Surviving the dead

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  1. Setting:
    A bunch of teens are inside their classroom when a sudden newsflash lets them know that the dead are roaming the city... And that they're multiplying rapidly. The whole school was in disorder. Because of the mass of students trying to escape the building, the hallways were blocked. A small group decided to try to find another way out of the school, but they end up being separated from everyone else. Now they will have to survive with just them.

    What happens during this RP will be decided by all of us. I just provided the setting.
    Something that's important as well, our characters won't die (unless you want to stop participating in this RP).
    We're not immune either, so watch out for all those biters out there ;)
    This roleplay will most likely end when an anti virus has been discovered, so let's enjoy our time together until that happens ^^

    - Follow the Iwaku rules
    - No OP characters, we're just humans after all
    - Romance is allowed, and actually encouraged. But let's keep it PG-13, shall we? :)
    - Try to be active and post once a day at least :)
    (I'm bad at thinking of rules, so this is it for now! xD If I think of any more I'll add them)

    - Liam Xavier
    - Harada Ren
    - Amano Naoki
    - Lala Ueda
    - Kai Aminara
    - Chiyumi Furusawa
  2. (I will only do this during the 'prologue'. Which means, until the six of us are separated from the rest of the students.)

    -It is 8:20AM at the moment. Students are gathering inside their classrooms, getting ready for the first lesson of the day (History) to start at 8:30. But little did they know that their lives would change drastically in just an hour...-
  3. Lala slowly made her way up the stairs, she was on her way to the second floor where she, and the rest of her class always had History. She really didn't like History class, what was interesting about the past anyways? While she was thinking all of that she gradually came closer to the door of the classroom. Inside were a few students, but none of them were her friends really. She barely had any. Lala went to her seat which was next to the window in the front row. She sat down and began taking everything out of her backpack that she needed for the lesson.
  4. Lala's classmates included Chiyumi Furusawa, an Independent, Determined and Concentrated young woman. However, she was also very Cold and Standoffish. Although it did not seem likely, Chiyumi actually had a very bittersweet outlook on life and is very scathing of everyone around her, including her Parents, her Teachers and especially her classmates. There's only one person that Chiyumi has ever been known to treat with love and care. Sadly, that person was gone. Today in History, Chiyumi was as quiet as usual. Although she wasn't exactly hated, other students were very weary of her. As she sat in her seat, which was directly behind Lala, she just began playing around with her pencil, waiting for their teacher to start lecturing so she could take notes or do whatever.
  5. Liam stepped into the classroom, his hood up and his backpack slung over his shoulders. He took a moment to survey the room and see how many of his classmates had gathered already. He recognized the faces of most of them, but truth be told did not know the names of half of them. Not wanting to block the doorway, he moved over to his seat towards the back near the windows. Sitting down, he slung his backpack off his shoulders and instead hung it off the back of his chair. After that was done, he turned his attention to the front, waiting for class to begin.​
  6. Kai silently walks in the room, blinking a little as she shyly shuffles past her classmates. She didn't really talk to anyone at all, and she only talked in lessons to answer questions, although her voice was very quiet. She takes her usual spot in the back of the classroom, in the left hand corner by one of the windows where she gazed out for a second. Giving a quiet sigh, she hangs her head for a moment.

    'You'll become strong, one day Kai. Maybe you'll even become a vet one day like your daddy, heh heh!...'

    Kai bites her lip - she shouldn't be thinking about such things in class, anyway. She unpacks from her small satchel at her side, shyly lowering her head as she unpacked for some classwork.
  7. The morning was warm. He could literally smell the warmth of the sun light as he settled into his seat near the windows. He took a deep breath in as some of his classmates walked by, seemingly ignoring him as they talk and play with each other. Though the topics were mere gossips, he still envied them. He wish he could have the simple life where he could just let everything go instead of carrying everything on his now stiff shoulders. He smiled silently as he looked outside from the corner of his eyes. They have a nice view of the school entrance here, though it was no longer cherry blossom season. He could see the dean and a few school prefects were already standing at the gates writing down the names of those who were going to be late as the last few students running in before they close it.

    He watched in silence for a few more seconds before deciding that it would probably be best to focus his attention elsewhere. He took out his history textbook from his bag together with his pencil case; both of them looked like they had seen better days. His textbook looked all crumpled and overused, but within there were notes being written everywhere with highlighters highlighting main points from passages. Of course, there were also the occasional anime picture in the corner from time to time. His puffed pencil case looked like it could use a clean up as well, with stains at the sides coming from inks and pencil leads. He took out his mechanical pencil, an eraser and a blue highlighter from it as he lightly hummed a tune from his favourite soundtrack.

    He placed his hand over his mouth as he yawned lazily. There was a few more minutes before school officially started and usually he would be ready for it, but it was one of those days where he actually needed to put some effort in to stay awake.
  8. Ren was almost definitely going to be late with all this baggage clinging onto him. He'd normally just let the others do whatever the hell they wanted and drag him down to the very bottom of the teachers' favorite lists along with them, but Ren had been consistently late for school the past two weeks or so, and he was -quite frankly- beginning to get just the least bit annoyed. Surely, they already were spiraling far below rock bottom? His current emotional state was an achievement for him -nearly akin to a furious outburst, actually, which made the situation all the more alarming. Dead-set on ignoring all of them, Ren took two steps up at a time to the classroom. Naturally, they followed behind him at the same quick pace.

    He nearly snapped at them.

    'Hey, Ren, where do you want to go after school?' Ren deigned not to reply to that question, gently shaking off the girl clinging to his sleeve. Rounding the steps, he begun to stride to the classroom, surrounded by a buzzing group. They were rather obnoxiously loud, actually, but Ren never did pay attention to what other people thought of them -he didn't care enough to. 'Ren! See you later!' Turning around slightly, seeing most of the group streaming off to their own classes, Ren raised a hand in reply, turning back around, calling out, 'Don't give your teachers a heart attack.' The last he heard as he turned into his own classroom -the group had been reduced to just about five people now, including himself- was a cackle drifting from the hallway.

    Ren fell silent inside the classroom, cast a brief glance over the place, and dumped his things on an available table at random. Sitting down, he left the other four to their own devices, determinedly tuning out their asking (to be honest, it seemed more like threatening and pleading) those that occupied seats directly around him to swap with them. He really didn't care where they sat -it was classroom, for goodness' sake. No one was spectacularly far away from everyone else.
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  9. -The teacher entered the classroom and asked for their attention. The lesson had been going on for 20 minutes when suddenly the same message played on all the speakers in school, also the one in their classroom. A panicked voice delivered the message to everyone: 'This is an emergency! This is not a test! The city has been taken over by dead people! But they're walking and multiplying rapidly! Pl-Please evacuate the school as soon as possible! Buses will be waiting at the front gate!!' the message ended. Within seconds disorder filled the school.-
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  10. Lala was listening to the teacher while he was teaching them, but she was so bored. 'History really isn't my thing..' went through her mind. She looked outside the window and saw some buses in front of the school gate. She didn't pay much attention to them. She took a pencil out of her pencil case and started doodling a tree in her history book. Suddenly and announcement could be heard coming from the speakers. Lala listened to the announcement carefully. '...Buses will be waiting at the front gate!!' She dropped the pencil she was holding in her right hand.
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  11. Naoki was listening attentively to the teacher. As dry as it may be, he wasn't particularly attracted to what the subject today. The topic for the day was an analysis of past Japanese policies and how they had shaped the socioeconomic landscape of Japan now. Actually, he never liked anything that had to do with policies. He preferred to read and learn about the Sengoku era. How the Oda Clan was raised up into prominence by the works of one man had always captured his imagination, though his fall also because of the actions of one man saddened him. Regardless, he read through the passage as the teacher taught, though he was a faster reader than her. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed something odd was going on outside near the front gate. Several buses had just arrived and parked right outside the building while several staff members seemed to quickly open the gate and then stood guard. They looked hurried, though he couldn't really see their facial expressions.

    His train of thoughts was soon interrupted by a frantic and eerie announcement from the school comm system. As the announcement finished, he continued to observe the gate. If there was any sign if the announcement hold any truth in it, the main gate would be the first place to- He shook his head in disbelief. Had the announcement affected him that much? He looked around the classroom as most of the students began to whisper among themselves about it. But before he could react to anything else, he could hear loud commotions coming out from the hallways.

    ...regardless, class seems to be cancelled for the day.
  12. The speakers woke him up, and Ren blinked several times to clear the grogginess from his mind, only half processing the announcement. Emergency? Dead people? Was this an event of some sort? But no, the school didn't hold surprise events like this, and he sincerely doubted that any of the teachers had in them the ability to convey panic half as realistically as the one delivering the message had. Pushing off the table he'd been napping on and sitting back in his chair, Ren let out a yawn even as one of the girls that had managed to sit herself to his right -he wouldn't know her name, she wasn't particularly close to him- stood, one hand reaching over to pull on his sleeve.

    'Hey, Ren,' she whispered, then gestured around at the class around them. The whispers had grown in volume, turning into nervous chatter, and more than a few others had left their seats. At the head of the classroom, the teacher was trying in vain to calm the class. Well, he looked more than a bit panicked himself -sweat beading, eye twitching, hands flying around aimlessly- so he wasn't quite the embodiment of calm and order. The commotion out in the hallways probably didn't help. Turning his attention back to the girl -she was still talking- Ren caught the tail end of her sentence. '-check if there're really there.'

    Raising one eyebrow, Ren let her pull him up from his seat and trailed behind her towards the windows, one sleeve still firmly in her grip.
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  13. Kai notices the students walking in the room, and for some reason a lot of people around made her feel uncomfortable as she shrinks a little in her seat. She had a somewhat phobia of a large amount of people being in one area - she was sure there was some sort of actual scientific name for the phobia, but she had forgot about it now. She shuffles up a little in her seat, putting up her white hood which made her feel more comfortable for some reason, looking down at her paper and removing a small pen with a cute little plastic penguin on the end of it, starting to write her essay whilst thinking of the other students in her head.

    Most of them made her feel quite uncomfortable - especially the 'popular' ones as she felt opposite to them. There were a few others who weren't really social, which made her feel a little comfortable at least - but she had a constant fear ticking away in her mind that made her feel like she was always being judged. Call it a low self-esteem, as she had been bullied before... and she still was. A particular girl, Jaina, and her little group usually ganged up on her when they had the chance. They usually just spouted insults, funny looks or did subtle yet hurtful things to her yet Kai didn't know why. Every once in a while, a common thing she and her little gang did was 'accidently' spill drinks all over her, followed by a long, sarcastic: "Oooops." And a snickering which made Kai just want to shrink into the Earth. With her parents not there for her anymore to cheer her up, Kai just learned to take it - which resulted in a huge blow to her social involvement, and self-esteem.

    Kai looks up from her studies, in the middle of writing up a pretty long essay which had kept her busy for quite a while. An... announcement? Taking it all in, Kai thought deeply about the words being said, making sure this wasn't just another distraction from her studies.

    'Taken over by the... dead?!'

    Kai seemed horrified. It couldn't be real, right? It wasn't April Fools day or anything... was this just a huge prank? No... teachers didn't joke about stuff like this... was this... just some experiment for a TV show? With nervous eyes, she quickly packs away her pencil case and half-finished papers back into her satchel, peering out the windows to see the buses ready to get going. No one else had left just yet though... generally being shy and preferring to follow suit of everyone in case she was doing something wrong, Kai stands nervously in wait for the others to walk out the room.

    This can't be happening...
  14. Leaned over his notepad which he had put out in front of him, Liam was taking notes from the history teacher as he droned on about the happenings in the history of the world. Each time the teacher paused where Liam didn't have to take notes, he would tap his pencil to an unheard beat against the paper of his notepad only to resume when the teacher began once more.

    The announcement came on over the speaker, breaking Liam out of his process of taking notes. He leaned back in his seat, pencil still in hand as he looked towards the door of the classroom, listening intently to what the announcer had to say. "Taken by dead people..." He quietly mused to himself, turning his attention out the window of the classroom. He eyed the buses that seemed to have gathered by the gate, surely waiting to take students of the school to... well, who knows where. The thought of zombies like the ones he would see in video games or horror TV shows roaming the city eating people was a silly thought to him, but it seemed the announcer was panicked. With a shrug to no one in particular, he gathered his belongings on his desk before standing up, slinging his backpack over his shoulders once more.
  15. Chiyumi didn't exactly take it seriously. But when the announcements came on and classes were just cancelled out of the blue, she just took it as an Early Release and thought that teachers were just overreacting because one got sick. Perhaps it was going to be like one of those American Horror Movies she watched about two weeks ago; Quarantine and Quarantine 2: Terminal. However, the panicky tone of voice in the announcer's voice troubled her VERY slightly. "Oh the city is overrun by dead people! What could possibly go wrong?" she asked in an irritated tone of voice.

    "I mean, its not like one of the Teachers have Rabies, right?" She stood up while grabbing her belongings. She then looked outside to see the buses. With the School in disarray, there was no way she can get out there and go home. Walking home wasn't exactly the best thing to do either.
  16. As Lala started to get more and more nervous about the ongoing situation she stood up. 'The city.. We live there! I hope my parents are safe...'. The only thing she could think about were her parents whom she loved most. She ran towards the door and opened it, once in the hallway she saw that the other students were all in the hallway. Because of them she wouldn't be able to make it down the main staircase. She decided to turn left instead.
  17. It appeared the other students were beginning to leave the classroom, the commotion outside in the halls greatly apparent. The school wasn't doing a very good job at keeping people calm and composed. Even the teacher clearly had no idea what he was doing - the attempt he was making at calming his students was pitiful to say the least. Figuring he best get moving he headed over towards the classroom exit, moving around anyone in his way with a quiet "Excuse me." towards them.

    He stood in the doorway for a brief moment, trying to see where the main slew of students were going. "Main staircase..." He mumbled, watching the other students push and shove in a panicked attempt to get down the stairs - ultimately blocking the path entirely. Following his logic, Liam quickly made his way left down the hallway. It was the longer route, but not quite as clogged as the main route down.
  18. In a bit of a panic, Kai does a half-jog, half-walk to the exit of the classroom. A little stressed was an understatement for her right now - although being interrupted from her essay wasn't the biggest of her problems at all right now. Dead bodies... walking? She had seen some scary zombie films, most of which she usually had to hide under her blanket whilst watching or under the white hood of her hooded top, but she knew none of it could really happen. But... n-now? How could it really happen? Was it even happening...? She just hoped it was a joke of some sort.

    She hurries through the doorway outside the class, looking to the staircases. A little ill from the amount of people as she follows her class, she looks a little wobbly around such a high density of students. In a rushed panic, she turns to the left at the hallway - there were much less people there as she hurried down the corridor in a fast walk, slightly terrified of what to expect. A little adrenaline pumped through her body - she was used to such a quiet life, and all of a sudden all of that had changed.

    "U-um... w-what's..." She begins quietly, but is almost a little to shy to finish her sentence amongst the others. "...going...on..." She finishes with a small, barely audible nervous squeak.
  19. He was still sitting on his seat when the rest of the students already began to pack up and leave the classroom. Shrugging, he decided he might as well do the same and leave as well. It was not like the teacher was going to mind, seeing that he was trying his best to maintain calmness. Sighing, he quickly placed everything back into his sling bag and then quietly put it over his shoulder. He took one last look at the front gate where some of the students and staff members were practically running towards the bus. "This is... This doesn't make any sense," he quietly muttered under his breath as he tried to process the information in his head and place everything in order. The more he thought about it, the less sense it made and the stranger it became. Unless, of course, the undead part was real. And he refused to entertain that idea unless he saw one stumbling into his line of sight.

    ...or running towards him. Which would be a very bad situation in real life.

    Regardless, he walked calmly towards the door and into the hallway. It was already filled with students from every other classes from this level of the building. If he followed the group of people using the main staircase, he probably would be choked to death by the mere number of people. He pondered for a while before he saw several of his classmates strayed from the main group and headed left instead. Turning left would be a good idea - it would be a 'long-cut' but it probably would be less congested. From there, he could get to the main floor where his lockers was and he could quickly change from these damnable school shoes into his proper sneakers. Getting out after that would be the priority. With a nod to himself, he quickly turned and walked against the flow of people that were heading down towards the main staircase. Some of them gave him a curious look but ultimately paid him no mind.
  20. The only person Chiyumi seemed to be worried about was herself. She was scathing of pretty much everyone around her, including her own parents. If her sister was still alive, that'd be the only person that she'd worry about was pretty much herself. However, she reluctantly remained with her classmates because there was no way out of the crowd, even if she tried. She had no interest in making friends. She was able to spot Lala and a few other notable classmates from within the crowd, but she was fed up with being pushed around. Can everyone just calm down already? At this point, she got fed up with being in the crowd and decided to break away. Since everyone was too interested in saving their own skins, or so she thought. She decided to go alone towards the rear exit.