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  1. [inspired by the Dengeki Daisy manga]

    The car accident was all over the news when it happened. The family of four had been drove off the road on a sharp turn by a couple of teens joy riding. The teens had been fine but the family, however, were not. The mother and father died instantly but the son and daughter made it to the hospital. Kat, the daughter, was let out after a few days with minor injuries but the son, Robert, wasn't so lucky and he only lasted a few weeks but it was in those weeks that Robert gave Kat the Phone.

    Robert had explained to 18 year old kat that there was a number on the phone with no name. This was a number connected to someone that she could talk to, that would be there for if she needed someone and if she ever needed help. Kat had been sceptical at first but how was she to turn away her big brothers last gift?

    Now it was a year later and kat was 19. The teen was living in a small apartment, thanks to her parents life insurance and the inheritance, and talking to no name was a part of her daily routine but then, so was the snide comments at college.

    Kat sided as she brushed her brown curls before grabbing her bag and heading out of the door 'Good morning! How are you doing today? I'm doing good, life's really easy these day' she sent the normal text to no name with a smile and sighed, she never told no name about her hardships because she didn't want to worry him.
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  2. Todrick was getting ready, he looked down and smiled as he texted back 'are you sure? You know you can tell me anything.'
    To him, she was the most important part of his day, he had vowed to make sure she was okay, and so he did faithfully.

    He laid down his phone and continued getting dressed.
    He didn't have much hair to work with, so he just laughed as he brushed his fingers over his head.

    He grabbed his bag and phone and left to go on his way.
    It was the first day of his new job, and he was very excited.
  3. Kat smiled softly at the reply 'I know and I'm really grateful you're here for me but I'm doing good' she sent back, she didn't want to worry him by telling him about the silly little problems she had so she left them out.

    The teen sighed again and got on to her motor bike, heading to her college for another fun day of lechers where she's just sit there and get droned at by some old guy that actually has not even the slightest clue about what it's like to be out working in then industry.

    Kat pulled up and parked, ignoring the looks she got as she pulled her back pack on and headed in to the lecher hall. She headed right for the back in the corner where she normally sat so she wouldn't get asked anything by the teacher
  4. Todrick sighed at the reply and shook his head.
    He opened a reply and wrote back 'No, I mean it, anything. You know that right? No matter how small or big it is, I will take care of you.'
    He put his phone in his pocket and rushed into the building.

    The headteacher walked out and looked at him "Mr. Hudson I presume? Follow me, I'll lead you to your class."
    Todrick followed and looked around "Are you sure I'm ready to do this?"
    He smiled and nodded
    "if anyone can handle this, you can. I have seen the way you were in other classes, and we really need someone like you."

    As they arrived at the classroom, todrick took a deep breathe and stepped in "good morning, my name is Mr. T. Hudson, I will be teaching you art. Before we start, one by one, introduce yourselves. Starting in the back corner."
  5. Kat smiled at the reply and wished for a moment she knew who the hell she was talking to! But that went out of her mind as the stupid headmaster walked in with some new guy.
    The teen sighed dramatically and stood up as you had to when introducing yourself "Kat Holmes" she said with a straight face, ignoring the mutters about how she fit her name because she was as much of a freak as Sherlock Holmes was meant to be
  6. Todrick smiled "great, nice to meet you."
    For a moment he let the class introduce themselves before sitting on his desk.
    He looked around and nodded "alright, so are there any questions any of you have about me before we start this semester?"

    A guy raised his hand, Todrick pointed "yes, mr. Lockhart?"
    He sat forward and chuckled as he started "dude, are you even old enough to teach us? You look like you're 15."
    Todrick sighed at his remark as most of the class laughed "Yes, I am, I am 21. I might not be much older than you, but you'll be thankful it's me instead of an old guy."
    He opened a book and scraped his throat "alright, so if you open your book on page 3, you will see a paragraph about basic drawing and shading, I want you to read it and try to draw the examples, let's see who of you cam recapture the simplicity."
  7. Kat just rolled her eyes as she pulled out her sketch book to doodle and sketch as she tried to drown out the noises of all the girls swooning. Kat couldn't care less about the new guy, only that he was actually a good teacher and knew his stuff because the last teacher didn't have any idea how to send a bloody email and he was trying to teach an advanced computing class.

    One of the other, kiss ass girls put up her hand enthusiastically "have you got a girlfriend? I bet someone like you has just got them lining up" she flirted making Kat want to gag
  8. Todrick looked up a little shocked "I don't think that is any of your business, but no, I do not have a girlfriend."
    He walked up to the girl and tapped on her book "eyes on the lesson, ms. Rodriguez."

    Todrick started making a round through the class, seeing what progress they were making.
    So far so good, as he reached Kate he smiled "great work, you have some real talent ms. Holmes."
    He continued to walk and sat down at his desk.
    He noted some girls staring at him and clapped "eyes on the book, ladies."
  9. The girl grinned widely at his answer and went back to whispering to her friends.

    Kat rolled her eyes at the guys comment "I actually do my studying. If anyone else in this class did they'd be at the same level" she said bluntly, not looking up from her work as she spoke, one hand writing as the other hand clutched at the phone

    The girls that had been staring looking up at Kat and glared at her before they began to talk among themselves again
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  10. Todrick looked at the time and took his phone out of his pocket.
    He kept it under the desk and wrote 'I hope you have a good day in class, I'll be here whenever. Just to tell you something about my life, I start my new job today. Already going slightly crazy.'
    He had to keep his laugh in and sent the message before putting his phone back.

    He looked at the time and got up "alright, I think that's enough for the first lesson. Tomorrow, however, I would like you to bring in a copy of your favourite art and we will discuss why you like it, and what you see in it."
  11. Kat smiled when her phone went off and she only just managed to keep herself from giggling at the mesaga 'we've got a new teacher. He's pretty young and all then girls are falling over themselves butt as long as he knows what he's talking about I couldn't care less. It was weird though, I was the only one who he made a comment to' she replied the got uop and grabbed her stuff, ignoring the snide comments about being a teachers pet
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  12. Todrick took his phone out, his eyes widened at the reply.
    He had no idea that she was right there all this time.
    As he heard some comments, he got up "excuse me? Keep those thoughts to yourself, in this class the rule: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing. Counts more than anything."
    He walked closer "and if that warning isn't clear enough, I have all day, and detention is no problem."

    As the class ran empty, he replied 'really? What does he teach? He better be nice, anyway, are you sure you are okay? No problem with other students?' As he sent it he couldn't help but feel slightly stupid for not telling her, he wanted to, but he was supposed to stay anonymous.
  13. Kat was a little surprised when the teacher actually said something and she gave her a nod with a small smile 'yeah, he's nice enough. The class is advanced at and how technology effects it. I'm ok, really. No need to worry!' She sent it and ran hand through her hair before heading for the door
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  14. Todrick watched her for a moment, it really was her.
    She was the girl he had talked to for so long.
    He looked down and took out his phone 'that's good. I know you're lying by the way, but it's okay, I'll wait until you are ready to talk to me.'
    Another class came in and he started as he did before, getting to know the pupils and starting off easy.

    He spent most of the hour thinking, was he getting to close?
    Todrick was sure that he could keep it a secret, but one mistake and he could blow it all.
    He sighed and sat back, the bell went and the class was dismissed.

    Todrick decided that he was going to spend time in the lunchroom, the way students do as he had no interest in mingling with the other teachers.
  15. Kat blushed and hurried out of the room 'I must be a crappy liar if you can tell from just this. I am ok though. They're just silly kids that haven't grown up enough to know how to deal with their own problems' she replied and gave her new teacher a small smuilre and a nod before leaving the room "see ya. You're doing better than most teachers do with this class" she told him as she walked put the room
  16. The words Kat had said were running through his mind as he walked into the lunchroom.
    So many students, it was hard to think straight.
    He sat down and took out his phone 'are you getting bullied? If there's anything I can do, tell me, and I will.' He replied finally, making sure she wasn't around to see him.
  17. Kat went and sat in the far corner of the of the lunch room by the window with her pot noddle and red bull. The teen had her phone next to her as she read her favorites book, only pausing to reply to the text 'just stupid comments. I don't mind them, I know they're just being stupid or trying to seem cool so I don't take any notice. Thank you for caring though'
  18. As Todrick looked at his phone he couldn't help but feel worse and worse about the fact he was sitting right there.
    He replied with 'alright. I'm proud of you..'
    Nothing more, and nothing less, for the first time, he had no idea what to tell her.
  19. Kat smiled at the reply 'good. If you're proud of me than I know I've done the right thing. I'm glad my brother gave me this phone, I wouldn't know you otherwise' she didn't know how her brother found the person or how he got them to free to this but she was glad for ir
  20. He smiled and looked around, he spotted Kat, and noticed she had the same smile.
    Todrick replied 'what if I told you I am closer to you than you think?'
    before he could think twice, he pressed sent.
    he got up and returned to class slowly, waiting for a reply.
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