Swamps and slumbering giants. (open)

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    Eveline, a platinum witch known only as the weeping willow by the demonic forces which plague the serenity of the realm. A demon slayer byday and treasue hunter by night. Ranked in the top five within the Silver demon clan and ranked number one within the mitsusawa royal family the head famiy of the house of the viper. She could be found deep within the black swamp. Her mission though personal would prove invaluable. For within this swamp of death and decay, realm of the lizardfolk and all manners of undead. Could be found an ancient ruin said to house a sleeping power. A power which according to legend had no equal. Most would dismiss such rumors asmere fables. However something stirred within the pink haired warrioress which told her otherwise. And so without hesitation or delay she ventured far fromthe highlands of the north and enter hostile terroritory. A realm in which her kind was hunted by the local populace due to their unnatural and twisted origins.

    The ground was obscured by a blanket of ghastly fog. As the moon hung mystically in the air, piercing the darkess which normalyl embraced the realm. A frigid breeze danced across the land, as her swarthy kimono and long tamed hair danced in the wind. In her left hand rested a wooden sword. Black as the night itself with silver nordic engravings decorating it’s hilt. And in her right hand could be found a silver blade. A custom weapon for those of the viper house. Relishing in the void of clamor and cold embrace of the night. She would waltz between a row ofdead trees along side the road. Her facial features blanketed by the shadows as but a single hoot from an owl distrupted the silence. The corpses of both the undead and lizard folk could be found scattered across the moisten earth. A great battle had recently taken place here…just outside of a ruin left dormantfor centuries.
    Eveline knew that others would soon arrive. For word of such a place filled with power and untold riches would entice and evoke several would be treasure hunters. Even now as her eye barreled down on the moss ridden mouth of the ruin she could feel foul presence. Complimented only by it’s grotesque scent which hung in the air rather thickly. It was not the scent of the dead nor of the dead which walked amogst the living. Rather something foreign to her. Which troubled her greatly. For a moment she would remain still, surveying the scene as she put away her silver blade. The hoarse whisper of steel fricitoning against steel would echo. Giving most goosebumps due to the frequency of it’s sound. And though she closed the distance between herself and the mouth of the moss ridden ruin. She would refrain from entering it’s walls so carelessly. Instead for the moment she would remain outside as if waiting for something…
  2. She had been waiting as a red haired man who's face was covered by a scarf appeared behind her, not very stealthily, sloshing the water of the swamp and making a rather loud noises on his way behind her. He had emerged from behind a tree and made his presence known. He carried no mark of any clan so it would be clear that he was a freelancer or independent treasure hunter, but upon closer examination he bore the mark of a rather well known private contractor/mercenary. "I see I'm not the only one who have caught wind of this place."

    He looked at Eveline as she stood in the moonlight. "It's an obvious answer but what are you doing here?"

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  3. Sir Anthony of Rowan found himself gripping the handle of his sheathed sword as he made his way down the winding path of the swamp. Perhaps it was the unsettling atmosphere that hung so thick around him or maybe it was his nerves. After all this was his first mission as a knight of Rowan and not only that but he was hand picked by his highness King Vasion. Why him? Well, that was debatable. Some had said that he was finally being accepted as a Rowanian, while others told him it was to pay for his fathers sins. Either way Anthony would not fail this quest. He would prove himself this time.

    Anthony was of average height (about 6 ft) and well built. This was mostly hidden however by his leather armor and hooded tunic. They were a bright grey with red trim that usually shimmered in the sun but not here. He wore leather boots to his knee and on his hip hung his fathers long sword. It was a true blade, hand made by his father back when knights had to do such things. He had seen it cut through stone and man and it was his source of security in all things. But this fog was getting too him and the ever increasing number of bodies along the road did not help in easing his fears.

    At first he thought he was just imagining things, but after a moment he realized he was hearing a voice. He stopped and pressed to listen, then slowly moved off the path. Making his way along the tree line he came closer to the ruins and saw the most amazing color of hair he had ever seen.