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  1. The days had became shorter, the nights had became longer and even at the middle of the day it was freezing cold outside. However that didn't bother Yanaike much. Ever since she was a little child she'd always felt warm inside and while other people wore multiple layers of thick clothes, Yanaike wandered outside with her favourite black leather jacket and white dress which kept most of her legs completely uncovered. From under the dress came her long brown-haired tail wagging back and forth out of excitement.
    Anyone passing by and noticing her would probably start making up prejudices about either her clothing style in the winter or her tail. However nobody would actually see her right now since she was hidden between two parked cars on an abandoned parking lot.
    She closely watched the cash machine on the other side of the street as well as the people passing by. Meanwhile she kept track of the time. She would strike at exactly three minutes past two and would have exactly seven minutes to execute her plan and make it to the nearest underground station.
    The pointer at the clock of the church moved. It was time! Yanaike jumped out of her hiding spot, running in a straight line to her goal. While running she'd taken one of her daggers and at the cash machine she started dismantling the metal plate that covered the machines control pannel. As soon as she cut loose the coloured threats an alarm started ringing and a metal rolling shutter started to drop down. She quickly connected the red and green threads together, while with her other hand continuously tapping the '1'-button on the display of the cash machine. As soon as she hit 'OK', the machine started spraying money like a fountain. Yanaike held a brown bag next to the cash machine trying to catch as much money as she could before she finally had to step back as the metal rolling shutter shut down before her.
    With a black marker Yanaike labelled the bag with a dollar sign, making it a little bit easier for the police to track her down.
    "Hey!" she heard someone shout. She moved around and concluded the police had already found her. Now the fun part was about to start! Yanaike's tail went up and forth even faster, as she was full of excitement. With two police agents directly behind her she started running in the direction of the underground station. She heard a couple of gun shots but they missed Yanaike on a few inches.
    The gap between her and the policemen grew bigger and bigger as Yanaike was clearly a lot faster on foot then the two policemen were. But the gap became even bigger as Yanaike descended the stairs of the station, moving her feet so fast that it looked almost like she was falling down. She easily jumped over the gastes, normally requiring a ticket to let anyone pass and she jumped inside of the underground train: which automaticly closed its doors just after Yanaike entered it: as if the vehicle had waited for her. The police was left exhausted on the station.
    Yanaike seated down. She loved travelling with the underground. It was the perfect escape route! It was such an anonymous way of travelling. Nobody ever seemed to notice her: neither her tail, nor her clothes, nor the big obvious bag with the dollar sign on it. She opened the bag as she started counting the loot.
  2. Tobias groaned as he stood up. The day had been long, work had been hell. He was almost to the point of quitting, but he needed the money. He had yet to find anything that would be better than this job though. Sure, being a plumber was shit work but it paid bills. The fact that his magic helped him do the job better than most other people in the company, a bonus.

    At the end of the day, his favorite part of the day was the train ride home. Tobias was fascinated by people and the stories they told through just their dress and they way they carry themselves. It was a hobby of his, figuring out different people without knowing them. Making up stories, trying to decide whether the people sitting near each other actually interacted out of genuine interest of just bored.

    Tonight was different though. Tonight a girl had run onto the train, ahead of a pair of cops. He had seen the flash out of the corner of his eye, his attention immediately riveted to the girl. He was practiced enough at what he did that his look wasn't too obvious though. After a few minutes he decided to try and talk to her. He was standing and the seat beside her was open.

    Then he spotted the bag. Or more importantly, the symbol on the bag. He laughed to himself lightly and walked over. He sits down in the seat beside the girl, whistling lightly to himself. He nudges the bag with his foot, casting her a sidelong glance while watching the other people ignore the pair of them. "Whatcha got there?"
  3. Yanaike looked up from counting the money as she felt someone was pushing the bag.
    "Whatcha got there?" he asked, making it clear that he hadn't pushed the bag accidently. Yanaike wondered. Could it be he was a secret police cop in disguise? She bended forward, sniffing her nose, only to hold her nose a few seconds later out of disgustment. He was definately not a policeman, he smelled way to disgusting for a job like that.
    However if he was not a cop, then what was he? What made him so intrested in Yanaike's bag. Had he seen the money in it? Or the money sign on it?
    "M...Money" Yanaike responded carefully as she wipped on her seat a bit nervously. "There is money in this bag. Why do you want to know?" she asked hesistatingly as she fiddled the edge of her white dress.
  4. Tobias let out a chuckle, watching Yanaike fiddle around with the money and her dress. He knew he smelled a little bit, but the look of disgust on her face hurt him a bit. He sniffs at himself, shrugging. "I've smelled worse. Didn't have anything back up on me today at least."

    He taps his fingers on his knee, thinking for a moment. "I wanted to know because it's good information to know." He grins, his bright blue eyes seeming to glow. "And when a cute girl is running away from the cops carrying a paper bag full of money... It sets off an alarm or two. Especially if she doesn't seem to know how much money she has."
  5. "No no!" Yanaike responded quickly, hoping she had not made her potential new friend upset already. "I don't mean you smell disgusting... or well..." Actually he did, but Yanaike didn't want to tell that. "You smell... uhm... funny!" She decided it was best to move on to his other subject, before she would make her comment worse.

    "Five thousand three hundred twenty-nine dollars and eighty-one dollar cent" she said triumphantly, but quiet enough so that other people wouldn't hear her. You'd never know, maybe there was another thief on the underground train. She wasn't exactly sure about the amount of money, bit she guessed she was close enough, and she wanted to sound confident. She paused for a moment waiting for his reaction. So he'd noticed the police. Did he want to turn Yanaike over to the cops or did he have another plan?
  6. Tobias couldn't help but let out a laugh as she tried to defend herself and not insult him because of his smell. He smiled at her, deciding to let the subject drop. When she listed off the, rather strange, amount of money he shook his head, not quite believing it. "That's quite a bit of money to be carrying around in a bag. But why would the police be after you if it's just money?"

    He leans a little closer, pushing the back with the toe of his boot. "Did you steal it from someone? And if you did, why take the change? I think it would be easier to have just bills." He leans back again, remembering her reaction to his smell. He frowns, sniffing at himself just a bit. He doesn't really smell anything, but that was probably because he was used to the smell of his work.
  7. "No uhm... I" Yanaike looked in the bag. There were only paper bills in it, and thus if this boy was clever enough he could tell Yanaike was wrong when she mentioned the eighty-one dollar cent. She quickly knotted the edges of the bag together. She didn't really like talking about money. In Yanaike's eyes money was one of the most stupid inventions someone had ever made. A tiny bit of money seemed okay. But the more money someone possessed, the more greedier he became. "Lets just forget all of this" Yanaike said a bit hesistatingly as she was still unsure what he wanted of her. She rotated in her seat and tried to ignore the boy. Nervously she started fiddling the edge of her dress again.
  8. Tobias chuckles at Yanaike's discomfort. He didn't mean to cause her to get so nervous, but his natural tendency was to do that. "Of course. It's already forgotten." He holds out a hand toward her, watching her as she fiddles with her dress. "I'm Tobias. It's nice to meet you." He left his hand out toward her as his eyes rove slowly over her body. His look wasn't perverted, more appraising. He seemed to be taking stock of the tiny girl that was sitting next to him.
  9. Yanaike shook his hand. "I'm Yanaike" she responded quickly. Now that the two had officially met, she felt a bit more comfortable talking to him. She carefully studied the appearance of the boy sitting next to her. He was quite long and he had black bands strapped around his arms and neck. It made him look a little bit scary, however Yanaike wasn't really afraid of him. She figured that there could be cops on the stations, waiting to arrest Yanaike, but maybe Tobias could help with her escape.
    "I have to leave the metro the next station" Yanaike mumbled as the doors closed. "Do you like to come with me?"
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