Survival Plan = Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Midnight Justin)

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    The young woman walked down the middle of the road,
    her bare clad feet slapping against the pavement, adding the to the harmony of the birds singing merrily between the few golden red leaves left on the shedding trees. The road was still damp from the small rain storm earlier which had blown the falling leaves piled in the un-kept lawns of the neighbor hood. They stuck to the road so thick it blocked out the shiny black asphalt. Suddenly the image of the yellow brick road appeared in her head and she caught herself laughing aloud as she started to skip along, kicking up the loose leaves on the street.

    “Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road. Follow the, follow the, follow the, follow the, follow the yellow brick road.”

    The worn leather bag she was never seen without bounced against her back with each hop, the contents bouncing against each other producing small chimes, like when coins or keys toss around inside a coat pocket. Though the sound was just audible over the solid thump of the compound bow strapped to it. In one had she carried a small, terribly dented, metal lunch box which even through its wear still held the picture of the lone ranger and his trusty steed. In the other a very different looking scene, as if somehow the right hand attached to the woman wasn’t her own. In the hand of the happily skipping green hair woman was a metal bat, nearly half as tall as she herself. Though that's not where the malice of it ended, toward the end of the bat it became more sinister. The metal bat had been modified with four inch metal spikes which wrapped around its circumference and top.

    Suddenly the woman stopped skipping, sliding slightly to a stop, as she whipped her body around. Her wavy green hair catching the wind and blowing across her piercing eyes which narrowed as she peered back down the street in the direction she had been coming from. Though as she listened, trying to hear the faint noise again she started to doubt herself. Blaming the noise on nothing but the hopeful wishing of someone who had been wandering alone for far to long. She was about to turn around and brush it off when she heard it again. The low rumbling of something off in the distance. Though as the seconds passed she could tell it was getting closer, a motor, a car perhaps. But cars hadn’t ran since “The Pulse” nothing had worked, no cellphones, radios, TVs, and and Brooks least favorite, no running water or working plumbing. For a girl who didn't particularly like being dirty this was her own personal hell.

    Tires squealing brought her back to the present, yep it was definitely a car … but how. Suddenly she heard it again though this time it was much closer. Who could it be, sure as heck wasn't our visitors. They traveled in drones, and their hello was snatching you with a very sinister looking claw.


    But she was in the suburbs, what gang would be out here when all the action and chaos and general gang related activities took place underground in the city where the remaining survivors hid underground, burrowed away like rats.

    Not the time to think about it, now is the time to MOVE BROOK!

    Her brain screamed at herself as she made a dive for the nearest car. Do to her dawdling there was no time for her to make into a house not when the yards where this big. They would be on her before she could open a door, breaking a window wasn’t an option it would draw attention when the neighborhood was this undisturbed. In her hurry she slid on the wet leaves she had to throw out her hands to catch herself sending the bat skittering across the street into the gutter. She landed in a comical runners pose and had to scramble for a few precious seconds to get purchase. The tires screamed one last time and she knew they were on her.

    She made it behind the car but a feeling of dread settled in her stomach, she knew she had been seen … she had taken too long. The car came to a stop behind her, she could tell by the hum of the engine. Quickly she opened the lunch box revealing a revolver stored inside nestled inside a black piece of foam cut exactly to fit. She pulled it out, flipped open the cylinder checking that the chambers were loaded and flipped it shut again finishing by pulling back the hammer. She heard one of the doors of the car creak open, passenger she assumed.

    Good, means the driver wont likely be armed and they are closer to me, gives me a bargaining chip…just in case

    With a final breath she stood up, the gun gripped firmly in her hand and a smirk plastered across her crimson colored lips. Even if she was scared to her core she wasn’t going to let them see that.

    “Well howdy folks. Out for a leisurely drive I see.”

    This is the last time I travel during the day … if I get out of here alive ….

    Brooklyn (open)
    Brooklyn (open)

    Name: Brooklyn Miller
    Date of Birth: March 24th / 23 years old.
    Place of Birth: California
    Place of Current Residence: Currently wandering Seattle.
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin: Uninfected human
    Social Class/Community Status:
    No gang or group ties. She had been in a group of 12 but they had been raided just two nights before and she had been separated from the two remaining survivors in the chaos of fleeing the Alien ambush.
    Language: English, Survivors Code
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: None

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  2. Time goes by and precious people are being killed by the second... Justin hated that and he sure wasn't ready to go out on a mission himself. Sure he was the leader but he was only the leader from the reason of being Strategic. He was planning on killing some of the Chrones (the aliens) off from the nearby place. While he was at the training field trying to practice his accuracy with a gun. He could easily fight with a sword but a gun, that was his bad point.

    One shot, hit the target right in the hand. Another, hit the shoulder and he knew that wasn't enough. He just closed his eyes and smiled. Then he opened and hit the chest many times when he until he used up his full mag. Then he soon put his blade on his back and he soon just started to walk away to his head quarters. He never really cared for what happened long as he didn't lose his people.

    He soon saw his scientist enter his office and he heard him speak. "Good news sir! We finally got a car to run after so much time!" He said happily then just got up. "So let's do it then we have to test it out" he said then got to his truck and got into the drivers side and a sergeant came in to guard him. "Well let's get going!" He said then started to drive off around being hidden from the alien sights since he hated them.

    Soon he found a girl who seemed and they caught up to her and his sergeant inspected her until he said "clear" then Justin came out. "Welcome to the rebellion territory. I'm the leader of the rebellion that they most fear" he told her and smiled. He was wanted alive so they can torture him for information. He then looked at her human appearance then spoke "I'm assuming you were with others not that long ago" he told her. By the looks of blood stained clothing. He knew some of the humans get eaten because the 'taste great' but he sees it as murder. "If you want to help be taken into their ship and be sold off as a slave I would recommend you join my army" he said to her. He knew each gang has their language but his created language is most popular in the whole world.

    Justin's classified information (open)
    Age: 21
    Born: Washington State
    Gender: Male
    Status: Leader of Rebellion
    Situation: Wanted dead but mainly alive. Though the aliens know that he knows their main weaknesses.
    Language: Chrono, English, Rebellia
    Race: Rebel (He was marked as the perfect Rebel leader so his race was created but others want to marry him for his Race to be passed on to the next generation but as he sees, he's too young to marry)
  3. The man from the passenger side of the car got out but didn't move further then that, his eyes squinted at her. Taking in every detail about the girl from her Aqua hair, round eyes, and full lips, down her bloody clothes, and bare feet. She knew he saw the revolver pointed at her face with her finger on the trigger. It was as if he knew she was more scared of shooting him then she was of being abducted. She had given up, the raid had taken her last glimmers of hope, and it showed in her eyes apparently because even with her gun still drawn the man checked her with a loud “Clear”.

    The driver stepped out of the car, the slim platinum blond boy left the car running not exiting further then to lean against the open door as he let his eye roam her, just like the other hand. Again the gun not phasing either one so she lowered it, her arms were staring to tire faster then she liked to admit.

    "I'm assuming you were with others not that long ago" he stated, making a small gesture toward her bloody clothing. ”If you want to help be taken into their ship and be sold off as a slave I would recommend you join my army”

    Who are these two … and how do they have a running car!

    She she thought quietly watching the two of them for a long moment, the sound of the engine filling her brain. She knew every minute spent out here was testing the fates, each second out in the open was a second that their drones were gaining on you. She also realized that even if she said no to them they could be the type of gang that didn’t really care what your answer was, she was also a woman and that didn’t help better her chances.

    “So I'm suppose to just willingly come with you? So you can take me directly to my death?”

    She rose her weapon once more pointing it this time at the driver. This was a very sharp edge they were now walking on, there was a small chance that this wasn’t his first language and that he was mistaken. But she wasn't betting on it, not in this world.

    “Is that what you two are? Snatchers for the Aliens … what do they call y'all again? Thats right Farmers, is that what you two are huh, fucking farmers?”
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  4. (From a distance I knew I forgot to write that...)
  5. He was staring at her knowing the Rebel that he was he could easily try to escape but he likes to put himself at risk. He knew she was scared to shoot but he knew he could train her. To be the a great fighter and brave. Though he wasn't sure that he could help her.

    He soon realized he spoke the language wrong because he's busy with two other languages. He spoke in rebellion to tell his body guard to get in the car. He soon walked up to her and sighed. He purposely was standing in front of her while her gun was touch his forehead "I meant to say I lead the rebellion of the aliens. I never liked them nor will I ever. I'm not a farmer but if you want me killed then shoot. Though if you do the world will fall into flames and it would be because of you" he told her.

    "Still if you want to join me then come with us" he said after she didn't shoot (just figuring she wouldn't) then he went into the drivers side of the car and waited a few minutes to see if she was willing to join.