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  1. PrologueA loud thundering sound rang out through the air, as the northern city wall came crumbling down. Trebuchet after trebuchet rained fire and stone upon the crumbling castle city. As they did, many a knight fought on against hordes of townspeople. The revolt had begun. Hundreds of settlements across the land, ruled by two sets of kings and queens, fought against one another, and against the knights of the castles, many with different views, and some with their own personal agendas. Bloodshed, orders, clashing steel, the stench of blood, sweat, and tears, filled the air as the fighting continued across the land of Svanoltia. Many fought against the secret working of the Church of Salvation, a church of people who had cleverly made their own fake religion up, in order to take money from the blind of faith.

    "Push them back!" A Knight General yelled, "Do not let them advance! crush all who dare to so much as think of opposing us!" He said these words loudly, and they rang out across the battlefield of a destroyed city. As he clashed steel upon steel, townspeople surrounded and overwhelmed him, stabbing and chopping at his armor, wearing it down, until one lucky thrust of a sword, met the tender flesh underneath the armor. Blood spewed out as the sword was released from the prison of flesh, the General falling to the ground. Screams and yells echoed out through the city, as more and more fell to the blades of the Revolt.

    A young woman rushed through the crowds of fighting, causing more than a few people, knights and civilians alike, to be struck down. This woman was of no more than her early teens, and had nothing more than a tank top and pants on, and rushed through the crowds with a sword in hand. The clashing of steel stopped her in her tracks at the great castle door, as she crossed blades with the Sword Goddess, General Eiko Marubeni. "You're Yukiyo Tokaji, the leader of such a fine rebellion?" The sinister general asked. Yuki said nothing, and an evil bloodlust filled her eyes, as she struck out against her foe.

    Hours and hours of fighting, and both warriors were tired and worn from battle. The Sword Goddess attacked once more, before backing off into the castle. "We'll meet again. Let's not die before then." She said, and chuckled as the thick metal wall slammed to the ground, blocking the way into the castle. Most of the knights and townspeople had exhausted their power, or were dead. Yukiyo walked lazily away, back towards the northern wall, and upon making it just outside, collapsed from exhaustion.

    The fire and flames littering the countryside looked as though an apocalypse was taking place. It almost looked as if holes to the Underworld itself were opening up and steaming. Yukiyo awoke in a field tent about the size of a tennis court. Many people were treating injuries and casualties. This is where the story begins. Many of the leaders of the land, as well as the kings and queens who rule over all, are corrupt, and deceiving the public, and it is up to all of the inhabitants of Svanoltia to move history along, in their own way. It is up to these individuals to forge their own path, to make a name of themselves, and how they decide to do it, is up to them.

    Many will fall, many will surpass the limits of their physicals bodies, and be broke forever by the damage caused, but for those who can pass the trials and harshness of time and and remain standing, their resolve forging their path to success through the trench of deceit, lies, and opposition that awaits them, shall have a special place in the history books of the land of Svanoltia. It is up to these skilled entities to mold the future of a land of corruption..

    This is intended to be a large-scale roleplay. Multiple characters are allowed, just not too many. I will update this post with all who are accepted, along with their characters' name(s). Among other things, this is a roleplay about the rebellion against a corrupt set of kings and queens. More to the point, it is about the people forging their own destiny in a time of chaos. A handfull of self-proclaimed warriors, doing what they do to get by, and progressing their own agendas further and further.

    Current sign-ups:
    @Arcadia Lumina: Aithne Tanith, Inari Galadriel, Kylar Valleyhoof
    @RogueState: Felix Volund, Bedwyn Hezekiah
    @Kelsi the Elven Warrior: Eiko Marubeni, Yukiyo Tokaji
    @GreatWest: Arabella Selwyn
    @Jageroux: Rhevan Orwyn
    @Xam: Xaevin Aevile Ramryn

    All Iwaku rules apply, though we all already know it.
    My rules are as follows.
    1. No Godmodding or anything of the sort, except in a very, very, basic form. An example is setting someone else's character up for an attack you intend to perform in another turn.
    2 Absolutely NOOOOOO killing another persons' character(s), unless they notify me of their acceptance of death. In other words, they must be okay with it, and they must let me know which is going to die.
    3. Do not hold any romances between age groups, and do not control any characters that are underage, if you intend to set them in a relationship with another of your characters who is of age. This should go without saying, but it's for the extra emphasis.
    4. Please plan out ALL collaborations with other players in things like Titanpad and such.
    5. No one liners!!! I'd like to see long posts filled with two, three, or even four paragraphs of at least three or more sentences each, but I know I won't be able to keep that up for every post, and we all get blocked, and our minds clog up, leaving us unable to come up with a post that we feel is good enough. Please post as much as you can, and when your inspiration halted for the time being, just settle down, and rest your mind.
    6. You don't have to post all the time, but a few posts a week to a few a day or two days, is preferred.
    7. No reservations! You should know whether or not you have time to commit to this, or that you don't already have too much on your plate to be included.

    I have my own things I'd like to see happen, so check all the time through posts to make sure you don't miss my intervening to set up a mass happening of events between people, and message me if you are unsure you are involved or not, or wish to be added to the happenings. I'd really like this to actually get somewhere, instead of being just another post to be forgotten and unused, so pretty please sign up if you like this, and give suggestions as to what could make this better.

    Use ALL THAT APPLY and nothing more! Exclude everything irrelevant within the CS from your sign up entirely. This will help me read what you did fill in, and not have to worry about spots left unfilled. Again, only use what is relevant to your character. Delete any and all things you don't intend to answer from your post!

    Guilds/Groups (open)
    The Followers
    Fallcourt Mercenaries
    The Whiteviolet Purge
    Leviathan: Assumed Pirate Ship. No notes as to whether it belongs to a guild or not
    Svanoltia Knights
    The Ashen Revanchist
    The Forsaken
    Amberwing Mercenaries

    Show Spoiler
    Blood type:


    Personality type:
    Personality description:
    Outlook on Life:


    Body type:
    Face shape:
    Eye shape:
    Eye color:
    Hair Color:
    Hair Length:
    Hair Type:
    Hair Style:
    Widow's Peak:


    Casual outfits:
    Formal outfits:
    Combat outfits:

    Powers and abilities






    Voice actor:
    Theme song:
    Battle theme:

    Svanoltia is a huge continent covered in many different varieties of biomes/regions. Deserts, forests, wetlands, and the like, just to name a few. The whole of the continent is the focus, which is why I'm wanting a larger number of players, with multiple characters, if they can handle them. Have any questions? Please post them, and I'll try my best to answer them.

    City Names (open)
    City/Village/Town names you could use:
    Goldport: The Rebels of Soderman: A splinter rebel group that does their own thing, and whose side goal is to surpass Yukiyo, and win the fight to take the crown for themselves.


    Northshore: Chamons Brothers: A large group of knights whose only goal is the eradication of any and all who would oppose the kings. You'll frequently be greeted by these guys.

    Erimead: Reapers Rebels: A rebellious guild of thieves and pickpockets, largely uncaring of a huge war going on around them.

    Redkeep: The Eagles of Redkeep: A group of exceptional warriors and bowmen, who want nothing more than to watch the world burn, as they make a name for themselves, and their village.


    Whiteviolet: The Whiteviolet Purge; An elite group of knights residing in Whiteviolet who wish to rid the world of necromancy, ritualistic praise and the undead.


    Westerden: Bandits of Westerden: Just your standard group of bandits, with the exception of a few good fighters.

    Brighthurst: Savages of Brighthurst: This land is largely hostile, and the occupants are nothing more than savages, killing anyone on sight.


    Mithas Ithril: The Forsaken: A group of visionary assassins hellbent on the creation of a new world order.

    Nepheline: The Ashen Revanchist: A group revolting against the king or overlord of Nepheline, Virulos the Dragonbane, whose main goal is to wipe out all dragonkin
    Fallcourt: Fallcourt Mercenaries: A group of mercenaries, led by Yukiyo Tokaji, whose interests are many. But among them all, there is one that stands out. Their goal above all else, is to see the current Kings and Queens killed, and replaced with more competent, honest hearts. Unlike most mercenary groups, Fallcourt Mercs do not accept contracts. Rather, their members go on missions to complete whatever assignment must be done, usually in the form of peace making between groups, or killing anyone too hostile against their cause.

    Ætheros, The Floating City

    Himmelheim: home to the Merchants Guild, and Shipwrights Guild

    You can start anywhere, though I suggest coming up with a plan for your character. Come up with their reason for being. Make sure it is something, that whether that character dies or not, will forever change the land. I don't want just those few players that are just there for the sake of being there. This needs dedicated players, not afraid to get too attached to characters that may end up dying, and not afraid to get their hands dirty in a little politic business, or mess with a few caravans travelling through the land..

    IC Thread (open)
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  2. Name: Yukiyo Tokaji
    Nicknames: Yuki, Kaji
    Titles: Overseer
    Guild: Fallcourt Mercenaries
    Age: 24
    Race: Vampire
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Main symbol.jpg
    ^^: The main symbol of the Guild. Yuki has this burned into her upper right arm.
    leader symbol.jpg
    ^^: The leader symbol, burned into Yuki's forehead.


    Personality: Yuki is a harsh, determined person, and a very capable leader. She always urges her mercenaries to act like a leader regardless of rank or position. She's kind, though she rarely shows it, and extremely blunt when times call for it.
    Likes: training, and fighting stronger opponents, particularly those who provide challenges for her.
    Dislikes: She hates weakness, and pushes her mercenaries to do their best to strengthen themselves. Yuki also dislikes beggars for their lack of motivation to better themselves.
    Attitude: Yukiyo has a fiery attitude, and a temper to match.
    Standpoint: Yuki doesn't care about politics or religion, except when liars use these as a means of making easy money from the blind and stupid.

    Yukiyo Tokaji.jpg

    Skin: porcelain
    Scent: very faint scent of blood and death
    Eye color: Gold
    Hair Color: an off-burgundy


    Accessories: two bracelets on one wrist, and a leather bracer on the other wrist
    Equipment: Her vampyric sword, Akatsino

    Powers and abilities

    Yukiyo can call to the skies, massive storms and clouds. This is a double-edged sword, but a manageable one.
    She can also harness lightening, with deadly accuracy, though she rarely intends to actually kill a target with it.
    Skills: Yuki is skilled in martial arts, swordsmanship, and archery, though she hasn't touched a bow in ages.


    Acquaintances- will be answered
    Friends/Allies- will be answered
    Enemies- will be answered
    Family- will be answered
    Lovers- will be answered

    History: Will be answered in the form of flashbacks.
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  3. Name: Eiko Marubeni
    Nicknames: Maru, Beni
    Titles: Iron Reaper General
    Age: 32
    Race: Sea Elf
    Species: Elven
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Takes her job too seriously to think about it.
    Symbol: Eiko carries this brand on her chest, to symbolize her unwavering spirit towards her position.

    Personality: Eiko is a fierce young woman, who isn't easily swayed by others. She's devoted to her position, and her faith in the rulers of the land couldn't be surpassed.
    Likes: Eiko likes only her job, and feels she has no place to like anything else
    Dislikes: Maru hates all who oppose her king and queen with an absolute passion.

    Attitude: Eiko has a very rude attitude when not in battle, to all except those she serves.

    Standpoint: Eiko sees the revolt as a petty rebellion, and doesn't see, or more specifically, doesn't want to see the real reason behind it.

    Combat Outfit:
    Eiko Marubeni.jpg

    Scent: Eiko smells strongly of the ocean, due to her race

    Eye color: Silver
    Hair Color: Silver


    Equipment: Her sword, which has no name, and is infused with fire, which she can call upon at a moments notice.

    Powers and abilities

    Ability: Eiko controls fire and ice, but doesn't have any specific attacks that are named
    Restrictions: her powers are restricted to a limited, but above average amount, that has to replenish itself over time after using.
    Skills: Eiko is a master in swordsmanship, and a master in defensive and offensive battle techniques.

    History: will be revealed through flashbacks.
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  4. So, I'd like to know a bit more about the world this is taking place in. Is there any information you'd recommend I should read? Seems like it's kind of a mash-up between feudal Europe and Japan? (There's knights but also names like Yukiyo etc)
  5. Aithne Tanith: Dracomanceress of Flame
    Name: Aithne Tanith
    Pronounciation: Ayth-en Tan-ith
    Nicknames: The Culling Flame, Infernia, Ashblood
    Titles: The Inferno Queen
    Guild: The Ashen Revanchist- The Ashen Revanchist is a guild of pyromancers, dracomancers and flame magi alike, who wish to delve into the secrets of fire, and be a force of all-erasing justice against evil.
    Rank: Guild Matron
    Age: 28
    Birthday: March 31st
    Race: Infernal Dracomancer- Aithne has the hardened scales of a dragon, enabling her an extra port of call for defensive measures, as well as a keen affinity toward fire magic and flame manipulation as a whole.
    Species: Human
    Blood type: B
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Symbol: Ouroboros, the never ending dragon.


    Personality type: Executive
    Personality description: Aithne is rational and logical, and very intuitive to the world around her, always able to find practical solutions to problems that need to be solved. Aithne believes she lives in a world of possibilities where she is able to see all sorts of challenges to be surmounted, and she wishes to be the ones responsible for surmounting them. She has a drive for leadership, which is well-served by her quickness to grasp complexities, her ability to absorb a large amount of impersonal information, and her quick and decisive judgments. She dislikes to see mistakes repeated, and has no patience with inefficiency. She may become quite harsh when their patience is tried in these respects, because she is not naturally tuned in to people's feelings, and more than likely don't believe that she should tailor her judgments in consideration for people's feelings.
    Aithne likes the thrill of combat, being able to fight against an enemy and live to tell the tale. She enjoys, in addition, a hearty beverage of ale or three with her guild mates in celebration of any and all victories they have, although she will often remain (or try to) stoic throughout.
    Aithne does not have time for those who do not understand the orders she has given, and will often deal with them through toxic insults, or on rare occasions a fireball or two. She has no patience for slacking, as efficiency means a better and closer knit guild in her eyes.
    Aithne follows the strict moral code that if you have wronged someone, or wronged anyone she is in contact with, she must inflict strict and painful justice upon the offender.
    Aithne is polite in public, quiet and reserved around other people.
    Outlook on Life:
    Aithne believes that the world needs to be purged of wrongdoing, and she will take down every lowlife personally to ensure it will happen.
    She will never murder children, even if they have wronged her at the orders of an adult.


    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 80kg
    Body type: Apple
    Scent: Smells vaguely of ash and sulphur.
    Face shape: Heart
    Eye color: One eye is blue, the other is cyan, almost turning white.
    Hair Color: Fiery Red.
    Hair Length: Medium Length


    Casual outfits:

    Casual Outfit.

    Formal outfits:

    Formal Dress

    Combat outfits:

    Combat Armour

    Powers and abilities


    Fire Spells:

    Terra Magma: Aithne gathers a ball of flame in her hands, and then propels it toward the enemy to explode.
    Shielded Dragon Aspect:
    Aithne can cover herself in a shroud of flame reminiscent of a dragon, protecting her from harm for a short while.
    Apocryphon Ressureccion : Aithne can transform her head, hands and feet into that of a dragon, enhancing her ability to conjure fire magic, and increasing her natural inner well of magical energy twofold.

    Element: Fire

    Smoke Poisoning

    If she overuses her magic, she will begin to lose the ability to control her body muscles for a day, and must take three days rest in order to heal herself. If she runs out of magic completely, she must be left on a flaming funeral pyre for a week in order to regain this magical energy.

    She can manipulate and acquire magical energy from most sources of fire, such as ash, smoke, and objects such as lit lanterns can provide her with a source of energy.

    Voice actor: Ali Hillis
    Theme song:

    Battle theme:


    Lordbane: Aithne's Dracomantic Blade

    Inferneryon: Aithne's Father
    Faowind Tanith: Aithne's Mother
    Blazewind: Aithne's Uncle

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  6. @RogueState
    The world this is taking place in, is more of a medieval era fantasy world. Can't really say where it would be modeled after, I just love Japanese names for my characters. The world isn't so much the focus, as it is the land of Svanoltia. A huge continent covered in many different varieties of biomes. Deserts, forests, wetlands, and the like, just to name a few. The whole of the continent is the focus, which is why I'm wanting a larger number of players, with multiple characters, if they can handle them. This way we can develop cities, towns, and up and coming empires throughout the roleplay, never focusing on simply one place at a time.
  7. Oh, @Arcadia Lumina, are you planning on using one character for this, or were you just exhausted of your inspiration after that character? I'd like to know before I accept your character, that way I don't have to say it a second time when you submit another one.
  8. I think I have another character in store for creation, so I'll get to making them soon.
  9. Inari Galadriel: The Shapechanger

    Name: Inari Galadriel
    Nicknames: The Shapechanger, The Spirit Sage
    Titles: The Fox of Many Facades
    Guild: The Forsaken- A group of assassins wishing to instil the world with a new world order, cast aside from their original purposes.
    Rank: High Assassin
    Age: 23
    Birthday: January 1st
    Species: Hengeyokai Fox
    Blood type: A-
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    The Forsaken's guild sigil is carved into his chest to symbolise his membership and his belief that even the smallest fish in the river of fate can change the river's flow.


    Personality type: The Advocate
    Personality description: Inari is very softspoken, preferring to meditate in his own personal one than to spend his time in cluttered rooms with patrons of taverns, drinking their coin away on cheap ale and mead. He has a dominant sense of idealism and morality, believing he can change the world with his life's actions, and believing that a weak enemy is an enemy left spared. He is not an idle dreamer, however, he will ensure that his dreams are fulfilled and take steps to ensure that his dream of change is realised.
    Inari enjoys meditation, enabling him to become attuned to the energy of nature and the world around him.
    Inari enjoys using his powers to become the puppeteer of important events and figures.
    Inari enjoys studying ancient magical tomes to learn new forms of magic to boost his power.
    Inari despises wrongdoing, whether it be for the greater good or the greater evil and will actively try to devastate those who would upset the natural order of the world.
    Inari is a skilled shapechanger, and can become many races of creature, such as elves, orcs, humans, and many more for a short period to trick his targets.
    Inari is a skilled manipulator, able to manipulate men and women into doing exactly what he wants, most of the time.
    Inari hates enclosed spaces, loud people and water.
    Inari is a chaotic person, with what could be described as evil tendencies.
    Outlook on Life:
    Inari believes the world is rotten to the core and that it must be purged of the sinners that caused it to be this way.
    Inari's philosophy is twofold; he believes that the spirits that inhabit the mortal plane can be channelled to support change in the world, and that sinners of all trades must perish by the hand of a harbinger of just righteousness.


    Hair Color: Inari's fur colour is gold.
    Eye Colour: Blue

    Female Human Form- Name: Ilsa Soulrend
    Male Human Form- Name: Cain Ghulblaze
    Female Elf Form- Name: Sakura Oakheart
    Male Elf Form: Name- Andarrius Birchblade
    Orc Form: Urrkosh Bonerend
    Female Human Form: Hengeyokai Form Revealed.


    Casual outfits:
    Inari's Casual Clothing: Kimono
    Formal outfits:
    Inari's Formal Robe.
    Combat outfits:
    Inari's Combat Outfit: The Dreadlord's Scales- Inari only dons this armour in the most dire of situations, ensuring that the enemy he defeats will remain completely defeated when the armour is equipped. The fear it brings his enemies is why it has been known as "The Dreadlord's Scales".
    Accessories: Inari has a smoke pipe to use as a relaxation tool, enabling him to pour scented gas into a secluded room, such as incense.
    Inari's Sage Weapons: The Dreaded Cleaver, The Saviour's Scythe and Ghülrend, his personal blade.
    The Garuda Stone: This allows Inari to channel a select and powerful form of magic known as Devias.
    Powers and abilities
    Beast of Devias: Whilst channeling magical energy and in possession of the Garuda Stone, Inari can summon a beast of magical energy to attack his enemies.
    Devias' Judgement: Inari can project a beam of harsh magical energy toward a foe, the beam itself able to shear through rock and leave a slice within a cliff face. (Won't know how to do this when the roleplay starts)
    Aspect of Devias: Inari can summon a large dragon-like creature, able to project it's own powerful form of Devias' Judgement toward an enemy, as well as attack. (Won't know how to do this when the roleplay starts)

    Shapechanging: Inari can become any race of being he has seen before for a short period of time.

    Restrictions: Whilst using the magic of Devias, Inari must stay completely motionless, enabling others to attack him from all sides, leaving him completely defenceless. Also, to conjure Devias magic, Inari must recite a complex scripture, enabling him to be attacked whilst doing so. Once cast, Devias magic causes the user's muscles to deteriorate until the point of atrophy, if overused. Side effects of usage include bleeding from the hands, eyes and nose.


    Illytria Verisium: The Forsaken Swordmistress
    Karash Viscera: Forsaken Berserker
    Cain Shadeviper: Vorpal Guildmaster
    Shadow Icevein: Shade Agent
    Talirii Galadriel: Human Shapechange- Dead
    Valkiri Tenshuu: Presumed Dead, Missing.

    Voice actor:

    Crispin Freeman

    Theme song:

    Battle theme:

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  10. I like them both. For Devias' Judgement, I suggest using it on npcs unless you absolutely intend to miss the players. Accepted.
  11. Yeah, I'm not intending to go for life or death battles with players, so it would only be important NPC characters. Also, those last two Devias techniques will be acquired much later into the RP. He'll only know how to shapechange, and use Beast of Devias.
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  12. Twin Blade Reaper Matsu Alysian.jpg
    Name: Matsu Alysian
    Nicknames: Aly
    Titles: Twin Blade Reaper, Goddess of the Shrouded Kill
    Guild: Amberwing Mercenaries
    Rank: Knight of Death
    Age: 26
    Birthday: Unknown
    Race:Dark Elf
    Species: Elven
    Gender: Female
    Symbol: The Mercenaries carry no symbol for their group, unless you count the extremely huge mansion they call HQ.


    Personality: Matsu is a cold, blank face. She has relatively no emotions or care for anything but killing.
    Likes: Killing
    Dislikes: unknown
    Strengths: Her ability to overpower man and mer alike who are ten times her size and height is unlike any have ever seen, not the it's really much of a strength.
    Weaknesses: When she does speak, it's usually because she thinks the battle is over, and it's her biggest weakness.
    Attitude: cocky, over confident in her own abilities, and always talking down on 'lesser' opponents. (another weakness)
    Outlook on Life: It is assumed that she doesn't have one.
    Standpoint: Again, she probably doesn't have one.
    Philosophy: Matsu makes it hard for anyone to get information, doesn't she?


    Scent: Matsu smells of absolute death.
    Eye color: Nobody knows what her eye color is.
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Length: Just under the shoulder blades
    Scars/brands: Unknown


    Equipment: Her twin swords

    Powers and abilities

    Alysian barrage: Both of her swords can interlock in opposite directions at the hilt. Once this is done, Matsu flicks a switch that releases a few strings, in which she uses to throw and maneuver her sword at her target. This ability doesn't do an over the top amount of damage, but it often never misses, leaving the victim with a lot of scars.
    Heat of the Underworld: This is a double-edged sword. By using her dark arts, Matsu can call forth the fires of the underworld, infusing them to her blades, as well as her feet, thus turning to her other fighting technique, where she will flawlessly attack with both blade and foot. This takes an enormous toll on her spirit and body, and is only used if she thinks she can finish the fight.
    Restrictions: Alysian barrage takes more physical strength than anything. Matsu's Underworld attack is only available right away, because of the tremendous stress it puts on her body.


    Friends/Allies- Garren Laton, Master Thief of Frostmarch Isle
    Enemies- Fallcourt Mercenaries
  13. Matsu and Aithne might end up good friends. XD
  14. ^_^ I just hope more people join soon. I'd hate for such a great roleplay idea to be wasted by people not being interested. If it doesn't pick up soon, I might repost it as a 1x1 in that area, and we can continue there. I can't believe this isn't getting any interest from anyone..
  15. Well, make sure to get a banner up! That'll definitely help. :D
  16. Name: Felix Volund
    Titles: Master of Ships and Guildmaster of the Merchant's Guild, High Burgher of the City of Himmelheim
    Guild: Merchant's Guild, Shipwright's Guild
    Rank: Guildmaster (Merchant's Guild), Honored Member (Shipwright's Guild)
    Age: 35
    Birthday: October 4th
    Race: Caucasian
    Species: Human
    Blood type: B-
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Symbol: A set of scales with fish on one side and a bushel of wheat on the other.


    Personality type: The Dealer
    Personality description: Felix knows everyone has the price and he's extremely good at reading people to get that price. He's very level-headed and good at keeping calm under stressful situations. He's a hard worker and used to long hours, ambitious and savvy. He's a self-made man who pulled himself up by his own boot-straps, showing a great deal of discipline and determination in doing so.
    Likes: Felix is a civilized, cultivated sort of man who enjoys arts and the finer things in life. He reads in a wide array of topics, drinks excellent wine and is a notable patron of local artists and painters.
    Dislikes: He has a special resentment for those who wield magical and inhuman power irresponsibly - which is almost all of those who have it. In part this might be jealousy for not having it himself.
    Strengths: Felix got where he is for two reasons. First, he's the smartest person in the room - yes, every room. Second, he's got a great head for business meaning not just he's good at numbers - he can negotiate, evaluate risks versus reward, turn problems into benefits. He's manipulative, dynamic and great at responding to changing circumstances. The last thing he keeps up his sleeve is a carefully-assembled collection of magical artifacts - rings, amulets, daggers and so on - to compensate for lacking any power himself.
    Weaknesses: Felix is just a plain old boring human. No magic spells, no super-secret bloodline technique. He ages, gets sick and will eventually die, same as any human. He's about as strong as an average man nearing middle age who doesn't engage in particularly intensive exercise etc.
    Morality: Felix is what you might call neutral, morally flexible - he knows you can't go very far in business with your hands clean - but he's yet to pass a moral event horizon or do something really irredeemable. He knows that peace and stability are the more profitable options and has been known to deal with mercenary companies in doing a little dirty business to keep the peace peaceful.
    Outlook on Life: "Keep things in their proper place" - Felix isn't averse to discussing distasteful things, he'd just rather it be done in the appropriate social environment. You don't discuss warfare or assassinations over dinner, you don't talk art theory in a grubby tavern etc.
    Standpoint: Felix is opposed to the rebellion not because of particular ideology but because the damage it's doing to the local economy. Trade embargoes, cargo stolen, ships sunk, crop fields burned - the bottom line is that war is bad for business.
    Taboos: Felix has worked up from the lowest of the low in society and will do anything to avoid falling back down there. He also knows how bad it is down there and as tempting as it might be he would never financially ruin someone such that they'd have to beg on the streets.

    Height: 6" 1
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Body type: Average, not particularly fit.
    Scent: Felix is perfumed with a spicy, earthy scent.
    Hygiene: Impeccable.


    Accessories: An extensive collection of trinkets, talismans and amulets - all magical, mostly protective - that are fairly fine in make but lacking much uniformity of style.
    Equipment: He rarely carries weapons or armour. Mostly he carries books of trade, ledgers and so on. He'll sometimes wield a sword of silvered steel but it's more decorative.
    Trinkets: Too many to list.


    Acquaintances: Fallcourt Mercenary Guild, The Ashen Revanchist, The Forsaken, Amberwing Mercenaries
    Friends/Allies: Hallwyn Gallcroft (Lady Duchess of Gallcroft Hall), Branwell Frain (notable shipmaker)
    Enemies- Sir Ambrose Purcell (rival within the Merchant's Guild)
    Family- Maeris Vollund (wife), Grendel Vollund (husband)

    History: It takes a rare sort of remarkable mind to claw their way up from the Smear to the guildhalls. Felix was born so poor as to not even have a family name, parentage uncertain, in a flophouse in the worst part of a bad town. But the boy was intelligent, excessively even. He taught himself to read, he learned to count and started working almost as soon as he could walk. Scrimping and saving, come age eighteen he purchased his first bit of real estate - a dockside warehouse - and from their his fortune only increased.

    Felix Vollund - named now for the first ship to store its cargo in his warehouse - used that little seed to grow and swell, taking his fortune from strength to strength. He read voraciously, learning all he could about the world around him and using that to determine the next best move in business. If a famine was striking the south, he bought up grain from the north to sell it on at a profit. He worked very closely with the shipping trade, buying ships and even funding expeditions for new trade routes. Soon he owned one in four ships on the waves. A lot of his rampant growth and progression was fueled by the knowledge of his low birth - he was born neither noble nor magical, but he was determined to stand among them as best he could.

    He currently stands as the head of the Merchants Guild, one of the largest and most influential institutions in the country. He maintains financial ties to several mercenary guilds. He is one of the nation's wealthiest and most influential men, with extensive contacts in the church and nobility - a far cry from the Smear where he was born. But then the rebellion began and things started taking a turn. Business always suffers in times like this - the roads and seas become unsafe and no-one wants to send cargo; production of goods halt and the workforce starts killing itself. He's set himself against the rebellion - distressing since several mercenary groups involved with the uprising were ones he was formerly on good terms with - in the hopes of minimizing the damage that might be done. He knows people will be poorer and hungrier than they ought for the next ten years because of the war. All he can hope to do is minimize the damage the rebels do..
  17. @RogueState, Accepted! Are you planning on additional characters, or just one? I'm not trying to push you to make more, just curious. Also, it might be bad for some businesses, but it's good for others. and another thing is, the rebellion wasn't meant for all of that. Yukiyo only wanted to strike back at the lords and churches, and those who used lying as a means to profit. This actually brings out a good idea. A quiet rebellion within the rebellion. A group or groups within the rebellion want to lead themselves, and don't like how things are progressing, and therefore, split off, disobeying rules, and more or less, becoming bandits. ^_^ well, among other possibilities.

    @Arcadia Lumina, I would, but I don't see the point if it's not a well made banner like the pros use. I just don't know who to ask, and I can't do it myself :/
  18. @Violet Queen Kelsi I'm thinking of an ex-priest on the pro-rebel side. Anything I should know about the church?
  19. I look forward to Aithne being very impatient with him, and Inari will probably become a lady of the night to steal his merchant money. XD
  20. @RogueState, the church is a group of corrupt members. They once were a noble bunch of people with a real religion, and all the stuff that comes with it, but then a greedy few decided to make a new church, and within that, made up everything, and received donations and money for lying, more or less. That's the best I can describe it. I don't delve into religion, so that's the best I have.
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