Swamps and slumbering giants. (open)

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    Eveline, a platinum witch known only as the weeping willowby the demonic forces which plague the serenity of the realm. A demon slayer byday and treasue hunter by night. Ranked in the top five within the Silver demonclan and ranked number one within the mitsusawaroyal family and head famiy of the house of the viper. She could be found deepwithin the black swamp. Her mission though personal would prove invaluable. Forwithin this swamp of death and decay, realm of the lizardfolk and all mannersof undead. Could be found an ancient ruin said to house a sleeping power. Apower which according to legend had no equal. Most would dismiss such rumors asmere fables. However something stirred within the pink haired warrioress whichtold her otherwise. And so without hesitation or delay she ventured far fromthe highlands of the north and enter hostile terroritory. A realm in which herkind was hunted by the local populace due to their unnatural and twistedorigins.

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    The ground was obscured by a blanket of ghastly fog. As themoon hung mystically in the air, piercing the darkess which normalyl embracedthe realm. A frigid reeze danced across the land, as her swarthy kimono andlong tamed hair danced in the wind. In her left hand rested a wooden sword.Black as the night itself with silver nordic engravings decorating it’s hilt.And in her right hand could be found a silver blade. A custom weapon for thoseof the viper house. Relishing in thevoid of clamor and cold embrace of the night.She would waltz between a row ofdead trees alongside the road. Her facial features blanketed by the shadows asbut a single hoot from an owl pierced the silence. The corpses of both theundead and lizard folk could be found scattered across the moisten earth. Agreat battle had recently taken place here…just outside of a ruin left dormantfor centuries.
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    Eveline knew that others would soon arrive. For word of sucha place filled with power and untold riches would entice and evoke severalwould be treasure hunters. Even now as her eye barreled down on the moss riddenmouth of the ruin she could feel foulpresence. Complimented only by it’s grotesque scent which hung in the airrather thickly. It was not the scent of the dead nor of the dead which walked amogst theliving. Rather something foreign to her. Which troubled her greatly. For amoment she would remain still, surveying the scene as she put away her silverblade. The hoarse whisper of steel fricitoning against steel would echo. Givingmost goosebumps due to the frequency of it’s sound. And though she closed thedistance between ehrself and the mouth of the moss ridden ruin. She wouldrefrain from entering it’s walls so carelessly. Instead for the moment shewould remain outside as if waiting for something…
  2. As would be expected, the sound of steel clashing against more steel echoed throughout the area. But not from near the temple area. No, this time it came from 5 miles north ahead. In said area, a man wearing a black kimono with a hood and white obi. and holding a katana in his right hand was battling another being wearing the same thing, but holding a fachion-katana hybrid in the left. As one blade clashed against the other, the sound of chirping birds was heard.

    A few minutes later, lefty had knocked away his opponents blade and sent it flying. "Your mine!" he said as he went to strike a fatal blow. Only to be blocked by by a right hand that had a ball of electricity. "Kaminari. Kage." "Oh Shi-" Was all the opponent said before a huge blast of electricity evaporated him and left a huge blast crater in front of him. "Ok, that makes 3." Said the winner as he took off his hood to reveal a young man's face with short black hair and green eyes. "Hopefully they'll get the memo and stop comming here."He muttered as his electricity-laced hand reformed back into a katana.
  3. A flash in the distance would cause her eye to dart across the scene. The faint whisper of steel clashing violently against steel served as a soothing orchestra reminding her of battles past. The wind carried with it the stench of death, not that of festering corpses rather that of opposing forces seeking closure to a conflict via one's blade. Such a harmony plucking emotional strings both positivie and negative by nature within the young warrioress. Sheathing her steel blade her wooden sword knwn as the devil of the pale moon now resting against her shoulders. Her stride graceful as the clash retarded the flow of her objective. Serving as a welcome distraction from the weight barreling down on her. Rather frigidly she would carelessly step over the deceased as she made her way with haste toward the epicenter of the unnatural flash which capivated her so. Within moments she would find herself gazing upon a both morbid yet aweinspiring scene. A reminder of the folly of men and her own mortality. Each battle was that between two sinners, strugling to defy the will of the only God we know for sure...that being death. The winner was simply the one who with the most conviction and effort whisper to deaths grasp "Not today."

    Her eyes galloping across the scene as a foreign energy tickled her sense and curosity. There she would find the footprints of the mans dance, which in due time led her to the survivor. A fellow who no doubt fanced himself as some sort of guardian. Such an egotistical self inflatuation of one's purpose, yet oddly enough an honorable one. One which she would respect if her original deductions of this fellow proved true. At first only but a simple stare would grace him. Silence meeting them both as she surveyed and studied this stranger. You can tell alot about a person by how they carry both themselves and their blade. Primarily the extent of their training but more importantly their dicipline. After allowing a few awkward seconds to fester between the two the pink haired warrioress would lick her lips. Moistening them before offering the stranger a few choice words.

    "It seems it was not your time sinner. Like me you a man of much guilt have eluded judgement for at least one more eve. My name is Eveline Mitsusawa of the viper house. Might I know your name as well fellow brother of the raven." A simple bow she would ofer him. However her lack of caution was deceptive. Masking her vigil rather well. For she was no fool, this man just killed another. Who is to say that he will not seek to strike her down next? Only time would tell what role if any he'd play in the events to unfold.
  4. At first, he had suppressed a chuckle when the woman first spoke. "I've heard that before." He mumbled when the said something about it not being his time. Oddly enough, he's been on "death's doorstep" multiple times before. Each of those times, he's passed through by the smallest of chances. Then again, he was always interupted by the overly confident types that thought they were the best thing out there. Only to get beaten by his raw power and skill.

    Wait, 'Brother of the Raven'? Ok, that was new. Althought it was probally cause of what he was wearing. Allright, just roll with it. "....I can't give you my name for personal reasons but I can give you my alias: Percy Bell. Normally, i'm a traveler but i'm on a long training trip. I've heard that those ruins were cursed beyond belief so I decided to check this out." 'And stop 3 idiots who only thought of themselves...' He added mentaly. Thought his story was half-lie and half-truth. In reality, he was being prusued and had found ways to loose them.

    Only to be found again and had to fight his way out. Can't they get that he only wanted to live peacefully and not get back involved with the court guard squads? Lamenting his current trouble aside, he turned and looked at the woman who was near. With one glance, he could easily tell that she was skilled with a sword. Speaking of sword, he decided to sheath his own sword.
  5. There are two languages in this world. Those which were spoken and those which strayed not from one's lips. This fellow seemed quite fluent in both. Offering both lies and truth in an unholy union. And though Eveline could sniff out the stench of his deceit. She saw no reason to offend him by needlessly pointing out her thoughts. For truly there must of been a reason behind his unwillingness to come clean. At the same token she admired his discretion her feelings becoming blurred. For caution and discretion was wise and admirable in a warrior. But can sow seeds of destruction. Yet being uncertain whether he spoke lie or truth asolute she would tread the waters and test the extent of this man's value when it comes to his words. "Mr.Bell a pleasure." Conveying proper respectc with her words and tone; but as well as through gesture. Due in part to the graceful bow she offered him. And though she saw him as a raven it had nothing to do with his choiced attire. Rather on the lifestyle they shared. Any warrior who fought by the sword was marked by the raven. Carrying out most of his or her days through the fires of conflict. Until such a time as death saw it befitting for them to fall by the sword they so desperately lived by. A poetic if not ironic truth.

    "If it is the ruins you seek then we have a mutual goal. Why not enter together? Are not two blades greater then one? Why then should we venture alone? That is unless you're afraid that my wooden sword will prove of no use in your exploits?" She posed her words rather intelligently. Hinting toward her more cunning nature. While leaving room for grave offense. If he were to deny her this gesture it would leave grave room for offense. A fact he undoubtedly is more then aware of by now. Her tactics were frigid and ruthless. Yet despite this no vile intent would resonate with other her bodily gestures or her insipid yet elegantly posed words.

    She thought of this fellow as a man with both class and honor. By offering a name of sorts and sheathing his blade he showed much promise in this regard. However unlike him Eveline would refrain from putting away her swarthy wooden sword. For in truth she was unable to. The devil of the pale moon had a mind of it's own. In many regards it was a living being carved from a demonic tree in a far away realm. However despite it's origins nothing foul emitted from it. Even as it whispered to Eveline in her mind's ear it was only reassuring.
  6. "Likewise, Miss Eveline." He said, and returned the bow. The man wasn't an idiot to figure out that she had seen through his standard half-lie/truth story he gave out. As far as the 'Live by the sword' thing: his sword was the represtantion of his very being. Percy wasn't one to pay attention to looks, however he did find Eveline sort of intresting. At first, the wodden sword put questions back into his mind but he put those in the back.

    "Sounds like a plan." He responded to her proposal about exploring the ruins. It would be much better than going it alone. "You guard this place, right? Better to have someone who knows their way around than run in blind." He responded with a smile. Then the part about the wooden sword came up. Chucking to himself, he looked at the mentioned sword. "I've been wanting to ask about that but I woun't press into it. 'To each, Their own' Right?"
  7. She had been waiting as a red haired man who's face was covered by a scarf appeared behind her, not very stealthily, sloshing the water of the swamp and making a rather loud noises on his way behind her. He had emerged from behind a tree and made his presence known. He carried no mark of any clan so it would be clear that he was a freelancer or independent treasure hunter, but upon closer examination he bore the mark of a rather well known private contractor/mercenary. "I see I'm not the only one who have caught wind of this place."

    He looked at Eveline as she stood in the moonlight. "It's an obvious answer but what are you doing here?"

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  8. The devil of the pale moon...a sword forged from a demonic tree an entity one with it's wielder. Sowing it's seeds into her very soul creating a bond few could understand. A relationship in which both parties exchanged skills and experience to further their survival. The trust they shared amongst one another few could fathom. Even this man was unable to grasp the truth behind her wooden sword. She was no better equipped to explain then he was to comprehend. And even if he somehow could understand...he had not yet earned to privilege of knowing the truth. And the truth in her eyes was not a gift to be handed out so lightly. "When you can hear here then I will answer your question." She'd pose a riddle his way. As if hinting to the fact that her sword was somehow alive. As if it possessed a soul and will of its own. And though many swordsmen and warriors claim their weapon of choice is a part of them. Only she could say so with conviction and without doubt.

    The man thought of her as a mere guardian of sorts. Caretaker and protector of this rundown ruins forgotten by time and claimed by ignorance. Truth be told she was a plunderer sent to retrieve some sort of power. Even now a team had already ventured into the ruins several moons of go to find this legend. She was merely sent as an enforcer or body guard to ensure the retrieval and safe travel of said power. And whatever intelligence she did receive regarding this place was at best vague. "I know some of the layout however you have me confused good sir. I am no guardian I am a raven. A sinner sent to commit yet another sin. Some foolishly view me as an artist. But only few live to tell of my work. Luckily for us my "renown" is not well known in these parts. And it is better for all of us if it remains this way." She spoke as her eyes darted toward the newcomer.

    Eveline would permit him to speak as she rested her arms across her defined abdomen. Tugging her black kimono close to her frame as she listened. Her eye surveying the newcomer. Everything about him screamed that of a sell sword of sorts. In her opinion it was rare to find one who could be trusted. For most sell swords follow the money and often will betray one contractor for another who offered more gold. "A sell sword of sorts I imagine? My name is Eveline and though you presume that you understand my purpose. I very much doubt there is any truth to such a claim. You and I walk a similar yet totally different path...But if you wish to tag along you may. But if you attempt to retard my progress or steal my objective I can promise you no safety; rather the slowest of deaths." Her eyes were sharp and intense. Burning with a passion as if to declare the sincerity of her words.

    This sudden shift in her attitude granting but a glimpse toward her true acting abilities. Only serving to further insert both her dominance and lethality as one marked by the viper and raven.
  9. Percy had smiled once more at the tiny riddle. In reality, the same could be said for his sword as well. When Eveline went to talk to the newcomer he looked at the sheathed sword on his left. Chidori, 1,000 birds. Like the being he fought before, his katana took another shape. But besides that point, when she said that she was only and only lived for her work and that people viewed her as a artist, it made his mind wounder. "Just what is your 'renown'?" He thought aloud.

    Unknown to the others, he was already thinking of what that 'treasure' was. Not like he had any intrest in it. Hell, with one attack, he could probally wipe the entire runins from the face of the earth. 'No.' He had said while shaking his head, and listening to Eveline talk to the new person. 'Sensless destruction is the easy way out.' Ironicly, he looked to he damage he caused in his previous conflict.
  10. The mercenary named Tybalt stared at the two people. Tybalt sensed her disdain for sell swords. Tybalt went to reassure her that he was there for his own reasons, sure it netted him profit, but it was of his own nose and information gathering that he found himself here. "I assure you that I am very honorable and loyal. I've come here of my own accord despite what you may have heard or presumed of me. I am the mercenary called Tybalt. I use the term loosely, since I disdain the other mercenaries and sell swords out there. And you are right, it wasn't my place to presume your intentions here. If you are heading into the ruins over yonder I would gladly accompany you. It looks like you can handle yourself out there though. I will join you, but you have to tell me what it is you're seeking in these ruins."

    He knew it was a long shot. He was going to go into the ruins regardless, but information is power. He could asses what would lie beyond the entrance and whether it would be worth it or not. He was hoping Eveline would give in, but she seemed to be a smart girl; talking in riddles like that. Tybalt shifted around in his chain mail armor not used to the murkiness of the swamp. He looked at Eveline with bated breath for her answer.
  11. It was always easier to destroy then it was to create and build up. An unfortunate truth Eveline knew all too well. Still she would harbor no immediate ill thoughts toward this sell sword. He had proven himself a decent man though the term honorable proved far too potent for one such as himself. A fool who sought answers which concerned him not. Her own affairs were none of his business. However less she come off as rude she would retort within hesitation. For though he was a mercenary he had yet to do anything which could void the most basic of social etiquette. "If you wish to learn my purpose you need only follow me. In due time your curiosity and more will become sedated." A simple enough response. One which promised much however nothing she would fail to deliver. Her eyes would then gallop from this sell sword and fixate themselves on the frame of the more honorable warrior out of the two. "I see no more reason to waste precious time...shall we?" A simple gesture being offered before the swarthy kimono clad warrioress ventured off into the swamp.

    The hoarse echoing of sword clashing in the distance would disrupt the normal clamor of the nocturnal life. An awe too familiar shrieking from lady death. Reminding Eveline of the days of old when she first traversed down this windy path. The sound originated from the general direction of the ruins. Causing an alarm to raise within her mind. "We must hurry." She would state the obvious out loud. Sprinting toward the mouth of the ruin. However by the time they had arrived the fighting had ceased. And only the scattered remains of the living dead could be found decorating the scene. A harrowing tale no doubt. Yet there amongst a garden of rotted flesh and a fresh kill a horned woman could be found. Her hooves sinking into the earth as her eyes danced from one corpse to the next. As if to admire the kill. Undoubtedly the other two would find her appearance to be alien if not demonic. However Eveline knew this woman all too well. She was both their tour guide and a slave.


    Tereza was her name. Her scale wings unfurling as she turned to face Eveline and the strangers which accompanied her. What sort of creature was this woman one would ask? In truth she was a dragon demon hybrid, a slave to the viper house. Though unlike most she did not cook nor clean dishes. She was no maid or plowers of the fields. She served the house as a protector and at times an assassin. This would strike most as queer to say the least. with brow arched the sack cloth clad woman would gaze at each male before offering the lot a bow. "Madam Eveline. I presume we are ready to begin?" She would state before standing upright once more. "Greetings masters. My name is Tereza an unholy spawned whose flesh was forged by the viper house. I shall be your guide and shield. If need be this cattle will shed blood and flesh for you." a rather odd introduction. But an acknowledgement of her fate and acceptance of it.
  12. A rather odd introduction indeed. Percy had looked at each of the courpes that was arround this new person then back at her. Then the...cattle? that had accompained her. It seemed like she had knew that things were going to get rough in the long run. But it was too late to back out now. Nodding, he took one last look at the dead corpses and noticed something. Letting his curoisity get the better of him, he walked over to it and bent down to inspect it.

    He then noticed the emblem in the inside of what it was wearing. "As I thought." The emblem was the one used for the 12th squad, research and development team. He wasn't one to go through someone's belongings, but now he had to. After a minute of searching, he found a notebook that somehow wasn't covered with blood. Smirking mentally, he took the notebook and put it inside his kimono then joined the others.
  13. Tybalt had thought about her cryptic response. She had admired her power with words. Tybalt of all people should know. Having a silver tongue and have words with impact can save you many a fight. Intimidation can only get you so far. After dwelling on her words for far too long he had slightly jogged through the muck and marsh to catch up to her. She saw the most peculiar sight. Some kind of demon abomination was occupying a clearing surrounded by bodies. Judging from Eveline's look the demon was non-hostile they had started conversing casually signifying that they had met each other before. Tybalt stayed on the sidelines looking on and letting them go about their business. The demon looked powerful since she has cleared quite a number of the swamp's inhabitants by herself, given that they were zombies it's still impressive.

    Tybalt sloshed and walked his way to the other warrior that was with Eveline earlier than Tybalt had arrived. He introduced himself to him and wished to get to know him, not that it mattered to him he just needed some idle chat. He did his best to hide the insincere friendliness. "hello there, I'm Tybalt and to what may I ask do I owe this pleasure of knowing?"
  14. Percy had raised an eyebrow when Tybalt had approach and introduced himself. It seemed like people of this land liked to speak a tad bit too formal or something. But whatever, it wasn't like he cared any. He took the book out of his kimono and flipped to a random page. Only to close it and put it away. "Your better off not knowing." He mumbled. Then, he almost forgot to introduce himself. "Name's Percy." He said while relaxing his guard finally.
  15. Tereza remained silent as her wandering eyes observed the strangers which accompanied lady Eveline. As soon as they left enough distance the demon abomination would close the distance between herself and the lady whispering into her ear. "The master entered the ruins three days ago. No one has been seen leaving or entering. Nor can I sense his aura. We know not why or even what is down there. The legend is kind of vague when it comes to details. But this is all the intelligence I have to report milady." Tereza would conclude before taking a few steps back. Offering her mistress a single bow.

    Eveline would arch a brow to her words. Permitting the men to waste their time in idle bantering. It seemed the situation had changed and not for the better. However things seldom get better without first becoming worse. Eveline returned her bow simply to maintain civility before weaving a proper response. "Then it seems the situation as well as our mission has changed. Do you know if these undead are somehow connected with the power we seek?" She replied somewhat with cryptic undertones. For once conveying a rather sincere sense of distress and concern. Not toward her own well being but that of their houses master.

    Tereza would at first only shake her head. No longer feeling the need to whisper her words. For this information was unclassified and these strangers might have some use for it. "No lady Eveline. I sense a single entity. Emitting a powerful aura but not that of any living being I know of. In fact it doesn't even seem to be organic or natural. Rather engineered by who or for what purpose I can not say."A soft sigh parting from her luscious lips as she began to rub her temples. "It's all a headache."

    Eveline would offer her a simple smirk. "I understand how you fell but..." Before she could conclude that thought the ground would begin to shake. As hordes of the living dead began sprinting from the ruins mouth. Both Eveline and Tereza would switch to their battle stances as the undead closed the distance between them. "Everyone prepare!" She would bellow. The earthquake becoming worse with each passing second. The horde would however ignore the strangers. Instead fleeing into the swarthy swamp as if disaster loomed over the horizon. 'What the hell?" Eveline would whisper under her breath. "Why would they attack you and avoid us all? are they frighten by us?" She'd inquire into.

    Tereza would remain silent for a few seconds. Before turning to face everyone. "The bodies you saw were not butchered by my hands. I arrived seconds before you guys. All I remember seeing was a bright light at the entrance of the ruin. But judging by the extent of trauma done to the corpses I imagine they didn't stand a chance..."

  16. Tybalt was in the middle of trying to start a conversation with Percy when he saw the demon and Eveline were whispering in each others ears. He knew they were plotting something and his speech seemed to die down to small sentances more intently focusing on what they were talking about. They were to far for Tybalt to really listen in. This disturbed Tybalt greatly since he didn't like secrets being kept from him. He gave up and resumed trying to talk to Percy. He shifted uncomfortably in the swamp and placed his hand on his dagger, Excesmyr. IT was one of his most precious possessions. It was delicately engraved with writing and inscriptions on the hilt. It was in it's sheath but the blade had an elegant dragon design on ones side.

    He went to check up on Eveline to see what they were going to do and the status of her mission.
  17. "Well this is just great." He said as he felt the tremor in the swamp. Just what he needed, more things to come after his hide. But his eyes widened when he saw living dead run off and pretty much ignore them. While raising an eyebrow, he channeled some electricty to his feet and zipped to the others. "Mabye it's because they might be a forewarning to something, OR , what I did when I first got here. After all, I released a large enough blast to create an aftershock. But, enticing this reaction from living dead is a first." Percy was seriously thinking that something is horribily wrong here, so he put a hand on this sheathed katana.
  18. Indeed Eveline felt a disturbing vibe resonated from within those ruins. Which led her to deduce that this earthquake was anything but a natural disaster. The undead were known for many things, but fleeing out of terror was not one. Whatever was the source of this tremor undoubtedly was the root of the fear which gripped the living dead. Perhaps it would of been wiser if they had fled themselves. However the warrioress was far too curious and dedicated to the mission to simply turn tail and flee. Instead she would choose to fight and slay whatever it was that would soon get in her way. Casually her eyes would drift from the mouth of the temple as she addressed Percy's comment. "For our sakes I hope that you're correct. However I very much doubt that is the case. The tremor is too strong for an after shock. And the undead were underground meaning they would be unaware of the source of your attack." She would state as she readied her wooden sword. "Sell sword let us pray you're worth your weight in gold when it comes to combat." she would reply, meaning no disrespect. However he was the only one whose strength she had been unable to gauge.

    Tereza would only sigh as all this went on. She knew for a fact that this Percy was not the source. Rather the cause of the tremor was something other then natural. The cause and effect of it portrayed what she theorized almost perfectly. "Lady Eveline you're being too harsh on the lad." She would rise to the defense of the sell sword. As soon as these words parted from her lips the quake would cease. A sudden calm before the storm had begun to set in. However uneasiness still abounded amongst the party of adventurers. "I-it stopped?" Tereza would question to herself as she began to stroke her chin, obviously perplexed.

    "It would seem so. However I doubt this is the end." Eveline would promptly retort.

    "I agree." Tereza did state as her eyes drifted to the ground.

    Within the swarthy embrace of shadows. something would stir at the mouth of the ruin. No warning or words would be exchanged as a hand of stone launched itself from the darkness and into the light. Hurling itself at great speed toward Eveline. With little to no time to react she would raise her blade in defense. The hand would connect pushing Lady Eveline with great speed backwards. Her legs flexing as she fought to stay on the ground leaving a trail. The assault would continue until the hand pushed her against a tree; causing it to instantly shatter throwing Eveline back "Lady Eveline!" Tereza would yell. Receiving no immediate reply.

    Out from the cloaks of shadow the attacker would melt into the light. Retracting it's hand as quickly as it fired it. There before them stood a mechanical marvel. Some sort of Golem far too sophisticated for even the dwarves. A single red crimson eye would light up. An eye forged not of flesh. "Must protect the innocent one. Withdraw now." It spoke, it's voice deep and mechanical by nature. On it's stone skin several blue runes would begin to shimmer. Tereza would look up at the beast. "Where are those which entered before us!" She demanded answers. "Off the grid." A way to say dead no doubt. "What do you mean off the grid?" She'd inquire into. "Life functions have ceased. Leave or be eliminated. The innocent one must sleep. Must never awaken." The golem spoke in a cryptic manner.
  19. "Innocent one?" Percy questioned while looking at the damage that the golem's hand did. Though it seemed that Eveline was incapastated and out of this current problem. But he had no time to think of it as the golem fired it's fist directly at Percy. Having been too preoccupied, he almost took a direct hit, but barely got out of it by using his own katana to try and block it. Only to get pushed back as well. Before hitting another tree, he spun to the side and evaded it. He looked back at the oddly-advanced looking golem. Before going to attack it, he looked at the ground and saw the book that was in his kimono eariler. The inital attack must've disloged it from its hiding spot.

    However, the page it landed on had caught his attention. As it mentioned the "Innoncent one" too. But he couldn't make heads or tails of what to make of it.
  20. Tybalt had sidestepped just a little bit, more out of reflex than to actually get out of the way. He was not too close too the fist that had come out of the darkness but close enough to feel the gust of wind. Tybalt drew his dagger from it's sheathe making a smooth sound. He brought it in front of him and steeled himself for a fight. He held it in a reverse grip, the blade facing away from the body. He had seen Eveline get blasted off through his peripheral vision and suspected that he was next.

    The golem appeared in the light and had spoken his words. It had also moved to throw it's fist at Percy. Agility in combat was Tybalt's major skill. If the opponent couldn't hit him, all the better for him to get in a better position to strike. Tybalt had seen that the golem was focused on Percy for a while and used this opportunity to close the gap between them. He ran at the golem with amazing speed and agility, despite being in a swamp. He had closed the gap and looked around for a weakness on the golem, presumably on the back or other hard to reach spot.