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  1. Based off of Tim Burtons Movie-verse. We'll explore the lives of the inhabitants of fleet street. This will be an AU to allow us to have a bit of fun with the characters. I'm not sure about a plot but I'm all for brainstorming. OFC are encouraged.

    Canon Characters to be included:
    Sweeney Todd
    Ms.Nellie Lovett
    Judge Turpin
    Beadel Banford
    Lucy (maybe)

    Original Fictional Characters
    -Can be related to a canon character (will need approval)
    -Not required to be a native of England

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  2. I am interested! YES SWEENY TODD!!!
  3. I've no clue why this hasn't been a thing yet.
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  4. I know right? Sweeny Todd is incredible and there typically is a bigger fanbase(at least in my experience)
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  5. Any clues as to who or what your character would be? I want to play an OC
  6. Hmm it depends on what sort of plot you'd like to take. We could do a revised version and introduce your Oc and I'll probably play Sweeny and/or Lovett and the rest we can just use as NPCS or we could do a plot following the end of the movie after Sweeny is killed and follow what happened with Toby, Johanna, and Anthony then bring in your OC and maybe something like another Demon barber or Sweeny didn't quite die or whichever.
  7. Hmm...I wanted my oc be the daughter of an old associate of turpins. Still fleshing out her purpose though.
  8. So it would work out either way. It just depends if you want to actually rp with Sweeny or just in the Sweeny Todd universe
  9. I intend to Rp with Todd yes but I guess I'd be in the universe category since she'll visit the shop but not live there. :) It could be cool if we could move around a bit like visiting others shops, the harbor , or the court house.
  10. Yeah I like that idea too. I think it would've been better if it was given the chance to expand on the town a little more instead of just individual places. So I'd be fine playing Sweeny and Lovett we'll just probably have to set it before everything goes to hell and take a different turn.

  11. This seems like a pretty interesting idea! Are you planning on making this an open universe? ​
  12. I do intend for this to be open world yes.^^
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