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  1. Los Angeles High School
    Welcome to the teenage wasteland known as... That's right! High school. We all know how high school is, how it functions, the different groups, the different quirks and clicks. The outcasts... But what about the ones who sit in the other category, the ones who are like ghosts, surviving high school, the one's no one knows for sure what group they belong to. THAT is my target setting in this, the one's who make no stirrup in the social life of high school, the ones who have great qualities that no one sees, what if those people all seem to meet each other, and become friends, a group, what will happen then? How will they get along? Most of all -- How will they survive?
    • Sexual Themes? Yes, there will be somewhat of sexual themes, but more so in the awkward way, considering, hoping, this group comes together, they will have no such experience, possibly, so it will be awkward with another couple of people being in the click, making jokes, can get awkward with a few females around.​
    • The populars? They are needed, welcome to the roleplay, I just decided it would be fair to have an apposing force!
    • Max allowed to join? Let's just say, I personally have wanted to see a group surviving and enough to break everyone out of their shell. (NOT A REQUIREMENT) I personally believe it would be a bit of a thing to see it all! Personally looking at it, to see a group of predominantly girls around some awkward boys in the group, would be pretty funny and cool to see!
    • Please provide some character Info!​
    Character Info (open)

    Physical Description:
    Small Bio:
    Ref Pic (Not required but encouraged):

    • If the sexual themes/Romance becomes more than what needs to be seen in public, do it in convo! Or fade to black!
    • Max Participants: This is in case you want a more straight forward answer: up to at the most, and this is stretching it: 5
    • Please be literate, and don't spam the thread, it will go in order of first come first serve.
    • Yes Female's are somewhat of a key in this, don't need a sausage fest, but please be respectful, and if you're playing a female, I'd rather you not really be a twenty year old dude behind a screen playing a sixteen year old... Creepy.
    • Have FUN!
    Place Character info and plot suggestions below! As well as anything OOC you wish to discuss!!! :D

    I will approve through the way of quotes! :D
  2. This sounds really interesting, I'd love to join! Do you have a specific character sheet you'd like me to use?
  3. Name:
    Physical Description:
    Small Bio:
    Ref Pic (Not required but encouraged):
  4. Then you can post your action. Post that and your first opening action in the IC forum! :D
  5. Cool!

    Name: William Leonardo
    Sex: Male
    Physical Description: Down below XD
    Grade: 11th
    Age: 16
    Small Bio: Adopted and then raised in a large household with six other brothers and sisters, William had to stand out. Of course, he chose the method of being a total nerd, becoming a huge history nut and knowing plenty of trivial and non-trivial facts, never ceasing to correct you if you get something wrong.
    Ref Pic (Not required but encouraged):
  6. Name: Jayson Hope
    Sex: Male
    Physical Description: Jayson isn't strong, kind of scrawny. He is really tall but skinny.
    Small bio: Jay was born in Windsor Ontario,Canada. He moved to LA this year and his first experience in LA. Jayson has a thing for snapbacks and hoodies.
    Ref pic:
    hat 2.jpg
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