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  1. "I'll get it!". Jo flung herself towards the door, fumbling with the latch before flinging it open...

    This roleplay will be set at the 16th birthday party for my character, Jo. The story will start when Jo opens the door to greet her first guest, who will be the first person to post a character sheet.

    Jo's party is going to be off the hook, and her parents aren't going to be home until the next day, which means they have all night.
    Jo has been preparing for this party, and has stocked up on booze and an assortment of drugs. Feel free to let your characters bring something they've stocked up.
    This has been put in mature for a reason- there is going to be a bunch of teens getting high at a friends house, there is definitely going to be some hot stuff going on.

    There are some rules I would firstly like to make clear...

    1. Grammar
    I cannot stress enough that proper spelling and punctuation be used. If I find a sentence that includes noticeable amounts of illiteracy, you will be asked to edit it. Also, I request that your posts be at least three sentences. It's not that hard. Strictly no one liners. I also want all posts to be written in third person. No 'I' unless the people are speaking, unless the are like Elmo and refer to themself in third person.

    2. Sex, kissing and other flirty behaviour
    I completely encourage this behaviour during the roleplay, but keep in mind that this is a group of friends. They are not going to hit on each other unless they are drunk or high. I understand that there will be at least one character that will not get drunk or high, and that is fine, but they under no circumstances can they hit on any of their friends! If you do end up in the bedroom with another character, do as you wish, because this has been put into mature, but keep it short, you can't be away from the party the whole time. And have good grammar and sentence structure during these scenes, as illiteracy is more common in mature scenes. Also, keep to heterosexuality please. Do you think party animal Jo is the kind of person to have lots of gay friends? Nope!

    3. Why is your character there?
    There has to be some reason for your character being at the party. You can't be a character that isn't friends with Jo and rocks up to the party for kicks. If you are one of Jo's friends, you must include where you met her, how you two know each other. Are you in the same grade? Did you meet at an event? You must include that. When I post my character sheet for Jo, read through to find out what kind of places she would be to meet you.
    What's also possible is a girl of boy who Jo's mother has invited, and wants them to become friends. This kind of character can be the kind who sits in the corner while everyone else get drunk as fuck, or the person who gets drunk as fuck. And remember, Jo is turning 16, so all her friends have to be around that age. You must be 14-18 years old.

    4. Bring a gift
    You can't rock up to a good friend's party without a present! Knowing Jo, there is no chance you'll be giving her a book. Jo expects things like lingerie! Money! Makeup! Good clothes! You could bring drugs to the party as a gift! If you were a person that didn't know Jo very well, you are likely to bring a gift she doesn't like. Please don't bring anything extravagant, like a puppy or an expensive Persian rug.

    5. Know the other characters

    Please at least skim through the other character sheets please! To get a good range of characters, people need to know what other characters are like so they can do something different! Please make you character sheet easy to read too, the best way to do this is to separate your paragraphs (sentence structure!). This way, we don't end up with a common theme in our characters, and we get a gender balance. For your appearance, please provide a picture. It can be a link, or a picture of any size put onto the list. Please also add a small description and add any details that are not visible in your picture. The picture must be real, no anime!

    6. Be respectful
    NO GOD-MODDING. I cannot stress this enough! And although this party is going to get out of hand, I don't mean weapons and turning on each other with knives. There may be some drama and niggling, maybe a small punch up or cat fight, but no serious injury! Also, be respectful when flirting. If somebody's character isn't interested in your character, and they're busy doing something with some other character, leave them alone!
    Another thing, Jo is a single child, there are only two bedrooms in the house. I don't care if someone is screwing in the garage or kitchen, as long as we don't have three couples heading off to a bedroom each.

    Now that we have that sorted, here is the character skeleton! Yay!

    How they know Jo:

    If you have gotten this far, here is a muffin (om nom).
    Thankyou for showing interest, I thought I would just try this idea to see how it works out.
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    Name: Jo Anderson Craig
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Jo is small for her age, standing at 5 ft, and she is also slim. For the party, she is wearing ripped skinny jeans, a blue and white striped top, and a small white cardigan, with converse sneakers. Although she might change after her parents leave;) Jo has naturally brown hair, which she bleaches, and brown eyes. She often wears makeup, but underneath she is covered in light freckles. She always paints her nails blue.
    Personality: Jo is quite the party animal! She only trusts her friendship circle and her boyfriend (who will not be attending the party). She is constantly bitching about somebody, and it changes everyday. You name them, she's gossiped about them. She is loud, especially when drunk, and is especially prone to doing stupid things. But who cares? YOLO!
    Likes: Partying! And what does she like about parties? Booze! Crack! Sex! She also likes drugs, and has an assortment stashed in her bedroom. She loves her boyfriend, at least while they're together for two months. She loves gifts, and isn't too good at gift-giving. She loves opening her presents!
    Dislikes: Nerds, and basically anybody that isn't popular. She hates her teachers and parents more than anything else. She hates being grounded, although she always manages to sneak out to whichever social event she's invited to. She pretty much hates everybody at some point.

    You can see that Jo is basically the stereotypical teen rebel. I don't mind stereotypes! You could be a jock, a cheerleader, I don't care! As long as you are the kind of person in her social group.
  3. Interesting role-play. Character Reserved although I will be a random friend.
  4. Hullo!

    Name: Eric Sebastian Daniels
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Eric is of average height and average build, with tribal tattoos on most of his arms and chest.
    How they know Jo: Childhood friend of 10 years
    Personality: Eric is quiet and friendly. He's that guy who sits in the corner and builds profiles in his head on everyone, taking note of all their habits and rituals, mannerisms and speech quirks. He doesn't make many new friends, mostly sticking to his small circle, and he treats them well.
    Likes: Friends, booze, parties, rituals (I.E, If so-and-so always pulls on a strand of their hair when they say the word 'pretty' or something similar.). He basically just likes making his friends happy.
    Dislikes: Jerks, anybody who hurts his friends.

    Name: Christie Samantha Daniels (Eric's sister)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15

    How they know Jo: Childhood friend of 10 years
    Personality: Christie is your average, bubbly young teenage girl. She has loads of friends and get's straight B's in school. All she cares about is being happy, because that's all she needs.
    Likes: Friends, candy, clothes, pretty much everything a young girl likes.
    Dislikes: Unhappiness.

    ((In case you can't tell, I'm really bad with female characters, but I felt the need to have siblings XD))
  5. reserving a char, if I can. I'll put up a full cs tomorrow morning :)
  6. Name: Jacob Smith ((friends call him jake, or cub.))

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Broad shoulders, and in shape. Just a few inches taller than everyone else, not including the insane spiked hair, which adds three inches. Said hair is dark brown, with blonde streaks all over. He's wearing jeans, a pink polo shirt, and a buttondown overshirt. Also, he wears earrings, which today are large golden hoops, with elvish scrawled on the outside.

    How they know Jo: Jacob knew of Jo for a few years, because his older sister was close to her. When she left town for Los Angeles, Jacob met Jo at her going away party. After that, he joined her group.

    Personality: Sweet, but protective of his close friends. He usually can be found with a gang of people, either leading, or assisting the leader. He's a jazz saxophone player, and a swimmer. Also he has nearly no care for what people think of him, because of long years as an insane actor He's mature, and the voice of reason at times. Other times, he seems to be the life of the party, with a seeming endless supply of stories, and shit to do.

    Likes: Cheesecake, community, and swimming.

    Dislikes: Traitors, illiterate leaders, and his friends being in pain.
  7. Alright, very interested. I will have a character up soon!
  8. Name: Taryn Cora Hamm (goes by Cora)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17 (she's really sixteen, but her birthday is in a few weeks so she thinks of herself as 17 already)

    Walnut brown hair, blondish at the ends and in front from the sun. Darker brown eyebrows, and dark chocolate brown eyes. Always has on her signature necklace, a black and white cameo on a black lather cord. It was a gift and she never takes it off. She can usually be found in ripped jeans, band tees, and a leather jacket. Her wrists are stacked with bracelets (never rubber logo bracelets, she thinks they're overused and overrated), and around her neck are various necklaces in addition to the cameo. She loves boots and heels - and heeled boots? Even better. At Jo's party, she's wearing ripped black jeans, a slate grey muscle tee with the logo from the cover of Guns n Roses' album Appetite for Destruction on it, dark forest green Doc Martens, and aviator sunglasses.

    How she knows Jo: The two met at a year ago when Cora moved to Jo's town from Boston. Cora accidentally bumped into Jo (literally) at a party, covering them both in beer. They went to the bathroom to clean up and quickly hit it off.

    Personality: Cora is headstrong as they come. Were her Boston accent a little thicker, she'd be called a stereotype Boston girl. Not to her face, of course. Cora's drinking abilities are legendary, and she can outdrink any man with ease. She's stubborn and wild, and will never back down from a challenge. She's usually pretty chill around most people, but if you piss her off or mess with her friends you will live to regret it. She plays bass in a band that's starting to gain a following. She loves music and film festivals, and hopes to play a music festival with her band. She kick boxes three times a week, plays field hockey, and is not the girl you want to mess with. She also has an addiction to dark chocolate, and anything covered in dark chocolate.

    Likes: classic rock, hard liquor, baseball, in-shape guys, indie movies, dark chocolate, shoes

    Dislikes: lightweights, curfew, country music, losing, the color pink
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