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You are woken up by the rocking motion of a large truck and are jolted completely awake by the loud hiss as it stops. Blinking your eyes, you feel a sharp pain on the side of your head, but you grasp that concept only faintly. You realize that your brain isn't working up to its usual capacity either . Actually you feel very very groggy. You wonder why ever so distantly...
Once the truck stops, you look around you and see that you aren't alone. There are others with you, several other people chained to the walls of the truck by their ankles and wrists. All of them look to be about your age, in their prime. And you notice that they too have just woken up, and are groggy as well. You try to get up to observe more of your surroundings, but something stops you. You have chains restraining you as well. Upon further inspection you see a large thick device strapped around your ankle... It almost reminds you of the contraption used for people under house arrest.
Before you make another move, you hear another hiss, this one coming from inside the truck. Everyone panics,; they've all seen this happen more than once. But before they can make a commotion, you and everyone else are knocked out once more...
The Start of the Game...


A large white truck slowly backs up against an electric fence in the middle of a dense and populated forest - the Canadian Forest to be exact. The fence itself is very tall, extending at least three stories high, but the trees around the area grow farther than that. The fence is also topped by barbed wire curved inward to further prevent anyone from escaping. As the truck gets closer to the fence, two big burly men appear to rise from the ground. They walk over to the gate with a remote which beeps loudly. The electricity in the fence goes dead and the men walk over to the gate and open it. The truck backs up further, half of it now being inside the enclosure. Once it halts, the men walk over and open up the truck. At first there is nothing to see but a large green puff of gas but inside are people, chained to the walls. Again the men press something on the remote. It beeps and the chains come off. The people are out cold, and the men work quickly, bringing out the bodies and laying them on the ground. Once they are all laid out, the men give the truck driver the signal to move out and quickly.
He pulls out recklessly, tires screeching, engines grinding, and the men high tail it to the spots where they originally appeared. Just as they sink back into the ground, the people on the ground awaken....

Glad to see that you all are awake and doing well. Just to fill you in on the finer details, you and several other adults have been kidnapped and have been given the privilege to play my game. Now you have no choice but to abide by the rules of the game which is simply to survive, otherwise I'll simply dispose of you myself. All of you will be released into the wild and the object of the game is to get to the end. What is the end? Well, the end can either be you dying, or killing me, the Game Master. After that you will be released and my tracking device -yes there is a tracking device- will be removed. You will be watched by an audience of course. You won't be able to see the audience, but I assure you, they will be there, watching your every move, cheering you on or begging for your death. Oh yes I know it's not fair, but then again, life isn't fair is it?
So what will it be children? Are you going to play or shall I end your life now?

Good I'm glad you saw it my way....

Now in front of you is a large wooden create. It is already opened for you, but inside are a bunch of supplies. There's enough food and water to last only one of you for 4 days. Of course after you've exhausted these supplies you are required to gather more. No worries though, there are plenty of resources in a forest. Now - also inside the crate are some weapons. There is a standard pistol, an M9 and machete. There is also a hatchet, flint and tender and some gauze in case you get hurt. All of this you will carry in a large backpack which is at the bottom of the crate. I will give you several minutes to get situated. Once I believe that you are ready or whenever my audience becomes impatient, I will sound the alarms, and you must get a move on.

Have fun!
Character Templates:

Occupation before the Game:

You are not allowed to be anything else but a human and you cannot have powers. This is a modern roleplay, set in the somewhat near future.

How this roleplay is going to work:
You are the contestant in a dangerous game, set out to win or die by the hands of a demented Game Master. I will be controlling whatever happens as far as scenery, weather, or any other random obstacles thrown at you. If you make it to the very last phase of the Game, you will be given the possible satisfaction of killing me, thus winning your freedom.
Once I get some people to join, I'll put up the In Character thread. *crosses fingers*
I think I am interested, if you're still wanting to run this. :)

Name: Thomas "Tom" Mitchel
Age: 26
Occupation before the Game: Fresh from Academy Police Officer, never made it to day one on the job
History: Graduated top of his class in the police academy. Before that, he was an honors student and top athlete in soccer and track and field, doing both running events and throwing events
Personality: A little too serious at time because he doesn't want to be seen as weak or scared.
Name: September Hall
Age: 18

Occupation before the Game: Waitress
History: Septemer's parents were always away, leaving her at home to fend for herself. She participated in all kinds of things at school, like sports, the school plays, fund raisers, etc, just so she didn't have to stay in the empty house. September was cheerful for a long time, until she heard that her family died in a plane crash on their way back home. She didn't care much about her parents, but she was devastated that her little sister was gone forever.
A really negative girl, always bringing people down. She's honest and blunt about almost everything. Despite how she looks, September is really athletic.


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If we can get more people, I will definitely be running this.
Yay~ I'm excited for this one. Partly because of my character ^^
We. Need. PEOPLE! I'll see if I can do anything to fix this problem...
>.< That would be lovely. I'm trying to get my boyfriend involved, but it's proving a bit difficult to pry him away from Skyrim.
Well she managed to get me away from skyrim.... damn it...

Name: Dyne Shenzing
Age: 32
Occupation: Weaponsmith. (Blades and Firearms)

(I know, sexy man right?)

History: Dyne has always been fascinated with weapons of all kinds for as long as he can remember. He started using guns with his dad at a shooting range at a young age, and blades not long after at home. He has trained with all types of weapons extensively, and has spent most of his adult life learning how to make weapons. He now owns his own weapon store, where he makes and sells all types of weapons and blades, and even takes custom orders. While he has never used any weapons in a professional setting, he is very skilled with all kinds of blades and guns.
Personality: Funloving, determined, optimistic, focused, and smart. The kind of guy who can be faced against insurmountable odds, and come out of it with a smile on his face.
Hi hun. And we need just one more person to get this going. *crosses fingers*
Name: William (Will) Ashworth
Age: 22

Occupation before the Game: Musician(Guitarist)
History: Born to both musical parents, Will was playing music as long as he could remember. But his parents were classical, and his form of rebellion wasn't his hair or looks, it was the music he made through his guitar. His parents, being so...dull, they took him on luxuries the likes on plays and musicals. Now he's here, and to think he was just getting a snack at the coffee shop. Who'd-a-thunk-it?
Personality: Will comes across a bit Obnoxious, and even to an extent, unintelligent. He's rather Cowardly when faced with opposition he can't defeat with ease, and can make some rude first-impression remarks. Underneath it, he can be friendly, and you'll probably see his fear. Nonetheless, in a bind he can be resourceful and quick-thinking.
I'll try to get a post in soon, but I'm changing my character since everyone chose to play as boys.
Did you get this idea from the movie battle royale? That was the first thing that came to mind when I first read the title. Anyways, got room for one more? I am definately interested.
Definitely got room for this. And no I've never heard of that actually. Although I get some ideas from The Hunger Games.
Name: Matthew Jaeger
Age: 25

Occupation before the Game: Zoologist, working for the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks department.
History: Matthew has always had a love for nature, and often could be found outdoors. He grew up in the Flathead valley of Montana, where he spent most of his time camping, fishing, and hiking. He was always very adventurous, often heading out into wilderness areas for long periods of time. When it was time to go to college Matthew had no doubt in his mind what he wanted to do. He studied Biology at the University of Montana. After completing his masters degree he went to work for the Montana FWP as a field researcher.
His time being alone in the outdoors has left him a little uncouth. He has a tendency to become focused, when in life threatening situations. he is quick thinking, and determined.
Accepted, go ahead and post Okami. Just take off from being dumped on the ground, to the surprise rising out of the ground.