Sweet Heart Contest

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  1. Remember those pastel chalky hearts come out around this time each year?
    Have you ever had the best saying for one?
    How about an RP or Iwaku related saying?
    Well, now's your chance to show off!
    Your task, should you accept it, is to go to this site and create sayings on hearts! It's harder than it looks.
    You must make no fewer or greater than seven hearts, though you can use whatever colors you wish.
    The hearts must relate to Iwaku, RP, or writing, though you are allowed one wildcard for a strange saying.
    The creators of the three best sets will receive a nifty profile award! Contest ends the 20th!

    1) Don't hotlink to the site. It doesn't work. Save your work and upload to photobucket or your album so you can show us in this thread.
    2) Post all seven at once.
    3) Though not a rule, it looks really cool to have all seven colors in the standard pallet.
    4) Yes, the goth pallet counts for hearts, so those of you who are dark and edgy can have fun, too!

    Examples of hearts!

  2. When's the contest end?
  3. Apologies, it ends the 20th.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Valentine sentiments that taste like chalk! X)
  5. Mine are super dumb, but I had fun with them anyway. I made the wolf and bird one specially for [MENTION=8]Diana[/MENTION] 8D

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  6. heart1.jpg heart2.jpg heart3.jpg heart4.jpg
    heart5.jpg heart6.jpg heart7.jpg

    My favorite is the fifth one :D
  7. Last minute entry! ^^

  8. Now for the moment you've been waiting for!
    The Winners of the Sweet Heart Contest are:
    GeekOut for sweet sentiments!
    RomanticWinter for sultry sweets!
    Kitti for her naughty candies!
    Finally, an honorable mention:
    Fluffy for humorous goodies!

    We'd like to thank everyone for entering and hope you all had fun! Thanks to Ozzie and Myrn for helping judge the contest! Happy Romance Festival and keep the love going!
  9. The rest of you... get out of here! >:D
  10. Glad to hear that I earned some laughs. That was my priority. <3