Sweet Dreams

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  1. This story comes from a short story a wrote two years ago, it's the same universe but different characters. The universe is fairly complex so I'll put the basics down here and explain it more in depth if anyone shows interest.

    2012 - Vampires are revealed to exist.
    12/21/12 - Humans declare war on the vampires.
    2112 - WWIII has dragged on for 100 years, devastating the planet. It is currently at a stalemate.

    The humans and vampires have segregated themselves mostly to separate continents. The are minorities of humans in vampire territories and vice versa. Among these human minorities are militant groups who try to aid the human forces by working from within the vampire territories. Lacking knowledge of the human's campaign, they are unaware of how little good they do.

    Here's the actual plot:

    Shortly before the discovery of the vampires, the Prince of the vampires--the oldest vampire alive--grew weary of living. Hopeful that the future would be an improvement on the present, he appointed one of his advisers to succeed him and put himself to sleep, not intending to rise for another thousand years.

    More than a hundred years later, a scouting party for one of the militant groups of humans in the vampire territories a strange tomb...and within lies a vampire, dormant but alive. The vampire is brought back to the headquarters and examined (remaining unconscious the entire time). It is determined that the vampire will note wake and one of the members of the group is selected (or volunteers) to take the vampire to the human territories where it can be experimented on and possibly turned into a weapon for the humans...or at least sufficiently confined.

    Shortly after embarking on this perilous journey, the vampire awakes. Not knowing about the war, the vampire plays at being human and agrees to go with the human. Over the course of the journey, the human's view of the vampire changes. How it ends depends on how we want it to end.

    I'm looking for someone to play the human. This plot will work m/m or m/f, so it's up to you whether your character is male or female.

    My biggest request is for an aggressive role-player. I'm an aggressive role-player myself but I get bored if I'm the only one taking control of the plot.

    In addition, good spelling and grammar are appreciated. Long posts are also appreciated. I like to write long posts but I like to receive them as well.

    If you're interested, post here or pm me.

  2. I'm interested. I'd be playing a female.
  3. I'm still looking.
  4. Hi, there! I'm interested in playing the human part. If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer to play a female.
    If you'd like to roleplay with me, I do have a few questions about the plot before we start. Also, you should know that I will not always post novel-length replies, especially if I don't have a lot to work with. Generally, I try to match the length of my partner's posts. I just don't like including unnecessary fluff to make my posts look longer, y'know? (If you need a partner who consistently posts very lengthy responses, I totally understand. No hard feelings.)
  5. I am looking again...
  6. Willing to give it a shot. Feel free to PM or leave a visitor message, if you're willing. Either way, good luck! This idea could be really interesting once it's fleshed out and written.