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    I'm here today to tell you about the great lord Cthulhu try and recruit new members for a particular community I'm affiliated with.

    I can pretty much describe the place in three words: small, calm, and friendly. But lets get to the details, shall we?

    The site has gone through various name changes, which you may or may not recognize: MWC, Twiiny, TeenRPG, and presently Swizeo. The layout is attractive and basic, making it easy for new members to find their way around, and for the most part the people there are extremely helpful/nice. You shouldn't feel like an outsider for long- honestly, I'd say the community is the best part. Which is kind of weird, since this is the internet and all.

    Swizeo caters to all genres, levels, and styles of roleplaying, obviously organized into separate boards for the sake of neatness. The Shoutbox appears at the top of each page (though can be minimized if you're not a fan), making conversations with other members easy...and the conversations are quite something.

    On the main page there's also a Recent Topic directory, which automatically refreshes every few minutes. You can chat with members while keeping an eye on your roleplays.

    Aside from the standard features of any forum, Swizeo also has Gallery and Fanfiction functions for artists, photographers, and writers.

    There's sometimes site-wide events going on; big group roleplays, contests, D&D campaigns, stuff like that. These have lessened as of late due to the fact that about 30 out of 7000 members actually log on every day. However, this doesn't mean we're a bunch of slackers...we have a total post count of 1.2 million!

    Ah, I'm not a very enthusiastic advertiser...but you should come check Swizeo out anyways~

    Always nice to have new, interesting faces around.


    edit; ooh, almost forgot. I advertised for Iwaku on Swizeo.
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