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  1. It shouldn't have been done. No one should have reprogrammed them...those subjects...Now look at what has happened...

    It is the year 2013, only two months have passed since the virus erupted from multiple facilities scattered around America. No one knows how far the virus has reached as no one has any sort of communication anymore. Everything was cut off. Electricity,Radio Transmissions. Nothing works anymore.

    My name is Fel. I'm currently the only survivor since my partner was killed a few days ago. I haven't found anyone else since...I wonder if anyone else is out there. My partner explained what happened to everyone. She was a scientist in one of the facilities and her team had been working on the effects of serotonin. According to their findings if a subject had a lack of serotonin, their personality changes. They became more violent and showed signs of delirium. They didn't remember who their family members were and soon began attacking the scientists. I guess they thought this was some sort of progress, but they decided to continue research and began testing on a bunch of people. She had said at one point their lab tested over 45 people at one time, mostly people who no one would miss like the homeless and criminals. Whoever they thought was morally right to do these tests to, the virus got out. It mutated inside the body, causing just a simple bite to transfer the virus to a normal healthy person. The virus then began to destroy the brain's ability to produce serotonin and soon the same symptoms appeared in the man who was bit.

    This is where we ended up.


    Okay! :D So, this will be a group RP for about 4 people plus myself! The basic Zombie-Survival story applies here~ We are based in America, a now run-down, dangerous place filled with the undead and hungry wildlife. We play the survivors, destined to find each other in the rubble of the once thriving cities. Our need to survive holds itself higher than trust in these times, so the question is will you group together, or try and take them out on your own?

    Rules and Guidelines:

    -No Godmodding
    -No Playing Zombie Characters
    -You must be realistic with this! No non-Human characters please and no insane weaponry!
    -Have Fun!

    This idea is to help promote Horror Month here in Iwaku and I'm super excited about it! I love zombies! >:3 If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post here!

    Character Sheet:

    Home Town/City:
    Status: (alone or with others)
    Occupation: (Previous employment)
    Appearance: (Preferably picture, unless detailed description)
    Weapons: (Any weapons you have currently, be reasonable)
    Other: (anything else you feel applicable)
  2. Name: Fel

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Home Town/City: New York, NY

    Status: Alone at the moment

    Occupation: Waitress at a Cafe, Part-time Dance Instructor

    Personality: Fel is usually untrusting, before the virus spread she would keep to herself, but after everything happened and she found Meghan she stayed with her until the other woman had killed herself in a moment of weakness. Now she is trying to find other survivors in hopes to find out if the rest of the world is like this as well.

    Appearance: 2330941848_096557a561.jpg

    Weapons: At the moment she has a large axe she keeps attached to her backpack as well as two small hand guns and a lot of ammo she looted from a local gun store. She doesn't want to use up all her ammo so she usually uses the axe and the guns when she needs to.

    Other: N/A at the moment
  3. Name: Micah Himura
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Home Town/City: Queens, NY
    Status: Alone (UNLESS anyone's interested in starting with him?)
    Occupation: University Student/ Assistant cook at a small restaurant
    Micah can be seemingly rude with first impressions do to his often blunt honesty. His typical attitude is calm and easy going, though he's known to tease and joke around with people he's close with. He has very few close friend's though as he values alone time he can use to think and work.
    Appearance: (open)


    Weapons: A couple of chefs knives hurriedly grabbed from the kitchen of the restaurant he works in.
  4. Name: Jordin Crosky, "Jordy The Kingpin"

    Age: 49

    Gender: Male

    Home Town/City: New York City, New York

    Status: (alone or with others): The Kingpin travels alone.

    Occupation: (Previous employment): He was the leader of a small group of druglords, thieves, and criminals. His group was rising to fame when the disease started to spread. Once it hit his gang disbanded.

    Personality: He is very stern and doesn't take no for an answer. It's his way or the high way. Jordin is very much a leader, he knows how to handle a situation and use that situation to his advantage. Many people consider him crazy, old, and not wise, but he isn't any of those. He is attentive to details and can take instruction easily.

    Appearance: (Preferably picture, unless detailed description) Kingpin.jpg

    Weapons: (Any weapons you have currently, be reasonable): He carries around a long black cane that has a bowling pin on the top of it. Later on in this apocalypse he has added a spike at the top and nails sticking out of the pin itself.

    Other: (anything else you feel applicable): The kingpin is a lonely man, and is always looking for someone to love.
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  6. I have been waiting and waiting for someone to make a zombie game, since I'm too stressed with shit IRL to organize one myself. XD So, I am totes joining this one. <3


    Jason Riley



    Home Town/City:
    New York, NY

    Alone, for now. (If anyone wants to plot with me about being partners or a small group in the beginning of the RP, I'm open to it)

    Astronomy student, employed as a museum docent

    Jason is a clever, creative, intelligent young man. Even though he is social, he's very secretive. Other words that describe him are modest, honest, systematic, reliable, and socially independent. As well, Jason is more of a follower. He doesn't have the confidence necessary to lead people, especially now that there's been a deadly viral outbreak. For years, he got used to being made fun of so if someone where to insult him, he just grins and bears it.

    To most, Jason appears pretty ordinary. He looks like your typical working man, mostly dressed in slacks, a nice shirt, and a tie because that's what his job requires. Unless he's getting ready to sleep, he's always seen with glasses on. His physique is skinny. The muscles of his arms need more work, but his leg muscles are impressively strong from years of cycling. His skin is pale, his eyes are vibrant, his hair is a chocolatey brown.

    - Jason's main weapon of choice is a katana he took from the museum he worked at. It was one of the most convenient battle ready items available, so he took it for himself and he sharpens it every opportunity he gets. He keeps it strapped to his back in the sheath, snugly behind his backpack.
    - Another weapon he carries is a metal baseball bat.


    - Jason's geekiness can be useful in game. He'd know helpful ways to modify weapons, for example. And if ever you need guidance using the stars, he's your guy. He's obsessed with space.
    - He is homosexual, but hides it. It's one of his secrets he keeps buried.
    - He's completely alone, he believes. He has no idea if his sister, mother and father survived. He hopes to at least meet with his little sister again, someday.
  7. Name: Jordan Anderson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: University Student/ Works part time as a MMA Trainner
    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
    Status: Alone for now
    Weapons: Metal Wrench in his backpack with some medical supplies and grolola bars. He carries a Baseball bat.
  8. Okay great! :D We now have all the players! >:3 I shall get started on the starting thread either later tonight or tomorrow because I have to study for 2 tests I have tomorrow! ^^' I'm super excited people! :D

    Just some notes:

    -Seeing as we are all from New York, we should all move towards some sort of icon that New York has to meet up. Times Square sound good?
    -If you'd like, you can add in a blurb of what your character was doing just before the breakout happened since we won't be RPing that bit. ^^

    I can't wait to start! :D
  9. How funny, someone else shares Jason's last name. ^^;; In case there's confusion: my character's got no brothers. Though I suppose he coouullld be a cousin or something. But anyway. People unrelated have last names all the time, so I'll shaddup.

    Time Square sounds doable. *nods* I'm excited to start! I been waiting forever to use my guy for somethin' and kill zombies~
  10. GUH. Studying for tests are keeping me from 2 most important things! >:[

    1) Putting the IC Thread up


    2) Leveling up my Pokemon so I can kick my bros ass at when I go home for Thanksgiving!

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