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  1. General Rules:
    1. Obey all current and future site-wide rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and a writer being banned due to an abundance thereof will only hurt this Role-Play.

    2. Respect your fellow writers at all times. If you feel you are crossing a line then stop yourself. We are all comrades and there is no need to demean one another.

    3. Separate OOC feelings from IC actions. Your character should never act upon your OOC grudges or adoration for another writer. Those seen doing this will be booted without warning.

    4. Collaborate with your Co-Writers. Keeping things a surprise is fine, but OOC is here for you to discuss the direction of the Role-Play. Use it as such and do not be afraid to state your thoughts.

    5. GM word is law. GM's are here to help the Role-Play and it's writers, therefore our rulings reflect that fact. If you disagree with something we say just know it is for your own good.

    Writing Rules:
    1. All posts are required to be a minimum of one paragraph. More is preferable, however; straining to fluff up a Role-Play is worse than posting something short.

    2. Writers are expected to post a minimum of once per day. Exceptions will be granted if forward notice is given, if not your post will be skipped and NPC'd by the GM's.

    3. Keep it PG-13. If you must engage in more intimate acts to further character development you are expected to Fade-To-Black before it goes to far.

    4. No Meta-Gaming, God-Modding, Scene-Stealing, or any of the other taboo niches out there. If you believe you are about to do, or already doing, something wrong ask the GM's.

    5. Enjoy yourself! If at any time you feel concern for the Role-Play and are no longer having fun voice it. GM's are here to help and will do all within reason to rectify your woes.

    Character Creation:
    1. No Mary-Sue characters, please. They are easy to spot and only detract from a serious and well thought out Role-Play. There are other Role-Plays here that accommodate that sort of fantasy, we do not.

    2. No overpowered characters. Characters with innate combat experience are fine, but there will never be a point in time where one man/woman can take on an entire horde and emerge unscathed. If yours can it's time to rethink it.

    3. Be creative and original with your characters. People come from all walks of life. Poor or rich, brave or cowardice, there are endless possibilities so we should not see multiple of the same Archetypes.

    4. Be flawed. No one is perfect, neither should any of our characters be. Have fears, have doubts and weaknesses, the greatest characters are those that posses an innate flaw and learn to overcome it.

    5. Stay true to your character's personality. Characters should never randomly do a 360 and see things completely different without a world-shaking development process. Stay true to your character and let him/her develop naturally.


    William Thomas Creed(Debut Season 1) | Lillian Angela Grove(Debut Season 1) | Drake Forester(Debut Seaon 1)

    Victoria Oak(Debut Season 1) | Jordan Christine Hoffman(Debut Season 1) | Gavin Ji Kwan(Debut Season 1)

    Brandon Carlos(Debut Season 1)

    Character Sheet Template (open)

    [Image of Character Here. No Anime.]

    Name: (Realistic names only please.)

    Age: (Ages should be scaled realistically. Not everyone should be in their teens and tweens. Young people and children will be accepted, but less so than characters age thirty and above.)

    Gender: (Male and Female only. Transgender and all that sort of stuff will just confuse people.)

    Height: (In Feet and Inches)

    Weight: (In Pounds)

    Occupation: (What job your character held before the outbreak.)

    Disposition: (Your character's disposition is their overall outlook on things. Are the Kind, Mean, Cynical, Arbitrary, maybe even content with things.)

    Appearance: (Self-Explanatory, your characters physical features and appearance. Bare minimum one paragraph is required.)

    Personality: (Your character's natural personality. Go into detail describing how they feel and view things. Bare minimum on paragraph is required.)

    Traits: (These are your character's feats and traits. Are the tech savvy, do they know how to fix cars, or can they fight well and handle a gun? You can have as many of these as you think are reasonable, but don't go too overboard.)

    History: (This is your Pre-Outbreak history. One paragraph minimum describing your character before the outbreak.)
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  2. [​IMG]


    "It's Lillian"
    Lillian Angela Grove
    "I'm 29"
    "I'm a woman"
    "Seventy one inches"
    5 Feet 11 Inches
    "I'm healthy"
    186 Pounds
    "I'm..I was an Artist"
    "I think about things"


    Lillian has long dark brown hair, and with no access to beauty tools it's wavy. Lillian is of Asian decent and is often referred to as Chinese, even though she is from Korea. She has dark brown eyes, with long black eyelashes. Her lips are a soft pink, which stand out from her soft white skin. Standing at 5'11 Lillian is quite tall, and her body filled out as she is lean. Her body isn't lanky or awkward looking and is just regularly filled out.
    Lillian sees the world through an artistic point of view. Seeing things as if they are beautiful no matter what usually. Lillian always wants to help others before herself, if she had to give up her job to save her best friend she would do so. Lillian is also a hopeless romantic and see's love as being something amazing that she can't seem to find. Lillian also is trained in Art therapy which helps her help people which she loves to do. Although when presented with new people she acts as if she has no emotions and waits till she gets to know them.
    | Tech Savvy | Extremely handy with technology
    | Artist | She can paint things in high detail and beautiful scenes
    | Art Therapy | Can give therapy to people by having them draw something
    | Tailor | Can sew clothes as she use to make her own clothes in art school


    Working in a lab Lillian was known as a "squint" to the crime scenes she helped. She was skilled with computers and would help them map out scenes. When she wasn't plugging in equations and showing the possibilities or hacking into emails etc, she was reconstructing faces from skulls. Whether it be from the 1800's or from a murder victim she was usually seen with a skull on her table as she used clay and sculpted the face, or simply drew it from the skull. Her work life consisted of people who were okay around dead people and she adjusted herself to be able to look at dead people's corpses and skeletons. Lillian has seen it all, burnt, melted in acid, and even chopped into tiny pieces.

    When Lillian was a child she was always drawing and her parents brought her all she wanted when it came to art. She won art shows and whatnot so they had money from her. Until one day when she suddenly lost inspiration. Her parents had started to force her to paint, so her art was not up to par. Lillian would mope around her house as she passed countless pieces of her art, although they were not the originals. They were just the copies since her parents sold all her work. At the time she was sixteen she started dating a boy who restored her inspiration. Her art was amazing again and she was inspired, she went to art school and her and Zach kept dating.

    When Lillian graduated from art school she made her own life, she wasn't a popular artist and only had one piece really sell. Although being a childhood celebrity in the art world now she was simply a starving artist. While searching for a job she found a job at a crime scene place. They were impressed at how she incorporated bone structure into her art and asked if she could work from bone to skin. Lillian found it wasn't easy at first but soon made her way to do it efficiently. While she was working there she also used her minor in computer programming to help her score the second half of her job description. She ran a computer which had millions of dollars of equipment, although she ran expensive equipment she wasn't paid that well for the government job. Lillian owned a one room apartment and her living room was her art studio.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: William Thomas Creed

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 200lbs

    Occupation: Construction Worker/Ex-Convict

    Disposition: Cynical, Concerned

    Appearance: William stands just over six feet tall, a rather average height for most men, weighing in at just under two-hundred pounds. His hair his kept short, falling in dark brown hues upon his head, and accompanied by a rough beard growing upon his face. His eyes range in from a light blue to green, depending on whom is describing them, and always furrowed in a rather serious manner. Apart from that the only distinguishing features of William are the mass array of tattoos that dot his body, appearing on his neck, back, forearms, and biceps. To the trained eye, one whom looks upon them might notice some are prison tats.

    Personality: William often comes of an uncaring and nonchalant, putting himself above others and the like. His outlook on things is typically dim unless he believes for a fact that things can be done a better way. This type of personality stems from his background, making it harder for him to accept strangers as close friends than it might some others. This often makes people view him in a poor light, and therefore William has become prone to lash out at people whom call him down and things of that nature. For those that take the time to understand him though, one could find an invaluable and steadfast ally.

    Tough- William is both physically and mentally tough, strengthened by the adversities he's had to overcome both in and out of prison.

    Streetwise- Before the outbreak William dwelled on the more seedy side of life. Because of that he knows uses for, and how to do, things others might not think of right off.

    Handy- William knows his way around a hammer and drill. No matter if it's a blown fuse of a broken down car, William more than likely knows how to fix it. Even if it's only just enough to barely get whatever it is working.

    Loner- When things get bad William would rather go it alone than rely on the help of others. He believes in himself above all else, aside from those that truly prove themselves in his eyes.

    History: William is one of those that seemed to fall into the wrong crowd at every interval in his life. In and out of juvie from the age of thirteen, William grew up hard, only finding friends in those whom came from the same walk of life. His formative years were spent skipping school and stealing the rims off of parked cars, breaking into houses, and the like. He was lost for a while, lashing out at anyone that tried to help him, and it was not until he was in his early twenties that he found a few kindred spirits to call friend.

    At twenty-two William joined the Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club, a local biker gang just outside of San Jose. From there the criminal element of his life skyrocketed, going from breaking car windows to stealing them in a blink of an eye. He was on the fast track to damnation for many years, and loving every second of it. However; as it often does destiny had something else in mind for William. At twenty-seven William was incarcerated for grand larceny, charges he always denied having any part of. For the next three years his life became a one room cell, and his world the prison yard.

    At the age of thirty, thanks to new evidence reveling itself, the charges were overturned and the case dropped. After spending three years locked up for something he had not done William's outlook on his life changed. He decided to do something more with his time than harass others and enjoy the ne'er-do-well life. Taking a construction job, the only work and ex-con could get, William spent the rest of his days toiling away for a meager paycheck. The good honest money he earned felt good though, and he continued to push forward with his new choice of lifestyle. That was of course until the outbreak, and the world for him was once again turned to chaos.
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  4. Both of us are, of course, accepted. :bananaman:
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to start! :) Also the top image on my CS is what she looks like currently.
  6. Sound good lol. I usually try to collaborate a bit more with my character and that of others, but since I'm going for the more isolated type char this time around I think it's best to leave him with no ties to anyone else at the start of things at least.
  7. [​IMG]
    Drake Forester
    220 Lbs
    Tattoo Artist and Powerlifter
    Drakes main goal is too protect himself before others, making it a point to sacrifice anyone else that isn't a friend or in his group. This ideology often conflicts with others, specifically Victoria Oak, and often makes him seem coldhearted. At times, it seems like he would much rather leave someone behind to protect himself and everyone else, but more often than not he caves in and dives in head first to help them.

    Standing at 6'0 and 220 pounds, Drake is well built, being more short and stocky than tall. Being a powerlifter doesn't make him exactly cut down to muscle, and though his upper body is well defined, he lacks abs and signs of fat are clear on his body. He enjoys tattoos, his left arm entirely tatted up, as well as one on his back. Also on his back is a long scar. For facial features, he has blue eyes, black hair he tries to keep spiked up the best he can, and a slightly rugged beard.

    A rather rude man, out for himself and those he calls friends, he is extremely proud, headstrong, and verbal about his side of an argument. In reality, he put up a barrier from his past, and is afraid to get close to anyone he can't protect, which is slim in this hell-like world.

    While he has little firearm experience, he is useful in close combat, using his strength to swing bats, machetes, and the occasional chair towards the undead.
    He has some experience repairing things, but nothing like a mechanic or handyman.
    Not at all tech savy.

    An inspiring tattoo artist from Miami, Drake met and married his wife in high school. Marrying four years after high school, Drake and his wife started up their own tattooing and piercing company. He was a kind man, making friends with neighbors, helping other small businesses in the area, but eventually big business took over, and the small family owned business was forced to close down.

    Drakes wife had family in California, though they weren't fans of Drake and his tattooing career, the family headed across the continent. Slowly starting their own business yet again, a disaster struck the family. On the way home from visiting family in San Francisco, Drake lost control of his vehicle and they flipped, over and over into a ditch. His wife died on impact with a tree. A large piece of metal stabbed through his back, giving him the scar today.

    Five years later, Drake become a drunk, ruining his name as a tattoo artist, losing connections with friends, and eventually stopped talking to everyone all together. Customers were rare, but they paid the bottles of vodka Drake loved so much, so when one came, he hoped on the chance.

    The last of his customers was a young college girl, wanting a simple tattoo of a butterfly on her wrist. Running low on his flask, he figured he could use the cash. After making a design and tattooing, Drake and the new strangers life were changed forever, as a crazed man, bleeding from the eyes and mouth slammed against the door of the small tattoo parlor.

    Victoria Oak
    Name: Victoria Oak

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 126 lbs

    Occupation: College Student, Trying to become a Veterinarian.

    Disposition: A rather positive, helpful girl, she believes they should try and help and cooperate with everyone they come across, believing the undead were the real harm in this apocalypse. She is rather passive, trying to steer clear of dangerous situations than plow through them.

    Appearance: A tad bit short, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a wide white smile, Victoria enjoys wearing new, in style clothing. She has an average body, more on the fit side due to yoga and the occasional time at the beach. On her wrist, a small butterfly tattoo, which may seem cheesy, but she loves it all the same.

    Personality: She acts like she is larger than life. Whenever the Walkers arent limping around, she is often loud, proud, and has a bit of a temper. When the undead are around however, it appears she becomes quiet, either out of sadness or fear its uncertain.

    Victoria enjoys being helpful in any situation, whether it be helping sort food, to scavenging. Her pride however, is medicine, knowing more than the average person on illnesses, how to stitch, and take proper care of a cut. She enjoys new things, often taking comfort in small charms and other trinkets she finds.

    History: Born into a rich family, Victorias father was a doctor, and her mother a veterinarian. She took up an interest in animals, medicine, and combined the two and decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother. As an outspoken girl, she always found friends to hang out with, though often she spent her times alone, exploring the wilderness around the city.
    As high school ended, and college life started, Victoria wasn't a stranger to parties and took up smoking after trying it once. Taking a break from classes, Victoria went looking around town, and stumbled upon a small tattoo parlor. Deciding to get a tattoo in the spur of the moment, she decided to get a simple tattoo on her wrist. The tattoo artist seemed nice enough, though he smelled of vodka, especially his breath, but his art work was done to perfection. As Victoria counted out the cash, a thud at the door surprised her as a man savagely started to beat against the door.
    May make small changes, adding in connections for them.
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  8. Name:
    Elizabeth Griswald




    110 Lbs

    Worked at a butcher shop. Her dad owned it, she and her brother worked there. They lived in an apartment right above the shop.

    Not exactly pleased, but happy that at least her sister and her are together.


    Appearance: (Self-Explanatory, your characters physical features and appearance. Bare minimum one paragraph is required.)

    Personality: (Your character's natural personality. Go into detail describing how they feel and view things. Bare minimum on paragraph is required.)

    Can use a knife adequately well.
    Hunting- Can hunt very well. Her father taught her how to set traps, how to handle a hunting rifle, how to skin an animal and how to make jerky.
    Survival- She knows how to survive well on her own, which plants are safe to eat, which way is north or south, she can climb pretty well and knows her way around the woods.


    History: (This is your Pre-Outbreak history. One paragraph minimum describing your character before the outbreak.)

    "I have-had two. My brother, Michael. I don't know where he is. We got separated when the initial things went down. And Eve.. Eve is with me. I won't let anything happen to her."

    Are you well trained with knives?
    "Somewhat, I guess. I mean, I know how not to chop a finger off, if that's what you mean."

    What's your attitude on the world's current crisis?
    "Just what you said. It's a crisis. Is my attitude really the best thing you could be asking me with your time?"

    Could you kill them?
    "Kill what? The things out there? The creatures that tore my ma apart right in front of my eyes? The things that made her keep living after they did such things? Yeah. I think I could kill them."

    What would happen if your sister died?
    "Are you kidding? I'd go ballistic. I'd tear the whole freakin' world apart. What would you do?"

    What are your skills?
    Well, I could hunt since I've been eight. I guess that's a skill. I have really good eyesight. I can survive in the woods pretty well.

    What are you going to do? You have a child in your care. There are cannibalistic beings outside. Your weapons are a series of butcher knives from your dad's shop. What do you do next?
    "I'll tell you what I'm going to do next. I'm gonna stop talkin' to you. You and your pessimistic words. I was sittin' right here thinking I was alright. That I was gonna live through this. Rude."


    Everleigh Griswald



    4' 3"

    86 Lbs


    Disposition: Content, a little too young to know that the world is in utter chaos, other than what she's seen on the street.


    Appearance: (Self-Explanatory, your characters physical features and appearance. Bare minimum one paragraph is required.)

    Eve is a sweet girl who always tries to brighten somebody's day. Whether it be her friends, other survivors or even small animals or insects. She has an optimistic view on life, even in this constant horror. Eliza does her best to shield her from the scary world out there, but for the most part she's not afraid. She's quite smart for her age, and quite aware of others around her. She speaks in quotes, sometimes, and those are easily her favorite things.


    She's sweet and kind, despite the circumstances. She'll always be seen with a smile on her face. (Unless something sad happens.)
    She can get into small places easily. She can climb things, onto counters or on top of things easily. She can also climb through windows, which helps when you need to get into a house or check a small area out.
    Even though she's so young, she's a smart girl and picks things up easily.
    She can read people like books.

    Others underestimate her constantly, but it gives her an advantage.


    Not physically strong.
    She's not exactly the fastest runner, so sometimes she has to be carried by Beth or another survivor if they're running from danger.
    A kid-
    Being a kid in the zombie apocalypse screams easy target, whether it's the undead or other survivors.
    Gets tired easily-
    Because she's small, she gets tired easily when having to travel or run for long distances. She has to stop for rest every now and then.
    Lack of sleep due to nightmares.
    Incredibly scared of Thunderstorms. Can barely function when in one.


    History: (This is your Pre-Outbreak history. One paragraph minimum describing your character before the outbreak.)

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  9. Done with my CS's for now, waiting on someone to DM me back to help establish connections.
  10. a5ede9az.jpg

    Name: Jordan Christine Hoffman

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 135

    Occupation: Waitress and college student, working to get her masters in psychology

    Disposition: J.C. has a calm demeanor, it is her way of coping but could concern others. She will help others but only rationally, if it will get herself killed she will put her life first. Though she is quiet and to the point, she is kind when they aren't in dire situations but she goes to her calm, serious self when faced with zombies and life or death situations

    Appearance: Jordan stands a little on the shorter average side of women at 5'3", weighing in at 135 with a build right in between curvy and athletic. J.C. tends to wear clothing that are more practical coming from the ol' farmers daughter side of her. She has natural golden blonde hair that she tends to wear down and big brown eyes. Though you don't see it often J.C. has a bright white smile under her complacent facial expression. She has a few tattoos here and there that are hidden, the only one that one may see is a small tattoo that says 'Warrior' on her wrist.

    Personality: Jordan is cautious of others which makes her quiet until she fully trusts whoever, which gives off the wrong impression to some. She is realistic in a situation like this and a survivalist, she believes that people are capable of turning on one another and that has brought her mental barrier up a bit but she is not stupid, she knows she needs others to survive as well so when she does speak she tries to keep her suspicions hidden. J.C. desperately wants to believe in others and believe things can get better however in such a situation it's been hard for her to do anything but shut down the bright side of her. On the rare occasion she is close to someone, her self before the disaster comes out, which is a kind and loyal woman that would do anything to see the one she loves smile.

    Traits: J.C was raised on a farm which makes her handy with anything pertaining to hunting. She can handle a rifle and shotgun and she is particularly handy with a bow and arrow considering even when she left the farm, she continued to participate in archery events wherever she could find them. She can also track pretty well, she's a bit rusty at it but considering the years she used to do it during hunting season, she's better than average. Jordan can set up a camp and survive out in the woods pretty well if need be. She's a quick study and eager to learn anything that would help her survive.

    Weaknesses: Jordan was still getting used to the city life when all of this happened, therefore she is not the best at knowing her way in and out of buildings and surviving on the streets. She is also not the greatest at hand to hand combat but she knows enough to get herself out of an easy situation. Thanks to her archery, she's a bit stronger than she looks but she's still weaker than she would like to be.

    History: Jordan grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, typical small town girl story except she was not the one who wanted to get out of town. J.C. was a straight A student her entire life, except for a few B's here and there, she got quite a few scholarships going into the community college and was content to further her education in psychology there but her mother, wanting her daughter to break out of her shell and further her education somewhere better than the community college, pushed for her daughter to go to college elsewhere. It took some convincing with J.C. especially considering she had a very small comfort zone but eventually she gave in.

    Moving to California was a culture shock for Jordan but eventually she got used to it, she started college in the city after getting her associates and worked through her Bachelors, occasionally going home for breaks but once she took up her job waitressing, she visited home less and less. By the time she got to her Masters, she was to the point where she only visited home once a year and even managed to make a few friends in the college scene, including Victoria. J.C. took up the party scene a bit more once Victoria entered into her life but still managed to keep up with work though her studies started to slip a bit.

    Jordan wanting to enter the adult world, took up a small, one bedroom apartment in the city right before all the chaos happened, it wasn't in the nicest part of the city but it was hers and J.C. was happy before her life was turned upside down, making her a bit bitter towards her situation but she's slowly learning to just deal with what is at hand.
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  11. Hopefully all is good ^_^ I wanted to interpret archery and I figured this was the most realistic way (:
  12. You're accepted! All of you's! I'll put the IC up tomorrow just to give those that are hinging on joining a little more time before I lock it down and we start! Thanks guys, I look forward to RPing with all of your wonderful characters.
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  13. Great! I'm so excited! (:
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  14. Ok guys! IC thread is up! Sorry it took so long, got swamped with school papers and work, but we have officially begun. I'm leaving signups open until we start the second round of posts so if you are one of those that messaged me then yes there is still some time to join.

    On another note, you might notice some of the character links in the cast tabs go to your first character if you have two. This is an anchor problem, so if it doesn't bother you then fine but if it does then cut your second character off of your post and repost it on it's own and I will link it properly. Thanks, and happy posting!
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  15. Awesome! I'll start working on a post tomorrow!
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  16. Done with my first post, hopefully all is good. Wanted to get one out before I went off to bed ^_^
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  17. I'm going to finish my characters in a little bit, I've just been preoccupied with other things at the moment. x.x
  18. Are we waiting for everyone to post once before replying? Or does it not matter?
  19. Trying to let everyone with a character get their posts in. That way we can set up a posting order and go from there.
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  20. Okey dokey, I shall wait then ^_^
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