Sweet and Sour Hearts [MxM or MxF]

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    Try not to laugh too hard, it's still in the middle of the night.
    Here's a little mood music ;D

    Hello thar, pussycat ;D
    Let's just relax and let me do the talkin'
    First goes my little intro:
    I'm Scatter, a young female with a sudden want to play around with those naughty romances we see in cheap paperback novels. I can play both males and females, and while I'm perfectly okay with female only romances, I find them less fun to play out than male only or male and female affairs. As such, I am looking for those who, like me, enjoy these last two types of pairings. I enjoy plotting a lot, and am quite eager to talk to my partners in a OOC setting, so don't feel shy to contact me!

    What I expect from both of us:

    I expect us to post at least two good paragraphs of solid contents per post, and to have fun together. I also expect us to tell each other if something is wrong about a scene or if something make us uncomfortable. That's right, let's pledge to respect each other's limits, and hopefully don't mess around with each other characters unless specifically allowed to, messing around meaning godmodding, not the sexy stuff, of course.

    Lastly comes what I look for in these plots:
    I want things to stay fun, so please, let's wait a bit until the heavy stuff and keep it borderline cracky until we are good and ready for darker stuff. I do like darker stuff, but dark and depressing is not something to have from the get go in a romance, of all things. As a matter of fact, any rape or dubious consent scenes will be strictly fade to black unless they are truly plot advancing. Let's keep it safe from trauma triggers, people! Beside, hinting at darker going on is usually far more chilling in my mind.

    While sixteen is legal as far as consent go,
    I would prefer it if all characters engaging in sex would be over eighteen or fade to black. Writing kids doing the naughty just creep me out, sorry! :c

    I want us to have fun, yet I also would prefer if we were not stuck in a rut with no plot whatsoever, so prepare to see or enact some plot twists from time to time, with both of our consent, of course. As a matter of fact,
    I would love to try a more episodic romance, with each scene having a theme! :D

    I usually play dominant males, but would not mind at all to expand my writing skill-set, so to speak! Now, all that remains is this;
    give me a pairing and setting you want and I'll craft us a basic plot.
    That's it! I will give you a few ideas with your request and we'll be able to choose and fine tune the plot as we do so. I hope I didn't bore you too much, and hope to hear of some interested parties soon!
  2. Pairing: Step brother x step sister
    Setting: Parents of Brother and Sister married a while ago, and now they are moving into the same house. This is from where we start.
    World: Post modern. Special powers are common and accepted, though they vary in strength. The stronger they are, the higher their level. Levels are given by the government and range from 0 to 5.
    Plot-Sex balance: 60%-40%
    I'd be playing the step sister if you don't mind.

    How about it?
  3. Why not? Send me a PM about what you want in more details and we'll set something up.
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  4. Do you do teacher x student?

    I am open to psychiatrist x patient as well.
  5. I'm totally in if you're still searching...
  6. If you're still interested in finding partners, you seem like just the kind of person I'd like to RP with.

    Question, though. How do you feel about nonhuman characters and/or fantasy/modern fantasy settings? (Angels, demons, humanoid mythological creatures, that sort of thing)

    I'm perfectly willing to roleplay plain humans in a slice of life or something but I'd definitely prefer to roleplay something different from real life.
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  7. If your still looking I'm dying to start a new rp
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