INTEREST CHECK survival rp?

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  1. had this idea for an rp little out of the ordinary I guess haven't seen one like it yet, so I thought I'd give it a chance.

    So the setting takes place on a university campus modern day no alternate worlds just our world, the only difference is this one is going to turn into a red dawn styled. You can either be a student, professor, coach, etc really anyone that would normally be found at a university. And if you're feeling a bit like shooting you can be a soldier on either side of the conflict, if you're going to be a soldier trying to save the students you will have to wait till the enemy forces invade before you can do anything. If you have any other questions as to what your character can and cannot be please ask....also since the college is actually with in a city I will allow character that work with in the area i.e. shop owner police etc

    the plot starts out with your character either being in class walking around campus and if your a soldier either on base(allies) or preparing the attack(enemy), soon after the invasion begins and you have to find cover to survive the intial attack. After that its trying to get out before you're seen and either killed or taken prisoner after that its getting to the ally soldiers and doing what you can to help.

    so yeah this is pretty much a red dawn styled rp i guess, again if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Should this get enough support I'll move it forward and start the thread
  2. Wow, this seems pritty interesting. I would like to see this Survival Rp get "published." What's going to be the main plot? Is it going to be based off of the Cold War or now, where either China or N-Korea takes over the United States?

    What is our group, our rebelious factsion against the invaders who have taken our land, and do we have to play namely school students, faculty and staff? Could we also play workers of the every day grind, like business men and store owners, a clirk at a convineant store?

  3. the main plot is based on todays society your character is trying to survive the initial attack then counter strike the enemy, your character can be a store owner or business man ( i did list those in the post above) the enemy however I am still working on....I want it to be believable as to who is invading us and one that is not already done ( there's a game that already did the koreans) I wanna say a joint force from several countries but not sure yet

    you now they're doing a remake of red dawn? one of the actor is josh from drake and josh lol can't wait to see how that works out...
  4. enemy will probably be a chinese/North korean joint op.....possibly russians as well
  5. Yes! Because Russia hasn't really changed into Demaricy as good as it should after the Cold War, they could easily change back to Communism after seeing America weakned by the N-Korea and/or China.
  6. that and our truce/alliance is....shaky at best I'd imagen a minor amount of debating but in the end the russian govt would turn communism again
  7. I hope you're talking about the Rp, and not real life because relasions between The United States and Russia are alittle... how to say it... "Topsie-Tervie"
  8. Should we wait for others go gain an interest before putting up some character sheets?
  9. If the cards are played well, this may turn out to be a very interesting rp.
  10. yeah atleast two more just to make sure we have enough
  11. since this wasn't so popular I guess it'll have to be put away for another time please close this thread....