Surviving the Abyss

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    The year is 2083, and as can be expected, humanity screwed up with this whole "atmosphere" thing. The polar ice caps are a thing studied in history rather than science, though, sea levels have lowered by a few meters rather than risen. Huge solar flares coincided with a thick blanket of smog over even the most remote wildernesses completely incinerated the ozone layer and the stratosphere, and the only life that remains is in the depths of the sea. Any land that exists is an arid desert, and in some places, molten pools are now a reality.

    The first 300 meters or so of the oceans is a boiling hellscape; the only reason it is still liquid is because of the lack of an atmosphere for it to evaporate to. Fortunately, the deepest parts of the abyssal plains are still cold enough to support life. Scientists managed to predict the apocalypse in time to create one last city on the bottom of the ocean. While living here in New Atlantis can be beautiful, it is also worse than death, for some.

    Crops can only be grown inside biodomes, which are a scarce luxury, and strict rationing is in place. Electricity can only be generated using the natural ocean currents, which means that many have to go without it. There is enough to light the area, but even 30 minutes of other usage is a thing only the rich can afford. And it's all because of overpopulation. While people view it as harsh, they know it is for the best.

    The governing body, now comprised mainly of scientists, has scrapped normal currency, in an attempt to solve both overpopulation and lack of resource. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In New Atlantis, people compete for resources. No one between the age of 12 and 60 is spared from this trial, though, few people live long enough to reach much older than 70 anyway. People who don't fit the competing bracket already have resource provided to them.

    In this world, it is survival of the fittest. Food, clothes, everything is purchased using a currency called "Credit." Credit is earned through various ways. A steady job can provide credit, but one has to be extremely talented to get one of them. 99% of the population compete in day to day life to earn it. Every time someone bests someone else, they automatically gain credit. As credit is stored temporarily, it is possible to steal it too. Some people can afford to purchase safehouses. These are effectively normal rooms (each room contains a bed and a single container), however they are locations in which credit cannot be deducted from a person. Find your way to your safehouse, and as long as you are in it, no one can best you for credit.

    1. respect people. Besting people for small amounts is fine, but if you want to best them in combat, puzzle or competitions, then agree on a winner before hand.
    2. You should probably collect credit. No one starts with a safehouse either. that's gotta be purchased.
    3. You MUST have a drink every 2 days, and you must eat every 5 days.
    4. You may not earn more than 3 credits per act, unless it is an act involvign besting someone in combat etc, in which you earn more.
    5. it is INCREDIBLY hard to steal credit, as you have to have access to a computer and knowledge of the systems.

    Price List of common things:
    Room: One free per person
    Upgrade to safe room: 2000 credits.
    Full meal: 6 credits
    bottle of fresh water: 3 credits. Bottle is refillable, if you can find a fresh water source (very rare).
    5 minutes of time on a computer: 50 credits
    Medical treatment 150 - 300 credits. Try not to get injured :P If you do, you'll probably have to just hang in there until you can afford treatment.

    Biography (can be short.):
    Other traits:
    Starting Credit: (Use your common sense. Also assume that you start with your character having just bought a meal and a drink, so just spent 9 credits.)
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