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  1. Name: Conner Pyatt
    Age: 24

    Personality: Conner is filled with energy, though he doesn't always channel it into the best outlets (fighting, flirting, exercising, etc.) Because of this he had the tendency to rise up to challenges, to try and prove people wrong, shut people up. It was easy to do when he had the physique to back it up, knock any guy of any size down. Now.. not so much. He used to be arrogant, if not quite selfish. After the accident, however, he's become bitter towards people, still rude and easily irritated though, but a part of him hopes that if he still works out, keeps his old habits, that everything will return to normal, as it should.

    Bio: Conner grew up in the city. He loves the busy life, the night life. His parents did too. They loved him, but he wasn't exactly a child they planned for. They taught him to take care of himself (that's how he's lived his whole life, that's how he intends to keep living), but as soon as he could live on his own, well... that was it. His parents took off and he was on his own. He keeps minimal contact with them, they ran off to be together, and for the most part he understands. Since then, he had been living his life, flirting, hooking up, drinking, picking fights, doing whatever he wants, and most importantly, dominating, the night life. After his accident, he was changed in many ways. First of all, most of his muscles deteriorated from lack of use, he was thinner due to being fed for so long through an I.V., his stomach can no longer hold as much alcohol, and he's even shorter ((OOC: let's just say that it's totally plausible in this RP xD )) because his bones had to heal from his injuries and regrow the parts of bones that were shattered completely in the accident. Currently, he is a chef at a restaurant (a hobby he had as he grew up and had to learn to cook his own meals), it really was the only thing that remained steady in his life.

    Appearance: Before the accident --

    After the accident --