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    Long ago at the dawn of time Aurora was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. Crating the land into six kingdoms (Kuraizora, Mizu, Terra, Aria, Tamashi, Kasai) with six powerful demon lords(Thalia, Zora, Garrett, Alva, Cyrus, Kroner) to rule each. Together they ruled the world as one and fought as one.

    Now this is simply a legend amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown and almost dead. Going to Thalia, the only female lord of the six, they sealed their powers in her, so none could get their hands on these god like powers, putting her into an eternal sleep. And ending their own lives. Leaving the fate of Aurora in her hands.

    Hundreds of years later new kings cause nothing more then war and despair on Aurora. The towns people are ill,starving to death and even thrown into endless war for entertainment to the new Lord's.

    Now towns people are trying to change this god awful fate and find a way to awaken the Lady of legends, Thalia. Some in this quest to gain the powers themselves others wish to save this dark world.


    Original Lord: Kroner
    Bio: This kingdom is located in the east, its lord was a man who's persona fit the heat and ferry of the fire he controlled. This land was once known for its combat and power. Once a strict yet peaceful land is now nothing more then a war zone.


    Original Lord: Zora
    Bio: Located in west, it was once known for its tranquility and relaxing environment. This kingdom had a lord that resembled the water, Calm and peaceful but could turn into a raging tsunami when angered. The once beautiful hot springs, lakes and other bodies of water are now disgusting with poisonous and trash.


    Original Lord: Garrett
    Bio: Located in the southwest, You could say this kingdom was known for its forest. This kingdom is connected and one with nature. The fact that before it was a desert people had lived off its natural resources and had a complex housing environment up in the trees. As for its lord it was as if he were nature itself.


    Original Lord: Alva
    Bio: Located in southeast, this kingdom is on clouds. Well not really. This is were you see chunks of giant rock floating in the air with waterfalls falling from them and towns on them. Now all that is gine witb chunks of rock just floating. The lord of this land was more on the spiritual side of things. He controlled the air.


    Original Lord: Cyrus
    Bio: Located in the North, this land was known for its heal and herbalist. Apart from healing it was a bright land that never seemed to see night. Though you never saw the moon you could tell when it was night because everything would lose its bright color and look as it would during the night.

    Land: Kuraizora

    Original Lord: Thail
    Bio: Located in the very center of all the other lands, this land is similar to Tamashi by being its polar oppiset. This land is now a dark forbidden forest with all kinds of mythical creates such as fairies. Like Tamashi you can tell its day because everything seems to light up even though the moon is always shines bright in the sky. This land has always been a dark land but now its a land many fear. This being the only land that has not had a new ruler. I won't say much about its Lord seeing as you are hunting for her but she is far from what meets the eye and not what you image.

    Any other questions about the lands and its lord just ask. Okay? Also I will play as Thalia but she's not needed until later so I play another chara.

    Oh you can play as a max of 3 characters IF you wish. Also creatures in the forbidden forest are protecters of Thalia,though not all know where she's located, and the forest itself.

    •If given a heart: Accepted

    •If given thumbs up: Good but look over the plot and your chara again. Little to work on.

    •If given a cookie: Relook everything. You have lots to work on.

    • If given anything else: Not anywhere close to being accepted.

    Okay! Seeing as we have quiet a few people we can start. Just keep in mind I will allow more to join. :3

    Also before we start I want everyone to check their charrie. Think about the info on the land I gave you. Does your person really belong there. Also by some point all characters will meet each other. Just because your born in a certain kingdom doesnt mean your bound their for life.

    RP form will be up soon.

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  2. Name (& pronunciation):
    Date of Birth (& age):
    Home Kingdom:
    Species/Racial Origin:
    Social Class:

    Physical Description


    Detailed Physical Description: (or photo)

    Typical Clothing/Equipment: (or photo)









    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:

    Additional Notes/Bio:
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  3. Name (& pronunciation): Selune Darkeye
    Date of Birth (& age): 18
    Home Kingdom: Tamashi
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin: Half Demon
    Social Class: Silent and alone

    Physical Description: Normal build light skinned, pink hair and red eyes

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 100lbs
    Hair: black and hi down to her mid back
    Eyes: hetrochromia blue left eye green right eye:

    Detailed Physical Description: (or photo)[​IMG]

    Typical Clothing/Equipment: (or photo) pants, black or white shirt with a red jacket and normal shoes

    Personality/Attributes: She is a bit on edge when she is all alone but with others she can seem mean or or quiet

    Skills/Talents: She can con jure a black flam and form it into a sword or use it as a spell

    Goals/Ambitions: Her main goal is to find Suzakus star but her toehr goals are to master swordsman ship

    Strengths: She can use her fire to protect other and even heal herself

    Weaknesses: She can be brash and sometimes ignorant

    Fears: Spiders, heights, water, being alone for too long

    Hobbies/Interests: Sings and dances

    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Strangly enough she will sometimes head outside with her clothes on but not her shirt and when she sleep walks well...she sleeps naked. SHe also find joy in the pain of others like her enemies

    Additional Notes:
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  4. Name (& pronunciation): Luna
    Date of Birth (& age): 121
    Gender: Female
    Home Kingdom: Kuraizora
    Species/Racial Origin: Fairy
    Social Class: Knight of the Faries

    Physical Description

    Height: 2 1/2 inches
    Weight: 1/2 pounds
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Duel green

    Detailed Physical Description: (or photo)

    Typical Clothing/Equipment: (or photo)

    Personality/Attributes: She is rather calm and collect but smart.

    Personality/Attitude: Despite her size she tends to act like she's big and bad.

    Skills/Talents: She is a fairy so she controls the natural elements. Some elements she controls better such as water and electricity.

    Goals/Ambitions: Her only goal is to protect her queen. Which is Thalia.

    Strengths: Speed, marksmanship

    Weaknesses: she's quite small so do I have to list them xD

    Fears: she's a flying creature yet she fears heights she fears being 6 feet higher off the ground. Birds.

    Hobbies/Interests: She likes to dance around on top of the lakes and scaring anything she can.

    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: When she gets excited her wings turn to a light purple.

    Additional Notes/Bio:
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  5. Le question: How many characters can we have? .x.
  6. That's good question. You can play as many as 2 or 3 just be sure to always have your characters name in first sentence of your paragraphs. Also I will give your post a heart when its been excepted. ^.^

    Oh and if one of your characters is not played constantly do let players know.
  7. Ooh,gotchu.Shanks~ .x.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

    Name: Umiko
    Date of Birth (& age): 17 human years
    Gender: Female
    Home Kingdom: Mizu
    Species/Racial Origin: Mermaid
    Social Class: Daughter of the current lord of Mizu and at the same time a warrior (Warrior Princess..?)

    ::Physical Description::

    Height: 5'8"(mermaid) 5'5"(human)
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Hair: Blue (mermaid) White (human)
    Eyes: Blue (mermaid) Red (human)

    ||Mermaid Appearance||

    ||Human/Warrior Appearance||

    Outgoing and cheerful,Umiko is seen with a positive smile most of the time.She is friendly and approachable and shows a strong image among other people and creatures.Behind all of this,she can get easily embarrassed,especially when it involves showing some of her skin (ironic since she's pretty much naked [well,topless I guess xD] in her mermaid form).She is also rather sensitive and secretly fears a lot of things.

    Being a mermaid,she can breathe underwater and swim very swiftly.She is also able to swim even to the deepest parts of the ocean.She also has control over water.(water manipulation)
    She also has the ability to turn human,thanks to a mage she met a long time ago who granted her a wish after saving their life.

    Umiko is also notable for her skills in combat and sword-wielding,thus being able to battle along the front lines.Her father forbids her to do so though.

    Umiko had grown tired with the wars and how her father looks down at her just because she's young and is still a girl.Her goal is to prove her dad wrong by finding a way to stop the war and bring back the once beautiful land of Mizu.

    Swimming,battling in water,sword-wielding

    She's rather innocent when it comes to human ways(well,creatures that shares similar features with humans) so her curiosity can sometimes overcome her

    The dark.

    She likes dancing in water and playing/making bubbles

    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
    She has a habit of sitting on people ad bending over towards them too much,and she doesn't even notice herself doing it

    Additional Notes/Bio:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​
    I might or might not make a second charrie :3
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  8. Oh and just so you know. The current lords do not possess the power to maintain the lands like the demon god lords did. The original lords were each part of Suzaku's power meaning they were gods in a way. But only godlike powers to the element appointed to. Also they were part of the land. Made to rule forever. The land they ruled would die if they died because if they died there power would disappear and go back to Suzaku. Meaning only reason Aurora lives is because of Thalia.
  9. We really need more people. I feel the banner I have isn't eye catching enough. *sigh*
  10. Basic Info
    Name (& pronunciation): Thane
    Date of Birth (& age): 189
    Gender: Male
    Home Kingdom: Aria
    Species/Racial Origin: Dragon (Air)
    Social Class: Commoner

    Physical Description
    Height: 6'3 (human)
    Weight: 185 (human)
    Hair: Black (human)
    Eyes: Yellow (human)

    Detailed Physical Description: (or photo)

    Thane (open)

    Typical Clothing/Equipment:**/* (Look At Picture)
    • Long coat with no sleeves, plenty of straps, and a huge collar (black/darkish green/brown)
    • Hair ornament
    • Assortment of rings, bracelets, arm bands, & piercings
    • Simple cloth pants that have a black waist band and grey pant legs

    About Him
    Personality/Attributes:*/** Thane is quite a serious man. More often then not, he does not talk to others mainly because he is looking down on them. He is prideful, strong, and intelligent to a certain extent. Often unaware or completely ignorant to matter of feelings (with the exception of honor, anger, and hate), he can be caught off guard by other people. He is inexperienced in the matters of courting, and is quite the oddball when in large groups. More often then not, he finds himself outcast because of his ideals, or he leaves because of some one else. Having a sense of honor, Thane cannot understand the hurting of those weaker then himself. He will not get involved with others matters, but can be convinced or persuaded to do otherwise.

    Personality/Attitude:**Despite him not being from noble origins, he is still proud.

    Skills/Talents: Turning into this. Small regeneration in human form.
    BlackDragon.jpg 20 ft long, 16 ft tall, (Wingspan 24 ft)

    Goals/Ambitions: To restore the dragon-kin to their full potential and become the proud creatures of noble origins they once were.

    Strengths: ** He excels in problem solving due to his intelligence. He is physically strong, both in human and dragon form. Clearly he doesn't have supernatural strength in human form if you have seen his picture (No rippling muscles for the dragon-man).

    Weaknesses: ** In human form, he is just about as weak as any other normal human. The transformation can take a toll on his human body causing damage from simple migraines to internal bleeding.

    Fears: Pregnant or hormonal women. (This is completely reasonable.)

    Hobbies/Interests: Learning about new cultures and languages.

    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
    • He never ever takes off the hair ornament unless it is to clean it, and he can be unpredictable if he loses it. (later half *)
    • He likes to peel his fruits before he eats them.
    • He has a thing for piercings.


    Additional Notes/Bio:

    • Dragons are a nearly extinct race.
    • Old magic allows him to change into a human form.*
    • His original form is a dragon.*
    • He can't breathe fire. * (Not all dragons are based off fire, believe it or not.)

    Edits= Cleaning & clearing up words marked with a "**", reorganizing, adding additional info marked with a "*"
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  11. Okay I love his fears. I burst out laughing. He would be great with Thalia seeing as she's not hormonal.
  12. xD As a female, I find hormonal women horrifying so Thane and I can relate.

    The giant dragon and the mini fairy getting along, I can see it already. XD He just has to be careful not to inhale too hard in dragon form when near her or she might accidentally disappear. It would be a terrifying experience to end up in a dragon's nose, plus it probably wouldn't be very comfortable for the said dragon either.
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  13. xD oh that be funny but the Fairy is Aria. Thalia is the Queen. The one that you don't meet til later.

    Hormonal women are horrifying. (That comes from female)
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  14. :banghead: My ability to think is handicapped as of late (which might be because I banged my head against the walls one to many times). My automatic assumption since names were mentioned was that you were talking about your character whose info you posted earlier. Was so amused about the height differences that is was one of the first things that came into my mind. I should know better then to assume things, and I should have checked before I spoke. Sorry about that mix up. :( What an embarrassing mistake on my half! XD
  15. Oh no its was amusing so no harm done :3
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  16. I wanna join!~~~~ o 3 o"

  17. Make a person then xD
  18. ~W.I.P (I'm going on a plane trip...24 hrs so I shall finish when I return!!)~


    Name (& pronunciation): Kira Nariaki (Key-rah Nah-ree-ah-key)
    Nicknames/ Titles: "The Striking Phoenix". "Nari" (Nah-ree)
    Date of Birth (& age): November 15th; 21
    Gender: Female

    Home Kingdom: Kasai
    Species/Racial Origin:
    Social Class:

    Physical Description


    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 126 lbs

    Hair: Red; extremely long, trailing almost to the back of her knees, rather unruly.

    Eyes: Gold with flecks of green and blue

    Detailed Physical Description: Nari is about medium height with a lean, boarderlined muscular build. She stands at 5'7" with a lithe and graceful frame. She has been called beautiful by many people she has met, but she does not care about her appearance, preferring to do as minimal of an effort as possibly. Because of this, she gives off an effortless beauty that has yet to be match by many who have ever met her. Her default expression is usually one of an uncaring, stolic nature, but her eyes always maintain a fierce fire that seems to conceal her true nature. She is extremely atheletic and her body shows it. Toned muscle from head to toe with random scars in random places. Her skin is a deep tan, showing her racial roots and showing her as a truly exotic beauty, but she has gained her title for a reason...

    Typical Clothing/Equipment:



    Personality/Attitude: Brave, witty, brooding, blunt, callous, stolic, short-tempered, passionate, firey, confrontational, loyal (if you can befriend her), curious,

    Skills/Talents: Fighting (of course- mixed martial arts, hand to hand, sword, bow/arrow, spear, etc.), War, Strategy, navigation, improvising, flexibility, survival.

    Random talents: Flute, singing, baking

    Goals/Ambitions: Finding Thalia, earning the highest honor and becoming the greatest warrior to ever exist, riches, Survival

    Strengths: Anything having to do with athleticism and War.

    Weaknesses: She has little to no people skills; she has no idea how to deal with flirting or the opposite sex; it is hard for her to show when she likes someone; sweet things; cute animals

    Fears: Snakes, the dark, not being in control of a situation

    Hobbies/Interests: Fighting, training, reading, dancing

    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:

    Additional Notes/Bio:

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  19. For those wondering what Thalia looks like well here! I'll post other original lords as well.

    nymphalidae_by_kizuna_chan-d59demg.jpg hope_by_alexnoreaga-d5kmrxf.jpg
  20. Kasai Original Lord:
    Original Lord of Mizu:
    He is a water nymf so you can image.
    Terra Original Lord: brothers_by_phatpuppyart_studios-d6xwd51.jpg
    Aria Original Lord: Angel_from_shadow.jpg

    Tamashi Original Lord:
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