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  1. A dark earthen room. Cold air. A tunnel leading out into more, deeper darkness. Two people awaken. In the room, there is a single tape recorder. One of them presses the play button. A cheerful female voice begins to talk. Her clear voice is a bit startling in the crisp air.

    "Hello. Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Though I guess where you are right now, you can't tell."
    The woman chuckles a bit. She sounds eerie to you for some reason, the way her happy tone seems to pierce the gloomy veil of your surroundings. "I know you're very confused and can't remember anything. Don't fret, for it's all in the procedure. I know you have many questions. However, I'm afraid my time is a bit limited. So I will try to answer all of your doubts as best as I can. Let me introduce you to your predicament."

    "You are currently in the…oh, what shall I call it? Let's call it the Tunnels. The Tunnels are a series of catacombs buried deep in the ground. It is like a maze passageways and rooms. The rooms vary in many ways. Also, you are armed with a gun. Right now, it only has one bullet in it. You might find a room with a few supplies here and there...though they'll be rare. Use your supplies wisely!"

    "Beware, for other things lie in the Tunnels. Things that will make your very blood freeze in your veins. You must find a way to overcome them. You must survive in the Tunnels. That is your purpose. Do whatever you can to survive. Whatever it takes. There is an exit to this place. If you survive, you can find it. You'll find salvation greater than anything you can imagine."

    "I am not here. This is simply a voice. And the only one you will ever hear for some time now. I will not tell you who I am. Until you survive, that is."

    The recording ended on a simple, chilling note.

    "Survive. For it is essential for all of us."
  2. Ivalio Coel woke up to the sickest feeling ever, his eyes fluttered opened and realized that he was in a dimly lited room. It took him a while to realize that he's in an enclosed area, there was no window and the air barely seems to be moving. He rubbed his forehead, trying to recall what happened that leaded him into such a situation and was horrified to find out that his mind was totally blank. Excluding his name, he knows nothing about himself. He don't even remembered how he looked like. Frantic, he touches himself to have an estimation of how he appears to others since there was no mirror. Biting his lips anxiously, he knew that he had short hair and his body was toned.

    Soon he noticed that there's somebody else lying in another corner of the room. He couldn't tell the gender but knew he or she was unconscious. Perhaps that person would hold some clue to his predicament. He walked towards the stranger and gave him a gentle nudge.

  3. Daniel was roused from his sleep by a gentle nudging. At first, he refused to surface from his sea of sleep. Eventually he surfaced, rubbing his eyes and stretching his aching body. As his vision cleared, he saw walls made of earth and soil...Where was he?! Fear kicking in, he jumped up and looked around. He tried to search his memories for answers, but he could recall his name. Everything else was blank and empty. The air chilled his skin, causing goosebumps to rise. He shivered, both from the cold air and his fear.

    That was when Daniel realized he wasn't in the room alone. Spinning around, he saw another man. He looked just as confused as him at the current setting and event. Daniel tried to remember who the man was. Is he a family member? Someone I work with? Daniel's blank memory gave him now answer. Gathering his breath, Daniel spoke in a hushed tone with an England accent.

    "Excuse me, but who are you?"
  4. Ivalio's hopes were dashed when the stranger asked the same question he'd on his mind, looks like he's on the same boat as he is. 'My name is Ivalio Coel, what's yours?' He question while his eyes try to take in the entire foreign setting. The room was considerably large but not huge, there was no furniture except for a single tape recorder on the wooden table. He frowns at his lack of knowledge of anything and is a little frustrated at his helplessness.
  5. "Um, my name is...Daniel. Daniel Welbourne." Daniel took another look around the room. "I suppose you don't know where we are, hm?"

    As he looked on the ground, he spotted three peculiar items. Two of them were guns that he picked up. He carefully looked at them before handing one to Ivalio. "Um, here you go." He took the other one in his own hand. The cold metal was even chillier than the air against his bare skin. The third item was saw was a strange tape recorder. He picked that up as well. "Hmm...strange..." He gingerly pressed the play button. A voice began to speak from it and startled, Daniel accidentally dropped the recorder. It landed with a soft thud on the ground but was otherwise unharmed.

    It began to play an eerie message...
  6. The voice was familiar, but it sounded a little too cheerful for his liking. It seems like they are caught on to a horror movie and survival is the agenda. Ivalio clenches his fist and looked at the gun with one bullet, he's guessing that's for when he's ready to commit suicide or something.

    Keeping the gun aside, he said, 'Shall we go? There's no pint in staying here anyway.'
  7. "Um...yes! We must at least find a way to get out of here...and possibly find the woman..." Flustered, Daniel pocketed the gun in his trench coat.

    He looked out to the tunnel leading into darkness. It was surprisingly cold, making him shiver again. At first, Daniel simply stood there doing nothing. He was much too scared to go out into the unknown veil. Finally he took a single step out, feeling the firm dirt underneath his shoes. He took another step. And another. Another. Soon he was walking at a slow but steady pace down the hallway.

    "Oh dear...How frightening..." Daniel whispered under his breath.
  8. Ivalio's expression was grave, he had a bad feeling about the entire situation at hand and not knowing anything made him a little comprehensive. But he knew that all journey started with that one single step. As he trailed behind the younger male, he frowns, his nose picking up the smell of rotten flesh in the background. It wasn't a pleasant smell at all, he however made no comment about it.

    'So what happened to you?' He asked, casually, trying to lighten the mood.
  9. "Oh me? I...don't remember." Daniel strained his mind for everything, anything, that would give a clue to his past or anything else. "I know I'm Daniel and that's about it. That woman...she sounded insane. She spoke like she was playing a game with us. I hope this is a dream or a joke or something." Daniel watched the cloud of his breath form and rise up to the ceiling. As they kept on walking, they eventually reached a fork in the tunnels.

    "Oh dear...which one shall we take?"
  10. 'I see,' Ivalio spoke, calmness present in his voice. 'I don't think she is insane though, she sounded like she knows what's going on and she wants to play a game with us.'

    They continued walking and notice a fork in the path. When asked which one to take, he walked over to both side and felt for the presence of the wind. 'This one,' He pointed to the left, 'There's wind coming from here so it won't be a dead-end.'
  11. Daniel nodded. "Yes, yes. Let's go that way..."

    As they walked down the path, Daniel decided to try and keep talking. If anything, it was at least distracting him from his absolute terror. "Why choose us though, I wonder...I wonder who she is. Maybe this game of hers will end. Soon." Daniel then stopped dead in his tracks. His breathing became ragged and his eyes were open in horror. His hand flew to the gun still sitting in his pocket. He stood still for a few moments, in a state of horror. Eventually he calmed himself and kept on walking.

    "Must've...been my imagination...yes..." He mumbled to himself.
  12. 'Guess that's something you can ask the Game Master once we see her.' Ivalio shrugged and replied, he understand the importance of keeping his cool. Failure to do so would result in a breakdown and compromises on their chances of survival. He need to focus on the task ahead. Survival will be his top priority.

    When he sensed that his partner stopped, he turned around and watches as he was about to draw his gun out. As he approaches to stop him, Daniel stopped and he heaved a sigh of relive. 'What's wrong?' He asked.
  13. Daniel walked forward more briskly. "Oh! Um, um, nothing. Just thought I heard a noise. A noise! Yes..." Daniel was becoming more nervous and constantly looking over his shoulder. However, he could nothing each time he looked. It was simply too dark. Still, Daniel couldn't resist the urge. It at least made him feel a bit safer and helped his sanity not fall over the edge.

    "Um, it was probably the wind. Or echoes. Or us. Or something else that can be explained..." Because if it was actually something...I'll go mad in these tunnels. He neglected to say his complete thoughts out loud to Ivalio.
  14. Ivalio listened and made no comment about it, he did not wish to contribute to his opinion. For some reason, he finds him blood boiling with excitement. He must be going insane in this tunnel sooner than he thought. The place was humid and the air was heavy. It was not a comfortable place to be in, he wouldn't help but wonder if he would ever see the sunlight again.

    'Don't read too much into it, you'll drive yourself insane sooner or later.' He offered his advice before moving on.
  15. "I...yes. That's right. I need to--" Daniel spun around to stare into the darkness, stopping his words. After a few longer moments, Daniel slowly turned around to look at Ivalio. "D-Did you hear something? Something like moving? Something like dragging?" Daniel then murmured to himself. "Please, God, let it be an echo...we only have two bullets between us and I've barely used a gun in my life."
  16. Ivalio's senses were heighten since his eyesight is pretty much useless in a place where almost no light is present. He had caught on to the sound that Daniel had picked up. He was obliviously tensed and he knows he needs to do something. Putting a finger on his lips, he signalled for him to follow him.
  17. Daniel nodded, saying nothing. In his mind, he prayed fiercely to God to spare him and his life. His hands shakily fumbled the gun out of his pocket. He silently mouthed to him What do we do? The dragging noise echoed again and another jolt of fear shot up Daniel. It sounded huge. Maybe dangerous. Daniel almost held his breath, waiting for the other man to do something.
  18. Ivalio hair stood up, the sounds are coming closer and he knows that he must do something before the two of them become prey for what lurks in the darkness. He picked up a stone and threw it in the opposite direction, hoping that it would distract whoever or whatever that's stalking them.
  19. Daniel watched as Ivalio threw the stone into the darkness. He could hear the rock land and bounce with a few hard thuds. The dragging became louder and began to come closer. And closer...

    Daniel let out a small cry of fear at what he saw.

    It smelled like rotten flesh and moved slowly. Strange liquids ran down the sides of its body like sweat as it pushed its fat intestine-like body towards them. Its small mouth flexed while dark red saliva dripping from it.

    "Oh Lord, please spare me..."
    Daniel whispered in horror. His first instinct was to run.
  20. Ivalio watches as the creatures appear from the darkness, unaffected by the sound he'd created. It gave him an idea, he signalled for his partner to follow him as he tiptoed his way around the creature. He'd guessed that the creature was deaf and as long as they don't make any sudden movements, they should be alright.