INTEREST CHECK Sweet Camellia, a dark and twisted tale

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  1. Era: 1942
    Characters: Students, Alumni Teachers
    Setting: Germany

    Camellia Akademie, situated in Germany, is a posh century-old school for wealthy children. Everything here is proper, from the separation of the genders to the placement of every desk. Not all is what it seems, however, for the children have been left alone to do as they pleased for too long, from infancy, actually, and they want to play…

    Receiving pupils from nine years of age to sixteen, it’s an upstanding school using self discipline and self study to form each student into independents and upstanding members of German Society. The arrival of the Third Reich into the German soil have changed quite a bit of things, however.

    This story will start as a group of freshmen arrived for a brand new school year with innocent eyes and eager minds. Will they fit into the Camellia fold… or will they be prey?
  2. ...You have caught my interest....

    This sounds like a lot of fun.