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The Kingdom of Osteria lies broken. The sudden death of King Roderick the Second has broken the country. With no heir of age, the former chancilor tries to keep the country stable via the military the nobility is looking to break away, some even going so far as to wage war against the king's men in the name of sucession. To addition of the rising thoughts of sedition, the monsters in the wilds have began to raid civilized lands with an increasing frequency. Despite all of this the normal man strives to survive as he has.

Now in the city of Winderholm, a group of friends has grouped together to gain both fame and fortune...

As the title suggests, this is meant to be your sterotypical fantasy game.

The game it's self is meant to resemble that of something like a Dungeons and Dragons game with each player playing a character who brings a specific skill set to the group. Like wise while it is not a pen and paper math based game, characters should reflect some level of power. In this case they should be novice adventures, those that you would make as level 1 characters in Dungeons and Dragons.

The character sheet is located in the spoilers. It's just the basic "mini" character sheet that the staff made up with the addition of an equipment entry.

Character Name:
General Appearance:
Owned Gear:
Magic Known:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

So... anyone interested?
Its sound interesting
hold me for a dark mage(attack mage in other words)
Good to hear.

Made an edit to the orignal post and again to the character sheet to add in an entry for magic. Didn't think about that when I grabbed that list up. Just when you post a spell name, please give a description for it.

I'll get an explantion for Magic up later and how it works. I don't want to grab the standard "Black and White" system that Final Fantasy has though the "Arcane and Divine" differantial has me going closer to D&D then I would perfer.
allright, ill get my charachter ready by 2maro
Hmmmmm... well, I like the sound of this :)
Would my character (I'm planning on a thief) be allowed a small pet? He helps her with the "liberation" of people's belongings XD.
I have no issue with it. I'd be more worried about a character with a gesalt pet right now then one that helps the character with their job.
Yussss :] Character sheet:
Character Name: Xora Night (not her real last name, she just made it up)
Age: 20
General Appearance:
Dirty light brown hair that's straight and touches her shoulders. Her fringe falls in her eyes a lot. She wears the typical thief outfit (think Garrett in the Thief game series) and she has a small frame. Her eyes are kind of weird as one if cyan and the other is green.
Owned Gear:
Thief's garbs as explained above which is a dark grey colour. Cloak, gloves. A belt with two daggers, lockpicks and a pouch with herbs. Otherwise she carries a small bag in which she puts her bigger stash, the rest is hidden in her various pockets. I guess you could also call her small pet, Twit (something that looks like a gecko-bat mix: gecko body and eyes, bat wings and ears) a part of her gear too as he helps her to do her thieving.
Magic Known: One would call it Thief Magic, such as a very handy ability to fit more into her bags and pockets than would be though possible (obviously only to a certain point). She can also make herself completely silent when she's in shadows/the dark and is then capable of cat-like reflexes and speed. In light though, she has to rely on her own abilities.
Current Goal/Purpose: To become the best thief known to anyone. Also find out where her parents are and why she's able to do what she does with her magic.
General Personality: She can be very suave when she wants something and is also very paranoid. When things get serious she'll be focused but her playful nature still pops up even then.
General History: Her parents died when she was about 6 years old, but luckily they had been working at the local inn so the owner took care of her as best he could (which was to give her food and a place to sleep in exchange for whatever she could pick out of the customers' pockets). About a year later the inn burned down and she set out to make her own fortune, learning what she could from staying in the slum areas of towns and cities. Being female, she had to either hide her gender or just keep to herself even among other thieves. Never staying long in one place, she traveled a lot and had ended up in Winderholm.

She tried robbing a black mage (Ed's character - what's his name??) but it failed. Instead of killing her she offered to repay him by providing him with her thieving services. He accepted and through a course of two years they became friends of sorts and she now lives with him in his forest hut's attic. Whenever he goes out on expiditions or travels she will go with and be his companion as she loves traveling as well.
I call swordmage. Fighter and black mage mixed together. Yep, its fun.
Character looks good. Yes the characters are well acquainted. Only thing I am not sure on is how long was she staying at the inn? One one hand you have it sound like she lived there most of her life where as the next sentence makes it seem like she has only lived there for a year.
Character Name:
Gender: male
Job/Role: Black mage
Age: 35
General Appearance: Tall but most of his legth is within his legs. He has some scars around his neck from a battle he was once in. His hair is put back like as if it was going into a pony tail and it is a black color with hints of silver into it.
Owned Gear: He wears rag clothing but under his rags is equipment to help him out during spells. The olny thing that is not raged is his hood that covers allmost alll of his face.
Magic Known: Attack spells and spells that help support the team with there attacks. distraction spells.
Current Goal/Purpose: He wishes to become a famous wizzard known to man and what ever creature that is known for there magical abilitys. He allso dosnt mind if he becomes infamous becase people will fear under the mention of his name.
General Personality: He is the quite type, none to much to put his 2 cents in unless it is needed. He is not wise becuase when a challange arises he would be the first to try to attack. He secretly longs to be noticed.
General History: As a young boy his father taught him basic white and black magic spells. One day his parent where attacked and burtaly mudderd, The same killers tryed to slit his neck open with a blade untill the boy called out a dark spell that casuses instant dead within a mile. He could not speak untill his wound is healled wich cuased him to never speak on the fear of feeling pain. he grew up learning spells by stealing them or luckly finding them in abbandon homes. He soon made a living by hunting down ceretures and criminals and tresure hunting
Character looks good. Yes the characters are well acquainted. Only thing I am not sure on is how long was she staying at the inn? One one hand you have it sound like she lived there most of her life where as the next sentence makes it seem like she has only lived there for a year.

At the inn it was for a year, yes. I'm thinking her parents died when she was about 6 (since something like 3 years old would be way too young for anyone to survive on their own). To tell the truth I made this up on the fly, but if need be I can add some more details if you like?
Gekko: I'd say only a bit more to be added for the sake of clarification.

Ed: How much magic does he know? I imagine he would have to be a good thief or more then a little lucky to gain a decent ammoung of magic with the manner of which he learned it. Also how does he draw on his magic? One would think that it would have some sort of vocal component but perhaps he has found a work around. It would be helpful for me to know how he casts in this cast, whether it is the only time he speaks or if he has found some substitute for words, etc.

For both of you I would start talking if you havn't already about how you two would have become friends, especially with one character being 15 years older then the other. It doesn't need to be added to the character sheets, but it is something that would no doubt come out in game.
Changes made, mon Capitan...
Hmm, she could be his little helper for getting some "unobtainable" ingredients and such. Like those locked tight in chests in those big and dusty libraries found in the higher-ups' homes, bwahahahaha. This would be as payment as she had tried to (unsuccessfully) steal from him at an earlier stage?
He knows a good amout becuase while he was young he would read spells and try to memorise it, Hes generaly a lucky man, His basic spells are verberal(Fire ball, lightning bolt) but the stonger ones are either from helping items(books, talaments, gems-he dosent have most of thses becuase how low level mage he is), and last his power full are used by verbal and drawing(blizzard, fire storm, etc.)

gekko: im likeing the idea you came up with, plus your character can still have her pet
Awesome :)
So we'll have it that they've been traveling together for a while - how long? A year, two?
I've got a paladin kicking around in my head, if that's okay. :)
make it two :) and lets meaage each other about little detales

Look, a paladin.
Tell me if it sucks.

Ronan Déiseach (Déiseach is a title for a paladin of his faith, meaning 'Vessel')
Race: Lesser Aasimar
Age: Fifty. Appears Twenty.
Job/Role: Paladin of the Unspoken
Appearance: A tall, handsome young man, broadly built with light blonde hair down to his chest. His looks are quite classically handsome, with bow lips and a strong jawline - though his tall, strong build seems out of place for a priest, it makes sense for a paladin. He has tawny, somewhat yellow eyes, and they appear to be the only thing that hints to his supernatural nature. He wears golden armor covered in runes and wrapped in pieces of paper covered in prayers.
Aura of Good
Aura of Courage
Detect Evil
Lay on Hands (Healing)
Divine Health (Immune to Diseases)
Smite Evil
Call Paladin Mount
Items Owned:
Gwaingalonn: Blessed Longsword, Bane of Demons, The Blade of Whitewall
Blessed Full-Plate Armour
Trugar: Paladin Mount - a dark greyheavy warhorse, with golden and brown leather barding.
Personality: Originally, Ronan was quite light-hearted and easy going, and that element still shows in his personality from time to time. These days, he's much more pragmatic, and though he tends towards cheer, he tends to get easily bitter and cynical when faced with setbacks. He's fiercely devoted to his goal of destroying Kazai, and his desire to kill him seems to be his only interest. He is primarily motivated by revenge, so anger is a large part of his personality though it rarely manifests on the surface. He tended to be affable, and eager to accept help from all sources in order to achieve his goal, but since his first death, and the failure on his part to destroy the demon, he has become largely bitter, but still obsessive on getting what he loves back.
Current Goal: Restore his kingdom. Revitalize his faith. Save his beloved.
General History: The small nation of Whitewall, a tribal village in a northern, far away continent. The nation of Whitewall was so called, due to a large white wall that ran around the edges of the countryside. All these lines of the wall led to the central temple, the temple and tombs of the Unspoken. The Unspoken being the strange, shadowy spirits of heroes and champions as well as the powerful casters from by-gone eras, who cared so much for the greater good, that they gave up their identities and and their names to assimilate into a single being of guidance and support for upcoming heroes and princes.

When a new king was crowned in the town of Whitewall - he went to the temple, as all newly crowned kings did, to ask advice from the temple. The newly crowned king asked for advice from the head Priestess - who gave him rather vague advice and mumbling about a prophecy, saying that the son of his and hers would lead to a Déiseach - a vessel for harbouring the soul and spirit of the Unspoken's being. This would come about, she said, because she herself was an embodiment of the Unspoken, as the chief priestess she encompassed them as their mortal face. The newly crowned king, drugged up with wine and the herbs of clarity given to those ceremoniously before they entered the Unnamed Temple - in his haze and lack of clarity he managed to impregnate the priestess, which, she figured, fit into the divine plan of the Unspoken.

She bore a child who she gave the name Déiseach - though as the child grew, he began to be refereed to a Ronan - a word that in the old tongue that meant 'Prince'. The fact that he was the illegitimate son of the king was not hidden, and the king, though he didn't claim his as an heir, frequently visited his son. Ronan was rather different from his other sons, in that he was far fairer. It was because he was in-fact a different race entirely, due to his mother having been possessed by a good aligned creature, The Unspoken themself. Ronan grew up in relative safety and security. He managed to find a companion, a child who was being raised to be a scholar and being taught by the priests and priestesses of the Unspoken. The child's name was Finn, and Ronan grew to be quite fond of the young pupil. He knew very little about Finn, where the child came from, or who the parents were, or even the gender of Finn. He did know, however, that he loved the younger child with all his heart and wanted to protect him/her.

Several years later, the capital of Whitewall was under siege by a legion of demons, dispatched by a Balor. The balor had not made its appearance yet, but Ronan and his companion Finn were sent to the city, in order to try to contain the chaos with divine magic. Ronan had both military and religious training, from his father's heritage and his mother's, and took on the hordes in melee range - while Finn stayed to the back, casting spells to demoralize and weaken the enemy. Ronan was old enough that he had been chanrged with the defense of Whitewall - the king's heirs were too young for battle, or too unfit. The bastard was the oldest, and at least until the king's other children were of a more reasonable age, Ronan would act as a defender of the realm - a position that he took very seriously. The battle was going poorly, and Ronan got knocked off his horse by a horde of the extra-planar entities. Finn, fearing for his/her friend's life, began to cast a spell that would turn himself/herself into something more powerful in combat and that would help him defend himself.

Something went wrong though. S/he had studied dark magic in addition to good, being a scholar of sorts, and thought that s/he could control it without letting it control him/her. Unfortunately, Finn's will wasn't strong enough and the spell that was supposed to turn him into a large and more powerful bear slipped out of his grasp and he changed into something else entirely - a powerful beast that looked like it had the farspawn taint, and indiscriminately killed men of Whitewall and demons alike. It was a horrid mass of tentacles and folds of tissues - dotted with too many eyes and mouths. The head of Finn peered out from one of these folds, looking comatose, obviously not in control of this beast, just a pawn of it.

Ronan stirred from where he had fallen, to see the creature on the horizon, and quickly asked one of the infantry what had happened. They explained it to him, and Ronan looked upon the creature with new eyes. He wondered how Finn could have been so foolish to think that he control dark magic - though he had a suspicion that events weren't quite as they seemed. The Arch-demon hadn't shown his face yet, though Ronan knew he was there, he could sense his cruelty and his malice. He came to the conclusion that the demon might have corrupted Finn. Finn would be a good target - s/he was beautiful, well established in the community, and a competent spell caster. The infantry man refered to the beast that Finn had become t as "The Horror", and Ronan knew what he must do. He picked up a sword from the ground, not caring to notice what sort of sword it was, and charged up to the thing that had been his friend - the events that followed became the subject of a song.

Broken battlements and wrecked walls
Where worship of the Horror once embraced.
The last men of the Wall do recall
Upon stained and bloodied hollow gates
The Men of the Wall gave it their all
With wild eyes, and a broken gaze
Until one by one they fall.
Does the Horror still remain?

The Men of the Wall did retreat
Thinking that there was no escape.
But a Hero did come out to meet
And did slash the Horror's nape.
And he stood with breath sweet
and his lips teeth mouth agape
Has the Horror met defeat?

The Hero saw the falling of the head
When the beast lay amongst the gore
When the dread Horror bled
Their loving eyes did meet once more
And only then was the Horror dead.
The Hero cried out "Please No More!"
Does the Horror bleed out red?

The Horror never said a true word
but the final chill makes one honest
The Horror's only truth in the world;
"I loved you the longest."
The Hero's hands were red with guilt
His heart hung heavy and low
He and the Horror, the life they built
Buried deep under early snow.

Per Request, there is no more.

Suffice to say, Ronan got lucky and managed to slay the beast. Finn reverted to his/her true shape with his death, and Ronan held his/her body for some time, but the sense of evil on it was still strong. The demon was still there. The demon Kazai was still in his body. Ronan wasn't sure why - maybe he liked the comfort of it, or found it well suited to its evil purpose. Ronan grabbed his sword and stuck it through Finn's chest, in a deseperate effort to rid his friend and lover's body of what ailed it in death. Kazai retaliated with a combination of magic and using the body of the mortal to strangle the paladin. The young man tried to escape, crawling on the ground to get away - his woud from being thrown by his horse was still nagging at him, and that wound combined with the efforts of Kazai was enough to rend Ronan unconscious and half dead.

The majority of Whitewall died that day. The King and his heirs had been watching the battle from the tall tower of Whitewall, and they fled when they saw the army get flattened, fleeing into the deep north where there was more magic than men. They informed the Northern Sisterhood of the Unspoken - the largest order devoted to the Unpoken in the world - of what troubles befell them, and pleaded for them to help recover their dead and give them a proper funeral. The Sisters agreed, and went with the King to collect the corpses. One of them was Ronan. The King ran to collect his bastard son, who still lied next to his friend. He stirred in the arms of his father, and the King shouted for the Sisters. He was alive, but barely. Any delay would result in the young paladin's death.

He was taken away by the sisters, who nurtured him and nursed him back to health. When he was well enough, he demanded to know what had happened - his memory was fuzzy at best. The last thing he remembered was slamming his sword into Finn's chest when he figured out that he was possessed. He begged to hear what had happened to Whitewall, and what had happened to his mother and the beautiful temple of the Unspoken where he had grown up. Burned, was the answer. Burned and obliterated. The sword that he had picked up on the battlefield was presented to him. It had been given a name - Gwaingalonn, which in the Old Language of the Unspoken meant 'Lost Soul'. Ronan accepted it, and swore an oath that he would avenge his mother, his friend, and his homeland. The Sisters blessed Gwaingalonn and promised the bastard that his sword would serve him well, and protect him from the evils of the world.

With that, he left the Sisterhood of the Unspoken, vowing to return when he had killed the demon and avenged his family. He moved south, going back the back roads, seeing traces of the demonic horde wherever he went and he was consumed by hatred for the beast, and a desire to put the universe right again by killing him. He understood that revenge was not a proper motivation for a man who was effectively the face of the Unspoken on the prime material - so he kept it hidden. As he traveled, he heard that a group was banding together to fight the demon. He joined that group, and they pursued the demon and things that would help them destroy it. Ronan was consumed by his desire to kill the creature.

But when they got to the final battle, they simply weren't strong enough to kill the demon, without taking themselves with it. All the heroes gave a noble sacrifice to bind away the demon creature forever. Ronan ascended to the Land of his Ancestors - where the Unspoken finally were able to see what their chosen champion had become. He demanded to know where Finn was nearly immediately, S/he had the same faith as he, and should have ended up here. The Unspoken said that s/he was trapped within hell, hidden under the binding that the heroes had given their life to create. He raged and wailed, wondering what would become of his love in that desolate place with nothing but the demon for company. He shouted out that he would search for a way to save Finn if it was the last thing he ever did. The Unspoken said that wasn't possible. He didn't agree. He began to will himself back to life, using the power of The Unspoken that resided within him. He finally awoke to consciousness, being drug away by grave diggers.

He wandered the world, becoming more and more aggravated and distraught as the years went by. There was a period of ten years where he did nothing but grieve, another ten years where he tried to start a new life. But mostly, he searched. He searched for anyway to bring Finn back to life, and continues to search til this day, trying to get in everybody's good graces so that they will aid him...
Added the history bit of how Xora met Ed's character... will that be fine?