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    San Jose California is overran. The once densely populated city is now filled with corpses as the dead walk, and make victims of the living. Few safe bastions remain for those trapped within the confides of the city, for each day more dead pour in from the outskirts of town. Trapped within the center of the city locked within an old dive bar, a small group of survivors hold on to the last rays of hope they can muster. With food stores running low and the dead becoming ever more bold just outside their windows a delicate choice must be made.

    Do the survivors try to hold out within the bar, or do they seek solace elsewhere?

    No matter the choice there will be consequences and sacrifice. Will the survivors band together for the safety of the group or will their journey end here? Only God knows, and only time will tell.

    William Thomas Creed | J's Bar&Grill | Everyone

    It was cold, tonight, too cold. William's breath cold be seen forming cold wisps as he leaned against the wooden planks barring a nearby window and stared out into the darkness. He knew they were out there, he could hear them, but at least for the moment they were not near enough to see. Whether that was a blessing or not still remained to be seen but it did at least give some sign that the group huddled together within the bar had yet to draw the attention of the creatures lingering outside. Through either luck or divine providence they had all remained safe for yet another night, for dawn would soon be upon them.

    Now though, it was cold. The power was still on in the bar but for the most part everyone was too afraid running anything would attract to much attention to them. Perhaps they were right, William didn't think so, but then again he had no real place to attempt to change their minds in mass. Slowly he would move away from the window and back towards the bar, sighing and running a hand through his hair as he did so. Jay, the owner of the bar, stood behind the counter rubbing a cloth over a glass in an attempt to mimic his usual routine and forget the horror he was in now. William understood that in all honesty, but sooner or later everyone was going to have to get used to how things now were.

    "How bad is it Willy?" Jay asked William as he continued to wash the glass. William had been a regular at J's since before he was locked away. One of the only habits he had left from his old days was coming to grab a drink at J's before he went home for the night. Despite his past Jay had never been hard on William, and because of that they formed a repertoire and a decent acquaintanceship.

    "Their staying away from the windows. If we stay quiet I guess we will be alright." William answered motioning for jay to hand him a bottle of whiskey from the rack behind him. "We should be fine until daybreak, but after that we seriously need to consider our options." William continued, taking the bottle now handed to him and opening it before placing it between his lips and taking a big swig. "Your storeroom won't be full forever, and I don't plan to hang around in a bar smack dab in the middle of town. No offense meant Jay."

    The old bartender's face grew sad for a moment followed by a hesitant nod. Whether or not he wanted to leave wasn't the main concern anymore. Each day more and more of those creatures filled the streets making it harder and harder to get out of here. If they waited any longer they may well wind up trapped within the bar. Then again they still had plenty of food within, as well as power and running water. Would abandoning that all be worth it? "I understand Willy. Guess we'll just have to wait and see."

    William nodded as he took another large drink from the bottle before smiling wryly and saying: "Well don't wait to long, I might just up and leave ya."
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  2. Jordan Christine Hoffman
    aka J.C.

    J.C. remained silent as she listened to William and Jay talk, sitting just a few stools down. She picked up her cup and let the vodka swirl around in the cup before taking another swig. The boys' conversation brought up the question of what Jordan's thoughts were on the matter, if she had to say, she would agree with William but she wasn't sure if that was strategy or the simple fact that she was a country girl uncomfortable with the fact that they were smack dab in the middle of the city and right now that city was dense with walkers.

    She let out a soft sigh as she battled with her own thoughts, watching her breath form a cloud in front of her and bringing her jacket closer around her shoulders. It seemed not long ago the only thing she had to worry about is studying for tests and perfecting her tasks at her internship, it all seemed so petty now but what she would give to go back to it or even just speak to her parents one more time. Right after everything hit the fan, the first thing J.C. did was call her parents, if only to hear their voice but no such luck, it was hard not to assume the worst for them considering how much death she had seen in such a short time span but Jordan held out hope that her parents were somewhere safe and surviving too.

    Feeling another shudder from the cold, Jordan took another few swigs of vodka, bringing a slight flush to her cheeks as she got a soft buzz and the alcohol warmed her body up. Bringing her hand off the glass, her fingers landed on the bow that set next to her at all times, running her finger along the strings, J.C. had been shooting bow since she was about 12, making her a pretty good shot which came in handy instantly in their situation and it helped to have reusable ammo but she wondered how much longer they could last when they seemed to be in a hopeless situation or even if she could trust the people she shared a room with which made for many sleepless nights for the golden haired country girl.​

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    Lillian Angela Grove

    As Lillian sat in the bar she was tapping away at the bar, with a glass in front of her. She was thinking of how she could hack into satellites to have a point of view above them to show them the safest routes. As she kept fake typing on the bar in her mind she saw a computer screen and was navigating through many things. It was easy for her to envision the process as she hacked into satellites many times but with just a laptop and no multi-million dollar equipment it would be hard. She was working through the process when she reached a roadblock, and softly cursed to herself. This was going to be absolute hell in figuring this out but she wanted to figure it out to help them out. Looking around she was looking for anything that she could use to make a better signal emitter but nothing could help. Unless she fried a phone but then the signal would only last for about ten minutes.

    Listening to William she heard him talking about leaving this place, soon and thought it might be good to bring up the imaging software she could program to assure a safe route but kept to herself. She didn't know why but it felt wrong to bring it up at the time maybe because, in case that it failed which was a very high chance, their hopes weren't brought too high. She decided to draw to get her mind off of things, as she held a book and her pencil as she started to draw the world as it use to be. The world without zombies. It was taking her mind off of things for awhile as she drew a landscape of a town. With regular people walking around with nothing wrong taking advantage of their perfect lives.

    Finally Lillian crumbled up the piece of paper and threw it randomly. The world isn't the same she knew it wasn't so she had to stop pretending that it was. She got up and looked around at their group and knew the best place to be would be out of the city, maybe a farm. A boathouse would be the best thing in her opinion she knew all about decomposition and water. If they could get themselves into the ocean with a boathouse and found an island they could go back to farm and get supplies they would be well off. Although Lillian knew it was all too unlikely, she hated fighting and killing things and she had no expertise with weapons. Thinking about it she decided she wanted to learn how to throw knives, it would be beneficial to have a melee and ranged weaponry. Although she knew learning how to fight now was a little late.​
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  4. Victoria

    Victoria quietly observed the room cautiously standing up and grabbing a water bottle off of the bar. She wasn't much of a drinker, especially if after only two beers she was ready to throw up. She prefered to smoke, which she would've if she didn't smoke her last cigarette two hours before hand. Sighing, she gazed around the room. Complete strangers. The only two faces she knew where friendly was the man that saved her, Drake. Right now he was useless, as he somehow managed to sleep in this nightmare. At his side were two empty beer bottles, and a wooden, blood stained bat. He clutched a bottle of clear liquor in his hand, and cradled it like a baby as he slept softly.

    The second person she knew in the room, was an actual close friend of Victoria. J.C, a country girl new to the city life, attended college with Victoria. The two had a few classes together, and grew pretty close over the school term. Now, J.C quietly sipped on vodka, and gripping her bow. The country girl made eye contact with Victoria, and Victoria smiled and quickly, though silently, made her way to take a seat next to her friend.

    Any updates on what the hell is going on? Any clue if the army are on the way?

    Drake quietly relieved the same dream as the night before, reliving the moment when all hell broke loose.

    Drake counted out the money, making sure the girl gave him correct change.

    40. 50. 60. Thats all of it, thanks.

    The tattoo artist said to the college girl, and quickly took a swig of a metal flask. The young girl smiled and nodded, and turned to leave. She stopped, as her phone ringed. Stopping, she looked down at it and smiled. Drake took a seat in a red lawn chair, and watched Victoria quietly, as she answered the phone.

    Hello? Mom? What're you saying calm down?

    The girls slipped from a smile, to a frown as he moms frantic yelling was easily heard from where Drake sat. Victoria opened her mouth to speak, but a loud thud scared her, and she dropped her phone. The phone shattered against the floor, snapping in two, sending parts everywhere. The thud came from a third person, outside the store, as he slammed himself against the window, pounding on it in a craze. Blood dripped from his mouth and eyes, and Victoria gave a scream, as the man broke through. The girl retreated behind the counter as Drake jumped up and ran towards the counter, snatching up a bat from underneath the register and pointing it at the guy, who was shakily standing up, a shard of glass sticking out from his waist and another from his knee cap.

    What the hell? Stay the fuck back man.

    The drunk tattoo artist said, gripping the bat as the zombie stumbled towards him, arms out stretched. Swinging, the wooden bat easily broke the mans arm, his Humerus stabbing through the skin. Regaining his footing, the man continued, his eyes set on Drake. Swinging again, the bat connected with the zombies temple, and it knocked the thing to the ground. The mans head was caved in, and it twitched slightly as Drake slammed the bat against his head once more.

    W-What the hell was that?

    Drake ignored the question and peaked his head outside the door. The street was like a warzone. Several other people with similar faces and bodies tore at people lining the streets. A woman was huddled over a baby carriage as she ate...something.
    Victoria gave a startled gasp behind Drake and he quickly motioned for her to follow.

    Lets go. Doesn't look like your driving.

    He nodded towards her car, as a man chewed on a mans throat on the hood of it.


    Drakes eyes blinked open as he pushed himself off his back. He gave a groan and stretched, accidentally knocking some bottles causing them to ring. Making them stop, several of the others in the bar gave him a go-to-hell look. He whispered aloud for someone to answer.

    Whats going on?
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  5. Gavin Ji Kwan

    He never did quite understand the meaning of drinking. The way the alcohol hisses in your nostrils, slinking little snakes through the depths of your sinuses, and the burning of every crevice your throat has to endure to pass the thick liquid and yet, you go for seconds, thirds, fourths even. The memories fade within the background fuzz, like television static, rumbling deep inside the base of your body and your entire self worth begins to numb. Gavin Kwan, situated alone in one of the splintered booths to the far side of the main bar, never understood the true meaning behind the thing people rely on so much, especially nowadays. Sure, he had a few before. At parties, reunions, even his own wedding for that matter, but the taste and the flat disassociation from reality often made him think twice of the matter. He wasn't of the pure-type or holding onto his high school innocence that fluttered in the wind several decades ago, he was just, finally accepting the new emotions that were shot his way. This new breed of sadness, of happiness, of guilt. Living another day with a group of people that were in the same boat as one another, and enjoying a sweet can of beans he had managed to scavenge from the decayed grip of a fallen survivor.

    It was all relative, unveiling the instinct that our ancestors were so familiar with from deep within us. We continue to fight, fending off diseases and dread, and the rattling of the undead settles into the back of our minds like a muffled symphony. The circle of life, the fundamentals of existing, of living. Whatever bullshit label you wanted to slap over it, each of them were here for the very same reason, and that is to survive. Completely different, yet the same, sitting together as a whole in this shoddy little bar in the middle of fuck knows what. Gavin, while being the odd one out and having no real connection between any of these strangers, had a small sense of regard for each of them. It was the little things. The small talk of Jay and Willy off to his right, the conversing of J.C. and Victoria, and even the little sounds of Drake's relaxed breathing. They were a group. He knew jack shit about them. How they were, what heartbreak they experience, what loss that was plaguing them; nothing, but he cared about them. He wanted to protect them. It was second nature to him. At the end of the day, even while being an elephant scared of a mouse, he was willing clench his teeth and risk just about anything to keep each of them alive.

    Shifting his position on the cold, hard plastic of the booth seats, he stretched his legs and let out a subdued yawn, focusing closely to the little chatter each of his acquaintances were having. Gavin wasn't entirely the sociable type, despite not knowing any of them, he just preferred listening over having intense conversations especially at a time like this. Jay and Willy, closer to the window, were talking about their current situation and the options of either staying dead-center of all the bullshit, or leaving before things got out of hand. As much as he didn't want to go out there, Gavin couldn't agree more with Willy's response. I mean, what else were they to do? Stay too long and the sea of.. whatever the hell those things were, would get too deep. The city was a bad enough place as it was, so the discussion of where they would go certainly would strike up anytime soon.

    Reverting his eyes towards the two ladies now sitting next to one another, he listened to what they were saying. Something along the lines of the usual "what the hell is going on" and "updates" on the status of our own country, Gavin didn't listen too long before his train of thought was interrupted by the rattling of bottles, causing him to raise his brows just a tad. He didn't have to think twice of who it was, and looked away to see the other reactions of the sleepy Drake. The dark haired male, still half-asleep probably, threw out the big question of "what's going on?" and at this point, it was hard to say anybody knew.
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  6. The first rays of sunlight had began to peek through the boarded up windows marking the arrival of dawn. William had noticed it wouldn't have been too far away earlier, and with the sun too came a wave of anxiety from the thought of another day of huddling quiet in the dark like a coward. That had never been William's style, even after getting out of prison, and he certainly wasn't planning on spending his last days in a bar filled with total strangers. He had decided the night before to leave this hell hole at any cost, but only a damned fool would go out unprepared with no food, water, or something to defend himself. Therein lie the problem that William now faced as he attempted to enter the storeroom of J's Bar to acquire some of the things he would need for his journey, only to be blocked off by Jay himself.

    "Goddamn it!" William shouted as he slammed his fist down on to the bar as he pointed a wild finger at Jay. "I could give two shits what you or anybody else in this damn bar is gonna do." He continued his rant, not quite shouting now but still speaking relatively loud. "There's plenty of shit in there Jay! You can spare a few cans and bottles of water!" William spoke, trying to reason with Jay. Albeit aggressively. "Now get the fuck outta my way before I make you old man. I ain't dying in this place, and you ain't stopping me from taking what I want."

    The old bartender stood with arms crossed unaffected by the barrage of insults, hardened by years of running a bar for the more rough sort of patron. His eye closed as he continually shook his head at every sentence tossed his way. "I don't care if it's flying pigs or walking corpses. This is my bar and I won't be letting anyone steal from me." Jay spoke with a stern gaze. "Besides, we don't know how long we will be here. Every little bit may count in the end so I can't let you up and take what you want Willy." Jay continued.

    The locking horns of two irrational stubborn men has never been a good thing, and in the situation that the two were in something like this could hardly be tolerated. The sunlight shining through the cracks of the windows was brighter now and more apparent, casting beams out into the bar. William and Jay continued to hound each other, neither giving an inch to their foe. Quickly their argument went from a loud talk to a full blown screaming match, and as tempers flared it finally happened. Jay shoved William, finally giving in to the heat of the moment. William shoved the old bartender back, pushing him against the wall. Where he got it William could not see, but when Jay rose from being pushed a bat was in his hands in which he promptly swung at William.

    "You crazy old fuck!" William yelled as he dodged the bat narrowly, pushing Jay yet again only this time in to the liquor rack. "Are you trying to kill me!?" William finished as Jay lurched forward, the liquor rack tipping forward causing bottle after bottle to careen off and crash unto the floor. Loud shattering noises of broken bottle echoed out within the bar, then all went silent. William now held his breath, knowing full well how important being quite was at this time. However; nothing followed.

    William then breathed a sigh of relief as he grabbed the old bartender by the hand on helped Jay to his feet. The two of them were still pissed at one another, yet relieved it hadn't gone farther at the same time. William turned to walk back to his stool, when he heard it.

    William froze and looked to the window from which the moan originated. A soft thumping began to emanate from the window throughout the bar, and he realized he had doomed them all.​
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  7. a5ede9az.jpg
    Jordan Christine Hoffman
    aka J.C.

    J.C. returned the smile as Victoria made her way over to the bar and sat herself next to her. Jordan took her fingers off of her bow and took another sip of her vodka as Victoria asked her about updates, unfortunately Jordan was just as clueless as her but unlike Victoria, J.C. held a more negative view on things. Jordan felt that more than likely people in this group were going to die, that the army wasn't coming for simple lives like themselves and that they were completely on their own but she felt a soft spot for Victoria, she didn't want her negative cloud of thinking to affect the positive view she tried to hold out.

    "Not yet Vi, but I'm sure we will get out of this whole mess."

    Another soft smile came to her lips before she took another long chug out of the vodka, this time to try and escape reality. She knew it was a stupid way to go about things but people did stupid things in desperate times and this was J.C.'s way of coping with her own stupid vice.

    Her smile turned to a frown however as the sound of bottles shuffling interrupted the soft whisper and as she turned she saw the guy that Victoria had come with was the culprit she rolled her eyes and said, "..besides you not being able to handle your liquor.. no one knows yet."


    It was another mostly sleepless night for J.C. as she had finished up her conversation with Victoria and tried to stretch across a booth, she had finally hit slumber and started to go into a dreaming or rather nightmarish state when it was interrupted by William and Jay shouting. Quickly she sat up and looked for her bow instinctively that was still next to her, arrows in the quiver ready for anything that may happen.

    "Shit ... you idiots are going to get us killed."

    She spoke in a loud whisper but it seemed to be ignored as their argument got heated and J.C. sat up and looked through the window, making sure they had brought no attention to them yet but if they didn't stop their blubbering she knew it wouldn't be long. Of course, when this thought crossed her mind the sound of crashing bottles echoed throughout the bar and Jordan winced, looking over instinctively to make sure Victoria was okay and then everyone else before turning towards the boys who were now helping each other up, J.C. was about to let them have a piece of her mind but her head snapped towards the thumping on the window as it grew louder and her hand slipped through the grip of her bow, her hand quickly loading an arrow as she placed her finger on the string, ready to pull back at any second.

    "Well... any idea on how you're going to get us out of the mess you just put us in boys?"

    J.C. looked back at the faces that had fear come across them now, some of the children in turn huddling in the corner together. She frowned as she thought to herself there was no way they were getting out of this without losing someone, her finger tense on her loaded bow as she waited for anyone's bright idea on what in hell's name they were suppose to do now.

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  8. [​IMG]

    Lillian Angela Grove

    Lillian grabbed her bag with her laptop and sat down on a booth. She had the charger in it and some random wires she stole from stores. In the week of havoc it was easy to steal things from computer stores. It was of no use to anybody, Lillian wanted them because she knew how to get access to government websites. She wanted to know if there was anything the government was working on. Although she never really checked she was scared to see that nothing was going on. She never thought of that when she was looting the stores. Although now she sat in the bar as she rested her head on the booth cushion.

    That's when she heard the loud crash bolting up she grabbed her bag and got her knife ready. That's when she saw the bottles of alcohol on the ground and knew exactly what was happening next. When she heard the familiar sounds of zombies her face went blank.
    "I can get us out of this" She said as she took a breath finding the outlet to the wall and plugging in her laptop.
    She was swift in doing this as she opened her laptop quickly and took out a phone.
    "I'm going to hack into satellites and find the safest route for us out of here" She said to no one in particular.
    Working fast she opened the back of the phone and took a wire connecting the phone to it and waiting to plug it in the computer.
    She opened up her CMD and started connecting to the satellite. Fighting through the firewall she smiled as she plugged the phone into the computer. Blasting the radius.

    "I'm in!" She smiled as she saw around the city on her screen and zoomed into the bar.
    "Here we go we can find the route out of here now!" She said as she waved people to her laptop.​
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  9. Drake Forester

    After Drake woke up in the dead of the night, he was up for most of the time, dosing off for twenty minutes at most, up until the bartender started to fight Willy. He figured it would happen sooner or later, though he didn't expect it too soon. He sat back and watched, minding his own business, until he watched the old man pull out a bat. His bat.

    Luckily, Willy dodged the blow, and held the old man back, but at the cost of several bottles of liquor. As the liquor crashed down, and the sounds of those things stirring outside, Drake quickly grabbed ahold of his bat and yanked it from the old man.

    Fucking great.

    Drake silently grabbed ahold of a bottle of whiskey, and poured some into his flask.

    Victoria, toss me that medkit.

    The girl nervously nodded, and tossed the kit over. Drake tore some cloth off the roll, and grabbed ahold of medical alcohol. Poring it onto the cloth, and some into the whiskey bottle. Stuffing the cloth into the whiskey bottle.

    I'm going to hack into satellites and find the safest route for us out of here. I'm In! Here we go, we can find the route out of here now!

    Im afraid the safest way, isnt the quickest way.

    Drake interrupted, pointing to a road leading out of the city. Sadly, it was were the supposed safe zone was going to be, two days after the outbreak. Before it could be set up, a horde of those things attack, and part of that horde was shuffling towards the bar now.

    My vote, we burn, smash, and shoot out way out of here.

    Victoria Oak
    As the undeads moaned outside the bar, Victoria shuffled in between Drake and J.C. The choice was obvious, either take the safer route, with risking running into something later on, or take the quick and dangerous route.

    I say we take the safe route. For the kinds.

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  10. Gavin Ji Kwan


    The night, long and dreadful as it usually had been for all of these strangers cooped up together, Gavin managed to slip into a deep slumber here and there, dreaming of hopefully, the chance at better days. Every so often, with the rise and fall of his heavy chest, he couldn't help but flutter those dark peepers of his open at the sound of the slightest shuffle or even cough. Nights were always difficult, even for a deep sleeper like himself. The thought of getting your face eaten by the unimaginable while you're at your most vulnerable, snuggled up all cozy like, had always made his insides squirm. His survival instincts were revved up to their maximum, and if he were going to get through the night with a few hours under his belt, he would have to do it in portions to avoid the face-eating habits of the undead. Yawning once more, only then to stifle it, he rolled onto his side and gently nuzzled his face into the tacky-colored plastic, forcing himself to sleep for at least a couple more hours.

    If it hadn't been for the obnoxious banging, screams riddled with adequate insults, and shattering of precious liquor bottles in fits of rage, Gavin easily would have slept for another hour all huddled up in his new humble abode like a newborn baby. Just as things were going as easy as they possibly could, especially in this sort of end-of-the-world ordeal they were dealing with, the two ding-bats by the name of Jay and Willy, of course, had to rile things up. Sliding out of his booth, Gavin wriggled his toes and stretched to his full length, trying his best to comprehend the new bullshit they were going to have to deal with. A moment of silence, and suddenly a soft pounding followed by a few gargled snarls began to fill the air. A quiet tch and a sigh, "You've done it now." was all he could say with sleepy syllables, rubbing the back of his head to tame his newly-found bedhead.

    It took him a few moments to register the current situation, and eventually, he began to panic. Although not visible in his facial features, you could simply tell by the sudden tensing of his body at every new sound arising around them. I mean what was more exciting than a mob of biters pounding on the thin glass on the outside? "Shit.." He muttered, turning to throw his rugged knapsack over his shoulders and take his place behind the group, towering over a couple of them only then to do a mental head count. The voices of whether to decide between the two routes blurred in his mind, and he began mapping out his exits. The front door was out of the question, windows are blocked, and thus left only the back leading into the alleyway; the fire exit. "I'd say whatever route doesn't have as many of those.. things, y'know would uh.. would be great." He interjected, bumbling over his words a bit while glazing his eyes across the floor to find his trusty fire axe. While his heart raced and his fingers twitched, there was an eerie nature about him, calm and settling by the tone of his voice and smooth movements. Although an entirely different situation of something like an emergency in the hospital, he acquired this skill through specified training. Things only got worse if you started to panic, and with that Gavin began to ease his jitters. The pounding grew louder by the second, and the undead, now began to pile on top of themselves to gander the fresh meals waiting on the other side. They accumulated, one by one and eventually, the tall man swore he could hear the glass begin to crack under the intense amount of pressure. "We haven't got much time!" He pressed, now making his way towards the back exit without hesitation.
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  11. Perhaps, if everyone had gone completely silent when the first knock echoed off of the window the creatures would have gone on their way after a bit. That, however; had not happened as most immediately went into a panic which in all honesty was to be expected. Trough the cracks between the boards you could see the number of bodies increasing outside, the moaning growing more intense, and the pounding upon the miraculously still unbroken glass becoming ever more fierce. The more panicked those inside the bar got, the more voracious the undead became outside.

    William knew this was his fault as he backed in to a wall and looked to jay with pleading eyes yearning for forgiveness. He knew that he may well have spelled the doom of most of those within the walls of the bar. However; he also had no plans on dying here, not today, not like this. Wiping his face and trying to regain his composure William looked to the others whom all seemed to be discussing ways to evacuate the building. Though William himself had planned on doing this earlier things were different now. He, or they, would have to move through the horde of undead hungering for them, with each passing minute bringing more upon them.

    He heard many suggestions, ideas, and the like. Some trying to calmly asses the situation by mapping out a way, others willing to take their chances with the horde and what they knew than going out on a limb for a safe route. William himself still didn't know. The only thing he was certain of is that they had to leave, and soon.

    "Whatever we do we have to get the fuck outta here now." William barked as he stared at the ground. "Outskirts of town, maybe we head there. Or.....fuck somewhere! Anywhere!." William shouted and he banged his fist on the wall and turned towards the others, his eyes suddenly widening. "My's just around the side parked. The keys are in the visor. It's old but it's steady." William stammered as he spoke, rushing towards a side window and looking down. "Fuck! The-....there everywhere out there.'s a good shot if any of us can make it to it."

    No sooner had William finished speaking did one of the windows on the others side of the bar shatter. Moans and howls filled the bar more clearly as a corpse like hand shot through a crack in the boards and grabbed a little girl by the hair. She screamed, loudly and to the top of her lungs, and as she did the hungry groans grew more ferocious. William's eyes went wide as he saw this, darting towards the others then towards a barstool. Grabbing it and smashing it into the grab, braking it apart, William too one of the broken legs and shouted at everyone.

    "We have to go! NOW!"
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  12. a5ede9az.jpg
    Jordan Christine Hoffman
    aka J.C.

    Jordan's mind was racing a million miles a minute as she tried to quickly think on just exactly what she wanted to do as everyone yelled out their opinions. She simply wanted to get the hell out of this situation, is what she wanted to do but in the long run J.C. didn't give a hell about fast, she wanted safe. She wanted less of these that she had to kill and more of them surviving. She listened to everyone's voices the screams her head turning every which way looking into the panic faces that seemed to be attracting more of those damn things and doing more harm then good. She closed her eyes for a split second, taking a deep breath to relax and focus so she was better than good with her bow rather than a shaky mess as she opened them to William yelling out to all of them.

    She heard William yell out about his truck and nodded, turning quickly as she heard the girl scream and pulling the string back to shoot the zombie in the hand but it had already dragged the girl up and out of the window into the likes of the zombies making J.C. grimace but she turned and faced the zombies again.

    "Is there a back way out of here.."

    Nothing, no response. She turned towards Jay and yelled out once again.

    "Damn it Jay, I said is there a back way out of here?"

    Jay shook his head no but paused for a second before pausing and pointing towards the storeroom, "it's not so much as a back entrance as it is a side.. "

    Jordan looked at the hoard that was now breaking the glass, as they tried to push their way into the bar.

    "That's our best way out in my opinion, there's bound to be some over there but with most of their attention on here we should be able to get through with less injuries."

    ...and deaths, she thought to herself.

    "Once we are in William's truck and on our way we can vote for which path we are going to take..if anyone objects, fine by me, stay here and fight your way through the hoard but I'm going that way, anyone who agrees is free to follow."

    She first grabbed a bottle of whiskey and yelled out for a light, ripping a piece of her shirt off and stuffing it into the bottle. She had only seen this in action movies before, so she prayed that it worked as she lit the cloth just before getting as close as she was willing to to the broken window and throwing it at the hoard lighting a few of them on fire, thinking that would at least slow down or distract a few for awhile.

    "Alright anyone who is coming with me, the train is leaving now."

    At that she headed towards the storeroom and motioned for someone to get ready to open the door, her bow pulled back ready to aim the arrow at whatever was there and it was a good thing as as soon as he opened it a zombie fell over from leaning on the door, getting back to its feet but not before J.C. shot it in the temple, pulling the arrow out as she made her way into the alleyway.​
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  13. 30 minutes ago

    Brandon's eyelids felt heavy. Too heavy, and at the moment trying to open them felt like too much effort. Then he noticed something shaking him. two small hands were gripped tightly to his right arm shaking him as hard as they could. Who's hands were they? As he slowly became more aware of his own body again he could feel a dull ache in his head and a sharp stinging pain in his side. Something was wrong. ut it wasn't until he heard her scared little voice crying out to him that he remembered what was going on . . .

    "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy wake up! Daddy!"
    Sarah! In what could only be described as divine intervention every neuron in brain began firing off signals and in a jolt of energy he opened his eyes and lifted him self up off of the bent stearing wheel he was leaning against. Looking up towards the windshield he realized it was gone. Exploded all over the inside of the car. But what was worse was the front end of the car firmly buried in the side of some building. Before he did anything else though he looked over at his crying daughter and with his right arm pulled her across the center console of the truck and held her in a tight hug saying "It's ok baby dady's fine. Are you hurt baby?"

    "I'm Ok." she said through her stifled sobs. Brandon gave her a quick kiss atop her head before looking around the truck seeing that there were none of those shambling corpses around. Brandon gave his daughter a warm smile and said "Ok baby girl listen up, you and me are going for a walk, I need you to be brave for dady can you do that for me sweety?" She only shook her head yes but that was enough for him. Brandon looked around one more time for any walkers before trying to open his door, but when he grabbed it the damb thing fell off in a loud clatter which could heard clearly. As soon as the moans began to echo on the wind he sprang into action leaping out the side of the truck which was at an odd angle do to it being firmly planted in the side of a building.

    As his feet hit the ground he grimmaced as his hand shot to his left side which somehow had a piece of metal jutting out of it, presumably from the crash. He was bleeding pretty bad and if he didn't get somewhere safe and patch himself up he would surely bleed out in a matter of hours. He shook off that thought for now as he reached into the truck and pulled out his duffel bag full of gear and pulling out a 9mm glock he jammed it into the holster on his right leg before grabbing the old hunting rifle firmly latched behind the seats of the truck. He only had seven rounds in it but a rifle was invaluable right now. He quickly clipped the safety off and slung the rifle over his shoulder before holding out his hand saying "Come on sweety let's get out of here"
    Present Moment
    Brandon could already feel himself growing tired as blood was finally beginning to pool in his left shoe. He couldn't keep this up much longer. Finding his way to a long dark section of alleyways which ran there way paralell to main street Brandon finally took a moment to rest leaning against a wall as he heald his daughter's hand saying "How are you doing sweety?" Sarah looked up at him and tried her best to smile but it was obviouse that she was scared. "I just want to go home." she said, and it almost broke his heart to here it. Home was gone. But how do you tell that to an 6 year old. Instead of telling her that her life was over and she had to get used to this living hell brandon just offered a smile and a hug saying "I know sweety. I know, but we can't go home. It's not safe there."

    Suddenly a few buildings down he saw a bright flash of fire illuminate one of the allies that lead to main street. Brandon quickly unholstered his hand gun and pulled Sarah behind him saying "Stay behind me and stay close baby." Slowly but surely they made their way to the alley just in time to see a girl step out into the alley way blindly un aware of the three shamblers coming up behind her. In an instant he reacted, his training and instincts kicking in dulling the pain in his side as he lifted his other hand to the handgun. He quickly stepped out into the alley and shouted "Get down!"
    *Pop* *Pop *Pop*​

    In less then two seconds he fired off three rounds all three finding their way to the skulls of the trhee shamblers ready to pounce on the unsuspecting girl. Before she had a chance to react he held up one hand showing he was friendly before holstering his gun saying "You really ought to be more carefull . . ." As he said that his daughter came up behind him and hid behind him peeking out to see the girl standing there with the bow. At this point all he could hope for was that she wasn't bat shit crazy like the rest of the paranoid ass holes out there.​
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  14. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]Lillian Angela Grove[/BCOLOR]

    Lillian was staring at the computer as her idea was brushed off, thinking to herself she knew she had to go with them she had no fighting skills.
    Counting to five in her head she slowly calmed down and sat there.
    Lillian took a breath as she looked around and watched everyone.
    The world seemed to slow to her as she took another breath.
    She started to think of a quick plan.
    It was finally time to get ready as she took one last deep breath.
    Shooting up she grabbed her laptop and her charger, it was time to get moving. She threw the phone out the window and shoved the wires in her bag. Her mind wasn't a blur as she was dead set on knowing what she was doing she was heading with the group and getting in that truck. Throwing her bag over her shoulder she readied her knife as she heard three shots go off. Ignoring them she ran outside to be greeted by not 1 as she expected by 3 people. Surprised she stood there ready to attack until she realized there was a little girl. Putting her knife back down she smiled as she looked to the women already out there.​
  15. Drake
    [BCOLOR=#808080]"You really ought to be more carefull . . ."[/BCOLOR]

    Drake heard a man say too J.C, a name he learned through talking too Victoria. He was right behind the hacker girl, bat in hand ready to smash anything that got in his way.

    You outta use quieter weapons, so you don't ring a dinner bell for those damn things.

    Drake said dryly, ignoring a shove by Victoria.

    Shut up Drake, he just saved J.C's life. Lets get going before those things catch up.

    As the rest of the survivors piled out of the bar, the sound of moans and boards creaking echoed from their safe haven.

    Shit. Which way too your truck?

    Drake called back to Willy as he slammed the door shut, jamming a 2x4 against the doorknob, keeping it in place. Following Willy, Drake held Victoria close. Though he hadn't know Victoria even a month, it was as close as he had been too someone in years. The sound of the undead stirred behind the crowd of people, and suddenly an old man fell. Victoria tugged at Drake, realizing no one was going back for him.

    We gotta save him! We can't leave him Drake.
    It's too late! If we go back now, we are as good as dead.

    The former tattoo artist said, glancing at Victoria as she teared up afraid.

    Damn it girl.

    He said aloud, turning and running back towards the old man, who struggled to stand as three of those things neared. Swinging his bat at the closest one, it fell backwards, his face busted in some, but he continued to crawl towards Drake on the ground. Turning, Drake helped the old man too his feet, and turned to protect himself against the undead. They were too close for his bat too work effectively, and one of the things lunged at him, managing to hold it far enough away, Drake wouldn't be able to hold off another one once it reached him.

    An arrow slammed into the eye socket of the undead, and the corpse fell too the ground, giving Drake some breathing room to swing his bat. Hitting another zombie, he snatched up the arrow from the eye socket of the undead and ran back towards the group, just as they neared the truck.

    Drake nodded towards J.C, and tossed her the arrow as she nodded quickly. Victoria comforted the old man, who gasped out of breath.

    I really need a drink.

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  16. Somehow, through some miracle, they had all made it into the alley before all hell had broken loose within the bar. Drake, one of the other survivors, slammed the door behind them and blocked it off with a good and sturdy piece of lumber. It wouldn't hold forever by any means, but it would last until they all got clear of the alley surely. Now they all just had to make it to the far side of the building where his truck sat, ready and beckoning them. There escape from this nightmare lay just around the corner of the building, but that turn of a corner never felt so far away. William stopped in his tracks as he saw a man firing off a few round towards a few of the walking corpses sending them slumping to the ground, however; the shots ringing out down the streets called more and more of the creatures to the group.

    William swung the stool leg hard, cracking the skull of one of the corpses as it lurched forward. An arrow flew by quickly, striking another between the eyes and Drake pulled an older man quite literally from the jaws of death. Someone called out to him shortly thereafter, though the identity of whomever spoke was lost to him during all the panic. Still, William yelled out an answer. "It's around the corner! Parked at the other side of the lot!" He turned, pushing his way up the alley trying to look out into the parking lot. "It's the old Ford with-......" William stopped midsentence as he gazed out into the parking lot, filled with seemingly hundred of dead shambling towards the alley. "I....I....oh fuck man." William barked out as he gripped the stool leg in his hands firmly.

    The truck was right there in front of them all, just out of their grasp. If they could reach it then all would be well, they could leave this bar and this alley and head God knows where. The problem now lay within the hearts of them all. No matter what plan they cold devise in this situation one fact would remain constant. One, if not all, of them would have to run across the infested parking lot in order to reach the truck. The keys were in the visor so anyone could do it as long as they managed to reach it unharmed, but doing and saying that had a world of difference between them. Thinking of this William stepped forward and shook his head, looking towards the others.

    "Listen man, that's my fucking truck and the truth of it is I don't rightly trust any of you enough to swing back around and pick me up if I stay in the alley."
    William said as he readied himself. "I'm going for it. If I make it, and I can get back to you all, I'll swing back by. I think that's our best shot." William then looked to J.C. and the new stranger hiding the little girl behind him. "If you two would cover me or whatever the hell you call it, I'd appreciate it." William then nodded and prepared to leap forward and make a break for the truck.
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  17. a5ede9az.jpg
    Jordan Christine Hoffman
    aka J.C.

    Jordan heard the words "Get down" and reacted before she knew what she was doing, wincing as she heard the three gunshots go off but turned around quickly and drew her bow before seeing a man in front of her and a little girl peaking around his leg, she lowered the bow and arrow as she saw his gun was already holstered and nodded as she saw the three walkers lying dead around her.


    She spoke loud enough for him to hear but didn't know what else to say to the man who had just saved her life with quick thinking. She noticed the girl that had broken into the satellites moments before make her way out into the streets and returned her smile even though she felt like losing her shit at the chaos that they had just walked into. Her eyes turned to Drake and Victoria behind the girl and sighed a sigh of relief to see Victoria had made it out safe and sound, she may not be the biggest fan of Drake's methods but at least he seemed to be taking good care of more than likely her only friend left on this earth. Her eyes went to the old man as she heard Victoria say the words and she knew what was going to happen before it happened, she watched Drake run over to rescue him and brought her bow up, drawing the string and letting an arrow fly through the air into the eye socket of one of the walkers that had almost gotten his hands on the pair. She was relieved to see he knew enough to grab her arrow and toss it back to her, it was reusable ammo which was nice but she only had so many to get them through this. She watched as they made their way back and grabbed the arrow tossed to her with a nod of acknowledgement.

    "You and me both.."

    If they ever made it to another safe zone she would have to consume her fair share of alcohol just to be able to sleep a night's rest at this point. She brought her focus back to the truck as she took one of her arrows out of the quiver and started to simply stab a few in the head, taking them down as they had gotten close enough to the group. She heard William as he rightfully mentioned his distrust and she looked from the man and his little girl as he asked for their coverage before looking back to him with a bit of hesitation in her eyes.

    " do we know you won't just drive off yourself and leave us here?"
  18. Gavin Ji Kwan


    When the glass had shattered under the intense pressure of bodies, scattering shards and funneling in the nasty looking beings with loose limbs and gnashing jaws, every organ within Gavin's body tumbled down to his toes in one swift movement. He swallowed hard, throat dry, adrenaline pumping, waiting by the back door with a look of desperation directed to his peers while he allowed them to head out first. One-by-one, he made sure they got out, keeping his code of conduct dear to his heart with each step they made into safety. It was the one main thing he lived by, taped to his office door and worn on his sleeve; their lives meant more than his own. Their beating hearts and worn-down knuckles, heartbreak or happiness they experienced - if he were to go down for the sake of their safety, it would be alright. He had lived his life. Somewhere across the horizon he would meet his wife again, dead, alive, stuck in purgatory, no matter what fate he was given in his shuffle of cards he knew he would be able to see that gentle face once more when the time was right.

    Quickly, each of them in a single file line began through the backdoor with just as much speed as the biters wandering inside. Those first had to clear the wandering biters, and finally, before being caved in, Gavin slipped out with immense speed without having to bloody his axe just yet. "God dammit." He cursed, watching Drake secure the door behind him with a shoddy piece of wood, and he bit the inside of his cheek, knowing that thing wouldn't hold for long. They had to figure out what to do next, and fast, before those things busted down that door as well and sandwiched them in. Everyone spoke with hushed voices, talking among themselves and coming up with their own versions of plans to get out of his sticky situation. It hadn’t been long before a few shots filled the air, and a set of new faces joined their group, allowing Gavin to be just a little curious. Casting a glance across each of them to do a mental check, he made sure to look for anything worrisome, even more so for the little girl. Did they look healthy, were they injured? He scratched at the stubble lining his chin just a tad until he looked to Willy and J.C., discussing something along the lines of Willy running to get his truck nearby.

    Sucking on his teeth, he let out a sigh and nodded gently, backing up J.C. with her statement. As much as he wanted to trust the man, how were they to know? “She has a point, someone should go with you.” He spoke up, crossing his arms across his broad chest. He didn’t mean to look intimidating, being tall and all with a look of pure seriousness in his eyes, if anything he didn’t plan on being left behind by some selfish asshole, or let alone allow the children to be left behind. “And it won’t be easy to have all of us pile into that little ass thing at once, either. It will be a tight fit. ” The dark haired male gripped the handle of his fire axe, peering out briefly to get a glimpse of the path he was going to take. People were going to have to cover his ass, and the other half were going to have to ready themselves in a safe area to jump into the truck as fast as possible. They had one shot, and if someone got left behind there was no going back.

    Slipping back into the shadows before any more caught sight of him, he turned back to the group and slinked the axe over his shoulder. “Once you go out there and start the truck all their attention is going to be turned to you, even the ones filling the bar. How are you so confident that thing will start smoothly anyway?” Gavin questioned, cocking a brow. As much as he wanted to question and point fingers, he knew he had no choice other than to believe this man due to the limited time they had. This was their one shot at getting out of here, and it was this or stay standing their to rot like every other biter attempting to eat them. "Just.. fuck it." He bumbled, shutting himself up in an attempt to flush the interjecting thoughts floating through his mind. He scratched his head, taking the spot next to the rugged man willingly. If anyone were to throw their life on the line, it certainly would be Gavin. "As much as I want to trust you man, I'll go with you to make sure you won't fuck us over." He muttered, wasting no time to listen to what Willy had to say about the matter, in which he knew for a fact he would. "And before you even say anything, I might be big but I can run for miles. I'll watch your ass and hop in the trunk so when we swing by I'll lift a few people into the back. Sound simple enough?" Stretching his legs and giving his neck a good crack, he looked towards the other half of the group, glancing at each of them just in case this were his last time seeing them. "Everyone else should get a head start on the opposite side of the street where things are clear, so the process of getting in the damn thing won't be as rushed. A large fraction of those things will be distracted by us."

    Gavin straightened his posture and looked the other way, carving the path out in his mind to get himself ready for the run of his life. "Ready whenever you are." He said, looking to Willy for the signal and lifting his axe up.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Lillian Angela Grove

    Lillian was in a state of sleepwalking, or that's what it felt like. She didn't feel like she was controlling her body anymore she felt as if it was being controlled for her and that she as just watching everything go by. Seeing the little girl she wanted to make sure that she made this out alive, she knew the father would be she Lillian was prepared to die for the father to not let that little girl live without her father. Lillian was thinking of this as they were discussing who was going to get the car as J.C. brought up a great point, what if he just drove away. Lillian always saw the good in people and never even thought someone would do something like that considering now that they had a kid with them.
    "I think we should trust him I mean who could live with the guilt of this."
    That's when Gavin stepped in and said that he would go with him to make sure the man wouldn't leave them, deciding that would work Lillian agreed to get ready to jump into the car.
    "Where are we going to drive once we all get in though? Just off to the middle of nowhere? What if it's more infected there then here?"

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  20. Brandon was quick to stay silent and observe this new group as they all came barreling out of the building. It didn't take him long to catch the drift as to what was going on. The building had gotten over taken by those roaming corpses and they were making a mad dash to safety, and in fact he never felt more like an idiot for "Ringing the Diner Bell" then he did now. His thought's were cut short however when the pain in his side amplified and he dropped to one knee gripping his side. He let out a muffled groan of pain as his daughter came around him screamming " Daddy!" Without a moment's hesitation he reached up with his unbloodied hand and gently pulled her into a hug saying "Hey daddie's gonna be fine sweety, but you gotta keep your voice down ok." WHen he pulled out of the hug to look at her she had put on a brave face and was trying desperately not to cry. Brandon smiled at her saying "Atta girl." Before looking up at the other survivors saying "Hey I have a small hunting cottage on the outskirts of the city. It should only be an hour drive from here. . . "

    Brandon paused for a moment gripping his side tighter as his vision began to blur. ". . . I might not make it much longer, but if you give my daughter and me a ride, I can take you there." Brandon then gave is daughter a warm smile before making an effort to lighten the mood for his daughter's sake. He quickly pointed at the piece of metal jutting out of his side and put a corny smile on his face as he said in the most up beat tone he could muster, all things considered, and said "Also by any chance, would there happen to be a doctor in the house? Or alley as the case may be."
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