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  1. Not everyone likes the idea of rice, seaweed, and raw fish all rolled up together and dipped in a sauce of almost pure salty taste, but for those of you who do enjoy such foods, what are some of your favorite kinds of sushi? How about any least favorites or bad experiences? Maybe tips for preparing sushi at home?

    Basically, if you have something to say about sushi, this is the place to do it! :3

    For me personally, I like smoked salmon nigiri (I know, cheating) as well as dragon rolls and mackerel anything. And I admittedly may eat anything you put in front of me if you add in a good splash of eel sauce on it >~> That stuff is delicious...
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  2. The best meal of my life was in Jorge Chávez International Airport in Peru, where a random sushi bar received my aching post Machu Picchu bones.

    I like when they add the cream cheese. I know that makes me the AntiChrist. But if Jesus don't add cheese to his fish, then he's a chump.
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  3. I like nigirizushi, usually with shrimp, but rolled sushi is great too. But still. I think that sashimi is still the best (tuna and fatty tuna).
  4. Temaki (cone sushi) with fried fish skin was my favourite when I was a kid, now I really don't get to eat it anymore. We used to order it every single time we went to this nice little place in the CBD. Nowadays I just like my tuna, shrimp and salmon nigirizushi or plain old fried chicken/prawn rolls.
  5. Sushi is life...end of story.
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  7. Just had some today from a local shop. Spouse had no idea what I wanted so she ended up bringing home a spicy roll with salmon and shrimp sashimi.

    Wasn't bad, but not a fan of the crunchy nature of shrimp when my sushi is usually chewy.
  8. I'll just brag and say my two cents- Tomorrow I'm eating at Tsunami Sushi.
  9. Sushi trains are the best! > w <
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  10. Salmon rolls... That's really it.

    I always prefer simple salmon rolls to any of the other more complex kinds of sushi.
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  11. i love homemade sushi
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  12. Do you have a mat? :oo
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  13. I LOVE SUSHI. O___O

    My brother can actually make really good sushi. @___@ He makes crabrolls, salmon, and sometimes with tilapia or even spam. We do have a sushi mat. >:3

    I haven't tried a ton of different kinds of sushi, but I tend to lean towards the rolls with crab and salmon, or tuna! Eel is okay. Uuum, I can't remember other rolls at the moment. >>

    We have a place in town we just discovered that makes AWESOME sushi. @.@ they even create their own fancy rolls. They just advertised a Louisiana roll today that has spicy crawfish in it. o___o I'll have to drag my brother there soon...
  14. Sushi's something I actually really enjoy, but I've only ever had one or two chances to try it. What I have tried is delicious though.

    I should go get sushi some time... any suggestions from Iwaku on what to get?
  15. Preparing sushi at home is fairly simple. You just need a few extra things that most non-oriental families may not carry:

    -A rice cooker

    -Bamboo rolling mat (made specifically to roll the sushi)

    -A porous wooden bowl known an hangiri to let the rice cool (however, you can also do this with a glass pan and a small fan while you prepare the rest of the sushi... it achieves basically the same result).

    -Rice vinegar

    There are many recipes and tips on the internet to make sushi, and after you understand how to prepare the rice the rest is easy- it's also much cheaper than going out to a sushi joint. You can pick your own ingredients and decide what goes in each roll... it can be fun to make your own and experiment with different textures :)
  16. Just use a plastic plate mat
  17. Suushiiii

    I love me some raw fish, I love sushi, sashimi, inari, all of it

    It amuses me when I see people eating it with forks or their hands and trying to take bites out of it though; chopsticks and cram it!
  18. nom nom nom
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  19. Every now and then I'll make the risk of eating sushi. Aside from being allergic to some seafoods, I horribly embarrass myself with chopsticks because I have dumb, clumsy hands. I'm better off shoveling the stuff into my maw with my fingers, like the savage I am. I've had people say I'm unteachable when it comes to chopsticks.

    The best I ever had was this kind a friend recommended to me. I don't remember at all what the name of the sushi dish was, but it had eel and avocado rolled in. I don't like the dipping sauces. The sushi was really delicious, though. I want to have it again sometime.
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  20. Oh yeah, and if we're talking about our favourite kinds of sushi, there's a small business sushi place in town that makes one called a BC roll. It's got smoked salmmon and avocado with rice and seaweed, and it's huge. I dislike that I can't fit all of it in my mouth without choking, since sushi comes apart and is messy if you eat in bites, but it's so delicious it's worth it.

    There's also a crispy tempura prawn roll that has a nice crunchy to it!
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