Swarovski Academy: Magical Soldiers (Rolar X Lilith)

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  1. “Alright,” Haruhi had said to Rolar when he said it was her turn to keep watch. She really wanted to go at their enemies, but Lilith wanted them to wait until the early morning. She sighed and went over to watch their camp while Rolar went to sleep, or at least that’s what she thought he had did. She had no idea that the young man ran off on his own.

    Lilith on the other hand was not asleep at all, and had opened one of her eyes when she heard the sound of Rolar’s voice talking to Haruhi. She followed Rolar with her eyes, watching as he faked himself being in the bed then ran off somewhere. Where was that boy going? Was he ignoring her orders? He really didn’t like to listen to her after all. Once he was off already, Lilith quietly got herself up as well. There was no way that girl was going to let him go off on his own. No doubt he wanted to take care of things by himself and forget that he was on a team at the moment. She had to stop him from doing anything reckless; she was his team leader right now.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Lilith’s voice rang out from behind Rolar as he was already away from the campsite. She was standing right behind him, her arms crossed against her chest. She had to prevent him from doing something that could jeopardize their mission. “You’re off watch now; you should get to bed Rolar.”

    Her icy blue eyes watched hisevery move. She knew he didn’t like taking orders from anyone, especially her but she had to make sure she did what her mother wanted her to. She was chosen at the leader by her mother, and that was what she was going to be. If he wasn’t going to listen to her, then she was going to stop him by force without alarming their enemy of their presence.

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  2. Everything was going fine. So he thought. But here she was. The Ice Queen right behind him, calling him back. Yeah this looked bad for him. He certainly didn't seem like a good guy right now, no matter how anyone looked at it. But even if they didn't see him that way, that wasn't gonna stop him.

    He looked back at the cold icy eyes that glared at him. Something about them were intriguing to say the least.

    "Yeesh, I'd almost feel like you're trying to encase me in ice with that gaze. I'm going to find the hideout. Sorry, but I think I told your mom, I'm not here to do her mission. I'm here to fight on my own. If others wish to join me on my fight, well, I think I'd let them. I'm never the kind to turn down a helping hand. I'm also not the kind against asking for one."

    He gave a quick smirk, then grabbed the small light he had circling his head, and gave it a slight puff in her direction, causing a bright flash in front of her eyes, as he began hurrying through the forest, trying to escape her. He knew she wouldn't let him leave. So he needed to make sure he made her leave. She's bound return to the camp if she loses track of him right?

    "She might actually be too stubborn for that to work."

    And so he continued through the forest, trying to hide from his leader

  3. Truthfully, Lilith wasn’t glaring at Rolar, she was only being serious. However, her serious-like look was practically like she was glaring, and that helped her gain the nicknames that she was given besides her powers as well. “If I must encase you in ice, then I will,” Lilith responded though she knew that ice wouldn’t be the best way to attack someone with his abilities. She was better off using her water because he would most likely be able to melt the ice in some way. Still Lilith had her water she could use if it came down to fighting him.

    She was about to speak more in reply to his comment, but the ball of light went towards her, causing a flash that light up her eyesight with only white. She listened as he began to run again. “My regular eyesight isn’t the only thing I can use to see,” she muttered to herself. She had her ability to see water, hidden from most of the other students of the academy. Since a human’s body had water, she could see the water coming from them, though not make out anything than that there was a person there.

    She waited a bit until her vision started to come back just a bit, and then focused on the water that was inside Rolar’s body. She began to run after him, following the water. Though, her vision still stayed affected by the difference from the sudden bright light and darkness of the night until it eventually transitioned again.

    She followed suit behind Rolar, though still wasn’t close enough to be able to catch him just yet. “Rolar, if you attack that base, it’ll alert them and tell the other’s about an attack. The other teams could get ambushed without knowing. You could be putting their lives in danger this way,” she shouted out to him enough for him to hear her behind him though not enough to alert anyone else of their presence. “I get you don’t want to take orders and want to do things on your own, but think about the others that you could be putting in danger. You’re not a bad guy; I know you don’t want to have them get hurt.”

    It was a shot to get him to stop or slow down and begin to contemplate his decisions, though she wasn’t sure if he would listen. For now, she wanted to wait on using her magic on him. He was her comrade right now after all, and it was best not to attack a fellow team member who could be heading into battle at some point. There was no sense in harming one if they were going to fight later, that could put them at a disadvantage.

    “You might not like any authority, or getting led by anyone, especially not me. I know that, but please think about what this could cause if you go in there unprepared and fight on your own. You could even get yourself injured. I don’t want that happening.”

  4. Rolar was hurrying through the forest, but it seemed that Lilith was a much more agile adversary. Makes sense but damn, that's irritating. She tracks things fast. It seems he had no chance of escaping her.

    She tried to reason with him, though her reasoning was the inverse of his own. Yeah, he could get hurt, but that didn't matter. You don't join the military expecting to never be in pain, and certainly know there is a chance of dying. So this was no different. Rolar stopped running, and looked back at the girl following him.

    "Lilith. I have to say that I trust the team. I know they can take whatever comes their way. And I trust that you can help them. But I also know that the longer that these cultists roam free, more people are in danger of dying. Not just the team. So that's why I'm heading off. Because the risk is outweighed by the reward. I trust my gut. And in these cases, it's right. So I'm going"

    He slowly began walking off. That wouldn't dissuade her, but at this point, there's no point in running. That's futile. So why waste energy for this.

  5. His gut? He was going with some kind of feeling that he had? Without any prior knowledge of these cultists? Yes, they were dangerous to people but they hadn’t done anything yet to cause an uproar, her mother’s information had mentioned that they were doing this mission to prevent that. “Rolar! Don’t be reckless and stupid,” Lilith stated to him as he began to walk away from her. At least he had stopped running away. Perhaps, though, it was time to use force on him because he was not listening. “Don’t go running around without any awareness of your own self, you get hurt and you’re a liability in a fight, and all because you went with some gut fee—

    Lilith voice suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, a very strange occurrence considering how much she was trying to stop him. “R-R-R…” Was the next thing to come out, only the beginning for Rolar’s name though nothing else. It was evident that something seemed to be wrong.

    If he turned around he would see one of the cultists lackey’s had grabbed onto Lilith. It appeared that at least one of them had heard them, perhaps one that was out on watch as well in the woods and caught sight or heard them talking. Though, for an ss-rank this normally wouldn’t matter. One could easily just knock the man out and be perfectly fine. But, there was something wrong with Lilith. The girl’s body was shaking, hear in her eyes as she looked over at Rolar who was still in front of them. She appeared to be in distress.

    She could feel her legs beginning to weaken, her body wanting to fall to the ground right then and there. She was shaking and she couldn’t control it. The Ice Princess seemed helpless for the first time ever. No, no…please someone…help me…stop…don’t touch me…let me go…please… Lilith couldn’t even attempt to move the man away.

    “Move and I’ll harm the girl,” the man said to Rolar. “I’ll be taking her as leverage and alert everyone else of your presence.”

  6. Something wasn't right. Rolar turned to see Lilith in the grasps on a man. But she wasn't moving. Why hadn't she destroyed this guy? He knew she had far more than enough skill, so what was wrong? He knew he was going to have to do something. But what? He took a look around.

    ...? There was a thin beam of light coming from the moon. A small clearing in the canopy above was providing an answer. As if the heavens had given him his answer. He began focusing that light onto one thing. Lilith. slowly, her own face began to gleam like the moon, becoming more and more lustrous.

    "I'd watch out if I were you. You see, that shivering girl isn't actually cowering right now. She's biding energy."

    The assailant looked at the girl now glowing, only to be caught off guard by the light suddenly being released, resulting in a sudden bright flash. Without wasting time, Rolar took this chance to advance, giving a swift punch into the man's stomach. The man hunched over, having the wind knocked out of him. Rolar kicked him to the side, causing him to fall to the ground in pain. He could hear a few voices throughout the forest, likely alerted by the sudden flash that pierced the darkness. He grabbed Lilith by the arm, and looked at her

    "Time to go."

    He pulled her along through the forest, not even waiting for her to respond, escaping deeper into the woods.

  7. Lilith still couldn’t move, fear was still overtaking her and she wasn’t able to use any of her magic. She couldn't even think to be able to use her magic. She needed to be focused to use her magic. Though, Rolar did turn around and he helped her. He helped her, which was almost a surprise to her. Though, why would it be, they were on the same team. They were comrades and classmates at the same school. Just because he didn't like to get along with her, didn't mean he wasn't going to help her. He tricked the man, then attacked him, causing Lilith to fall out of the man’s grasp. It looked like Rolar had taken the man down, but it seemed that there were others coming now.

    It was then that Rolar took hold of her hand and began to run, pulling her along with her. His hand. It was touching her as well now. What was she supposed to do? She was afraid, yet it wasn’t as bad as what she had just felt. After all, Rolar was the one who helped her and she shouldn’t be afraid of his hand touching her.

    “R-Rolar,” Lilith got out, trying to compose herself. She had to think straight, they were getting chased after. She looked back, sensing the others that were behind them using her water vision. She concentrated, focusing on the ground in front of the cultists after them. Then, she created some ice, hoping that they would fall into the trap and slip on it. Usually, it was an easy attack to use on people. Most people didn’t think there would be ice in the woods, so they didn’t pay attention to that. She could sense, just then. that her trap did fool some of them but not all. They were still being tracked and they needed to do something about it. It was bad if they both got caught. Plus, it could be bad with the fact that the cultist knew they were there now.

    She looked forward at Rolar again, looking at him hand again. “C-can you let go of me?” She wasn’t trying to sound mean, but it was better for her to be more composed and that would only happen if his hand was not touching her.

  8. Rolar had led them to a hiding spot beneath a rock. He set a series of twinkling lights further away from them, trying to get their pursuers off their tail. It was then that he heard the voice of the once assertive girl requesting that he let go of her hand. It was a strange contrast, despite her attempting to keep herself collected, it was obvious she was still a little shaken.

    "Hm? Oh! Yeah, of course. Sorry."

    He looked at the girl that was with him now. A girl that he had always seen walking around with an air of confidence. He couldn't help but remember seeing this strong person suddenly turn weak. The image of her shivering in fear was still fresh in his mind. Now looking at her he noticed things he hadn't before. She actually looked almost delicate, with her almost porcelain skin, like a doll. But she isn't weak. So why?

    "Lilith, what happened back there? I've heard some of the things you done, so there's no way someone like that could have overpowered you."

  9. Once they were in a good hiding stop, they stopped. Lilith took in a breath and tried to relax from the evident that just occurred. Finally, he had let go of her, feeling a sense of relief once there was no one touching her again. She watched as he sent out the orbs in order to try to get the others away. Unfortunately they were probably going to alert their friends and it was going to cause more problems.

    However, that left Lilith’s mind when Rolar began to question her about what happened, about how she acted. She couldn’t just tell him. It was impossible to tell him her secrets, especially him. He would probably just never listen to her again if she told the truth to him. She looked away for a moment, trying to dodge the question but she knew that wasn’t going to work. He would just continue to question her.

    “I…I just don’t like being touched, okay?” Lilith admitted. Though, it didn’t give many details to him. It probably brought up more questions to him, especially because when she thought about it, it brought back that fear in her eyes. If he paid enough attention, it probably meant he would be able to tell that something about being touched scared her, not that she just didn’t like when people touched her.

    “I…sorry,” she whispered to him, looking back over at him. The ice queen was actually showing weakness. She knew that her problem was a liability. That was obvious considering what happened just then, but she couldn’t control it.

  10. That look in her eyes was one that he knew. It might have appeared different on her in the form of fear rather than anger, but it was something he understood. Something happened to her. Whatever happened scarred her severely.

    It was... odd. Rolar couldn't help but see her a bit differently. He always imagined the two of them to be the exact opposites. Maybe that wasn't entirely true. They might have one thing in common. He watched her for a moment. She looked so delicate right now. It was obvious she was ashamed. Ashamed of herself for expressing this side of her. It always seemed like she was keeping up air. Perhaps it was her parents or something.

    "Sorry? Lilith, stuff must have happened to you earlier in your life that caused you to feel that way. The same is true for me. That's why I act this way. That's why I act on my own feelings. So you have no reason to apologize, when you and I are guilty of the same thing."

    Rolar felt something fall on his neck. Then another... Than another... And another... It was water. Rain. It was starting to rain. And here they were in the middle of the forest, hiding from pursuers while it was raining. Rolar retreated further into the overhang they were hiding in currently, trying to find shelter from the elements.

    "Better get comfortable. I don't think we should leave any time soon."

  11. Sudden surprise came over Lilith, surprise that Rolar wasn’t saying that she was pathetic and questioning her more. Though, he was good at being able to tell that something was wrong and that something had happened to her. But…

    “The same?” Lilith then said, beginning to question him as well. She didn’t mean to, but he had said that something caused him to become how he was, something in his past as well. So, they really did have something in common. They were the same. But, it seemed there were still differences to it. Lilith struggled because of hers, while he seemed that he just didn’t like taking much authority. But, maybe, it really would bring them closer finally.

    Though, then Lilith felt something very familiar, a drop of water falling over her skin. It had started to rain. Rolar began to move back more, trying to get out of the rain. That made sense, he probably wasn’t fond of the rain very much. Most people weren’t. But, for Lilith, it was one of her favorite things. It made her feel better. It made her feel calm and relaxed. It started to rain a bit more, causing the rain drops to hit her more. She began to smile a bit.

    “I guess that means you don’t really like the rain, huh?” Lilith began to say to him. It was probably best not to get her cloths wet though, so she moved a bit back farther too, which ended up bringing her closer to him again. “There are a lot of people who don’t like the rain. But…” She rose up her hand, letting one of the droplets that hit her slide down her skin, going from her finger down her arm.

    “I like the rain,” Lilith admitted. “It’s peaceful to me. It makes me feel better. Truthfully, when I was younger I would sit out in the rain a lot. I would get soaked, but I didn’t mind at all. Water, and ice, they are my elements after all. Some people really can’t stand the rain. They say it’s dreary and annoying. But, just think about all the things that can grow because of it. Just think of how beautiful the flowers are going to become because of this rain.”

  12. "Well it's not my favorite thing, but I can handle it. It's being wet and cold I am not a fan of."

    She began talking about the way the rain helped the plants grow, in spite of those who dislike it. Rolar couldn't help but smile at this. The way she talked about playing in the water, it was something else different about her. It was rather funny actually, considering that his own element had a major part in the process as well. After all, where do these plants get the majority of their energy

    "You know fire's got just as much to do with these flowers as water. Yeah, I get it, fire's a destructive element, rogue, capable of causing mass destruction. Well it's more than that. There's a reason why my elements are Fire and Light. Fire is more than just something that burns. It's warmth. It's energy. It's light. All those stars out there are all blazing balls of fire. The Sun, we couldn't live without it. So whenever I see someone treat Fire as only a tool to destroy, I can't help but feel as if they don't truly understand it."

    It was not as warm as Rolar would have liked. That rain really changed the temperature. But, he couldn't just say that now could he. He looked at Lilith

    "You cold?"

  13. Lilith suddenly let out a little giggle, not something the girl usually did and never in front of Rolar. But, for some reason, maybe it was the rain, she felt a lot more relaxed when sitting there with him. It was like what had happened with the cultist didn’t happen at all, like she wasn’t touched by him at all.

    “I never said anything about fire being destructive,"Lilith commented, giving him a small smile, something else that she still didn’t really do often to people, not even her own parents. “I don’t think fire’s bad at all. I know that it can give off heat. It’s important to have that too. Though, it is true that I’m not the best when it comes to heat. I don’t hate it at all, it’s just, with my abilities, the heat kind of slows me down. But, people shouldn't just think that you'll go destroying everything because of fire.” She was even telling him her secrets now, but for some reason, for that moment, it felt like they were safe with him.

    “But, you use yours in order to help people just like you did for me back there. So, thank you.” The outside did cool down a bit, but Lilith never really had issues with feeling the cold. She could stay in the snow with light cloths and not feel cold and her body lasted longer too. That didn’t mean it was indestructible to the cold, but it was better prepared thanks to her magic. “Nay, I’m not cold. I’m able to withstand cool temperatures pretty easily. But, if you are, you’re free to try and warm yourself up. I don’t mind.”

    They were simply having a conversation, something that the two of them never really had together. Although, Lilith still wondered about what they should do about the cultists. They knew now and she hoped that the others were still alright. But, the rain might cause a problem with Rolar’s power. She didn’t know for sure, but she would think it would. They couldn’t really go leaving the stop they were at, and not unprepared and unplanned.

  14. "Cold? N-No, of course I'm not cold. I just had to... perform my duties as a gentleman. I mean, what kind of Paladin would I be if I was unchivalrous? You know?"

    There wasn't any need for him to defend himself. So why act tough? Why was he trying to act tough right now? He was searching his mind for an answer, and nothing really came to up. He looked over at her, seeing her smile, and the moments she watched the rain, it was almost surreal.

    This had been something he has actually been trying to accomplish for quite a while, and it seemed all he needed was a little stress and a rainstorm in the middle of the forest to get that. Every time he pestered her, every time he told her to skip class, every time he asked her to disobey, it was only to get a simple conversation with her.

    "I don't think I've ever seen you like this. You know, every time I tried to poke fun at you, I was just trying to have a conversation like this. Who would have thought we'd finally have it here of all places. Lilith, I've got to say, this side of you is... cute.""

  15. It was almost comical the way he was trying to act manly by saying he wasn’t cold. It didn’t matter if he was; it was natural for a body to be cold. “Alright, alright,” she commented afterwards. It was nice to have a conversation with him though. It was weird; she didn’t talk to people much. She didn’t have the time or the chance to. She always believed that it was better that way. She needed to stay away from people because they could distract her. But, it was nice being able to simply talk with something.

    Though, hearing him admit that he only had been wanting to talk to her the whole time did come as a complete surprise to her. So, he was always teasing her because he just wanted her to talk about something with him.

    A sudden blush came over her face when he told her that she was cute as they were right now. “W-what?! I…I’m not…” She didn’t really know how to handle being called cute. It’s not like everyone went around telling her that. After all, she was distance from everyone so getting compliments like that wasn’t something she was used to.

    “W-well, I didn’t know you just wanted to talk. If you wanted that you should have just said that. I figured you just didn’t like me this whole time, and…I’m not good with others very much. I…have to do a lot of training in order to make sure that…well, I’m the headmistress’s daughter after all. I didn’t think that someone would just want a conversation with me, I always kept distance from others so that thought never occurred to me. But, it’s kind of nice to just talk with someone.” It was obvious that the girl was still embarrassed by his comment of being cut though, it was hard to not be focused on that.

  16. Rolar couldn't contain his laughter at her reaction. It was just a vicious cycle at this point. She was so cute blushing, and telling her she's even cuter would make her blush more, which would be even cuter. It was tempting to try it, but Rolar went for a different plan of attack

    "You're blushing."

    It was a simple bit of teasing. After all, it wasn't every day he got to see her flustered. The rain was still falling, almost rhythmically, with the gentle pitter-patter as it fell upon the rocks and leaves. The cool breeze periodically flowing into the rock, and the rustling of the wind through the trees, it was really quite peaceful, almost like a lullaby. It was still late. So late in fact that, the sun would probably be rising in a few hours, and the two hadn't had any rest in this entire time.

    "Hey, how 'bout you get some rest. I feel things are gonna be a little crazy in the morning. It'd be best if you were awake for it. Don't worry, I'll keep watch. And, I won't go anywhere this time."

  17. “I-I’m not blushing!” Liltih stated back, but pointing it out only made the blush get worse. How could she just blush in front of him? It was so embarrassing. And, he was trying to make it worse. He was laughing about it even. It was way too embarrassing. She looked away for a moment, trying to compose herself. She had to get rid of the blush or he could continue to tease her about it, and everything would just get worse.

    She let out a breath of air, a slightly puff of cool air coming out from it. It happened often when Lilith tried to cool her body down. It was always with the help of her magic, she was able to use it to calm herself down if she felt like she was getting too flustered for any kind of reason whether it was embarrassment or anger even.

    She looked back at him when he mentioned about trying to get some sleep. “I don’t know. Can I really trust that you’ll stay here and not run away, you might go leaving me here all alone.” She wasn’t really being serious. Plus, she could tell that she was beginning to get tired. They hadn’t slept, it was late or rather early in the morning and they needed to be well rested. “You haven’t really slept either though; you got off watch and just decided to leave without sleep. You should be tired as well.”

    But, it was hard not to admit that she could feel the tiredness starting to come over her. She wasn’t sure if she should really sleep though, he needed it too. Yet, her eyes began to close a bit, listening to the sound of the rain falling down. It was a sound she also enjoyed and she did spent many good nights falling asleep to it. It did have that effect on her. She used to enjoy having rainy nights because she would sleep better.

    The thought of all this was making her more drowsy, and Lilith’s body started to sway as the exhaustion took over her. Her body leaned, gently falling towards Rolar where her head ended up on his shoulder. “You…you’re probably tir….” But her comment was cut off with her falling asleep.

  18. As soon as her head hit his shoulder, there was no denying that she was exhausted. There would also be no denying that Rolar was blushing this time. Thankfully she probably wouldn't be able to see it, being asleep and all. After her voice trailed off, Rolar smiled. She had really let her guard down. But that's what Rolar is good for. He's the knight after all. It's the Knight's job to protect the Queen.

    "Sleep tight my Queen. I'll keep watch."

    He sat there waiting. Ten minutes... Twenty minutes... Thirty...

    It was a lot more difficult to stay awake than he anticipated. But he couldn't fall asleep now. Not while there was this sleepy head on his shoulder. But he could feel her warmth near him. Her body was warm. It seemed that nickname was nothing more. A name. She wasn't ice, she was a person like everyone else. Soft, and warm. Soft... and...



  19. Lilith had fallen asleep, and not only that but she was technically touching someone. With her head on Rolar’s shoulder, she had contact with a person, yet her body didn’t do anything. It wasn’t afraid. It didn’t get stiff and weak like usual. Instead, she was calm and she continued to sleep.

    There had been many times when she slept that she would have nightmares of her past, many parts of her past that she wasn’t fond of. But, for once, that didn’t happen. She was able to stay asleep peacefully. Maybe it was the rain. Or, maybe it was Rolar being there that made her feel better somehow.

    A few hours later, Lilith awake. She opened her eyes slowly, realizing how she was positioned on his shoulder. Another blush came to her face and she quickly removed it. Though, it was not because she was afraid, rather it was because it was too embarrassing to be like that. She then remembered the current position they were in. The rain had stopped and the sun was coming up in the sky. They were still on their mission. There were the cultists still around, they had to fight them and take them out no matter what.

    She looked over at Rolar, noticing that he had fallen asleep as well. Although he said he was going to stay on watch, she was actually glad that he was asleep now. He needed it as well. However, it was time for them to leave the place they were at and get rid of the cultists.

    “Rolar,” Lilith began to say. “Get up; we’re still on a mission. We need to take down those cultists. You wanted to do it so badly last night, so let’s go take those guys down so that they can’t harm anyone.”

  20. It was a such a peaceful sleep. Well all things considered it was peaceful even with the cultists roaming around trying to find them, and possibly kill them. But Rolar slept extremely comfortable. Maybe it was because of the extra wa-

    "I'm getting up, I'm getting up... Wait... Did you say we're actually going through with my plan?... Or lack thereof? Wow... Maybe I am a bad influence. But, I'm not complaining. Sleep well?"

    Rolar asked the question intending to once again see her blush, but had a strange change of heart. He placed his hand on her head, and rubbed her head.

    "I'm messing with you. Come on, let's get going."

    Rolar started heading off into the forest. It wasn't dark anymore, so the stealth angle might not be the best. But Rolar wouldn't have an idea until he actually saw the hideout. Most likely it'd involve some sort of diversion, but he hadn't thought much further truthfully.
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