Surviving College

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  1. The sun rose up over Japan's capital city, it's inhabitants started rather early with their daily lives. Like little working bees they rushed to their workplaces and flooded the streets and subways like a mass hive system. As the sun peered through the apartment window of Akuma's room and it did so precisely that it would wake him up early every morning. Sometimes he laughed at his natural alarm but other times he hated it's guts. He slowly got out of bed and started his regular morning routine, shower, shave, breakfast and off to college.

    Usually he would have finished it quickly but this morning he was rather sluggish which would make him a little bit late for class. As he noticed the time he quickly stormed out of his apartment and into the elevator that eventually led him to the parking lot; he walked fast to his motorbike with his helmet on and quickly got on, started her up and left the parking lot.

    As he went through the morning traffic like a bullet he quickly reached his university but not without being late, he rushed up the stairs and through the halls and eventually walked into his class. As he was in a rush he forgot to take off his motorcycle helmet and so he took it off in class "Excuse me for being late teacher." he said to the teacher as he walked in and took off his helmet, at times it was funny how he could keep such a calm composure even so, this was the teacher that he often had arguments with.
  2. Siyo moved about her apartment, humming a simple tune as she dressed and ate. She lived near the University, and walked every morning. Today, she braided her waist length black hair into a long braid that fell down her back. She applied little make-up, as she usually didn't wear any at all. Her outfit consisted of her favorite white pencil skirt, and a blue blouse that hugged her middle but flourished out at her bust.

    She stood on a chair, to reach the top of the board, and scrawl 'Hamlet' in neat cursive. Most students had already read Shakespeare's Hamlet, but Siyo planned to go much more in depth than most Secondary Schools teach. Her lecture hall began filling up with students and she sat at the large mahogany desk in the front center of the room. At 8:30 the class begun and she paced in front of her desk, asking questions. Siyo preferred to teach an active class, that had lots of class-wide discussions.

    At about 8:45 one of the students entered late, excusing himself. Siyo sighed, "Well, Mr. Evgeny, nice of you show up today. Though, if you'd like to actually pass my class, I suggest you start showing up on time." She gave a sweet smile, before jumping back into her lecture.
  3. Akuma looked at his teacher with a foul smile and nodded to her, he murmured out something as he walked towards his desk "Bitch if only you were not my teacher." he sat in his table and looked at the board as he started to pull out his notebook, he wrote today's lecture name and waited boringly for the class to end. He did not care much for his teachers words, he knew that he would pass with straight A's no matter her grade. He wasn't the one to look down on people but he certainly did not like that woman.
  4. Siyo continued her lecture, jumping right back in. Her class was usually very smart, and gave correct answers and insightful explanations, but some reason, today they were more confused. After she had finished her lecture she turned back to her class, "Please re-read Acts 5 and 6. Tomorrow, we will have another discussion, and it will be graded. Come in ready to participate. And Mr. Evgeny, a moment please." Students closed their notebooks and packed up and left, while she moved back to her desk.
  5. Just as he began to pack up Akuma shifted his sights to the teacher that was calling him... -What the hell does she want now?- he wondered as he finished packing his books and walked over to his teacher's desk "What's up teach, what did you need me for?" he asked almost bitterly as he looked at her with his hand in his pocket and one holding his bike helmet. It was rare for him to get called up to teachers for anything, no matter if he did something or did not.
  6. Siyo almost rolled her eyes, "You will address me as Ms. Holmes. I am not your friend, I am your professor." She began stacking books and papers, getting ready to move to her office, "I will not tolerate tardiness. This is what? The fourth maybe fifth time? I don't like to fail students, but if you continue to be late, you will be removed from my class with an F for the semester. Is that understood?" She asked leaning back against the now clean chalkboard.
  7. Akuma looked at her with a plain look -Well someone woke up on the wrong side of bed today- he shook his head he finally had enough of her tantrums "Look here..." he paused for a moment and looked her directly in her eyes "...Ms. Holmes..." he paused again "...your grade is very, very not inflicting on weather I will pass the year or not. I will pass it with it or with out it, so to cut you some slack... I will get on time in school. Just because I was late once that does not mean you can scold me for it like you do for every little thing I do, in-class or outside of class because quite frankly most of the students are sick and tired of it... me included. Get your act together or don't teach at all. It's better than becoming a failure of a teacher." he put on his helmet and started walking towards the door, he was expecting some backlash any moment now.
  8. Siyo almost laughed, "I do not care what most students think. It is not my job to be nice, it is also not my job to care if you pass or fail the year. It is, however, my job to make sure that you are not interrupting my class because you're late. It is also my job to tell you that you should not have been late. I have been teaching this class for nine years. My act, is very much together. I suggest you re-evaluate yourself, and either show up to my class on time, or do not show up at all." her voice was stern, but her lips kept a smile, and she picked up the papers on her desk, as well as the books, and exited into her office, which branched directly off her lecture hall.
  9. He looked at her as he exited into her office... she just hit his switch right there. He walked into her office right behind her and slammed the door "Really? You're not payed to be nice? Well it explains why your such a detestable woman... probably cannot even get laid in her own spare time. And if your going to ask why am I proceeding to argue... it's because I am sick and tired of teachers like you, not caring for anything but their job." he inched closer and closer with every word he spoke "And now I am the fault because the class didn't listen?! I don't know what's your problem with me... if your fucking pencils breaks you would blame it on me?! Finally if you are not payed to be nice... I will make sure you become nice. You got that?" he stood only a inch away and looked down at her, glaring through his helmet.
  10. Siyo did not explode, which was a win for her, since she usually would. Instead her voice was calm and smooth, "My personal life, is absolutely none of your business. And really, you can be sick and tired all you want Mr. Evgeny, but I am still the professor, and you are still the student. You're at fault for interrupting my lecture, and I have every right to make sure that you are aware of that. And lastly, you will not make sure I become anything, because, again, I am the professor, and you are only a student." Siyo looked calmly up at him, being just as headstrong as him.
  11. Akuma wondered how could someone be so self-absorbed, no she was the only one in this world that is so self-absorbed. He glared at her "Oh, you are just a teacher aren't you... yes, that you are." he paused for a moment "But I am not just your student." he suddenly slapped her and pushed her against the wall "I will teach you the meaning of being nice, do you understand?" he looked at her as he kept pressing her against the wall.
  12. Siyo's hand flew to her cheek. She had to admit, that hurt quite a bit. She could already feel the burning turn to bruising. Then he had her pushed against a wall. She struggled, but to no avail. She shoved against his chest, "You will not teach me anything." she spat, her usually caring eyes shifting into a fierce glare. They had not trained her for a situation such as this one at University. She braced her feet against the wall and shoved him as hard as she could, though barely even moved him.
  13. Akuma looked at her and grinned "How's it feel to be in the merciful hands of someone else? Struggling to escape his grip but you can't..." he paused for a moment and whispered in her ear "...I can do whatever I want with you... and no-one will ever know about it. You can scream, you can shout... but no-one will ever hear you." he laughed at her knowing how helpless she was.
  14. Siyo squeaked and jerked her head away from him. She didn't want to be this close to him or anyone really. She continued to squirm and shove, but she soon abandoned that tactic. She was helpless and her mind was racing. "Ugh! Get away you pig!" She spay again.
  15. He looked at her and laughed, he removed his helmet with one hand and tossed it on the ground. He turned her around to face a mirror that was in the office, he made her stare at the mirror "See this face?" he paused "This is a face of a helpless woman begging for someone to come to her rescue..." he chuckled "...but you know what?" he got closer to her ear and whispered "No-one thinks your worth to be saved, no-one cares for you. Your all alone." he let go of her and tossed his phone in her hands "Here you go... go ahead and try." he crossed his arms and looked at her smirking.
  16. Siyo did nothing. He tossed her his phone and she threw it on the ground, stomping it to pieces. "I don't need help." she growled. Which of course was completely wrong. She needed a way out of this situation, but all the friends she had were at work and she didn't want to bother them because one student was acting high and mighty. She kicked the broken phone across the floor to his feet, and crossed her arms stubbornly.
  17. Akuma laughed "Are you sure? It didn't sound like you didn't need help just a minute ago." he stared her down and smirked "Want me to put you in that powerless position again and prove my theory?" he paused "Face it... nobody will want to come here even if you wanted them to. Your just a ordinary teacher with self issues. Trying to go on a meager university pay, your knowledge exceeded everybody's but to what use when you have no life. Book troll. Hmph..." he closed in on her again "But your acting like a child, a stubborn child that is. Parents didn't give you enough attention?"
  18. Siyo laughed, "My need for knowledge greatly outweighs my need for a social life. And judging by the current situation, I'm not the one with parent issues." Siyo took another step back, bumping into her desk. She braced her hands on the edge of the desk, glaring. "Do you wanna talk about it?" she asked in a sweetly sarcastic tone.
  19. He smiled "Aha... I know what it is... your still a virgin aren't you?" he started to laugh "Current situation? What situation? You 30 year old virgin." he continued laughing at her "Parent issues or not, I can't believe that you never got laid before. That's what your problem is teach, you can't get a guy under your wing. That's why your always so stressed out." he chuckled
  20. Siyo opened her mouth, then closed it, thinking through her answer. "That's still none of your business, and I don't need relationship advice from some lowlife teenager." She snapped, her eyes narrowing. She swung her foot back and kicked him in the shin and hard as she could, making a move for the door. She knew she probably wouldn't make it, but it was worth it to try. She still couldn't believe he was doing this because she didn't want him tardy in her class.