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  1. Characters in the RP are currently in the process of constructing their lightsabers, and the Apprentice tournament will soon begin, so there are openings to pop in ~

    Star Wars: Birth of a New Galaxy

    Plot (open)
    A newborn planet spins in orbit around a bright, baby blue star that flickers it's light as if fighting to stay alive. The infant planet is located on the farthest reaches and outskirts of the old galaxy known to the former Jedi council. Discovery of the planet was under unfortunate circumstance when a serious incident known as the Black Storm annihilated most of the old galaxy's planets and the few planets that remained were hardly liveable anymore. Only a few Jedi, along with hundreds of other survivors of diverse races and species that the Jedi helped save, fled from the destruction of their home galaxy and found the young planet in the new galaxy along the way. After exploring it's surface, the Jedi discovered shortly that the planet was able to sustain life and they concluded that it was safe enough to call their new home.

    Moving in to the new planet wouldn't be so easy once an unknown, civil race of alien species were found upon arrival. The unknown race came to exist when the planet was first formed, therefore the planet was rightfully theirs. All inhabitants from the old galaxy could stay as long as they easily adapted to their new world and agreed to respect the native one's laws. The newly formed Jedi council befriended the ruler of the planet quite easily by showing off their light-sabers which fascinated the ruler tremendously, and thenceforth the Jedi swore an oath to help keep the planet's order. Their oath was to be the planet's guardians and to protect the planet from any invasion if one were to occur.

    Many decades later, a new Jedi facility and academy have been built where current Jedi train young Padawan in the way of the force to ensure peace in their new home. Though, as they say, good things never last and a new threat will arrive to the innocent planet shortly to disrupt the peace and has intentions to dominate everyone and everything. A vengeful, death lusting sith lord to be in particular and his ex Padawan whom is under his control. Not to mention he's in the process of building an army of lethal humanoids.

    ~Your Role as the Player~ (open)

    *Those who join will take the role of an in-training Padawan (of any race) who will be assigned to one of my four Jedi Masters.* My Jedi will have two Padawan, because the number of young Jedi-in-training have begun to outnumber the older ones. (And because for ease of interaction reasons with less hold ups) I have four Padawan characters as well that will be in place of the second slots and they will be of slightly higher rank, because they've already been with their master for a little while. *Padawans will have the opportunity to advance in rank as the role-play progresses through the chapters.*

    *I will allow you to role-play as a characters other than a Padawan if you'd like. However, that character would be within the same level of power.* I intend for this role-play to play out in Sagas (the first Saga being named after the newborn planet and then so on - the saga title's will be inspired by all the newborn planets that will make up the new galaxy.) Each Saga will be 5-10 chapters.

    Neomisia - New home of the Jedi

    A petite and colorful planet with six distinct moons. Neomisia is the smallest known planet in the newfound galaxy, and is slightly younger than her dark, twin brother Nessus. The overall climate on Neomisia is very bizarre with constant and extreme weather changes. One day it can be sunny and the next it will be snowing. However, climate near the center portion of the planet is quite consistently pleasant and the center rings seem to repel the outlying deadly storms on the top and bottom poles in some mysterious way. The native inhabitants of Neomisia are known as the Neom people, and are all supernaturally connected by some unexplainable phenomenon. Neomisia is covered in great valleys, vibrant jungles, misty mountains, flooded swamps, and many other diverse terrains. The North and South ends of Neomisia are covered in conjoined land masses that change from dry to ice covered regularly.

    The middle region of Neomisia consists mainly of scattered islands on one massive body of water known as the Grand Ocean Neosa that surrounds the whole center of the planet. The main liveable areas are dead center where the islands are and a bit on the outskirts of the land masses. The rest and majority of Neomisia is covered in devastating storms leaving most regions unexplored. Life on Neomisia is oddly bearable given it's bi-polar weather conditions thanks to the three outer rings that keeps the middle safe from storms. Neomisia is also a safe distance away from the young blue sun that keeps it alive. The rings on Neomisia easily absorb the blue sun's rays, keeping the mid center of the planet nicely warm and it never gets overly hot. As a result of the rings absorbing the sun's rays, the outer rings also give off a comforting blueish green glow at night.

    Main Places in Neomisia: (open)

    Neom Castle
    Houses King Lucarion and his most cherished friends and advisors. Neom Castle is the heart of Neomisia.

    Jedi Temple
    The new temple where the Jedi Revival attempts to restore their kind and train upcoming Jedi.

    Observation Center
    A look-out facility the Old and New Galaxy helped build together in order to be aware of any outside invasions.

    Roenka Trade Route
    The largest trade route in Neomisia that ranges from the outskirts of the northern region to the southern region.

    Lucarie Market
    A grandiose, welcoming market place named after the King where food and supplies are shared abundantly.

    Neom Ruins
    A sacred place where all Demi-God Kings are supposedly brought to existence.

    *More will be added*

    Kingdom and Culture: (open)

    The kingdom is located on one fairly large island near the center of Neomisia and surrounded by various mini islands that make a naturally made circle around it. Lucarion's Kingdom is similarly styled to that of ancient Aztec and Roman civilizations with a fusion of both architectures. Pyramid shaped structures were built for worship and temples built for communal and governing matters. The Neom people worship Neomisia's six moons which they perceive to be divine and god-like. Lucarion himself is even believed to be a spiritual vessel of the largest moon god Lavexus.

    The Neom all look similarly to Lucarion (See his description and visual in my characters list) with gentle and marvelous animal-like faces. The skin on their faces come in many neutral or pastel shades and feel like the softness and texture of a horse's coat. Their hair like manes atop their heads and each Neom's hair colored differently in bright neon colors. The markings on their faces are even unique to each Neom person and some of their bodies can even be striped. Their bodies are human like however, which are usually darkly tanned or grayish in color. It is normal as a society for males and females to dress ornately and wear jewelry made of rare and precious metals.

    The Neom people are pretty festive and like to express their gratitude for life as a community through song and dance. They also worship in large fellowships and very seldomly is a Neom inhabitant shy. Neoms are a social people and share both feline and aquatic behavior and qualities. An impressive supernatural gift that the culture as a whole possesses is the ability to process, understand, and even adapt to all languages. This is how the Jedi and survivors from the Old Galaxy were able to communicate with them conveniently. One major flaw in their race is that the King, or "Father of Neomisia", must stay alive at all costs, because if he dies then the entire race perishes as well.

    Neomisia's Six Moons (open)

    *Worshipped by the Neom people*
    Roenka: Goddess-like moon honoring Direction and Safe Travel
    Lavexus: God-like moon honoring Defense and Safeguard
    Nardathu: God-like moon honoring Wise Decision
    Aseus: God-like moon honoring Celebration and Gratitude
    Uesalor: Goddess-like moon honoring Power and Offense
    Xenaveous: Goddess-like moon honoring Spiritual Connection


    Neomisia's twin planet with a darkness fueling and relentless atmosphere. Nessus remains unexplored by the Jedi, because of the said atmosphere and it perfectly conceals the rising Sith Jackal's dark presence. The dark energies are far too powerful for any regular Jedi to go uncorrupted when investigating there. Little is known about Nessus and much about the planet will eventually be discovered.


    My Character Descriptions:
    Each of my 13 characters are mainly in the story to help lead and guide the plot ~
    *Characters look similar to, but not exactly like the concept art used for their visuals*

    The Dark Side (open)
    Jackal Reiss
    A rising sith and a once respected scientist who became a Jedi of the Jedi Revival. Sometime after, he realized that he did not wish to honor the Jedi law code anymore and despised the thought of limiting his power to mere rules. Jackal was once the master of his former padawan Master Alzora and Damon Alviran. Reiss became obsessed with learning about the supreme power gained from succumbing to the Dark Side. He studied in secrecy, yet soon his rebellious behavior led to the discovery of his forbidden studies by Grand Master Valeruc who's authority Jackal envied. Jackal was banished from the already wounded Jedi council and exported far away from the Kairos Wing (The Space ship that held the survivors from the old galaxy) as it explored the outskirts of the new galaxy. He took refuge on Neomisia's neighboring planet Nessus, also a new born, that's climate flourished off of the dark energy that Jackal so dearly loved. He himself discovered Neomisia and sensed the wherebouts of the Jedi council. The grudge he holds toward them and his obsession with dark power, fuels his motivation to conquer the innocent planet.

    Weapon: 2 White Lightsabers and a Crimson Lightsaber

    Damon Alviran
    Sith Reiss' ex-padawan and now a slave apprentice who's memory is temporarily blocked in order to trick him into serving Lord Reiss. Jackal valued Damon's unknowing strength and abilities in the ways of the Dark side. Damon's father, whom he was closest with, was killed by Jackal right in front of him after Reiss was discovered to be a rising sith lord who studied the Dark side. Reiss wanted Damon to use the anger he has towards him and channel it to become a powerful, merciless sith just as Reiss aspires to be. When Damon tried to avenge his father, Jackal attacked him and left him on the brink of death. Furthermore, Jackal used the force of darkness to block Damon's memories and also allowed him to control his anger for Jackal's own selfish benefit.

    Weapon: Ghastly Purple Lightsaber (Jackal tries to gift him a Crimson Red Lightsaber)

    Darth Voltrex
    The only surviving Zabrak on Neomisia who is paid by Jedi Master Alzora to cause havoc in Neom castle (for a distraction) as she plots to rid Princess Amya from the planet. In the process, he is discovered by Jackal Reiss and is manipulated in order to help conquer Neomisia. He is declared Darth Voltrex by Jackal himself and Jackal soon realizes that Voltrex's power begins to exceed his own. Voltrex is unaware the extent of his own power and he continues to allow Jackal to manipulate him until an offense against him changes everything. Darth Voltrex is a monstrous threat that even is acknowledged by Jackal in secrecy. Voltrex soon realizes that he could conquer the infant planet and the new galaxy himself.

    Weapon: 2 Red Lightsabers

    The Royals (open)

    King Lucarion
    The royal ruler of Neomisia and the king of Neom Castle. Lucarion took high interest in the Jedi and wishes to learn how to weild a lightsaber. In return for learning the ways of the Jedi, Lucarion allows the new invaders (the jedi and survivors) to live on his planet. He becomes infatuated with a surviving Twi'lek princess and desires to maker her his Queen. The Neom people are all connected emotionally and are like twin brothers and sisters who feel the same pain. If King Lucarion dies an improper death before his offspring are born, then the entirity of his people die along with him. King Lucarion is a quite selfish ruler, but he deeply loves his people and is concerned for their safety.

    Weapon: Spear Axe (Similar to this) and 2 Royal Blue Lightsabers (Gifted by the Jedi) The spear is made up of a similar material as Songsteel which is highly resistant to lightsabers and blasters.

    Rising Queen Amya
    The apple of King Lucarion's eye and the most beautiful inside and out Princess of the Twi-lek people. She is just beginning to fall in love with Lucarion's romantic nature, but she is mainly unsure of him. Princess Amya is not the queen of Neomisia just yet and she is not sure if she wants to be. Being queen is so much responsibility and she is still devastated by the destruction of her home world and loss of her family. Amya secretly admires the female Jedi masters such as Master Alzora and Valeda. Amya is Alzora's reason to jealously get revenge on Lucarion and to cause havoc in Neom castle. Amya has an innocent soul and has a heart of gold toward the inhabitants of her new home planet.

    Jedi Masters (open)

    Dosch'k Valeruc
    The Grand Master of the new Jedi Council, Master Valeruc, is the oldest and wisest living Jedi known to have survived the Black Storm.Valeruc is an amphibious, alien species of the rare Sharnoc race. Valeruc befriends King Lucarion and encourages the council to take an oath to protect Neomisia. Valeruc helps train two aspiring Jedi padawans in hopes to advance the numbers of Jedi in the council. He believes the newly discovered, infant planet is the small spark of hope they need in a time of great despair. Valeruc is highly respected by most of the Jedi Masters and he is controversially the strongest.

    Weapon: Aqua Blue Lightsaber and Sea Green Shoto

    Vexie Alzora
    One of the remaining surviving Jedi Masters of the Jedi revival and an ex-padawan of Jackal Reiss. Alzora develops feelings for King Lucarion, but Lucarion chooses a beautiful Twi-Lek princess over her to be his queen. Master Alzora has dark motives fueled by jealousy and she tries to ignore thoughts that the Dark side would praise. She's the one Jedi Master that questions Grand Master Valeruc's choices and she does not trust that he is as wise as everyone thinks he is. Alzora betrayed Jackal when he was discovered to study the ways of the Dark side, and denied his authority as her master.

    Weapon: Emerald Green Lightsaber

    Daren Brando
    A surviving Jedi Master of the Jedi Revival and new council. Master Brando is a fiery and determined Jedi who is the Jedi Revival's number one supporter! He believes that the Jedi are not through and that they can thrive once again through out this new found galaxy. No matter how strong his faith in the Jedi is, he still struggles with maintaing the ways of the Jedi. He has a complicated attraction toward one of his best nineteen year old padawans Zeva. He manages to resist her seductive ways to an extent, and he has a good heart over all. Brando is not a fan of the native inhabitants of Neomisia and he does not trust the King.

    Weapon: Silver Lightsaber and Bronze Shoto

    Olesa Valeda
    The most respectable member of the Jedi council. Master Valeda believes in Grand Master Valeruc with all of her being and is gracefully intuitive with the force. Valeda is the voice of reason within the council and she is very assertive when it comes to defending and honoring the Jedi law. She has faith that Neomisia is the help they need for the Jedi restoration. Some would agree that Olesa is the second most powerful Jedi under her old master Valeruc's teachings. Her and Daren Brando were Valeruc's previous padawan before they became masters themselves.

    Weapon: Magenta (Pink) Lightsaber and Mint Green shoto

    Padawan (open)

    Luca Barkuda
    Master Valeruc's Padawan and a fun loving Jedi in-training! Valeruc and Luca share a seemingly father and son bond, yet they both understand the importance of prohibiting attachments within Jedi law. Luca is a playfully childlike and extremely determined padawan who takes the oath of protecting Neomisia maybe a little too seriously... He is extremely loyal, but because of his excessive friendliness, he can be a bit of a pushover by the wrong people – and too trusting. Just like his Master, Luca is of an unfamiliar amphibian race and he is the last of his kind. Luca aspires to become a Jedi Master, because he believes in the revival of the council whole heartedly and he wants to be apart of it's cause!

    Weapon: Turquoise Lightsaber

    Ariam Destraven
    The independent and egotistical padawan of Master Alzora. Ariam is the one of the strongest padawan in his class and he knows it. However, his sensitivity to the force is so strong that he cannot control it sometimes when his anger or excitement gets the best of him. Losing is not an option to him and he admires his master's competitiveness and dominant behavior toward the other Jedi masters. Ariam, however, can be kind to those he is attracted to. He even likes his Master Alzora secretly. Ariam thrives off of praise and he is comparably competitive as his master. His biggest flaw that leaves him borderline to the Dark side is the way that it's hard for him to be merciful towards those who he does not like or to those who cause offense toward him.

    Weapon: Snake Green Lightsaber

    Zeva Lantelle
    Daren Brando's seductive padawan and the top of her in-training Jedi class. Zeva is quite boastful and barely has respect for those who are not in the same league of power as her. She has a crush on her master Brando and she tempts him regularly. Zeva isn't a complete stuck-up person, but she can seem that way far too often. Her power may even be in league with that of Ariam's. She is pretty much a know it all and she's known to tease female Jedi that she percieves as weaker than her. Although she can be a bully, she is not near as borderline Dark side as Ariam is. Zeva still has respect for the Jedi revival and she supports it's cause as well as her master does.

    Weapon: Fuchsia Lightsaber

    Nalani Takara
    Nalani is Master Valeda's first chosen padawan and is a extremely optimistic and positive person! She is very humble and is a social butterfly amongst the in-training Jedi. Nalani loves to make new friends and she is an encourager. She won't allow herself to feel down for very long at all and she likes to train under her master whom she admires greatly. She is nice to most, but she isn't a fan of braggers or those who think they are more powerful than the other padawan. Nalani is like a big sister to Luca and is his loving friend. She firmly believes in equality and she admires the Neom culture. She adores her home on Neomisia and she will do anything in her power to protect the vibrant planet from any harm.

    Weapon: Bright Yellow Lightsaber
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  2. [​IMG]

    Character Name:
    Casper Key



    Dominant Hand:
    Right handed.


    Spacer (Born on a ship)


    Casper's lightsaber is a single bladed sword with a white crystal. The straight hilt is slightly longer for easier two handed use. Casper put a lot of effort into making his weapon look as elegant as he could manage, displaying great attention to detail. Casper named his saber Angel due to its final appearance.



    General Appearance:
    Casper stands thin at a hundred pounds even with a height of 5’6” feet. The young man possesses a slim build with a set of outstretched muscles along his frame and sports a long, feline slender tail usually swinging from side to side in a slow, casual manner. Atop his fingers Casper has claws instead of nails and the same goes for his toes, working as weapons if the situation demands it. Sharp feline teeth reside within his mouth.

    A set of large, round yellow eyes rest above Casper’s nose and curiously examine their surroundings, seemingly at peace. A gentle smile stretches across his lips most of the time and would give off an aura of calm and serenity.

    Casper does not seem to have any scars telling stories of battle or wounds, neither does he wear accessories. He wears the typical robes granted by the Jedi Order but has stated that he finds them too loose and flowing.

    Casper is incredibly agile and possesses great physical prowess. Due to the force, his strength, speed and reaction time is permanently enhanced and his feline heritage allows him a naturally inborn gift of acrobatics. Casper has trained extensively in the use of his lightsaber and unarmed martial arts, the two being his only means of combat.

    Casper cannot seem to produce any form of active force powers like his fellow Jedi. Even the simplest of feats are of great difficulty and he hasn’t been able to manage them. While having studied and trained in avoiding force powers used against him, Casper has a long way to go and has a difficult time fighting such feats.



    Current Goal/Purpose:
    “Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.” Casper intends to reach the heights of a Jedi Master and seeks to protect the planet of Neomisia to the best of his abilities.

    Casper’s feline heritage allows his eyes to see through dark more easily than he otherwise would be able to.

    Casper can only speak basic.
    Casper cannot manage machinery and can barely pilot a ship.

    Losing control of a situation is sure to rock Casper off his feet.
    Casper is arachnophobic.
    Loneliness is something Casper cannot handle in a larger extent.

    General Personality:
    Casper is a laid back individual who carries with him a calm and serene personality. He seems to be at peace, a harmonic aura surrounding him. Casper carries himself with a gentle smile stretched across his lips and enjoys the company of others. Lonely moments can be uncomfortable and are preferably avoided unless there are inner thoughts in motion that require attention.

    He holds great respect for his masters and teachers, believing them the ultimate source of wisdom. Casper is polite and helpful towards his padawan brothers and sisters, getting along with most of them. One shouldn't assume him a pushover however as he stands his ground firmly, but shows trust and love towards his surroundings.

    Overall, Casper is a people person. He loves meeting new people, learning about new cultures and getting new allies. He also loves combat and the rush of battle which perhaps contradicts the Jedi teachings but he hasn’t felt the sway of the dark side, not yet at least.


    General History:
    Casper grew up a spacer with constantly traveling parents. They weren’t in the safest line of work, treasure hunting and relic snatching, which eventually lead to their untimely demise. Casper was ten at the time and being a mere child left him lost and devastated. The event had occurred at a ruined temple in Naboo which was raided by rivalling hunters and in a hail of blaster fire, Caspers parents were killed and Casper managed to escape with his mother’s help.

    He spent two years in hiding on that planet, scavenging what he could to survive and tried to stay out of peoples’ sight. Slowly, his courage returned piece by piece once Casper came over the shock with the help of a newly found friend. Matthew Hare, a travelling Jedi found Casper lonely and distrusting but couldn’t bring himself to leave a child alone in the dangerous wilderness. Of course, it should be added that Matthew first thought Casper nothing but a wild animal until he noticed the Tinnell’s demeanour and body language which finally revealed his sentience.

    It took a while, but Matthew didn’t give up on the boy. There was an obvious reason, of course. Casper possessed the Force and Matthew felt it the moment they met. The closer they grew, the more Matthew got to know about his newly found friend and they eventually reached a teacher student relationship. Casper was told of the Jedi temple where young Jedi go to train and master their abilities. The thought sounded tempting and Matthew had a mission to continue, finding other stray force sensitives like Casper. With no other option, Casper went to this temple and met what could be considered his new family.

    Casper opened up to his new friends and grew warmer towards his surroundings once he felt safe and secure, slowly mastering his abilities alongside the other padawans.



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  3. Name: Tyr Qynn

    Sex/Gender: M/M

    Age: 19

    Species: Kel Dor

    Dominant Hand: Right

    • He has the typical Kel Dor appearance with crimson red skin and black eyes. An antiox breath mask covers the majority of his face, including his eyes, mouth and tusks, giving him an intimidating appearance. He stands at 5’10” (1.78 meters) and weighs about 150lbs (68 kg). He has a stocky build and a good deal of physical strength. He typically wears a white set of robes, he also wears a four fingered glove over his right hand, the tips of each finger adorned with a talon.
    Tyr Qynn

    • While not particularly shy, he tends not to spearhead conversation. He is happy with simply keeping with the rest of the flock. He has no mind or care for political matters and pays them little to no attention. He does however have an intellectual side to him, he simply enjoys reading and absorbing information even on ‘useless’ things. He also enjoys learning of more supernatural and fantastical things, such as myths like those found on his home planet of Dorin. He is kind and, as many Jedi are, enjoys helping other people even though sometimes he lacks the courage to break away from the ‘flock’ mentality. Although appearing to seem like somewhat of a loner, he enjoys being around people. Without anything to stimulate his brain, he feels rather uncomfortable being by himself.

    • He can speak Galactic Basic and Kel Dor
    • With the help of his antiox breath mask and goggles, he can project his voice and be able to withstand the vacuum of space for a short time.
    • As a benefit of his species, he naturally has heightened reflexes and a form of telepathy.
    • Form II: Makashi – He is proficient in this form, focusing solely on single-handed movements. While he relies on quick, efficient strikes, his natural strength allows him to withstand hard strikes easier.
    • Form III: Soresu – To help remove the weaknesses of Form II but also benefit from Form II tight movements, he has also, to a lesser extent, practiced Form III to defend against blasters.

    Force Powers:
    • Telepathy as it is a natural gift found in the Kel Dor race
    • Telekinesis
    • Minor Tutaminis – Although not able to deflect blaster bolts or lightsabers, he, for now, is working to use it to lessen the effects of Force powers used against him, should the need arise.
    Typically, he does not use his Force abilities in battle but if he does, they are only to compliment his dueling skills, never to outshine them.

    • A single curved blade lightsaber with a gold blade

    • Tyr was born on the Kel Dor world of Dorin; he was an only child. As a child, he was interested in learning. He loved to read and learn of his planet’s rich culture. Even on his home planet of Dorin, the Force was already a part of his life. The Kel Dors were known to have their own group of Force Sages, who specialized as Seers. As soon as it was realized that Tyr had his own connection with the Force, he was educated and tutored by the few Baran Do Sages left on Dorin. Despite the rare opportunity to possibly gain a new member to the clan and against the Sages’ objections, he was shipped off world at the age of 10 to an academy where he could get a more holistic training in the Force, including combat, since there were so few Jedi left in the universe.
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  4. Name: Nomi Kalaar
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 5’4”
    Age: 18 standard years


    Despite an outwardly calm demeanor, Nomi gives off a striking atmosphere – one of dominance and power – that often intimidates those entering her presence for the first time. Electric grey eyes and the haunted weight behind them, coupled with a strong figure and rich olive complexion, sets her apart in even the thickest crowds. She wears alloyed black leather from toe to shoulder, beneath a loose dark cloak.
    Personality: Quiet and contained on the outside; fiery and, more often than not, too stubborn for her own good inside. Nomi has deep convictions of right and wrong, and one may find that she is fiercely loyal to those she swears allegiance to. She is unafraid to bend the rules or speak out when necessary, and often is liable to give smart remarks. But despite growing into a remarkable Jedi, Nomi struggles with a passionate heart, suffused with anger and fears of loss, inadequacy, and death. In the rush of battle she can typically keep a clear head, unless someone she cares for is involved – hence, she prefers to work alone.

    Abilities: Nomi displays grace as a swordsman, wielding a single-bladed, sapphire lightsaber. She is an outstanding fighter pilot and an ingenious computer whiz.

    Background: Nomi has little knowledge of her own past. She was born on Neomissia, to two Jedi – Ark Kalaar and his padawan, Ahn Wran, both of whom were exiled for reasons unknown to Nomi. Nomi was kept in the Order and raised by her master. She often finds herself questioning the fate of her parents, and despite being told they were exiled for breaking the Jedi code, she senses a deeper, hidden cause behind their banishment.

  5. Name: Axle Niebo

    Sex: Male

    Species: Human

    Height: 5’10"


    Axle is introverted, he may look cold on the outside but he loves everyone and is very protective of his friends. Due to his working with machinery he thinks systematically, trying to keep all plans open, though for him its difficult not to think in absolutes. He has felt the twinge of the dark side in certain actions he had done.

    Force pull and push- The basic force powers.
    Pilot experience- He can fly most ships.
    Force Grip- Choking enemies from a distance, although he doesn't use it for he may be shamed by his peers
    Axle's Light saber skills are lacking compared to the other padawans, with his orange light saber he fights with little grace and uses the force more then his saber.
    Background: Axle was born on a freighter of refugees escaping a civil war, his father died from disease when Axle was 6. During his schooling he had gotten bullied, teased about his fathers death. One time this large kid was picking on him fiercely, but soon the verbal abuse stopped, the large kid started beating on him. The beatings came daily. One day he had found a small alien it was docile and hungry just like Axle. Then the beating of the day was beginning but as soon as the large kid hit him the small alien, Kipp, defended Axle. The large kid didn't like that, the large kid was started to beat Kipp. A rage built inside Axle, he raised his hand then the large kid started to choke, gasping for air but as much as Axle wanted to kill him, he couldn't. Once the bully was released he ran. Kipp died that night. Axle was never bullied again. The ship slowly turned from there hope to a ball of scrap, not from only destruction but every one on board became scavengers, Axle included he like wearing the oxygen mask, being flying though space, and what he loved most was getting robot parts and putting them together. None of his robots had a smart enough AI to do anything helpful. Not to long after their turning in to a ball of scrap there were riots, Axle found them enjoyable although his mother wasn't too fond she usually locked herself in a safe room with all their valuables, Axle took advantage of it by stealing credit and robot parts that he needed for his projects. and during one of the worst riots Axles' mom was able to send him to the nearest planet, Neomisha. He was taken in by the Jedi soon after he touched down. He had just recently built his light saber.
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