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  1. You wake up on a vast island that is part of a series of islands inhabited by wild animals, pirates, and simple villagers. You were sent here with your memory erased, and your skills enhanced. You have a select amount of weapons (of your choice) that you wake up to. You don't remember your name but you remember a number that you were given to identify yourself. You start to learn that you have these new skills as you progress. Be careful, stay alive, and rid the island of all the pirates to go home.

    23 woke up on a beach, a taste of wet salty sand in his mouth. He immediately coughed it out and shook his head. "The hell...?" he said looking around. He got up shaking his head again. Looking around. He walked a few steps and tripped over something. He looked behind him and noticed what looked like a tall silver bracelet wedged in the sand. He got up and firmly grasped it in his hands before yanking it out. He examined it closely until a blade popped out of it. He dropped the contraption in fear, then picked it back up. He eventually slipped it onto his right arm. He then looked around and found another one. He grabbed that one and slipped it on also. He then found a pistol with a silencer on it. He grabbed that and slipped it into a strap that was already on the belt loop of his camouflage cargos. He then noticed a bow hanging on a branch of a tree. He ran and grabbed that also. A quiver was right next to it so he grabbed it and strapped it onto his back. He did the same with the bow. He looked around. "Guess there's a reason for this" he said before running swiftly into the jungle.
  2. Zero woke up in a cave the ocean rumbling at the entrance. He wire a green cloak with the hood pulled over. He sat there for some time trying to remember but nothing came to him . A bow highly advanced with sights and a 200 pound pull sat near him. Light as air carbon fiber tri bladed tipped arrows filled a quiver. Brackets were on tge ground and he fastened then on each arm with a quick snap a dart shit out. A simple ka-bar knife at his waist zero rose. He sniffed the air and smelled. The ocean was too close he had to get higher reaching the cave entrance he climbed his way up
  3. Eleven woke on her back with sand in her mouth. She sits up and starts trying to spit it out. When she's done she looks around, wondering where the hell she was. "Hello..," she yelled with no response. She starts to walk around with no idea what she was doing or where she was going when she stepped on something, causing her to yell out in pain. She falls onto her knees and sees what she stepped on a .32 revolver. She picks it up and examines it. Seeing that it's full of ammo, she looks around and tries to find more. She feels around in the sand until she finds a box of bullets a few feet away. Sticking the box in her pocket and her revolver in hand, she runs into the forest and tries to find anyone else on the island.
  4. Eight woke up with a headake. He had no idea where he was or how he got where he was. Slowly standing up he checked his surroundings. There was trees, dirt and bushes. The sound of natural wildlife rung in his ears and he looked down at his clothes. He was wearing grey cargo pants, black boots and a black hoodie. His arm was throbbing and he pulled up his sleve to see the number eight tatted on his wrist. Shaking his head he leaned against a a tree trying to collect his thoughts. He couldn't even come up with his name. Eight turnned his head slightly to see a hunting knife he placed under his shirt and then a gun. A 9mm pistol and ammo. Loading up the guns he placed it in his belt and then began walking. He knew he was somewhere in a jungle or forest based on all the trees and sounds of animals, and then he realized that he was apart of a very big foodchain. Eight knew he'd have to find some shelter before it got dark. Eight made sure than he kept walking, not stopping for nothing. He could hear people talking and they had guns. Making sure he wa sin stealth mode he snuck past them and when he was at a good distance he shot them both killing them. Eight rushed over and took one of their guns and kept going in his own direction.
  5. When zero finally reached the top the land gave way to jungle. Looking around told him he was on an island, how large was anyone's guess. But a jungle meant animals and supplies from the land. It meant he could survive. He headed into tge jungle looking for animal tracks and a place to make a shelter
  6. Eleven heard the sound of voices and started to run towards it. She creeps behind a tree and peeks around to see 3 men all dressed the same. They had bandannas tied around their heads with hats covering their heads. They wore black boots that came up to their ankles and black pants that were tucked into their boots. Under their brown leather vests, they wore puffy white shirts with the top buttons unbuttoned. She wanted to ask for their help but her instincts told her not to go near them. Especially after she saw that each one of them had cutlasses in their hands. As she slowly started to back away, she stepped on a branch. She gasped and put her back to the tree, putting her hands to her mouth. She closed her eyes and hoped that they would just think it was an animal that was passing by. When she was about to run, she saw a sword whack against the tree, barely missing the side of her face. She runs away from the tree and turns around, seeing them slowly advance towards her. She pulled out her revolver from the back of her pants and aimed. She fired 3 shots, one of them hitting the leader dead in his forehead. He fell down with a loud thump and the other 2 looked at her, debating if it was better to go after her, or run. They did the smart thing and ran. She laughed and looked at the dead man on the ground. She took the man's cutlass holster and wrapped it around her waist. Then she grabbed his cutlass and put it in it's place. She gave the body one last kick before she started running deeper into the woods.
  7. 23 walked into what looked like a small town. He looked around at everyone and immediately felt sorry for them. They looked like they were in poverty, but there was a reason. He had no idea. He noticed a store and immediately walked in. He needed a shirt for the one he had on was very ripped and dirty. He laid down money that he found in his pocket. "Can I get a shirt for this much?" he asked the clerk woman. Then out of no where the clerk immediately aimed a shotgun at him. 23 put his hands up and backed up. "What the hell!?" he asked in panic. "Just in case," the woman said, which he understood in there condition. After the woman gave him a shirt for the money he asked why they were in such a bad sate. The woman told him everything. 23 felt sorry, but immediately thought he wanted to do something about it. As he was walking out the woman had tossed him am AK-47 that was painted in some kind of tribal tattoo and an ample amount of ammo. He nodded and smiled at the woman. She had asked him to come back if he needed anything. He was now welcome back to town anytime. Now it was time for him to find more like him. Something in his gut was telling him there was more, he just didn't know where.
  8. 311 woke up hanging from a tree branch his body entangled in green vines wrapped around his wrist and his ankles he was wearing camouflage jeans ,black boots,and a light green tshirt. just below him were a machete and a steel tomahawk.after moving he felt the tree limbs collapse under his weight. falling a few feet he was able to move freely.Reaching forward he grabbed the machete and the tomahawk cutting the rest of the vines. As he fell he landed almost silently like a branch whisking the ground. The weapons were sheathed as he looked around. he had no idea where he was.He listened intently hearing the sounds of monkeys chattering and a waterfall rumbled somewhere in a lower valley. this was some kind of tropical zone he knew that by the taste of the salt water in the air. Deciding he was lost he started to move through the jungles as if he were born there his movements flowed like water one tree to the next. he decided traveling by the trees was the best way to move. He headed west his nostrils picked up the smell of smoke .
  9. Eleven walked and walked, and was able to stumble upon a beautiful waterfall with a pond under it. She runs to the pond and kneels by it. She take a hand full of the water and tested the water. It was clean! She started to take more hand fulls of water and drinking as much as she desired. When she had her fill she splashed some water onto her face, making sure that this wasn't a dream. When her theory was proven wrong, takes of her tennis shoes and sips her feet in the pond, trying to relax and think of how she was gonna survive. There was a bunch of wild life around, so they could be good for food. She looked around and saw good enough wood that she could gather and burn.
  10. Twelve found herself lying flat on her back amongst the undergrowth of an unfamiliar forest. She pushed herself upright, confused as to how she got there. Shifting to a more comfortable position, she attempted to discover why she was there in the first place, let alone sleeping. This endeavor got her nothing but a headache. Her fingers rubbed her temples lightly as she searched around her for anything useful. About six inches away lay a bo staff and a hunting knife. Sure, not the most useful of weapons, but they were certainly better than nothing. Getting to her feet, Twelve scooped up the knife and slid it into the waist of her tattered jeans. Making sure the blade was in a position that it wouldn't cut her hip, she pulled the black t-shirt down over the hilt. "Well, might as well go find a source of fresh water!" She said aloud to herself before moving out, bo staff gripped in her left hand and brown boots lightly crunching the leaves beneath her feet.
  11. After a few hours zero had a make shift hut built. It sounded like there was a waterfall nearby do he figured it was as good a place as any. The sky was growing dark so he made a circle of stones and some underbrush, striking his blade against tge stones caused a spark and eventually a fire. The fire couldn't get past tge stone as it was dug into tge ground picking up his bow he headed up a fallen log looking for a quick meal
  12. After searching for a while, she found a small lighter. After that she started to gather twigs and leaves as kindling. She goes back to the waterfall and lays the load on the ground a foot away from the pond. She lights one of the leaves and runs it across the rest of the twigs as a match. She warms herself with the fire after it grows and walks back to the pond. She looks at the clothes she's wearing and sighs. They were really dirty, and for some reason that really bothered her. She takes off her thin leather jacket and lays it on the ground for something to sit on. After she makes herself comfortable she takes off her white t-shirt and starts to scrub it under the water. She looks at the camisole that she's wearing underneath and decides that it's better to keep that on, even though it had a little bit of dirt in it. She finishes cleaning her shirt and lays the shirt next to the fire, hoping that it'll quicken up the drying process. She looks down a the dark black jeans and sees that it didn't have much on it. She takes the revolver out of the back of her pants and lays it right next to her, in case she needed to get to it quick. She then unhooks her holster and lays in on the other side of her, keeping it close. She then lays down on her back and looks up at the sky, trying to pass the time waiting for her t-shirt to dry by giving names to the stars that were coming out early.
  13. Twelve eventually found her way to a stream. Bending down, she used her free hand to scoop some of the cool water into her mouth. Feeling slightly refreshed, she decided to press onward in an attempt to find a more advantageous location to settle down for the night. A few minutes of trudging her way downstream, she paused. Sniffing the air, she picked up the faint scent of a fire. She hesitated, unsure of wether to proceed forward and investigate the source, or to turn around and hightail it out of there. Twelve shook her head. If the source of the smell was a forest fire, she was certain there'd be significantly more smoke and a lot more creatures moving away from the area. Still, the fire could belong to someone hostile. Nevertheless, she found herself pressing onward until she found herself standing at the top of a ridge overlooking a waterfall draining into a pond below. There, she discovered the source of the fire. She almost called out, but stopped herself. There was no way of knowing the allegiance of the stranger. Instead, Twelve settled herself down to assess the situation. After a good half hour, she became lax in keeping her guard up. Shifting her foot, she kicked a rock just a bit smaller than a fist and sent it rolling down the ridge. She could only hope the waterfall completely drowned out any sound it had made.
  14. After awhile zero headed back to camp two rabbits and some berries in tow. What he didn't expect was company. There stood a girl near his fire. She didn't seem hostile so he didn't draw on her " if your looking for answers I dont have any I have food but you'll need to pitch something in for it took me awhile to catch these." zero held up the rabbits. " meat for food fur for glowed fats for oils and tendons for string I'd better get to work. At least it's good to know I'm not alone.". Suddenly there was gun shots " get down." his bow in hand he loaded an arrow
  15. She jumps to her feet with her revolver in hand when she hears a voice. She looks around and sees a man. After seeing that he wasn't dangerous she puts her revolver back in it's place. She listened as he rambled on about answers and meat and tendons. She looks at him with a weird look on her face.

    "Um, I guess it's good to know that I'm not alone either," she says as she backs up a little. Her keen sense of hearing hears the sound of something falling into the pond other than water. She spins around and looks up, seeing a figure. Not taking any risks, she takes out her revolver and shoots off her last 3 bullets. Now she waits for a scream.
  16. Twenty-three waited in a tree, popping his neck. It was getting dark, and a storm looked like it was rolling it. He had to get shelter fast. He waited patiently for this pirate outpost he had found to clear out, if not he would have to take matters into his own hands, which he wasn't so sure on doing. He wiped the first rain drop out of his eyes. Then as fast as possible he drew his bow and arrow aiming it straight towards the guard of the entrance. He aimed carefully, pulled back, held his breath then let go. The arrow hit clean through his head. Twenty-three was proud of his work. He slowly climbed down the tree and kept a good crouch. He put his bow up and let his hidden blades out, which he had just found out could pop out of the blade holder to use as a dagger. That would come in handy later. He was right on the outside of the walls of the outpost, when he heard voices notice the body. All the pirate guards rushed to it as soon as they heard. Twenty-three sneaked around the back, and kept behind a building. He then took out his silenced pistol and aimed carefully. He pulled the trigger six times with in the same second taking every single pirate guard out. All of them clean kills, straight through the head. Twenty-three was shocked at his work. "How the hell..." he said to himself. He then slipped the pistol back into his pocket and went into the small safe house that in the outpost. He looked around collecting ammunition, a few phones, and map. He turned around to a bed and sat down on it holding his head, trying to remember anything pryer to waking up on this strange island....he couldn't be the only one like this on the island. He decided to search in the morning after a good night's sleep. He felt himself getting hungry. But the water canteen that he had found in the safe house would have to do until tomorrow. He kept his hidden blades on and kept his silenced pistol right next to him.
  17. ((This was probably my fault for not being specific enough last night. Sorry guys. Anyway, it looks like you have it relatively figured out. How about we just say 12 is now awkwardly spying on both of you and go with it?))

    Twelve was watching the strange girl quietly when another figure caught her attention. This one was male. She could faintly hear him talking to the girl. Something about food. Most of his words were drowned out by the waterfall beside her. She almost felt safe that her disturbed stone hadn't alerted the strangers when it hit the water and the girl turned to look up in her direction. Obviously, she needed to work on her hiding skills as three shots were fired in her direction. Twelve squealed and careened backward to get out of the line of fire. The next thing she knew, she was in the water. She reemerged with a gasp in the pond. Thinking quickly, Twelve raised her hands and turned toward the pair in the hopes the gesture would show that she meant them no harm.

    The man was pointing a bow in her direction, though it seemed he was aiming somewhere passed her. Twelve didn't take the time to ask questions. She could only assume he heard something she had missed while tumbling over the waterfall. A quick survey around her revealed that her staff had made it down with her in one piece. Quickly snatching it, she paddled her way to bank and rolled ashore.
  18. She knew that she didn't have any bullets left in her gun, but she still kept it aimed as the woman came to shore. She wasn't gonna take any chances with this one. She still wasn't even sure about the man behind her, but he didn't seem lethal. She backed away from the pond to give her space to get out. She wasn't armed at all. Just a simple staff.

    "Who are you?"
  19. 213 woke up in a daze with a strange weapon with a long straight handle and a long black curved blade. "W-where am I?" pokes the ground and stands up. Grabs the scythe and disappears into the nearby jungles. She cuts the vines and plants in her way. Finds a empty cave and walks to the very back. "I have no idea how to surrvive this."
  20. Zero put his bow away and sat down near the fire. " strange people on an island and no one knows each other." he drew his knife and started removing the rabbits fur. " I can't remember my name. Just that I was called Zero. I don't know how I got here, but I will get off. Tell me do you two have similar stories?" with the fur set aside he began to separate meat from bone