Survivors of Flight 109 ( island survival type)

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  1. 200 passengers boarded a private non stop flight, to a lush unknown island on August 4th 2014.
    airplane_flying.jpg While inflight complete strangers made pleasentries with those sitting next to them. Others were sleeping , or chattered quietly in groups.

    9 hours into the flight, the plane hit some turbelence, and was now gently rocking the cabin. Flight attendants were now checking on passengers , trying to keep the building panic and tension under control. The captain had announced that it was only a few storm clouds, not to worry. Buckle our seatbelts,remain calm. But the plane dropped, causing people to scream and panic. The cabin was now shaking fiercely and suddenly oxygen masks fell from the ceilings.
    bf4-lost-islands.jpg Nobody can really recall what happen. Just faint memories and flashes. Some say the plane ripped in half, others say the entire plane went down. What we all know for sure is we crashed, with few survivors and we need to band together to survive in the hope for rescue.
    Best-Survivor-Castaway-Islands-Samoa.jpg images.jpg

    Was it really an accident? Many of us who survived all just with superficial injuries?, was it all a coincidence? This island so full of mysterious terrian and trees, strange exotic animals. What's to come?
    Jobs and duties:
    • Gather fruits,grass, vegetables, roots etc
    • Hunt (set snares)
    • Fish (collect fresh water)
    • Cook the food and stews,keep track of food daily.
    • Forage firewood,gather supplies to craft weapons,spares
    • Build more permant shelters (have a few tents)
    • Defense set perimeters around camp,keep out prey etc ngulu_atoll_Yap_chian_huts_westernmost.jpg

    • Rules: just want to have fun with rp ,so please no gore or killing people characters off.
    • Romance is of course allowed, just keep it to a minimum in respect for other people (take it to pm if needs to get more personal)
    • If you need to drop out for any reason please notify
    • Please if attaching a pictures no anime or cartoon characters. Use real people or yourself.. What you'll be wearing etc.
    • Name ,age
    • Job on the island (gather fruits etc)
    • Where they were from
    • Personality (please keep it under a paragraph ,we can learn more about each others character as the story progresses)
    • What they look like
    (This i s my first time doing anything like this so please take.that into consideration, hope to interest some people though. Any thing I left out? More ideas?)
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  2. Hello, I was wondering if I could join in on this rp.
  3. Yes of course! Still looking to get at least 5,people interested. You can just post a character bio and or picture if you'd like.
  4. Bump, would be interested in this.
  5. Ahh yay ! :) I was just loosing hope in this ! Hopefully I can get a few more and I will let you know so you can think of a character.
  6. Damn, I hope others are and this does not die
  7. I'd be interested in doing something like this. Just give me sometime to make a character, I gotta speed off to work right now.
  8. Im interested! Can u put up a character sheet we'll all fill in?

    Reminds me of Flight 29 Down
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  9. Yes I can . I was just hoping to more people interested. I'll edit it here in 10 minutes!
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  10. I'll join this. c;
    I actually have a pair of siblings that I used for a similar RP that never got off the ground...

    Do you mind if I double so I can bring them both back? c;
    The boy is deaf, so there's issues with working him all alone.
  11. Alright edited my character sheet part ! If people wanna get started on posting characters and I can work on the actual details of the roleplay and figure out a post order.
  12. Yes of course!
  13. Perfect! ^^
    Looking forward to this! Nothing's better than a good ol' plane crash. cx

    Skellies up in a bit! :bouncy:
  14. Duena Manda Andres



    Cooking Food
    (Occasionally helps with gathering food and supplies, when she is looking after Jaime.)

    Country of Origin

    Duena wears a bright red v-neck top, with dark colored skinny jeans and leather combat-style boots.

    Duena is the stern, overprotective sort who is constantly worrying about others. And not just with her little brother, either.
    She has experience in nursing, her mother and grandmother both being of the trade, and is a cautious yet curious soul.
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  15. You said you didn't want much for personality, so I just did something simple.
    But still... is it enough? o;
  16. Jaime Luis Andres



    Gathering Food & Supplies

    Country of Origin

    Jaime wears a navy blue sweatshirt over a slightly lighter blue shirt with torn jean pants and sneakers.

    Jaime is a curious, adventurous soul who doesn't let his handicap stop him.
    He finds pleasure in taunts and teases, even if his own are not verbal.
    Jaime can be stubborn and headstrong when he feels like it.
  17. Yes it's great
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  18. Terra Crux

    17 years old
    Job on the Island
    Gather Fruits
    Where they were from
    California, USA
    Terra is soft hearted, soft spoken, compassionate, and very altruistic. She is very honest and will tell the truth no matter what (mostly because she is a terrible liar). Her eyes are like doe eyes, sweet and warm. She loves singing, smiling and gymnastics. She can be bashful and is more of a follower than a leader but once trusts and cares about someone, there is not much that she will not do to make them happy.
    What she looks like
    Terra has a slim, athletic hourglass figure even though she's short (5'1). Her hair tends to get unruly and no matter how often she tries to tan, she is almost always a little too pale because she has type 1 diabetes.

    The rest is in uploaded photos.

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  19. @xKisses
    How is Terra? Is she accepted?

    Ps Where's your character?
  20. Haha yes off she's accepted! N I know I'm working on it lol she's cming. I'm just being lazy
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