Survive the System (Yanaike & V0calstat1c)

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  1. The days had became shorter, the nights had became longer and even at the middle of the day it was freezing cold outside. However that didn't bother Yanaike much. Ever since she was a little child she'd always felt warm inside and while other people wore multiple layers of thick clothes, Yanaike wandered outside with her favourite black leather jacket and white dress which kept most of her legs completely uncovered. From under the dress came her long brown-haired tail wagging back and forth out of excitement.
    Anyone passing by and noticing her would probably start making up prejudices about either her clothing style in the winter or her tail. However nobody would actually see her right now since she was hidden between two parked cars on an abandoned parking lot.
    She closely watched the cash machine on the other side of the street as well as the people passing by. Meanwhile she kept track of the time. She would strike at exactly three minutes past two and would have exactly seven minutes to execute her plan and make it to the nearest underground station.
    The pointer at the clock of the church moved. It was time! Yanaike jumped out of her hiding spot, running in a straight line to her goal. While running she'd taken one of her daggers and at the cash machine she started dismantling the metal plate that covered the machines control pannel. As soon as she cut loose the coloured threats an alarm started ringing and a metal rolling shutter started to drop down. She quickly connected the red and green threads together, while with her other hand continuously tapping the '1'-button on the display of the cash machine. As soon as she hit 'OK', the machine started spraying money like a fountain. Yanaike held a brown bag next to the cash machine trying to catch as much money as she could before she finally had to step back as the metal rolling shutter shut down before her.
    With a black marker Yanaike labelled the bag with a dollar sign, making it a little bit easier for the police to track her down.
    "Hey!" she heard someone shout. She moved around and concluded the police had already found her. Now the fun part was about to start! Yanaike's tail went up and forth even faster, as she was full of excitement. With two police agents directly behind her she started running in the direction of the underground station. She heard a couple of gun shots but they missed Yanaike on a few inches.
    The gap between her and the policemen grew bigger and bigger as Yanaike was clearly a lot faster on foot then the two policemen were. But the gap became even bigger as Yanaike descended the stairs of the station, moving her feet so fast that it looked almost like she was falling down. She easily jumped over the gastes, normally requiring a ticket to let anyone pass and she jumped inside of the underground train: which automaticly closed its doors just after Yanaike entered it: as if the vehicle had waited for her. The police was left exhausted on the station.
    Yanaike seated down. She loved travelling with the underground. It was the perfect escape route! It was such an anonymous way of travelling. Nobody ever seemed to notice her: neither her tail, nor her clothes, nor the big obvious bag with the dollar sign on it. She opened the bag as she started counting the loot.
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