Sweet Defiance

"I'm starting to think dying would be a GREAT idea..!" Sarcasm was not in her character to make! But under the circumstances she was stressed and frustrated! When the ship evened out, she hoped that would be the last of the wild rides. But the blaring signals dashed that dream. Katarin groaned, leaning forward in her chair. Tempted to unhook herself and slid on to the floor.

"I am a woman, not a space marine or army general..!"
"All the women I know shoot guns and fix shit. So I don't see what point you're trying to make."

There was a high pitched whine coming from the back now. It honestly sounded like something was about to explode and if you didn't know this ship you'd be praying to Mother Mary and every other deity known to the human race.

"We're not out of the gravitational pull. This is going to be.... interesting. You're going to want to hold on." Quinn actually bothered to buckle in with his last statement before punching the throttle. It whined and keened in protest for a moment, sounding like the hull was about to rip from the ship before they were suddenly sling shotted forward. A different alarm started going off this time and Quinn fought with the gravitational force of the sling shot to hit a different key that would silence the alarms. The engine and ship would survive this. May be barely, but he knew it would.
"I can shoot a gun just fine." Katarin retorted. But he comments were short lived. Her back braced uncomfortably against the seat as the ship peeled through the pull of the planet. Every nut, bolt, and part of the place sounded like it was about to shake loose. Any moment she was expected the two of them to get sucked in to open space. Or burned to a crisp in the planet's atmosphere.

A loud CRASH signaled their freedom out of the gravitational pull. The ship speeding on it's way in to open space. Of course, what was now busted inside of the ship couldn't be good for either of them. Katarin had to pry her fingers off the armrests.

"Next time," she muttered, "when you come to rescue me. ...Don't."
"So can a monkey. But a monkey can't put on eyeliner. So I suppose you have one over that." The crashing sound was unpleasant and had him worrying about how accurate he'd been in thinking the ship would make it without any problems.

"Fangxin, next time I won't." Quinn punched in something else on the console, muttering. "Liu koushui de biaozi he houzi de ben erzi." Of course knowing his luck she'd know what he was saying and get his ass kicked, but whatever. The ship seemed to slow down a bit though stars still streaked by the view port, it wasn't such a trial to try and move any longer. Once things seemed secure Quinn got up from the pilot's seat and moved back toward the galley intent on seeing if he could figure out what exactly had gone wrong and if it needed to be fixed now or if they could make it back to the base.
When he got up to check in the back, Katarin was still trying to even her breathing. Get her thoughts under control. Sooth her temper, consider her next plans, and at least attempt to be calm. After several moments of deep breaths, there was that slow realization that she was no longer in the Liyao castle. Lorgunan was not snarling in her face. Guns were not pointed at her back. People were not surrounding her and there was not explosions, guns, or screaming. Only the silence of space.

Well... aside from the crashbangs and cursing coming from the back of the ship.

Katarin rose from her seat to leave the cockpit. Her footing was unsure. With her ankle aching and the subtle shifting of the ship, it was a little hard to find the proper balance. People said space ships didn't work anything like sea ships, but at that moment Katarin disagreed.

"What does that even mean, Liu koushui de biaozi he houzi de ben erzi. Besides comparing me to a monkey." Katarin repeated the phrase and mimicked the ton flawless. Though she wasn't entirely sure what it meant or recognized the dialect, she caught a word or two. Now standing in the doorway, she had her hands braced on the frame while she watched him with a mix of curiosity and suspicion.