roleplay. The RP will take place four months after the game's initial launch. The roleplay will follow two people (our OCs) who live separate lives and then meet inside of the game, where they later decide to team up and take on the world of Aincrad and its many dangers. I'm a sucker for development and at one point would love if a romance developed between our two characters, but let's not be hasty! If there is anything you think needs more clarifying or any questions that haven't already been answered in my thread, feel free to message me! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Hope to hear from plenty of you soon!SAO-fanart-sword-art-online-rp-land-37675420-1920-1080.jpg