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  1. It had been a picture perfect day when Phoebe met him. Him with his golden locks and beautiful eyes to match. Him with his taunting smirk and jokes that could make her laugh when she wanted to cry. They had came together like something out of a fantasy. He had stumbled into her life like a knight in shining armor, saving the day just like in a story.

    So where was her happily ever after? Where was her castle and crown?

    When did her fairy tale turn into a horror story?
    o o

    It was officially the worst day ever. Nothing could even start to make it better. The brunette huffed as she stared down at the mess in front of her. Her cheeks burned red and her hair covered her face as she tried not to look at the shocked customers.

    She had been carrying two of the cupcake trays to the display case when disaster struck in the form of one tiny little boy. Conveniently, he had been running over to his mom who was seated at the bistro tables littering the shop. Gravity took it course and the two dozen cupcakes went flying.

    'Take the cupcakes out before closing.' her boss had said. 'It'll be fine.' she said. Yea right. With her luck, the whole day would be bad after this. Phoebe sighed before taking a deep breath. Nothing would be accomplished if she got mad. It would only make it worse.

    With that in mind, she set to cleaning up the fallen little cupcakes.
  2. Gabriel was always around the shop but never went inside. He smiles as he was walking in today to see what kind of sweets they had and saw a girl and some fallen cupcakes. He couldn't help but smile and went over and helped pick up four of them.

    "Here sorry about all the mess it seemed to have made" the tall young man with golden brown hair and deep brown eyes said. A smile on his face and eyes flashing slightly watching her. He smiles as his invisible wings glow gently in the shop but kept the wings from knocking anything else over. He helped her clean up the mess and got the floor cleaned up rather nicely.

    "So does it always happen the spilling of cupcakes ?" He jokes smiling eyes kind and loving.
  3. Phoebe jumped as a second hand joined hers in picking up the cupcakes. When she looked up, her blue eyes met the most intense gold eyes she had ever seen before. They matched his golden locks and the smirk that adorned his face.

    "No, sorry about the mess," a blush found the way to her face as she spoke. What a great way to meet a guy. Cleaning up cupcakes her clumsy self had dropped. "You don't have to help. I was the one that dropped them." She smiled as she pushed her glasses back up. "Plus my manager would kill me if she saw a customer cleaning."
  4. "No I like to help others no problems" said painlessly and eyes smiling gently eyes happy and smiles gently. He held out a hand "my name is Gabriel" he smiles peacefully eyes closed gently.

    Four males walked in with hand guns and yelled sharply "everyone on the floor ! NOW" one male yelled and people dropped to the floor in fear but Gabriel who stood there raising eyebrow.

    "Excuse me sir but your not the boss of everyone around here" Gabriel said peacefully but the male eyes narrowed gun pointed at Gabriel chest sharply.

    "I said down now stupid mutt" he snapped "or I'll shoot someone" said darkly eyes narrowed pointing the gun at the girl Gabriel had just met. Gabriel blinked gently and grabbed a mop handle and lashed out hitting the man in the face harshly making him fall over and broke his arm Gabriel turned to the other boys aiming at him.

    Gabriel rushed them and dodged two bullets and hit them with the mop across the face and flipped them over. Taking a gun and aimed it at them "now you stay there and don't move" said harshly eyes narrowed gently.

    The guys stayed on the ground till the police came and took the man away "just doing my job" Gabriel shrugged gently and went to the girl and smiles "are you alright ? " he asked gently
  5. She stood frozen at the act of bravery she had just saw. It was over so quick, nothing like in the movies. "I'm....I'm okay," a breath of shaky air escaped her. "How did you do that?"
  6. "How I do what?" He asked confused not know he had dodged two bullets was something people didn't do.
  7. Phoebe gaped at the man in front of her. "Y-you just dodged bullets!" She tilted her head, blinking her blue eyes. "D-didn't you?"
  8. the archangel cocked his head to the side "dodge bullets ? I guess i did" he said unsure looking at her slowly "but your safe as well as everyone else so its all good"
  9. The girl was still in awe of what he had did, but left the subject alone till later. "Yes, as long as everyone else is okay. That was so sudden though...." She trailed off before giving a large smile. "My name is Phoebe."
  10. "Very nice to meet you. So think I could have couple cupcakes ?" He asked scratching the back of his head pulling out some money for it
  11. "Nothing like cupcakes after a good robbery," Phoebe teased, making her way behind the counter. This man was strange. While all the other customer had ran the minute that the robbers had been took away, he had stayed behind for the cupcakes he had come for. "I'll probably need to call the manager and let her know what happened later," pulling a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing out, the girl looked up at Gabriel, "Here you go. On the house," She smiled shyly as she looked in the sharp golden eyes.
  12. Gabriel smiles taking it like it would break if he picked it up any other way "it's amazing such great craftsman ship with the frosting" he said happily jumping slightly in place happily and looked at her "oh thank you so much" he said happily bouncing around happily.
  13. She smiled at the flattery. "Thanks! Boss always has me do the frosting. And it's not a problem. You did saw me after all." Pushing her glasses up from where they had fallen when she bent down, she brushed her hands on the apron. "I'm about to close up shop though, so eat fast."
  14. Gabriel ate his cupcake happily bouncing gently "amazing as well I love it. Your skilled with frosting then" he smiled as he bowed slightly "do you need a ride back ?"
  15. She was shocked by the offer, but quickly recovered. There was no way she was going to pass up the chance to talk with him some more."Um... well my apartment is only a block or two away from the shop. Maybe you could walk me?" She smiled before pulling out her phone. "I just need to call my boss first."
  16. "Alright that's fine" he smiles peacefully leaning on the wall smiling and waited his eyes closed
  17. After shortly calling her boss and letting her know of what happened, she got changed into her normal clothes. They consisted of a simple tee shirt, high-waisted skirt, and ballet flats. "Okay," she called walking into the main part of the shop, "Let's go."
  18. Gabriel nodded eyes opened walking after her.smiling. he looked around "so how long you lived here for?" He asked looking at her
  19. She thought back to her parents and the town she had lived at before. As unpleasant memories filled her head, Phoebe quickly shook them out. There was no use dwelling on the past. "I've lived here since college and now since I'm 27, I would say about 8 years." She looked around at the city-scape around her. "It's a wonderful city. Much bigger than my childhood home. Do you live here?"
  20. "I don't live in the city. I live outside the city in a ranch like place" he smiles gently looking around slowly
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