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  1. It's been years since he returned. A young man of of his mid 20's. He'd chosen not to return till he became that man, and not the slave that escaped that kingdom, the city he looked over from the grassy meadows, hesitant as he stood there wielding the reigns of the horse lingering there, munching at the apple Kade had given it moments ago. He nudged the horse along as he'd finally made his move, walking the well worn dirt path leading him into the hustle and bustle of the city. No one paid no mind to him, a stranger like all the rest that came through. He remembered it like it hadn't been long ago, a trickery since it's been about nine years, and seventeen being the age he escaped. Yet, standing there in the market made the beat of his heart quicken. He cleared his throat, dusted his shoulder as if he could physically remove the feeling, and made his way along.

    He could not hold that feeling of fear, he was a free man, what should he fear? He had to remind himself the reason he came back, the reason he walked those muddy streets, the reason ice blue eyes set on castle walls. He was on a mission. He bit the corner of his lip as he made his way along, pulling the horse behind him, eyeing the wall that separated the rest of the population from the riches, the wealthy, those of high ranks. He smiled to himself as he made his way to the front gates, there was no need to trying to find a weakness in the wall, or really sneaking in. Kade became a man of trinkets, a traveler, accumulating many little objects, most in which he has no interest in, but uses to barter. This was his plan to get past and within castle walls. Though... Who he searched for... would they still be there?

    He couldn't help the feeling of dread, the sadness slipping into him like a cold blade seeping painfully into his heart. "Good day sir!" of course he could act, put on that mask and betray his own emotions. He was a man of profit, greed became his way to survive. It didn't take too long to get into the castle, even taking the horse along with him, leaving it's muddy trails behind him. How did he convince them this silliness. Finally the trails had ended in the largest of rooms, there Kade set up his little display, his appearance looking odd there in the center of the large room, a room usually set for balls, and splendors.... but not for something as simple as this little setup of a bartering man and his little trinkets.

    The man stood there cheerfully, pale blonde hair pulled back into a messy bun as his ice blue eyes stood out from tanned skin. His clothing the oddest and most colorful silks, light and wavy, yet all the same complimented the man where if another of this castle dressed as he had, probably would have been made a fool. The man stood there patiently, tapping his fingers together as he continued to smile. He'd requested for all guests of the castle, any and all souls to attend.
  2. Any and all souls usually meant their 'arm candy' as well, dragged in to hang all over their masters and please their eyes (and bodies, where they could sneak a fondle or two). Some male, some female, though most of the nobility came in with no slaves at all. Kade would have looked in vain, at first, for the one he'd come to see, the one who had last been too sick to escape and begged him to leave before he was caught and killed. Perhaps he had been sold, or flogged to death when it was found out. So far, the boy Kade had grown up with, who had slept innocently in his arms when they were children, and clung to him when they were sold into slavery, was nowhere to be seen.

    The nobles had let Kade in by way of humoring themselves, for they were easily bored and loved trinkets. Naturally, they kept a certain decorous distance from him, though it was a sight better to be treated with classist condescension than the brutality of a slave's non-rank. Some of the ladies even 'ooed' and 'aahd' indulgently, buying some of his little baubles to add to their collections, or wear on their expensive dresses. Yet, no sign of Kade's friend was forthcoming.

    Not until almost an hour passed did a few more nobles trickle in, most of these with slaves on their arms, one being the old friend Kade had left behind. Still the same dark hair, almost blue in its blackness, and the same blue eyes, turned downward. He followed in the wake of a rather fat gentleman, carrying a chair, a silver collar glittering around his thin neck. From under his pale blue tunic, fringed with gold thread, poked the same slender legs that he had at seventeen, though a bit longer. His arms were the same- tending to bony, with some visible scars. That was the fashion now, to have slim, young-looking pleasure slaves.

    If Runi noticed Kade at all, he didn't show it at first. He was too busy acting a part, setting the chair down behind his corpulent master, pretending to be delighted to slip into his lap and hang on him as the man waved one of the other men away from Kade's wares so he could see. Obviously, Runi's master was higher ranking than most of the people there, so no one dared to tell him he couldn't have his little slave in his lap in public.

    As Runi's master requested Kade to bring his wares closer, Runi finally looked up, and the almost violent change in his features made it clear that he recognized his friend. All color drained from his face as his deep blue eyes met the familiar, beloved icy ones. A slight but visible tremor ran through his thin limbs. The next moment, he had wrenched his eyes away, hiding whatever else he felt behind a show of almost babyish cooing in his master's ears. Perhaps his cheeks flushed at Kade having to see him like this, but he wouldn't look at him again, or show what he really felt about what he was doing.

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  3. Tiring, the more that came and passed. And yet he smiled, his eyes betraying that action of his mouth. Though none would have noticed, his jaw clenched tight and his teeth grit together as he continued to force that smile. Picking up object after object, a dancing fool as he gone about. Whispering into one persons ear to another, completing transactions in ridding himself of a few items. Taking more then what the cost of any item he sold would be. They were easily fooled. But of course these trinkets were just the little that he bartered. He watched the crowd carefully, trying to pick out a potential customer, an easy victim.

    Caught in his words he'd been just whispering rather seductively within an older noble woman's ear did Kade's eyes set on one person. One person set out easily from the crowd. For a moment he forgot how to breathe, holding his breath a moment as he stood up proper, a half bow before gathering the most valuable of his collection of trinkets from his lot he quickly waved his hand to disperse the group as if they were unworthy of his collection, no matter they stood above his rank. They didn't matter.

    Quickly Kade set a small table, a cloth, then an array of small objects a front of this client. Taking a bow and smiling. "My finest collection from my travels...Unworthy of those suitors back there" he muttered out. The closer he was... Yes, it was him! How could he forget.... Here, still he was here. He wanted to speak, he wanted to say his name. He smiled, a smile that was gentle and real... Yet it pained him to see Runi as he was. The smile disappeared as Kade became once more serious about his business. He closed his eyes, waving a hand about the objects on the small table. "Though, I can offer more then these simple objects... " he knelt down, waving a hand to hide a jeweled pendant, removing his hand once more to reveal a small glass vile. Magick....Trickery?...

    He smirked as he looked up. "There are very few that I will barter with... Of course many would be afraid to lose their most valuable possession.... Then again, how can your soul be of any value to you if you don't have any use for it?..."he looked from the vile to the man, for a moment to Runi. But he couldn't hold his gaze onto the slave... For how could he be worthy of such a precious soul as him. "...I've granted immortality...beauty...love..Power...But of course I only make this trade with those worthy... and you...seem just like the man."He licked his lips, a flash of darkness slipping across his eyes as he smiled once more. "Though if you find something of worthy trade."he crossed his arms and stood, taking a bow, ignoring the quick beat of his heart. He had to keep himself in check.

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  4. Runi's master was shrewd and savvy, but also vain, for how else could he look past the emptiness in his slave's eyes to believe himself truly loved? He was among the deluded, like anyone else who fooled themselves into thinking any of Runi's profession could actually care for them. Such masters knew nothing of true, honest love, so perhaps that was why they didn't recognize its poor counterfeit. They refused to see the truth about themselves, after all.

    The large man watched Kade's prestidigitation with interest, though he was not quite fool enough to be taken in at once. He wasn't sure, but it almost looked like the trinket-seller was looking at his slave with something more than admiration.

    Runi could have told him, as he felt the look of his former friend burn into his back, yet he didn't dare look up. He was putting on his 'bashful' act so as not to betray himself by looking too much on Kade. The other boy…now a man…was beautiful, almost painfully so, but what made it so painful was the shame which rose like bile in Runi's throat. He didn't want Kade to see him like this, didn't want him to somehow feel the well of emotions that had suddenly, unexpectedly risen to choke him. Runi tried to hide his face against the disgusting neck flaps of his master, just so he would not have to see the horror he imagined in his friend's eyes.

    The next moment, he felt thick fingers grasp and tilt his chin upward, forcing him to look into his master's face.

    "What does my little Runi think of these dainties, hm? Would they not look good among my robes?"

    Knowing what was expected of him, Runi let out a little coo, and said, "Oh yes, master…you would be exquisite!"

    "I would, wouldn't I?" he crooned, jowls wiggling. "Doesn't the thought make my little one want to kiss me?"

    "Oh, yes!" Runi always felt disgust at these displays, but as he pressed his lips to the wet, fat ones of his master, he almost threw up his meagre breakfast. It was bad enough that the whole court watched, but now, with Kade there…

    Runi could feel his stare, and in his mind he began to beg his friend to just go, to leave…not to see… His master was groping him now, and he felt like so much common trash. Before Kade had reappeared, Runi had become almost numb to all of this. Now, he had to work herder to be convincing, as his emotions crashed down on one another.

    The fat man seemed to be purposely making a scene, because even as he kissed Runi and touched him in ways he shouldn't, his eyes kept going to Kade's to see what he would do. He had more than half a mind to bring the handsome young blond to his chambers, but wasn't quite decided, yet.

    "Mmmm….what kind of trade do you have in mind for immortality, peddler?" the fat man asked, finally breaking away from Runi. There was no mistaking teh light of lust in his eyes, but this time it was at the promise of eternal life. "We could always leave the rabble here and retire to my rooms."

    If Kade was looking, he would see Runi go still at this, and one eye peek out briefly over his shoulder in warning. No! No, Kade couldn't….. Shame for what his friend would see there, or worse, experience for himself, made Runi go completely white.

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  5. He could feel the blaze of anger broil within the pit of his stomach, growing ever too quickly. He was afraid it may just consume him, control his next actions and everything he has learned, planned so far could easily be destroyed by some stupid careless actions if he weren't careful. He took a hard swallow, feeling a knot in his throat as he turned his eyes to the table he'd set up. All those trinkets worthless trash against the ideas of eternal life. He played with a necklace, looking to the master...an slave, stifling the feelings broiling within. Holding the item up as if it would suit the large man. Don't be careless Kade.... You've come a long ways for your emotions to destroy everything you have built for yourself...

    He smirked and nodded his head. "Yes, this will suit the master just fine."he added softly after Runi, trying to be convincingly in his sales. As the large man began his play with the slave, Kade had to drop his eyes... He couldn't stand watching...That Bastard!...He flustered a little, uncomfortable very visible. But he couldn't show his anger, he couldn't show anger. He caught the eyes of such disgusting man, just what was this man expecting?...he was looking for something...

    To watch the man treat Runi in such a way... Kade found his eyes following Runi more then the man. It seemed to help disguise his true anger, seeming to turn it to looking as if embarrassed for watching. His cheeks flourished a deep red due to his anger, but flustered about to add to that play of embarrassment.

    He cleared his throat, nodding his head. "Right, right..."grabbing necklaces, straightening out items on the table in front of him and taking a quick glance to the surrounding fuss of people before looking to the man. He ignored this feeling of dread, the stillness that came over the slave, the warning... He ignored it, but knew full well it was there. He smiled, redeeming a well composure of himself, as if he had all confidence in the world. Nothing could break him for he's succeeded.

    "I'd prefer to retire to a more private room. I rarely take on such business as this, and if I keep it out in display as I am now I'd have too many customers to handle... As I have mentioned, not too many have any worthy to barter..."he muttered out softly as he lent over the table slightly. And just as quickly Kade stood, folding the small table, careless of the trinkets, saved but one he held out in front of him. "This most suits the eyes of your little toy there...Ah, but such beautiful eyes... I knew a master such as yourself could be of worth if this is of his belongings..."he stepped in closer, holding out the sapphire stone, dangling the silver chain in front of the large mans face.

    His smile grew, "Now if given a moment to shut down my shop... then we can get business started?" This wretched man... It sickened him of how he were to speak about Runi as so. Please forgive my actions...he prayed silently to himself as he returned the rest of his items to satchels on the horse, excusing himself from the rest of the guests rather cheerfully before returning to the fat man's side. The disgusting aura this man carried, Kade could almost gag just standing there.
  6. The fat man still wasn't sure about this one, but he rather liked the idea of perhaps plying him with wine in his rooms. The young merchant was quite good-looking, and Runi's master had himself convinced that he was a catch. He'd been a handsome man himself in his youth, and a skilled warrior. It was hard to face the truth of what he was now when no one ever forced him to do so. He was even pleased at the compliment to his slave, since it reflected on himself.

    "He is quite beautiful, isn't he?" the man smiled, caressing Runi's throat with a fat forefinger. He looked like the cat who'd got the cream, and figured out where to get more. It was easy enough to reach out and take the sapphire, turning it in his huge hands and looking at it with a scrupulous air. Unlike many of his cohorts, he actually knew a thing or two about gems, and was quite surprised to find this one was real. That actually helped Kade's case.

    "I think we really must do business with this strapping young man, don't you?" he purred to Runi, his eyes on the sapphire, and on Kade.

    "Oh master, such a big sapphire!" It was a lucky thing the fat man was so distracted because Runi's face was still noticeably pale, and his body and voice trembled very slightly. He kept trying to shoot furtive looks of warning at his friend, frustrated when they were ignored. In his present position, he could do nothing to keep Kade falling into the fat man's clutches, should he decide he wanted another slave.

    Kade would find Runi at the man's side again when he returned, holding his chair, head down and shoulders tense. The fat man was still looking through the sapphire into the light from teh window, turning it slowly. He gave a flick of the wrist, motioning the trinket-seller to follow him, sliding an arm around his shoulders in what he evidently thought was a friendly manner.

    Runi brought up the rear, his mind wheeling in desperation, wishing he was like the sylphs of Blue Rock, who were said to be able to speak to their loved ones through telepathy. He had no such gifts, and bitterly regretted his own powerless state. His master was being jovial with Kade, keeping his attention as they passed down the broad hallway to another, then entered a large suite of rooms, richly furnished. He was even cracking jokes, which Runi knew were a sign that he was putting Kade off his guard.

    However, as the heavy wooden doors slammed and locked behind them, the fat man's expression turned more serious, in spite of the smirk that curled his lips. He fixed Kade with a calculating look, turning teh sapphire idly between his enormous fingers.

    "You have given me quite the treasure, young merchant, perhaps greater than you realize. Though I had asked about an elixir of immortality, you have still given me an Ithrin Sapphire." He palmed the jewel, his dark eyes glittering. "We spoke of an offer, a fair trade, for both jewel and elixir. But what can equal them? Surely, even I do not possess anything to equal such rare gifts."

    Runi, as was expected of him, stood by his master, holding his chair. Kade would see his wide, blue eyes staring out from under the dark fringe of hair, warning him as desperately as a piercing scream.

    The fat man chuckled, still addressing Kade. "Don't think I don't know what you're up to, my lad. I saw the way your eyes went when I first came in. I know well enough what you have been thinking." Without taking his eyes off of the blond, he grabbed Runi and dragged him to his side, fondling him in plain sight of the young merchant. His eyes were almost hungry as they watched Kade for his reaction.

    Beside him, Runi began to panic so badly the chair nearly fell from his arms. Had he been able to move, he would have pushed his friend out of there by any means. Not that he could easily get away now- the windows looked out over the moat, some ten feet down, and the door had been bolted behind them. Somehow, the silent guards of the palace always knew when the fat man was up to mischief. It was clear enough now that his mood had changed, or he had become less indulgent and more shrewd. Runi wondered if he could block his master's sword with only a chair… Even if he distracted teh fat man long enough for Kade to escape, it might be enough. He didn't even think about the punishment. Kade had to get out!

    But then, the fat man's laughter broke through his thoughts, and it was strangely jovial again. "You know a beautiful trinket when you see one, young merchant, though I wager you have yet to taste such pleasures as my Runi can give. He's quite accomplished. I may drive a hard bargain for one night of ecstasy with him."

    (Haha, little suspense there, but in reality, fat man thinks Kade wants to 'use' Runi, instead of save him.)
  7. It seemed automatic for Kade to follow the instructions of the large man, how the simple flick of his wrist and Kade was following along side. Taking a moment to glance back onto the horse that kept all his goods. Morin...Be good. He laughed to himself more then to the bellowing man, to think the horse would show good manners, that beast was a rude thing. He smiled all the same, even though he did not think this large man funny, but he played along. All the while taking interest in the decoration of the halls. Now and then forcing the sound of laughter as he'd try shrugging the heavy weight of the man's arm from his shoulder. Holy cripes. Imagining how it would be at the other end of that lunging fist if he were to anger the man.

    Once the weight of the man's arm had been removed from his shoulders, Kade couldn't help but rub the back of his neck, giving a jump as he did not expect the doors to close as forcibly as they had. He frowned, hearing the locks. But only adjusted his satchel and returned wary eyes to the man, briefly eyeing the sapphire played about between fingers before setting ice blues to those beedy orbs of that rounded, puffy flesh holding that annoying expression of a smirk.

    Kade mimicked the expression, turning that into a comical smile. He'd taken the man's interest. It was all he needed, and his smile grew from ear to ear as the man questioned just what could be of equal trade. He tapped a finger against his lip, starting a slow pace back and forth as if trying to decide what could be of equal enough trade. "Yes, indeed these items are very rare... "He agreed aloud. "But everyone does have that particular something they find precious. And I'm not looking for gold, rubies... Or anything like that... No, my trades are different..."He pondered off into silence, returning his eyes to the beast as he made a notion to speak once more... This added that he knew what Kade wanted.

    He was stricken into silence, fear forcing his body achingly still. He watched the man's actions on Runi, as much as he wanted to look away in disgust, he couldn't. This was what the ugly bastard wanted. He felt the warmth of his cheeks flush a deeper warmth, watching Runi as he squirmed against the touches imposed on him. He licked his lips as his heart continued it's quick pace. Mind racing, was his true intentions found out?!...No, Was I staring at him that much?...As the laughter broke out, Kade forced himself to smile, a smile of relief more so... Then his own laughter to the realization of such bargain. He threw his head back with the sound emitting from his mouth, turning away and shaking his head. "Your asking for immortality and a very rare jewel... A large one at that... And you think!..."The tone of voice losing it's humor and airy joy. "You think you can get away with such small bargain!.."He spat, disgustingly as he set cold eyes onto the man.

    He stepped forward towards the large man, moving as if he'd not taken a step, like he could have been a serpent making it's move on it's prey. He looked onto the man, a smirk upon his face. "Maybe you do not wish for it that badly..."he hissed, fingers slipping into the folds of the man's hand and removing the sapphire, eyeing it before turning to Runi. "A night... For a slave... Tsk!...Immortality has a higher price..."he sang, walking around the slave till he stood behind Runi, slipping the jewel around his neck. "If you cannot make a better bargain... Then I shall choose what I think is equal for both sapphire and...Your immortality."He took a sideways glance to the bastard, the corner of his lip turning up into a smirk before fully turning to the man. Who could turn down immortality? He thought.

    He allowed a hand to drift softly down Runi's back before gathering himself. Just a momentary laps, a gather of courage and strength from the slave before he could continue his plan. As he stepped away from Runi, Kade rummaged through his satchel and removed a different vile from the last, quickly ingesting the thick liquid, an oil mixture with an added scent of rose petals. "So... Do I take my business elsewhere..."He softly spoke, linking an arm around the man's neck, leaning up into the man's face, an uncomfortable closeness for Kade, but he was doing pretty well in his act. He dangled the elixir between their faces. "This...Is only part of the ritual, don't think you can take it from me so easily expecting immortality from just a drink..."he warned the man.

    "The price will be your soul... And his name..."of course it wasn't a mere simple request. "I'll give you a moment to decide."he smiled and pulled away, dropping the elixir back into the satchel on his side.
  8. The fat man, though certainly overweight, still had quite a bit of muscle on him, and could move fast if he needed to. That was one of the reasons for his high place in the court. It was also one of the reasons he didn't feel intimidated by anyone, least of all a willowy merchant. However, it seemed he had misjudged the merchant's desires, or the smaller blond hadn't been as interested as he seemed. He'd been staring so intently at Runi, even touched him just now… The merchant clearly wanted to haggle, and the fat man knew how.

    Rather than be put off by Kade's sudden venom, and the taking back of the sapphire, Runi's master was even more interested…especially when the young man got close enough to kiss. The fat man almost leaned in, but Kade had pulled away, leaving a strange intoxication behind.

    To the side, Runi had gone still, glad that his master's hands were no longer touching him, but more afraid than ever. Kade's fingers against his back had been both reassuring and troubling, because he remembered that specific touch from years ago. Kade always did that when he was about to do something brazen or foolhardy, and wanted to make sure Runi was alright. But the little slave wasn't alright, not at all. He didn't know what his friend had in mind, but a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach told him it was dangerous at best.

    At the same time, however, he didn't dare even make a noise, in case what Kade was planning should go awry and end in his death. Right now, the blond had the fat man at least somewhat in his power, but that thread could snap so easily.

    "My soul…..yes, that would be worth my soul, should I decide to give it." The fat man pondered slowly, fingers stroking his chins. "That….and…"

    Suddenly, he strode forward, just brushing Kade's chest with his fingertips, a smirk on his lips. "And one night with you…. The three of us, yourself and my slave, joining me. You would not regret it- I have access to the finest luxuries money can buy. And in the morning, your bags would be that much richer with gold, jewels….and my soul. It will take all night for the court magician to see if your elixir really is what you say….or a fake."

    The fat man's voice was like silk, the purr of the great lover he had once been in his youth. Many a man and woman had fallen under teh spell of his voice before, now strengthened with the spell of glittering jewels on his person.

    He turned to caress his little slave's face, watching Kade once more with a critical eye. "As for my Runi's name, unless you are more magician than your sleight-of-hand tricks, you could do nothing with it."

    Runi's eyes held Kade's, pleading silently with him to leave, to get out before his faithless master took his goods, and his elixir, and his life.
  9. He tensed as the man came near, glancing down upon those fingers, very aware of the warmth beneath that touch. Barely his skin had been protected by the silken'd tunic. It made him almost feel too vulnerable. Knowing those doors were locked, it was just him and Runi, there was no escape from these walls. No, he shouldn't think like that. He shouldn't waver. He smiled, giving a sigh as looked to the room, looking about as if he were deciding on this new proposal. But it was the power of seduction... The voice, Kade fought from. This was quite the match he'd never thought be as difficult as it was. He stepped away, running a hand through loose strands of locks before his eyes were to look to the man as he neared Runi.

    "You offer me riches so easily. No, I have no need of such riches. My Morin has enough to carry already. I take your soul... and Yes... a name is useful. By giving his name you relinquish his services." He sighed, annoyed. "Don't fool me with your gold... I asked for no gold, jewels... Or such nonsense... I'm already by far rich as I need to be. I'm a man of trades. Gold is what is used to purchase items, I don't purchase..."He stopped himself from speaking anymore, clearly gotten annoyed that he had to calm himself.

    "Your stalling... And wasting my time. Even if you have your court magician examine the elixir, it would do no good. The elixir is only a small part of the process, that act that is needed to take place. The proper trade. So.... Let me explain the process..." He looked up and over to Runi, his eyes cold as they were set onto other. No. he was here, he wasn't going to leave so easily.

    "Your soul, a name... For immortality. A night between you and me was already in order...to seal the deal. And five days it will take for me to re-cooperate, during those days you'll notice the change taking over your body, senses...".He looked onto the man. "So I've explained how it goes... Will you continue to waste my time?..."
  10. "You do want him…." The fat man laughed suddenly, harshly, grasping Runi almost around the throat with a huge hand, possessive of his treasure.

    The choking hold was only for a moment, but it left Runi gasping, a reminder of who was in charge. But teh slave still begged with his eyes, his mouth slightly open as though he would cry out to his friend to leave. But he could not even get enough air into his lungs, if he dared to at all.

    At length, the fat man's vanity and pride got the best of him, as well as Kade's good looks. He grinned, coming close to Kade, breathing in his scent, a finger tracing his cheek. "Very well, I accept. My Runi will join us…join me…for the last time. But it is worth the price to live forever. Who knows," Here, he turned to look at Runi, whose breaths were just starting to come more easily. "Perhaps we may meet again, hm? I will have plenty of time, after all."

    If it seemed far too easy a deal to make, it was. The fat man had no intention of losing his favorite slave to some hack salesman who promised immortality. He would take the young blond for all he was worth, and make him a slave into the bargain. It might be interesting to see Runi and the newcomer 'perform' for him, after the blond had been thoroughly broken.

    Runi's face had taken on an absolutely miserable expression, in spite of his best efforts. His head hung low between his shoulders, and he trembled a little. The fat man would win….he always won….why hadn't Kade just run away? Runi thought his heart would stop right there and then, for despite every hardship and indignity he'd suffered, to know his friend would see him that way, and become that himself, was the worst hell he could think of. If his eyes hadn't been dry for years, he would have cried.
  11. He flinched himself as he watched the man grab Runi in such a way, it was bad enough he had to look away to keep control. He should have been more careful, yet he never thought Runi could have had that much effect on him. Maybe it had been the shock of seeing him again after so many years. He looked to the man, almost surprised he'd taken the bargain. His eyes narrowed as he continued to watch the large man, tryiing to find those secrets he kept hidden behind those eyes.

    The man had his plans... Kade hadn't anywhere completed his own task. He'd have to watch himself these next few steps. He smiled, taking the elixir from the satchel once more as the man turned his eyes to Runi. This time popping open the stopper, tilting his head back and filling his mouth with the clouded liquid. Making sure as to not swallow one drop as he stepped over to the man and linking his arms about his large shoulders. Pulling him into passion filled kiss, making sure not a drop of the elixir was spoiled. The taste of what was left in his mouth was bitter, he was saved from much of the strong taste as the oil that he'd taken earlier helped, coating the corners of his mouth and stomach if he did manage some of that drink swallowed. "Take your time...I'll get myself ready..."He huskily spoke. "Your soul awaits my beckoning."he smirked, turning away, pretending interest is the riches of the room as he removed the soft hue of the green silk tunic, the bright scarfs dangling from his shoulders, the sash from his waste, leaving him bare chested.

    Very briefly did he look over to Runi, he couldn't allow himself to feel the dread this person so clearly displayed. He knelt down onto the floor, keeping himself a safe distance of eyes as he seemed to but fold the silk garments carefully before him. He glanced over his shoulder, a heavy sigh passing his lips. "You... I need your assistance.."he spoke, almost ordering Runi over to him as he set out a small paint brush...and what looked to be black ink. He released his hair and let the blond locks fall down his shoulders as he placed the items almost ritually in front of where he knelt. "I need a symbol done on the back...."He would take that time... For a moment he would steal that time with Runi. "Can you not spoil the symbol..."he spoke with little emotion. "Can you do it?..."he softly spoke, watching that slight tremble that wracked the body of the slave.

    The slave was small... It's been years, but he could still see that child, the boy. The weak child Kade left behind... He was questioning if he could do what he couldn't do in past. He couldn't be hesitant, it would only bring bad luck. "Ru--ni..Take your time..." The bitter taste of the elixir wafted across his tongue, numbing his taste buds. He felt the aphrodisiac finally hit, an elixir with quite the mix. One main ingredient, a poison, a hallucinogen, an aphrodisiac... Not that last one seem needed. But it all helped in the process of separating body and soul. He could handle the little bit of it, he was curious how the strong effects were with the large man. He rummaged through the satchel and removed a similar elixir bottle, hiding it within his hand before adding a few marks of the black ink above his heart. "He wants you involved... It's best that you don't.."but what could he do...
  12. The fat man gave in to his lust pretty quickly, but then, he had never been one to control it much in the past. Seeing that bare chest laid before him, and tasting the rose-scented breath, made his eyes go dark with lust, and his hands reached out to fondle the muscles of Kade's chest.

    Beside him, Runi had gone strangely still, his eyes not turned down quite so much anymore, but watching teh scene intently. He almost looked like he'd break the chair he held in half if he wasn't careful. The moment Kade swallowed the second liquid, Runi started to understand what he was doing. At least, he thought so, and it both scared and excited him. That look Kade had given him just now…but then, his friend was always the one with the grand schemes.

    As the fat man watched, his breaths coming harder and huskier, Runi knelt down beside Kade, trying to compose himself, white as a sheet but somehow calm. He nodded, only meeting Kade's eyes for an instant to show he understood. The frail boy Kade had left behind was still small, still beaten and abused and broken, but somehow alive under all that. There was a hardness in his gaze which Kade would not have seen before, which vanished the second he looked away.

    "I will do as you say, friend of the master." he whispered, sounding meek but suddenly not looking it. He watched and memorized teh symbol his friend was creating on his bare chest, not quite knowing what was going on, but determined to not fail. He was smarter than he looked, or acted, which was the point.

    Behind him, the fat man was touching himself in anticipation, a disgusting display Runi was glad to avoid by focusing on his friend's back, and the symbol he was making. Since his warnings had been in vain, and Kade had swallowed two terrible elixirs with unknown effects, Runi knew the only way out was to go along with the plan. He just hoped that at least Kade would come out alive...

    (I'm not exactly sure what Runi was supposed to do, so I hope this works XD)
  13. He could feel the warmth rush to his cheeks, the effects of the elixir. He closed his eyes and you could say... he was in a bliss; goofy smile to his features, relaxing as he sat back, sitting as if he could have been enjoying the rays of sunlight on his bare chest. Ah, finally...The first, elixir would save him from slipping far too off into the high of the second elixir. He chuckled as he lent forward, turning just enough to catch sight of the fat man already beginning to pleasure himself. The sight shocked Kade back into the current situation where he was looking down onto the symbol on his bare chest. "Right..."he whispered softly to himself as he pushed himself up onto uneven feet.

    He made sure as to be careful with the small glass vial he held in his hand, running a hand through his hair as he came up closer to the fat man. A smirk upon his face. How easy it was for this man to let go and allow lust it's full control. It definitely was no pleasing sight to the eyes, but the high of the elixir he'd ingested moments before took care of that. He pressed a hand against the man's cheek, maybe a moment of disbelief if this was really real. But soon Kade was kissing the man, wrapping his arms around the fat man's neck, pressing his full length against him and groaning faintly through the kiss, an such the arousing the sound that emitted from him.

    He pulled away for a brief moment, taking the elixir and holding it in front of the Master. "Yours..."he smiled as he held the item for the man to take before leaning in to leave trails of kisses across the folds of flesh about the man's neck, passing trails of jewelry, easily with no interest. "If you want this transition to go smoothly, it's best to keep the slave out of such delicate process... His soul can interfere..."Kade whispered, pressing against the man's arousal, the thin fabrics of his pant barely hiding much of anything, leaving Kade practically exposed for the man to see. He closed his eyes, please give him this break.. Wishing for the quick reaction of the elixir. Which was why he played about teasing as he was. "Are you gonna take me here... Of all the luxury in your possession... and it's the floor for me..."he chuckled as he spoke huskily. Biding time... It would only last for a short amount of time, he'd have to do.
  14. (*sobs* NUUUUUUU! I won't let this happen to Kade! *runs around* I'm not sure what the elixir is supposed to do to him, but is Kade really trying to take his soul, or is that just a dodge? Also, is it necessary for the fat man to 'take' him? or is he just softening him up? I had an idea I wanted to run by you before I tried to do it, so I make sure it works with what you have. I was going to have the fat man go in to violate Kade, too greedy to let teh opportunity pass, and leave the elixir for later. He's still thinking of just cheating Kade out of everything because he's a jerkface. But Runi, who knows his master well, takes the elixir and it looks like he's trying to throw it out the window, and it makes the fat man think it really must be an elixir of life because he knows, deep down, Runi wants him dead, and the only reason he'd act like this is if he truly feared his master would live forever. So he drinks it right them just to spite Runi, saying he;ll have to serve him forever, perfect punishment for his betrayal, yadda yadda. Then, elixir takes effect XD)
  15. (( :D Just a dodge, Kade definitely had his plans in avoiding the whole 'take' him part, So in all your idea would definitely work. ^__^))
  16. (That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure. Runi couldn't have done this without Kade, of course!

    If you read through this and it doesn't work, let me know, and I'll change it ^_^ Also, go ahead and take over playing the fat man for whatever is supposed to happen when he drinks the elixir. I have no idea XD)

    Runi had no idea what was going on….at all. The whole thing was like a very surreal dream from which he couldn't wake. Seeing his best friend, the one he had dreamed about every night suddenly kissing his disgusting master made Runi want to vomit. He couldn't stop bile from scorching his throat as he turned away, steeling himself. Somehow, seeing Kade act this way was worse than being forced to do so himself.

    However, with that kiss between the other came clarity, and Runi's mind suddenly snapped into place, understanding what Kade intended to do. His limbs shook with the thought that they might make it out, and he had to force himself not to look beyond the moment, lest he betray the cause. He couldn't even stop to feel disgust anymore. Runi had learned long ago to send his mind somewhere else when he was being violated, and did so now. He had no choice, especially if he wanted to help. There was no way on earth he was going to let his repulsive, evil master 'take' his dearest friend, not if he could help it.

    Since Kade had been explicit about Runi not being a part of the process, the slave had to think of some other way to get to his master and break down his defenses. The fat man still hadn't quite gone for the elixir yet, and was wrapping himself around Kade in a manner that plainly said he would take him right then. The elixir could wait- he'd have an eternity.

    Runi couldn't bear to see it, or hear the pretense of lust in his friend's voice, yet he remained in that strange sort of calm his mind went to on such occasions. He saw the way his master's half-lidded eyes gazed down at Kade, and knew exactly where that horrible brain was headed. Kade had the fat man pretty well figured out, but there were things about him only Runi knew. He'd had to suffer the monster's company for three years, after all. The only way he could think of to tip the scales in favor of the elixir was a dangerous gamble, but he would have to risk it. Even this worked up, teh fat man was not as far gone as he seemed. Even those lust-sodden eyes still had an edge. The fat man was weighing his options.

    Suddenly, with his huge bulk working against Kade, he began to push him down to teh floor. He was still strong, and still versed in wrestling as he had been in his youth. Then, no one had stood against him. Even beyond his prime he was tremendously powerful.

    "Oh, so eager, aren't we." he purred, grinding against Kade. His eyes flashed a little, something beyond lust that still clung to him. "What makes you think I can't have fun AND my elixir? My body wants you now….and the elixir will give me eternal life. And your body will be mine forever." There was venom in his voice, then, and his eyes narrowed, dark with desire and past deeds of treachery. He never had any intention of giving over his soul, but of getting his way entirely. His fat hand clutched the bottle, holding it out tauntingly over the blond.

    Suddenly, Runi leaped in, snatching the elixir away and making a straight dash to the window, making as though to throw the bottle out into the moat. At least, that was what he hoped it looked like. He was taking a tremendous risk, but seeing his friend pinned under the fat man's body and hearing his threats spurred him into action. Kade had been so close, closer than Runi ever came himself. Now, the slave was determined to finish the job. He just hoped his greater knowledge of the fat man would aid him now.

    With the spring of a hunting cat, and a bellow like a bull, the fat man was on him, knocking him down with a vicious blow to the side of the head. At the same time, his huge hand caught the vial as Runi dropped it.

    "Insolent whelp! How dare you!" he cried out, looking both surprised and enraged. "You have no right to touch my prize!"

    Runi curled into himself, only one blue eye visible through his skinny arms. The fat man aimed a vicious kick at his stomach, then another.

    "Don't think I don't know how you truly feel about me, slut! Don't think I don't know you'd stick a knife in my back if you thought you could get away with it!" he spat, boiling with rage. "So that's it, it is? You don't want your master to live forever? You wish to see him die of old age so you'll be free of him! You filthy little whore!"

    Giving Runi one more kick, which left teh slave groaning and holding his middle, the fat man took a step back, unstopping the bottle with his teeth and spitting cork away. His dark eyes were fixed on the slave at his feet, full of malice. "I promise you this, my little Runi," he sneered, "Your suffering has only just begun. I will live forever, and you'll wish you were never born."

    If there was one way to get through to the fat man, it was his monumental ability for revenge. Runi had counted on what he knew of his master, and watched with silent triumph as the fat man put the vial to his lips and drank it all down. He had no idea what it would do, but if Kade wanted the fat man to drink it, Runi was pretty sure it wasn't to make him live longer.
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  18. (That's ok, I've been busy too! Get plenty of sleep!)
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