Sweet Dispositions

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  1. [h=3]I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.
    [h=3]Martha Washington[/h][h=3][/h]

    How do you feel about this? Do you think it is our circumstance? Do you agree that it is our disposition? What is your outlook on life?

    How does your character view things? Does your character seem to be more miserable or happy? What is your characters circumstances? What about their disposition?

  2. I think it's somewhat a chicken and the egg sort of problem. Circumstances can effect your out look, but your out look can affect the circumstances. Classic example, person falls down a flight of stairs and breaks their leg. If pestamistic they'd be upset for breaking their leg, if optimistic they'll be thankful they didn't break their neck. They're both entitled to their beliefs and most people wouldn't be be extreme or another, but you see it all the time where people have "the good life" and are never happy and others that have multiple "misfortune" happen and just keep going on with barely a sigh.
  3. I think disposition is EVERYTHING. You can have two people, both going through the exact same problems. But one would be pessimistic and miserable, while the other would look for the good in the situation.

    Not to say a situation wouldn't totally bum someone out... but for the most part, with a good disposition, you're much more likely to have a less shitty time. You feel better about life in general. XD

    As for my characters. >:D I have such a mix of them. I love playing the two extremes of the spectrum. On one hand I have my super nice optimistic "the world is awesome!" characters, who tend to drive everyone insane. And then I have my angryface turbo emo characters that need some serious disposition improvements. ._.;
  4. Well, I like to think of myself as someone who tries to view everything objectively, but apparently, I come across as pessimistic to other people. I do not think that disposition really matters, I think it is your expectations that matter, so I always try to objectively judge myself. I aim to set the bar just as high as I can reach, not too short, but not too tall, that way, I will not have to face a catastrophic failure. Honestly, I really wish that people would realise that instead of calling me pessimistic when I tell them that I can not do something.

    As for my characters... They tend to run the whole spectrum. There are idealists, realists, pessimists, extremists... I do not think that I can generalise them. However, those who are optimistic usually get taught a lesson that not everything in life works out as you expect it to.