Survive #2

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  1. Original survive role play by Agent Rusti.

    You wake up on a large island, one of a string of islands inhabited by wild animals, pirates, villagers, and who knows what else. You have no memory, and gain a heightened set of skills. You awaken with 3 or less weapons of your choice and may find up to two more throughout the role play. Creating makeshift weapons is not counted in this. You don't remember your name, only a number with which to identify yourself. You realize your new skills as the role play goes on. You must survive. Should you eliminate all human threats you may go home. Though in this place, at times, humans may be the least of your worries.

    Philosophia reserves the title of 'Danger Master' meaning that he has narrative control of the dangerous elements of the role play, although he allows role players to incorporate their own creative conflicts into their postings. Heed the green text, it is a threat to your characters... (:<

    Numbers in use;
    2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 18

    8 groans, leaning up into a sitting position. He looked down between his outstretched legs and blinked away his hazy vision. After a moment he realizes he was looking down at sand. "What the hell?" He looks up to find himself sitting on a beach, his confusion evident on his face as he looks around. As far as he could tell he was alone. He tried to remember what happened, though nothing came to mind but a slight headache. He rubbed his scalp, his head dropping a bit. He sees something shiny out of the corner of his eye and turns to the left to find a blade stuck in the sand next to him. He picks it up and inspects it. The blade was curved and attached to a long chain. He stares at it in confusion for a moment before wrapping the chain around the handle of the blade and wedging it in his belt. He gets to his feet and stretches a bit, noticing a bow and quiver of arrows just behind where he was sitting. He shrugs. "Well then." He said to himself before picking it up and strapping it to his back. He looks out over the water in an attempt to gauge where he was exactly, but there was nothing to be seen with the exception of a ship out in the water. Though it bore no nations flag, he saw it as an opportunity, maybe they would be able to help him. He walks out to the edge of the beach and waves his hands in the air yelling, "HEY! OVER HERE! HEEEYYYY!!" The ship slowly turned towards him and a smile broke out across his face. "Good, maybe they'll help me out." He watched in wait as the ship drew nearer. He could see a flag raising up on the mast, though his smile faded as it blew open in the wind. Black flag, white skull and cross bones. "Pirates?!" There was a crack and some sand by him burst up into the air. 8 stumbled back. "Hey! What's your problem?!" He yelled at the ship. It turned to it's side and 8's eyes widened as cannons pushed open ten small windows on it's side. He turned around and booked it for the forest. "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! OH SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" He yells at the top of his lungs as the cannons sound off in the distance, sand explosions blasting into the air all around him as he ran for the forest as fast as his feet could carry him. The trees were splintering before him as he made it to the tree line and continued at a break neck pace. He had no idea where he was running to, and he didn't really think about it either. As far away from the beach as he could, that's where he was running.

  2. Eleven woke on her back with sand in her mouth. She sits up and starts trying to spit it out. When she's done she looks around, wondering where the hell she was. "Hello..," she yelled with no response. She starts to walk around with no idea what she was doing or where she was going when she stepped on something, causing her to yell out in pain. She falls onto her knees and sees what she stepped on a .32 revolver. She picks it up and examines it. Seeing that it's full of ammo, she looks around and tries to find more. She feels around in the sand until she finds a couple magazine of ammo a few feet away.

    Sticking the box in her pocket and her revolver in hand, she was ready to run into the forest when she heard the sound of something exploding. She fell to the ground from the vibrations of the explosion. "What the hell was that!!" The point of her trying to stand was a lost cause. Every time she tried to stand, another explosion erupted. When she finally found her chance, she stood up and ran as fast as she could into the forest.
  3. A soft yawn escapes the mouth of a woman. She sat up, feeling quite relaxed from the sound of rushing water. A waterfall, how nice. Her thoughts processed as she opens her eyes. She stares at the waterfall in front of her with a lazy smile. "How rela- WAIT! WHAT THE FUCK!?" The woman freaks out, the tree branch she was on shakes violently. She clung to the the branch, waiting for it to calm down. "Where the fuck am I?" She growls looking around. She was not amused, not one bit. On all sides of her.. water, water, and more water. "No way." She looked forward at the giant waterfall in front of her. The water was a murky green and was filled with moss and algae. She was in a swamp, and just her luck.. she was in the middle of a island. There were trees, lots and lots of trees and plants in the water. Some bigger then her and some smaller. "How did I even get here?" She groaned. She sighed, and looked down. She nearly screamed as she saw some gators pawing at the tree, hissing loudly. Why did she just notice the hissing now? Who knows. "AHH!!" She moved closer to the tree and her hand bumped into something. She looked over her shoulder at a bow and about twenty arrows. She takes a hold of the bow and stared at it confused. "How do I even work this thing?" She questioned though it felt like it belonged in her hand. "Yeah.. What good with a bow and arrow do me in this!?" She scoffed.
  4. Number four woke up inside what looked like a cage. A cage that was inhabited by a dead animal carcass. He noticed his hands were tied. He looked around and noticed he seemed to be in what looked like a camp. He noticed a person with an AK-47 in his hand walking back. "Hey!" Four yelled. The man, now looking like a pirate, rushed over. "You're supposed to be unconscious white boy!" he yelled. As soon as he got to the back to tighten the rope on his hands he yanked his head into the bars which knocked him out, and as he fell he fell Four grabbed his knife so he could cut himself free. He kicked down the entrance to the cage silently and stealthily. He stole the AK-47 and kept the knife. He sneaked into a warehouse that was right next to the cage and walked in quietly and slowly. He noticed another pirate who seemed to be resting in a chair. Four walked up to him silently then covered his mouth and stabbed him through the chest. He then stole that pirates holster so he could slip his AK-47 and his knife into it. He noticed a bow on a table right on top of a blue print. It was a prototype for a new bow and the blueprint was the design. He took the bow and dropped the AK. He found a quiver that seemed to be made out of gator skin and noticed about 30 arrows. He took the arrow and put them in the quiver. He then snuck out of the back window of the warehouse and disappeared into the jungle.

    He stopped by a huge rock and rested. He had to get his thoughts together....wait...he had no thoughts...he didn't even know who he was. A number floated around in his head. It was four. He squinted at the ground. Where was he. What was he doing here. Four noticed the sun was rising. He would be seen. He had to move. See if he could find other people who weren't pirates. He got moving.
  5. 8 ran until he could not longer hear the boom of cannon fire, then kept running. After a while he realized he should have lost his footing or breath by that point. He tilted his head in thought and tripped over the root of a tree. He threw his arms out too late and face planted into the ground where he lay for a few moment, the adrenaline fading, allowing his mind to begin digesting this whole scenario. He got up and sat against the tree, trying to understand what had just happened. He pulls out his chained dagger and stares at it as his thoughts swirled inside of his head.
  6. She sat there for awhile, resting her head on her knees. "Is this my usual thing?" She asks out loud. "Am I one of those adrenaline junky? Cause I can't remember ANYTHING!? Please if this is a dream, wake me up!!" She screamed out loud. She received no reply, though one memory did come to her. She didn't know if it was a real memory or one that was planted but her name, her name was 18. "Okay I remembered my name! That's a start!" She starts thinking harder and screeched at the gator jump up toward her. She shoved a arrow in it's eyes, as it came that close to her. It hissed as it landed, snapping its jaws toward her, before sinking into the water, the arrow still stuck in it's eye.

    "Nice... I wasted a arrow." She sighed. This was not a place to sit and try to remember her life story; she had to get out of here. "ANYONE!" She called out in the swamp, all she heard was a echo on the water. "ANYOOONEE!" She called again, no reply. She let out a loud exhale, sighing. "I guess I really am alone huh?" She really seemed to talk to herself a lot, though lucky for her it either meant she was very intelligent or she was insane. "I don't know what to do!" She stood up carefully, slinging the arrows over her shoulder along with the bow. "Is that what I think.." Her eyes glimmered as she saw rocks, in a good jump pattern to the water fall. She could climb the veins and get to higher ground, she clapped her hands together. "Oh, oh, oh! It's my lucky da- well shouldn't say that yet.. now I got to get down." There was the chance of jumping, but if she missed, she'd be gator chow. She could climb down.. but something told her those gators wouldn't be slow. Swimming was not a option, no way she could out swim the creature. She messed up her hair and decided to be crazy. She backed up to the back of the branch, until her back was against the tree trunk.

    "Here.. I... GOOOO!" She took off running, but the branch broke off and she went crashing into something hard below her. "I'mma die. I'mma die. I'm going to die." She yelled, but then blinked. She looked, and the gators looked at her back. They weren't going to eat her? She suddenly felt the solid object she fell on move. She looked down on the scalely back of a creature. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She jumped from the creature to the rock and jumped from rock to rock, slipping around. She maintains her balance, jumping over a gator who tried to snatch her up. She made it to the waterfall and climbed up the vines. It all happened to fast, as she climbed she wondered if maybe.. she used to be a track star??
  7. Two sat up and looked around seeing he was at some kind of beach. He rubbed his head and looked at his hands. 'What am I doing here?' he thought as his hand hit something cold. He looked over to find a small throwing ax. "Hmmm?" he picked it up seeing it was attached to some kind of leather harness, he ran his hand over it moving closer to the sharpened blade. "Nice..." he said quietly to himself as he strapped it to his back after standing. He noticed something glitter in the water and moved into the mostly calm water to the object letting the waves hit his legs. It was a large shineing sword sitting just under a small layer of sand. He picked it up and examined it's strate blade and large handle. It surprised him to find such a fine blade laying in the water... the fact that it was unrusted just baffled him.

    He wasn't sure what to do now, he couldn't remember why he was on this island... He couldn't remember much of anything to be honest, so he just started walking. "Hello?" he said with no response. This was odd to say the least...

    Just as soon as he gave up on finding someone he heard a girl scream. It pierced the air and a couple of birds flew away. He ran to the sorce of the sound. Only to find a couple of alligators, one with an arrow in it's eye.

    With out thinking he swung his sword at the gators hitting one just hard enough to cut it. He jumped back as it went to bite him and he immediately relized it was a bad idea. The other gators decided to join in. Two stood knee high in water as the gators swam closer. He quickly brought his sword down on one managing to kill it but the other two were gaining distance quickly.
  8. Eleven ran until she felt like her heart was going to explode. She fell to the ground in a heap and the only thing she could think about was water. She didn't hear any water flowing anywhere, except for the huge crash of the ocean waves against the shore. She really wanted to go and drink the whole ocean, but she could remember that drinking salt water was not good. She kept a slow and steady pace as she walked through the forest, not knowing what her next move would be. To keep her mind busy, she took out her revolver and aimed until she found a target. She found a small bird and shot, hitting in directly in the heart. Looks like she has a good ability with guns. Very good ability to have while walking around, not knowing where the hell you are. Are who could be out there to hurt her.

    After a while she became desperate and started to call out for someone. "Hello! Is there anyone out there?!"
  9. 18 busted out laughing at the man who went charging in there. By the time he jumped down, she just got up. She goes to walk away, it's his own grave but she stopped, feeling bad. She looked around and found a vine. She pulled and tugged on it, eventually it snapped. She stumbled back with the vine, landing on the wet ground. She quickly tied a double knot and spun it around like a lasso. She got it on a branch after a few times. "Fuck." She cursed as she ran and jumped on the vine, hoping it would support her, let alone another person. She made the Tarzan noise, feeling like a Amazon. She grabbed the man, pulling him away from the gators before the vine breaks. Irony strikes again, as she lands in the same tree just at a higher altitude. "....I'm back here.. again." She sighed, pushing the man away from her but not hard enough to push him down to the gators. "This is your fault." She stated.
  10. After a while of walking around being loud, Eleven had drawn some attention to herself. She had unwittingly wandered into the territory of a Tiger who's curiosity at her noise making had brought him crouched below a bush. Watching her with focused eyes, silently waiting for her to give up her back.
  11. First thing he realized was his hands were tied; second was when he tried to breath, he sucked in water. His reaction was instant and he lifted his head clear of the water, eyes blurry and trying to discern a place to latch onto. Thankfully, the stone nearby was just high enough to be out of the water. He doubled over, coughing violently, his lungs burning as the water left. "What...the hell..." he muttered, rubbing his eyes with his tied hands and trying to see where he was. Only a few yards from shore, but he didn't want to move yet. He coughed again, bracing his hand on the stone and hand brushing against something.
    Drow_Scorpion_Chain.jpg The daggers at the end of the chain were enough to actually not worry him, but encourage him. He used one of them to slice through the rope on his wrist before studying the weapon more thoroughly. He flipped it around, hooking the two smaller rings to his shoulders with the straps before centering the last ring in the middle of his back and strapping it down. He hooked the daggers to the underside of his wrist, smirking a little. No he didn't feel as helpless. He coughed again, standing and jumping into the water, swimming the few yards to shore and standing a moment. He looked around and saw another weapon lying in the grass. He lifted it carefully, looking the weapon over before twisting it over his head and through the center ring on his back. As if built for it, the double-bladed staff clicked into place.
    He didn't know where he was, but his name would be the number in his head. Seven. He set off through the trees, dropping the dagger on his fight wrist and twisting it absently as he walked. The blade and chain were soon making a low whistling sound, but Seven ignored it, listening to other sounds he couldn't make sense of. A dear was walking somewhere, but he could see it yet. But ahead of him, maybe a half mile, he could barely make out the form of a man; when he focused his eyes, he was startled that the guy became crystal clear, holding a blade nonetheless. He blinked rapidly, shaking his head. The sounds were still there, but he was seeing things normally again. Made no sense. None at all.
  12. After a while of she stopped yelling to preserve her voice. Her throat was starting to hurt. As she kept walking, she couldn't shake off the feeling that she was being watched. She shrugged it off and blamed it on paranoia. But just to stay on the safe side, she kept her revolver in hand with the safety off. She felt confident enough that she wouldn't accidentally shoot herself through the leg.
  13. "Yeah, Yeah." he said half ignoring her as he dropped down to a lower branch. He grabbed the throwing ax on his back and without knowing what he was doing the ax sand into the head of an alligator. 'Where did I learn to do that?!' he though as his hand gripped his sword. The last one had dove further down into a deeper part of the water. He followed the stream of bubble as he waited for it to resurface.

    Soon enough it did, jaws opened wide and jumping right at him he jumped and grabbed the branch above him trying to get out of the beasts path. He tried to kick the arrow further into it's eye but ended up missing as the gator jerked for some strange reason.
  14. She woke up and found herself sitting in a jungle but she could see a beach in the distance. 'Am i on an island?..How did i get here?' she thought to herself. She looked up in the tree's and seen a monkey, "Oh look it's curious George" she said while pointing at it as it ran away. When she realized what she was saying she slapped herself in the face and said "Am I going insane....maybe I bumped my head or something. Maybe im too hungry to think straight." She said as her stomach growl. Right now wasn't the time for her to be childish she needed to be serious. Although she did think she was a serious person? 'Aren't I?' She thought to herself when she remember she knew nothing about herself, the only thing she remembered was the number 6. "Is that my name?" Holding her head she then tried to remember how she got there then noticed she remembered nothing about her past either. She stood up and looked around for others, when she found a katana on the ground, the braid on the handle was red and the gaurd had an design of a dragonfly. She picked it up and walked deeper into the jungle to find something to eat. "I don't know if i can hunt but let's give it a try anywways, i'm too hungry to think straight i need to eat something, anything will do".
  15. Four woke up suddenly. He had drifted off to sleep. He opened his eyes to a full grown black bear looking him in the face. Four yelled as loud as he could and took out his knife stabbing it in the mouth and head over and over again. The panic and adrenaline he felt overwhelmed him, and the next thing he knew he was dragging the dead bear to a hill top...where were these skills coming from? Four skinned the animal and used dried out the blood. After that he rested it on his leg which seemed to be bitten. That bear must've taken good bite out of him while he was stabbing the hell out of it. He rapped it around his leg with a bandage and tied it tight. He limped back to the rock to get his bow and arrows which he left back at the tree he fell asleep at. "Is there anyone out here that isn't an animal or a stupid pirate!?" he yelled in frustration.
  16. The Tiger squatted even lower as she neared him, his body like a rock, camouflaged by the brush. He waited for her to walk directly in front of him, he was but a few feet to her left. Once she took another step, leaving him just a bit behind her, he launched out of the brush at break neck speed. He speared her legs with a roar, swiping them from underneath her before letting out a beastly snarl, rounding and slashing down at her neck with his razor sharp claws.

    Eight turned, hearing a light whistling off in the distance. He could see a man there, he was staring straight at him. He stared the man down right back, it was the only thing he could think to do at this point. After his rude awakening he wasn't sure of anything, specially a random man spinning a blade about. That thought made his eyes widen as he realized that the mans chained blade was what was making the whistling. How could he hear that from such a distance? He shook his head and stood, facing the man. His hand twitched towards his bow, but hesitated. He groaned as he decided to give the man the benefit of the doubt, as much as he really didn't want to. Until he attacked there was no logical reason to do so either, he was just paranoid because of the pirates. Besides, if he wasn't hostile, he could clue him in on what the hell was going on around here.

  17. Great, now the guy was standing. That was just perfect, that meant he saw Seven, meant that there would be no clean getaway. His hand twitched, the blade faltering just enough for him to pull it back with a flick of his hand and click back into place on his wrist. Less dangerous he could seem, maybe he'd get away unscathed. Not his first choice. Not by far. He held his hands out at his sides slightly, finally only a few yards from the man. How'd he get from....know what, never mind. He didn't want to know how he managed to close the distance just by walking. Wasn't worth it. Not knowing what else to say, Seven said, "Don't suppose you know where this place is, would ya?"
  18. Her paranoia didn't subside at all on her walk. As her suspicions grew, her grip on her revolver became tighter. As she was about to finally take a right, her legs were knocked out from the bottom of her. She hit the ground head first with a thump, her gun flying out of her hand. She turned onto her back and propped herself up just in time to see the predator swipe at her with its claws. She wasn't able to move fast enough. Its claws tore into her shoulders, causing her a pain that caused her to scream out bloody murder. She didn't even had time to look at the wound. She needed to find her revolver, and fast. She backed away as fast as she could with her injured shoulder before she felt the rough bark of a tree behind her. She whimpered and looked down, happy almost to tears to see her revolver. She took it in her good hand and took 3 shots towards the beast. She hoped that her shooting skills were as good as she hoped they were, even with just one hand.
  19. Missing it's target, the big cat over swung and stumbled a bit. Quickly recovering, the Tiger roared as it leaped for her again, crying out as a bullet lodged into his stomach, two in the chest. The force of the leap caused him to crash into the human, pinning her against the tree for a moment in which he snapped his jowls about fruitlessly before falling over onto the ground gasping for air. His eyes pinned on her the whole time.

    Kiori sighed deeply. "I was hoping you would be able to tell me the same. I woke up on the beach, found these weapons, then was forced into this forest by pirate cannon fire." He slumped back down against the tree, returning his chained blade to his waistband. He chuckled a bit and looked up at the man. "What about you? Can you remember anything? I sure as hell can't." He said as he looked to the ground shaking his head. None of this made any sense, though this guy didn't seem like a threat. At least he didn't seem intending to be as such.

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  20. Seven shook his head, sitting heavily, the staff on his back adjusting with his movement. "Least you woke up able to breathe. I downed a gallon of water before I surfaced, hands tied." He ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I don't remember anything, at all. It's like I know something-" he tapped his temple, "-is missing, but I can't even fathom what it might be. I don't even know my name, just some number in my head." Least this guy hadn't attacked him yet, that was a good thing; the first good thing in this island. Or he assumed it was an island. He really didn't know.

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