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  1. "Hello welcome to sweet maid master/mistress Would you like to play with us?" Sweet maid is a café, A maid café but We play with you in special ways such as your life! The maids and butlers at sweet maid will let you eat and have fun during that time but after wards if we get in to a fight or if one of you challenge us there will be a penalty for the loser that they decide before the game. As well as that the maids can make you work at sweet maid for all your life or kill you what ever they please. Once you do go to sweet maid there aren't many easy ways to get out
  2. This seems interesting could this be a jump in jump out sorta thing?
  3. Yep yep thas what I was hopeing for
  4. What kind of character sheet were you planning or were you not going to have any.
  5. (Picture)
    Maid or consumer:
    Short backstory:
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  6. Is anyone going else going to join? We could make this a one x one if not. I don't plan on staying that long just popping in and out.
  7. Yea I think Brittney'comeing too
  8. Well, I'm a nice person. I'll join your roleplay Natarie!
  9. I do think, however, that it should not be a very big roleplay. Perhaps PM's between the three of us if we are the only ones?
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Kara Angel Blackwing
    Maid or consumer: Consumer
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: bisexual
    race: Half Harpy
    age: 17
    Likes: Stained glass art, Architecture, black coffee
    Dislikes: criticism, people telling her she is bad, racism
    Short backstory: Born in a Russian Antarctic Colony, Kara was raised by her father as her mother had abandon them. She become well educated a got a scholarship from a university in Scandinavia. Kara soon moved there and finished her education. Then she moved to Japan to work with R&D team for a large medicine corporation.
  11. I'll join! :3